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8Overview306Commercial Window 40mm308Commercial Window 40mmCommercial Window 40mm

8 Commercial Window 40mmCommercial Window 40mm – DesignThe 40mm Commercial Window has been designedto provide a practical solution for low and high risecommercial buildings as well as use in residential projects.The key objectives of the design were to provide: Strength to accommodate very high and specific windzone requirements. Flexibility to accommodate commercial or residentialinstallation detailing. Option to integrate with commercial and residentialhinged doors. 25mm cover facing.These objectives are met through key design featuresin 40mm Commercial windows which include: Use of flanged or chair frames with beaded seismicframe and sill tray option providing flanged, fixed orseismic frame options. Casement and awning sashes (with manual, remote orpowered operating gear). Strong and heavy box back mullions for large windowsor joinery subject to higher wind zones. Light, medium and heavy duty mullions and transomsto suit low to very high wind pressure zones. Split mullions for continuous walls of windows(horizontal or vertical). Frames which accommodate glazing from 4mm-24mmwith a variety of bead options, sloped or square.OverviewThe split mullions eliminate the need for bulky couplingwhen long runs of windows are required whilst meetingthe seismic/expansion requirements needed in manysituations.SizesMaximum sizes for awning, casement, fixed windows andsashes varies by width, height, wind zone and glazingrequirement. Your local Nulook fabricator will be able toadvise whether a configuration is possible.As a guide fixed window panels up to 2.0m height 1.2mwide are recommended with sashes of 1.8m x 1.2m.Other sizes are possible please contact you local Nulookfabricator for advice.Note: For compliance with NZS 4211:2008 or NZ BuildingCode F4 safety from falling, a security stay, safety latch orrestrictor must be used for certain sash sizes.Frame Types S tandard window frame with 25mm facing cover and30mm glazing pocket. Chair frame is also available for a range of applicationsincluding masonry when required. A high rise sill can be incorporated to include, seismicand chair frame options. Curved frames are available.Summary PerformanceWindows, Awning andCasementRequirementPerformanceCommentsWater and Air pressure330pa, 1500pa UWP480pa, 2368pa UWPMeets and exceeds minrequirements of NZS 4211:1985.Air Leakage2L/S/M20.1L/S/M2Exceeds requirements.Fixed Windows,Height and Width2.0m x 1.2mAlternatively mullions at 1.3mcentres using the 32mm boxmullion 9628, or at 1.8m centresusing the 32mm box mullion 9632*Max Sash Height/Width1.8m x 1.2mRecommended max, 43kg,determined by window staycapacity.Glazing4mm-24mmProvides for a wide range of glasscombinations.Platform Size40mmGlazing platform width, seePlatform Size.*Higher spans can be achieved using stiffening.306Nulook Architects Manual / Version 1 / 2011

Glazing Beads and Sash TypesHardware A range of 4 beads are available to accommodateglazing options from 4mm – 24mm to provide a varietyof finishing styles from sloped to square.In addition to the usual range of window hardware,casement hinges are also available allowing manyspecialist designs to be created – refer to your localNulook fabricator for advice.Mullions and Transoms, Corner Posts andCoupling BarsMullions and transoms are often chosen to add strengthto the window to cope with higher wind loads: A range of 6 mullions and transoms ranging fromstandard, medium and heavy are available toaccommodate style or performance strength requiredto meet deflection requirements. Split medium and heavy duty mullions are alsoavailable. A 45 mullion also acts as a corner post.JamblinersPlease refer to Jambliners section.Support InquiriesNALCO Technical 0800 685 665 or emailtech flashings are normally required for commercialinstallations. These are available from your fabricator.A Standard range of flashings includes 84mm, 71mm,63mm, 58mm, 53mm, 48mm, 41mm, 38mm, 31mm,25mm, 14mm.307

40mm Commercial Window8 Commercial WindowProfiles 40mmScale 1:2Profiles9614Sash Frame9619Chair Frame9630Flanged Frame9628Medium Mullion9632Heavy Duty Mullion9624Split Medium Mullion9627Split Heavy Duty Mullion9612Transom1214745 Mullion(Not Stocked)9629Interlocker9625BeadedSeismic Frame12344Hinge Door AdaptorOpen In9631Square Bead30812343Hinge Door AdaptorOpen Out9771Thick Glass BeadNulook Architects Manual / Version 1 / 20119671High Rise Sill9611D/G Bead9618Seismic Bead9616Sloping Bead

40mm Commercial WindowVertical Sections & DrainageScale 1:2Vertical sections, fixed window and sash – Alternative framesFlanged FrameSeismic FrameChair Frame9630Flanged Frame9625BeadedSeismic Frame9618SeismicBead9619Chair Frame9619Chair Frame9631Square Bead9611D/G Bead9631Square Bead9631Square Bead9631Square Bead9630Flanged Frame9619Chair Frame9631Square Bead9671High Rise Sill9671High Rise SillFlanged FrameWith Sash9619Chair FrameChair FrameWith Sash9619Chair Frame9614Sash Frame9614Sash Frame9631Square Bead9631Square Bead9631Square Bead9631Square Bead9614Sash Frame9619Chair Frame9614Sash Frame9630Flanged Frame9671High Rise Sill309SCALE 1:2This Drawing and it's Copyright remain the property of NALCO (2010)

Medium Split MullionScale 1:28 Commercial Window 40mmHorizontal section, fixed window and sash – Seismic frame and split mullion9631Square Bead9624SplitMedium Mullion9614Sash Frame9629Interlocker9631Square Bead9631Square BeadINSIDE9614Sash Frame9628Medium Mullion9631Square Bead9619Chair Frame9631Square Bead9618SeismicBead9625BeadedSeismic FrameThis Drawing and it's Copyright remain the property of NALCO (2010)310Nulook Architects Manual / Version 1 / 20111.1.3

Horizontal section, fixed window – Flanged frame9630Flanged Frame9631Square Bead9631Square BeadINSIDE9628Medium Mullion9631Square Bead9631Square Bead9630Flanged FrameThis Drawing and it's Copyright remain the property of NALCO (2010)SCALE 1:21.1.4311

& Mullion Open In & Open OutScale 1:28 Commercial Window 40mmHorizontal section thru O/I and O/O hinged door9630Flanged Frame9630Flanged Frame12344Hinge Door AdaptorOpen In12343Hinge Door AdaptorOpen Out11309StdHinged Stile11309StdHinged StileINSIDEOUTSIDE12344Hinge Door AdaptorOpen In9632Heavy Duty MullionThis Drawing and it's Copyright remain the property of NALCO (2010)312Nulook Architects Manual / Version 1 / 201112343Hinge Door AdaptorOpen Out9612Transom1.1.5

40mm Commercial WindowVertical Section Thru Hinge Door AdaptorOpen In & Open OutScale 1:2Vertical section thru O/I and O/O hinged door – Alternative rails9630Flanged Frame9630Flanged Frame12344Hinge DoorAdaptorOpen In12343Hinge Door AdaptorOpen Out1136412.5mm Bead1136412.5mm BeadOUTSIDEINSIDEOptionVision rails12999Narrowvision rail11327Vision rail1136412.5mm BeadOUTSIDE1136412.5mm BeadINSIDEOptionWide rail11326WideRail1136412.5mm Bead12344Hinge DoorAdaptorOpen In12343Hinge Door AdaptorOpen Out9630Flanged Frame9630Flanged Frame313SCALE 1:2This Drawing and it's Copyright remain the property of NALCO (2010)1.1.6

40mm Commercial WindowVertical Sect Thru Installation Into Rebated Concrete8 Commercial Window 40mmScale 1:2Vertical installation detail, rebated concrete – Head and sillFlat PackersAs Required65mm minDrip edgeBacking Rod And SealantTyp Head - Precast Wall40mm Window SuiteTyp Sill At Floor Level40mm Window SuiteWaterproof Membrane ByOthers6 min314Nulook Architects ManualVersion1 Copyright/ 2011remain the property of NALCO (2010)This/Drawingand it's1.1.7

Horizontal installation detail, rebated concrete – Jamb5mm minContinuousSeal To JambPrecast Panel10 mm min coverTyp Jamb - Precast Wall40mm Window SuiteThis Drawing and it's Copyright remain the property of NALCO (2010)SCALE 1:21.1.8315

Commercial Window 40mm Overview 306 Commercial Window 40mm 308 8 Commercial Window 40mm . 306 Nulook Architects Manual / Version 1 / 2011 8 Commercial Window 40mm Overview Commercial Window 40mm - Design The 40mm Commercial Window has been designed to provide a practical solution for low and high rise

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