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SikorskyGet on Board.Search and RescueWilling, able andalways ready.

SikorskyThe S-92Get on Board.

SikorskyA new forcein search and rescue is here.When saving lives is your mission, giving up is not an option. It takes patience,perseverance and a powerful aircraft that you can count on, no matter what. TheSikorsky S-92 fits the bill, without question. With up to four hours of standard fuel and2.5 tons of internal load capacity, the S-92 can carry required mission equipment, crewand rescuees. The S-92 brings together the best of Sikorsky’s extensive search andrescue heritage, building upon the S-61, BLACK HAWK, SEAHAWK and the S-76 –while incorporating safety enhancements based on the latest requirements and morepower. Agile and well-equipped, the S-92 is designed to get in and get people out,safely and reliably. Time and time again.Sikorsky wrote the bookon search and rescue:The first helicopter searchand rescue mission wasconducted in 1944 usingthe Sikorsky R-4. Then ayear later, Sikorsky vastlyimproved rescue missionsby developing the firstrescue hoist.

Ready any time, anywhere,in any weather.

SikorskyInherently dangerous, search and rescue missions require an aircraft that’s inherently safe. The S-92 is thefirst and only helicopter designed to meet the latest FAA/JAA Part 29 regulations, setting new standardsfor safety in its structures, systems and emergency performance. It’s tough, dependable and crashworthy,making it the ideal helicopter for people in need.When fierce weather strikes, the S-92 shows its true power. Designed to fly in known icing conditions, theS-92 provides ice protection for the engine inlet, windshield, air data system, main and tail rotor systems.The S-92 can fly through bad weather, day and night, utilizing avionics and mission systems includingweather radar, search and rescue AFCS and thermal imaging. With over 5,000 shp (3,758 kW) of powerinstalled, the S-92 has excellent hover performance to hoist rescuees to safety. All these features andmore combine to make the S-92 an outstanding search and rescue machine.To enhance safety and situational awareness in adverse weather conditions, the S-92 can be equipped with weather radar, Enhanced Ground ProximityWarning System and TCAS (Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System).

SikorskyThe power tofly through anything.

To ensure your protection, we designed the S-92 to meet the latest harmonized FAA and JAA Part 29 regulations – which have a long list of certificationrequirements. The S-92 is the first and only helicopter to meet these new standards.Preventive safety features: Flaw tolerance: Components are designed and tested to assure reliable performance even if they aresubject to damage in-service. Such robust components assure reliability and lower maintenance costs. HUMS (Health Usage Management Systems): Standard on all S-92 aircraft, it monitors and capturesoperational flight data. Subsequent analysis enhances planning and preventive maintenance, minimizinglabor and material costs. System redundancy: Systems including flight controls, AFCS, avionics, cockpit displays, electricalsystems and engine controls have backups – all enhancing safety. Flight in icing conditions: The S-92 contains ice protection for the engine inlet, windshield, air datasystem, main and tail rotor systems. Bird-strike protection: Critical areas are able to withstand the impact of a 1kg (2.2 lb.) bird at maximumspeed and continue flying. High Intensity Radiated Field (HIRF) protection: Critical electronic systems are protected fromdangerous electromagnetic interference (EMI). Lightning protection: To enhance all-weather safety, the S-92 is tested and certified to the latest FAAstandards.Crashworthiness features: Energy-absorbing seats and landing gear: The S-92’s landing gear absorbs crash energy while theshock-absorbing seats and restraints protect passengers and crew. Self-contained fuel tanks: Fuel tanks located outside of the aircraft are separated from the cabin andmeet latest criteria for crashworthiness. Emergency floatation: Manually or automatically activated upon water contact, the floatation allowspassengers time and stability to evacuate the aircraft. Life rafts: Dual rafts are pre-positioned in the left and right sponsons for easy deployment. Emergency egress: There is an emergency exit door or push-out window at every row on both the rightand left sides of the aircraft.Fuel tanks are located away from occupants.Flaw tolerant design includes dynamic components and airframe.

Equipped tosave more lives.

SikorskyWith its wide, roomy cabin and useful load of 4.6 tons (10,000 lbs.), the S-92 is the perfect fit for searchand rescue. The S-92’s true stand-up cabin allows people to walk freely without stooping and givesmedical personnel full-body access to injured passengers. Easy to configure, the S-92 offers up to 22fold-down, crashworthy utility seats and plenty of floor space for additional rescuees. The cabin can alsobe configured to have dedicated crew seats and 16 patient litters. This spaciousness and flexibility alongwith a large SAR equipment storage area enables the S-92 to become a flying hospital, carrying medicalequipment, medics, crew, litters and more.Designed with SAR missions in mind, the S-92 has unrestricted hoist access through a wide sliding doorthat can accommodate a standard Stokes litter with ease. The helicopter is equipped with single or dualhoist with equal capability. The hoist can lift 272 kg (600 lbs.), and is electrically powered and controlled,providing 88.4m (290 feet) of usable cable with spotlight. In addition, a power-operated cargo ramp in therear makes it easier to load and unload people and equipment. Unique to the S-92 is its ability to fly atmaximum speed with the ramp door open, enabling the crew to drop life-saving equipment to those inharm’s way – fast. The S-92 also offers vibration control systems that smooth out the ride, resulting in lesscrew fatigue, and the ability for medics to treat injured passengers with greater precision.The S-92 boasts a cabin that’s 1.83m (6 feet) high by 1.83m (6 feet) wide and 6.10m (20 feet) long.

The S-92’s large cabin door opening makesrescue efforts easier.Hoist provides 91.4m per minute(320 feet per minute) minimum speed,with maximum 272kg (600 lbs.),88.4m (290 feet) of usable cable.Bubble windows provide high-visibilitysearch stations.

SikorskyThe S-92’s spacious cabin allows multimission flexibility, and can be configuredwith up to 16 litters.

S-92to the rescue.

SikorskyWhen the call comes, you need an aircraft that’s ready to go. One that’s agile enough to fly in and out oftight spaces, yet powerful enough to fly in bad weather, carrying heavy loads. One like the S-92. Even inthe toughest rescue scenarios, the S-92 outperforms other aircraft of its kind. For example, it can flyprogrammed search patterns for one hour, 416km (225 nautical miles) from shore, then hoist six survivorsaboard and return to base with 30 minutes reserve fuel. Auxiliary fuel is also available and would providea radius of action of 630km (340 nm). Its advanced rotor system also gives the S-92 ample power reservesto work with heavy loads in high-density altitudes.For pilots, the S-92 means a lighter workload even on the most difficult missions. The cockpit providesunmatched visibility and an integrated avionics suite with the latest search and navigation aids. Forpinpoint accuracy, the S-92 relies on the Rockwell Collins Avionics Management System, which canintegrate weather radar, thermal imagers and other search sensors.Designed to fly through bad weather, day and night.

S-92 Maintenance.So easy, so affordable.Ideal for congested or remote airports, the S-92’s built-inwork platforms mean minimal ground support equipment forexcellent maintainability.The S-92’s engine system and gearbox are based on provenSikorsky BLACK HAWK technology.

SikorskyCustomerSupportSikorsky Aircraft Corporation iscommitted to giving you excellentservice and support. We offer anoutstanding product warranty,covering your aircraft for two yearsor 2,000 flight hours.Our long-term training partner,FlightSafety International, providesworld-class pilot and maintenancetraining. And with an expert team ofcustomer service managers, fieldservice representatives, fieldservice engineers and a seven day,24-hour worldwide customerservice help line, we’re ready toaddress all of your S-92 needs –any time, anywhere.

Available on command, the S-92 combines superior maneuverability with sheerpower, resulting in search and rescue performance you can count on. Sikorsky’sheritage of designing and delivering search and rescue helicopters isunmatched. Once again, Sikorsky leads the industry to new horizons with theS-92. All with the lowest maintenance cost in its class*. The S-92 is ready foryour next rescue mission. Get on board.*Based on data from “The Aircraft Cost Evaluator” by Conklin & de Decker.Tough. Agile.Responsive.

SikorskyS-92PerformanceRadius of Action (km)1002003004005008000Sea Level 32.2 C (90 F)7000600025 SurvivorsPayload (lb)5000254 nm(471 km)156 nm(288 km)6007005 min Warm-Up2 min Sea Level Hover IGE4 min climb @ VBROC to 4000 ftCruise @ Long Range Cruise SpeedDescend to Sea LevelSea Level HOGE - 2.5min / survivor4 min Climb @ VBROC to 4000 ftCruise @ Long Range Cruise SpeedDescend to Sea Level2 min Sea Level Hover IGE10% 001500370 GallonInternalAux Fuel100020006 Survivors5001000235 nm(435 km)Minimum Specification Engines348 nm(644 km)00501001502002503000400350Radius of Action (nm)Mission PerformanceSearch and Rescue (SAR) - SL90 FRadius of Action (km)801002003004006007005 min Warm-Up2 min Sea Level Hover IGE4 min Climb @ VBROC to 4000 ftCruise @ Long Range Cruise SpeedDescend to Sea LevelSearch Time on Station @ VBROC15 min SL HOGE- Pick up 6 survivors4 min Climb @ VBROC to 4000 ftCruise @ Long Range Cruise SpeedDescend to Sea Level2 min Sea Level Hover IGE10% ReservesSea Level 32.2 C (90 F)7Search Time on Station (hrs)500654370 GallonInternalAux Fuel3StandardInternalFuel21Minimum Specification Engines0050100150200250Radius of Action (nm)300350400Payload (kg)0

www.sikorsky.comContact us at:(800) WINGED-S(800) 946-4337(203) 386-4282S-92 SAR February 2003

Sikorsky Customer Support Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation is committed to giving you excellent service and support. We offer an outstanding product warranty, covering your aircraft for two years or 2,000 flight hours. Our long-term training partner, FlightSafety International, provides world-class pilot and maintenance training. And with an .

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