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Universityof' CincinnatiNEWSVol. LIII-·R··E.,CORDCincinnati, Ohio, Thursday, February 3, 1966Lively Profound ProfessorsHeighten Student InterestNo. 16Carter. AppointedDean-Replaces Education's Good,One dean and two departmented UC faculty in Sept., 1954whileheads were appointed by the UC \ Dr. Asbury became a member ofBoard of Directors, Tuesday at its the campus communityfn July,February meeting. Effective Aug. 1956.1, 1966, Dr. William Carter willSince 1964, Associate Dean ofbecome Dean of the College of Faculties and Officer for AcademEducation and Home Economics;ic Planning, Dr. Carter came toon March 15, 1966,Dr. Taylor As- UC as assistant professor ofedubury, director of Opthomology cation. In the past decade, he hasand on Sept. 1, 1966,Dr. Hans H. also been assistant dean of UCJaffe,. head of the Department of summer school and assistant deanChemistry.of facultiesDr. Carter will succeed DrCart r V. ood who h s eenappelnted Dean of Instat tlonalResearch.- Dean Good will assume his new duties Aug. 1. Dr.Jaffe follows Dr. Thomas B.Cameron, who asked to be of the depar!mental heads.hlPln order to .glve full atten'taonto teaching;research, l1d .writing. Dr. Cameron w.iIIcontinue as p.rofessor of ehemlstry. S.ucceedlng Dr. D nald J.lyle IS Dr. Asbury sl ce theformer has reaehed ret! Dr. Lyle has been. given thetdle of professor emeritus.With a B·ac.helor of Science degree with honors in mathematicsfrom Eastern Illinois University,Dr. Carter also holds Ohio State-, Master of Arts and Doctor ofPhilosophy degrees, and a Kenyon College Certificate of 'Meterology. Dr. Cartertaught, at, Seoul, Korea, when in the 'u. S.Air Force at Ohio State West4trn IlIinoi State College: Territorial College of Guam, andearlier in high schools in I1Iinois. He ha,. also served assupervisorofcurricul'umcoordination,and consultant forthe Hamilton County of BoardBoth Drs. Carter and Jaffe joinof Education.IThi dramatizationof an average UC class 10 oks almost reat These'studentsc,radeled blissfullyin arh'lS of Morpheus look serene despite the f. ct that it is costing some of them six cents perminute to doze. The University has, in som cas es prov,ided the best in sleep-inducing prof.ssontolull students away. If they would only liminate th e loud bells.-Photo by John RabiusDr. Jaffe, currently professor ofchemistry, director of graduatestudy in chemistry, and Fellow ofthe Graduate school, came to UCfrom the U.S. Public Health Service in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, where he served for eightyears as physical chemist. He received his Bachelor of Science dedegree from the University ofby Jay Wright emphasized a few Iowa, a Master of Science fromchanges in the plans for this Purdue University, and a Doctor'year's elections. Due to the small of 'Philosophy from the Universitynumber of petitions filed for Stu- lof North Carolina. 'In addition,dent offices, petition dates havo Dr. Jaffe, received the firstbeen extended.award for distinguished researchfrom/the 'PC'section of Sigma Xi.Members of Co-op section IIWith Dr. 'Asbury's appointmentmust return petitions by Feb.goes a promotion from associate14, at 12 noon. Non-co-ops andprofessor to full professor of opthSection I co-ops must returnomology. He was awarded hispetitions by neen, April 1. AllBachelor of Science. degree frompetitions are to be returned toYale University and also UC's'the Dean of Men's office Also noted by the Elections Doctor of Medicine' degree . Mterinternship 'in Chicago, he servedcommittee was the latest problemconcerning voting machines. On as Lt. j.g. for two years in theFeb. 9, The Hamilton County's Navy Medical Corps', then threevoting machines, which Council years residence L1 opthomology atwas planning to use for elections, the University of California Medj.will be placed on auction. If the ical Center.Dr: Asbury is also Diplomat ofmachines are sold, council willattempt. to work 'out plans with the American' Board OfOpthornology which he has previouslythe new owners.served as associate examiner.Other Councll . business con-Fro h Wom n'sHo Ql'QryHolds .,Pledging,CeremOhyby LauraStonerAlpha Lambda Delta, honor society for Freshman women heldits second quarter pledging ceremony on Tuesday. Jan. 25.The following women arepledges: Katherine Ahr., LindaAngel, Anita Aring, Shirley Atherton, Sharen Bernard, ReginaBolton, Joanne Burrus, Chewer!Cordell, Janice Eger, Mary AnneEvans, Rebecca Felton, KayFischer, Judy Gahris, AllisonGans, Gwenn Glover, Susan Haffey, Betty Hoener, Karen Hoftmaster, Constance Hughes.Also included are: Lynn Huppertz, Karen Kemper,Elizabeth Kichfuss,' BarbaraLindsey, Ann Lynch, Carol Mason,SueHen Meranda; Julie Miller,Diane Moudy, Constance Perry,Ann nberger,Deborah ,Smith,NancySmith,Ca.thy Star,r,Vicki Thureson" AnctreaWhite,and Laura Wichman.Initiation will take place 011March 2. Dr. Rollin Workman,Department of Philosophy, willbe the guest speaker.Membership in Alpha LambdaDeltais basedsolely upongrades. Any freshmanwomenwith a 3.5 accumulativeaverage or above is eligible formembership.I,Projects undertaken so far thisyear have included membershioin WEEP, WUS, and the tutorialproject of the Clifton School PTA.Spring QuarteJ;" Alpha LambdaDelta will sponsor .an International dinner and program forforeign students and Judy McCci.rtyDue to an oversight while studying the Council's nomination procedure for Student Body President, Student Council's nominations of Jan. 17 were declaredinvalid.At \ the first meeting, whichserved to nominate Rich Davis,Joe diGenova and Jim Lied, novote was taken for the approvalof the candidates. Later investigation proved that a 25 per centaffirmative vote, was necessaryfor each candidate.Re-nominations were taken a,tMonday's meeting. Aside fromthe three contendersnominaf'.ed before, Bob Engle, CCM.,167, will also be in the rumin for COllncil's top spot.·The elections committee report'66 Metro Show 'HighlightsVariety OfCampusT alent.Inside StoryI"Give Us Your Poor" . p. 3Council Snaps' Back .p. 6Sophos Courtp. 8Acemedth\e Exp,ressway SignCommittee,and the. F r-eeSpeech Alley. The ExpresswaySign Committee announced thatmore "red tape" had been discovered in the project to' put anuc" sign on 1-75. Instead ofworking through the citYI thecommittee found that the F deral Goverrlment will have tobe consulted.Theta Phi1s MaryReigns As QueenThe Free Speech Alley reosearchers, headed by Rich Davis,are now looking for a suitableplace for the alley. A suggestion has been made to locate the"Alley" in the Old Union Lobby.ORI ENTATION BOARDCards InvadeChristyMinstrels'. p. 10.p. 15, Shown above are i st, a few of the talented, exciting, often imitated performers slated to appear in Friday nightls Metro Show at Wilson.This week petitions are available fit the Dean of Men's .Offlee, Dean of Women's OffiCe,and the 'StudentUnion, formemLership in' the OrientationBoard. Petitions are due at th Dean of Men'soffice,lOSBeecher Hall, by Jan.?4.MaryRothacker

PagerTwoUNIVERSlTYOFCINCINNATINEWS 'RECORDMyths-And Realiti es DiscussedAt:;Higher 'Education Seminarby Sudie eitz"Myths and Realities in HigherEducation" was the topic of theSeminar of the Raymond v·,j altersLecture series. The seminar washeld Sunday at the StudentUnion at 8 p.m.Participantsin the Seminarwere Dr. - RobertH. Wessel,chairmanof the A&S Department of Economics,and Francis L. Dale, president and pub.lisherof. the CincinnatiEn-Lost .At SophosGOLD AND PEARLBRACE'LETICall "891-4935ledge is so large, it must bemore' accurateand worthwhileif it is to be accepted.The development arid planningof university policy and administration was discussed hyDroWessel. He stressed the idea thatthe future of American universities will be quite different thanthe past. Higher - education is inthe process of change. Suggestions for goals and the mannerin which changes are sought willbe the problems that the collegeswill have to consider.Society. will have a greater partin choosing the type of knowledgethat students will be exposed to.Dr, Wessel feels that the university community should, speak outon the goals of education andshould be able to chart its .owncourse. In order to do this, theacademic community should notbe troubled oy external pressures.'Watch' For .The RebellionThe REBELS Are Coming!LinedUnlined·BOOTS, Men sWomen'sCOLLEGE BOOTERY207w.: Mc,MillanDr. Wessel emphasizedtheimportanceto each individualuniversity to spell out its direction and then follow it. The decisions should be made on eachlndivldualcampusandallmembers of the academic com"munify shouldparficipateinmaking these decisions.Another aspect of higher education that was discussed wasthe leadership. The biggest leaderin the university is and shouldhe the President. His role is notonly moderator and mediator, but.m innovator to keep things rnoving ahead and a leader in education.Dr. Wessel said that a president does not spend enoughtime in cornmunicaficnwith hisstudents and faculty, but ofte'nis primarilya mediator.Thebigness of a universityforcesthe president to be more of ana'dm inistrt1to,r and moderator.SOME DAY SOMECarol Taylor for ato offer her futureorder to bring that(Continued on Page 15)'VERY fortunate students wi.1I have stunningteacher. This attractiveTC Junior premisesstudents great incentive for pleasing her indelightfu.f smile to her face.General Lane Talks To UC· CampusOn ,:US Involvement In VietnamiIby D ve Golushand explained "how, through theTrumanDoctrine,the US be'cameinvolved in Vietnamin1954. "We moved in there on anadvisory basis on the premisethatunlessa strongnationwould protect South Vietnam, itwould fall into the hands of theSoviet Union."Retired General Thomas. Lane,US Army and now a syndicatedcolumnist for several newspapersincluding The Cincinnati Enquirer,\ spoke on the PC campus on thetopic of "Our Envolvement inVietnam." Only about 35 .peoplegathered to hear .last Thursday'sratherconservativeviewpointwhich was sponsored· by theYoung Americans for Freedom.GeneralGeneral Lane stated that "Thefailure of South Vietnam is dueto the turn in the direction ofUS policy." "As soon as the Kennedy Policy replaced the Truman Doctrine, the tensions thatnow exist in the various partsof the world strated to develop.Lane be,gan his talkLOSTUnusualblackwatchwithfloating face. Lost in par:king'lot in front of women's gym ornear DeaconessHospital.Reward.Call 475-3417"Within 90 days after Kennedytook office,the Communistsstartedt,rouble in Laos. WhenDean Rusk refused intervention,it served as the writing on theLunch Time - Supper Time Snack-TimeAnytime Is PIZZA TIMEat.BERT'S "P' apa """Dino",5I. . Studies piling up?347 CALHOUN ST.Pause. Have a Coke.across from Hughes Coca-Cola - with a Iively liftand never too sweet, refreshes best.thingsgo "-b th'COkeDining Room and Carry Out Service ChickenIn A BasketRavioliMeat IBalisChicken CacciatoreLasagnawall. Pakistan soon turned herback on the US, and after Laoswas given up, the Communists- started giving aid to the NorthVietnam."When asked if the US can winand how, General Lane answered"We can win with the forces wehave there and in six months. Thefirst thing the US would have to,do is .not let the North Vietnamuse Cambodia and Laos as sanctuaries."GeneralLane feels that ifChinashouldintervenethenthe US with all its militarymight would have no problemin cr'ippling China's arm y, destroyingheratomicbombp I a n"t s, her I transportationroutes, and her industry in amatter of days. He feels that"Russia will first sit and watchand would not intervene."General Lane "doesn't see thishappening as long as the JohnsonAdministration is in office." He"feels that we will never be ableto defeat them as long as theyhave a sanctuary and Johnsonseems bent on giving them one."This he feels "is a tragic' wasteof our US soldiers." With the useof a sanctuary, Lane believes thateven if the US outnumbers theNorth Vietnam by 10-1, the UScannot win."General Lane feels that President Johnson -is doing a greatdisservice to our country by- using'MacNamara as his constant ad-.visor. He' feels that Johnson,«should be using a more military:riminded advisor in the time of a{;'conflict such as this.r;:;':French Fries-SpaghettiSaladMostacioli .Spumoni Ice CreamIPermanent PartTime Work 45 per weekRigatoniworking 2 evenings : a " E:Monday - Thursday11:00 a.m, until MidnightSundayBottledunder the authority inci,!,natiCoca:Colaof The Coca-Cola Company" WorksComp nyFebruary 3, 1966Girl Of The Weekquirer. Dr. Charles K. Weichert,dean of A&S introducedthespeakers.In thE' past, Q.r. Wessel polnted out, the stock of knowledgewas small and the people possessingit werefew. Todaythere has, beenanexpansion inthe volume of knowledge." Because the productionof know-Thursday,Friday - Saturday11 :00 a.m. until 2:00 a.m.11:00 a m.untilMidnightFast Delivery DIAL.:DI NOt·and Saturdays.Use of car necessary.Phone 731-1600221-2424for appointment .:R-:,,-,.'t'"i'[, OltII!.M"1'.f;,eQ

Thursday,February 3, 1966UNIVERSITYOF CINCINNATINEWS RECORDPoqe threeInnocent Victims Rise.Up'Win Fame· And FortuneAbominabLe Snowman StrikesFootprints Stir ArchaeoLogistsIModern day life seems to prescribe bigness as an immutablevirtue. Bigness is a commonthread running through. everyoneof today's great institutions, be itgovernment, business, unions, oruniversities. We are told thatsuch gargantuan proportions enhance efficiency, .thus making'the lives of all people 'fuller,richer in meaning. No one can'help but be amazed at the vastproductive dynamo that is theUnited States.However true this may be,there can be no doubt that bigness also createssome problems. Chief among these is themass of bureaucracywhich entangles individuals in their questfor a straighta,nswer to somerelativelysimple problem. TheParkinsoniangrowthof .themoderninstitutionhas madesuch answersrare, without 'along search from desk to. desk,office to office, vice-presidentto vice-president.Even some humans here at UC,oelieve it or not, have come toknow the 'hellish binds of redtape. It is to aid these victimsto announce that the winner ofthe first AVBIR is Mrs. Williamthat the NEWS RECORD' hereHausman,motherof our bewith announces AVBIR (Awardloved Editor in Chief, Sharon.forVictims of Bureaucracy,One night last quarter, Mr.Idiocy, and Redtape). We willHausman prepared to leave formake this award ,to UC students,his weekly bowling game whenfaculty, and friends who havemuch to his distress, he discoverbeen (or are being) victimizedbeyond the bounds of reason by - ed that his bowling ball was inthe car, and his daughter had theby the University,car down at UC.Once each year, the plight ofeveryoneofthe"AVBIR'"award' winners will be reviewed. The' person involved in th greatest ta'ngle- Qf bureaucracy,idiocy, a,nd/or red tape will behonored at a luncheon and presented with the coveted "Wally"Award in recognitionof histrials and tribulations.Mrs. Hausmanthen volunteered to go to UC to retrievethe ball. Pulling up at the Clifton AvenueGuardhouse,sheasked the guard for permissionto go to Beecher Hall (wherethe car was parked) so that shemight retrievethe ball. Needless to say, such permission wasrefused, so Mrs. Hausman hadto ieavethe car,walktoBeecher, 'get the ball, and walkback to the guardhousewith a. sixteenpoundbowlingballtucked neatly under her fingers.Persons who feel they mightqualify for, the AVBIR, or per·sons who know someone who hasbeen so victimized, should sub .mit an the necessary data toMike Friedman of the Nil staff.After a brief exchange of partUpon proper investigation, awardsingpleasentries, the guard. dewill be made in order Of the in" cided to allow Mrs. Hausman totensity of red tape through campus' (after sheThe NEWS RECORD is proudhad walked halfway across" it before) so that she might get toUniversity Avenue . talk aboutadding insult to injury . . .Though nothing can atone forthe' unnecessaryhardshipinvolved, the NR wishes to congrat(include renewal forms for those' ulate Mrs. Hausman on her val,iant struggle through one smallparentswho submittedstatesegment of DC bureaucracy.ments last year), are available atthe Student Financial' Aid Office,202 .Beacher Hall. Every effortYE OLOEwill be made to notify studentsby letter:' of scholarship actionbefore the .end of Spring QuarterI. oan application decisions will bemade in July.'Financial Awards Avoiloble:Based On Need" GradesStudents wishing to be considered for financial aid during the1966-67academic year should fileall scholarship applications byMarch 1 and National 'DefenseStudent Loan applications by May1 to be' assured of consideration . Financialaidawa'rdsare ased on the student's academicachievementand financial need.SCholarshipeligibilityrequiresa cumulativeaverage of 3. oraboveandNationalDefenseStudentLoans 2.0 or' above,Financial need is. determinedonthe basis of the ParentsiConfidential Statement.Since thesest.atements require at least twoweeks fo process, it is essenfial they be sent directly to theCollege SeholarshipService inNew Jerseyby Feb. 15 forscholarshipsand by April 15 forNa'tional Defense Student Loans.THE "RECENT SNOWS have aHorded assorted gremlins,trolls, andtwo-headedm nstersto come out of hiding places' unnoticed.Theexistence of such a motely crew was doubled until this phone boothwas d!scoveredon Calhoun Street. Dr. Bently Robinson Bonehead,Cro M. Agnun Professorof Trolls has been dispatchedto trail thedevils. Word of, his expedition will be flashed as soon a,s it is received.-Photo by Jo n RabiusUC ,Pi Delta Epsilon Taps16 .Journefism PledgesPi Delta Epsilon, a. nationaljournalism honorary, has tappedits fall-winter pledge class. initiation banquet, held atDavid's Buffet, Thursday, Jan.27, sixteen pledges wereinitiatedThe new members of Pi DeltaEpsilon are Joan Buttrick, DaveAltman,SaralouAher'n,. PamClark, Rich Dineen, Mike Friedman, Dick Helgerson, and SudieHeitz.Other pieuges initiatedareCathy Huheey, Kathy. Hyde, Steve. Montgomery, John Rabius, Barbara Shale, Jackie Srofe, CarolTaylor, and Randy Winter.Pi Delta Epsilon has madeseveralplans for the coming,year.In addifion to tapping aThe officers of Pi Delta Epsilonare Dale Wolf, President JaneHorsley, Vice-president; LauraleeSawyer. Secretary; Judy McCarty, Treasurer ; Diane Lundin, Historian.The pledges were chosen on thebasis of outstanding .work on oneof the four UC publications.RENTALS '--SALESOlympia- ELECTRICS- Roya,1 - RemingtonCall 4 1-8435 after 6:00''.,NEWMAN,CATHO,'LI,CCEN'TER 2685 StratfordSTUDENTExceUent Foodand BeveragesMASS DAILYMonday, Wednesday, Friday12 noonTuesday, Thursday-12:20THERE IS,ABIG DIFFERENCESacrament of PenanceBe·fore All MassesFriday, Feb. 4"Laymen,Look at Love" - adiscussionof love "of God,of your neighbor and of yourself". 8:30 p.m. at NewmanHall.SHIPLEY'S214 W. McMillanSt.721-9660Don't YGO IForget To Ma, e YourN. Y. Reservationsr'WeGive You: Guaranteed Reservations, Regular Scheduled Flights Discount Price. of 69.90 ! ! Revised FlightSc.heduleSERVICE-- R.EPAIRS- STANDARDS- Smif CoronaFOR SALE'60 V.W . . Good ConditionNew Sunroof - New Engine 795pledge class in the spring, thegroup will help to start a ehapter at Xavier University.Theyare now planninga banquetwith the Pi Delt chaptersofMt. St.Joseph,andMis'mi. In the hall in the StudentUnion outside of the 'publication offices 'there .will be a display of plaques containing thenames of each pledge class.I CLIFTON TYPEWRITERPORTABLESFinancial Aid Applications andParents' Confidential ardiaTO NE'W YORKTWA No.American'TWA No.American162Dep. 5:15 p.m.No. 384 . Dep. 8:00"p.m.162'Dep. 5:15 p.m.No. 388 ,Dep. 5:50 p.rn,Arr.Arr.Arr.Arr.6:419:236:477:13p.m.p.m ,p.m.p.m.- UnderwoodNEW YORK TO 'CINCINNATIAUTH;ORIZED'XEROX COPYI'NGSERVICECopies' Mac;le While You WaitLow Student Rates216 W. McMillan ,,' (At Hughes Corner")St.Near UC ampus Since 1950381-4866FREE PARKINGSun.March 27 'LaGuardia/CincinnatiSun.March 27 Kennedy/CincinnatiMon.Match 28 La Guardia/CincinnatiMon.March 28 Kennedy/Cincinnati*Additional FlightsD:ep. 3;5 p.m.Dep.,,3:50-p.m.D p. :,50 p.m,Qep., 3Ii50 p.m.Arr 5:30Arr. 5:47'Ar'r 5:30Arr.,:5:47p.m.p.m,p.m,p.m.

Page' FourUNIVERSITY OF CINCINNATI'Popularity Co"test?UC's campus faces an important question: Should we as studentsSTUDENTCOUNCILshould we also evaluate what they have to say and what theyTo the Editor:propose to DO for the university?Your article concerning the"Cowards'Club" deserves' abrass band to accompany it. Student Council deserved that doublefisted belt from both your editorial- co'umn and Mike Patton'sPonderer column; It was my privilege to serve, both as an electedrepresentative and as an executive officer of the Council. It isevident that the times have notchanged, and I praise the NEWSRECORD for pointing out thesickening truth.Previously,an engagingsuch, pleasantdevice;an office-seekerinteflectedin thecampaigninterestandalso devotedin manycasessufficientto, boost'Last year'sStudentto introducespecificplatformsand.and enthusiasmandand thenUnfortunately,position.DID attempton the votingtimeconstituentslaugh,candidatestheirtion beforea readyinto ,the covetedBody velymind on prestige,toothy-grinnedthe oting , studentssince they have permittedthemthrough, presenttheirare notwealsoit' is to hisrespons, ibledemandandthatcampusthe candidates'haveb I r choiceonin largeandof clothing,we will chose a responsible,reliableminorityus in our representativestudent government.We have outstandingcam-couldcampaignsfor thisstylesand"face"campus-wise individ-alsoideashairandon lips,Partially,blameWhenwithhis or her'smileobviously,candidate?entireboardan inspiretionalsympathetic,of thethea position-theysojourn to the Greek housesthey conductedwonIs. thisof theirof action.bulletintongue-in-cheek,failed to put an outstanding,ual into power.or heraimsplanposters on every' possiblemade the gratHying,thatselec-campaignersthea potentialre-there remained a large group of students whoand residence, halls. Withpaignthisotherto recognizingformulatingweresurroundingchose the less' controversial' method of winningplasteredand othersmile,"!ethento decide-forleaders in all phrases of student gov-ernment but we must attempt to improvetion that permits a face, figure,the lamentableor campus affiliationsitua--to achievean office. From Student Council to the Tribunals candidates' personality and appearance are importantcojoinedwithintegrity,intelligence,but only when they areabilityto express oneselfand to seek a better life. Likewise, as we voters reconsider ourevaluationof candidatesso may these 'studentsplannowtoconduct a campaign geared to action and hard work rather thansmiles and handshakes.Graduation, Su'ggestion 6'7IHindsightwhichis often better than foresightcomes throughthis year's Juniorwhen,experience,Class to start thinking,and whereoftheir.This suggestionhas' beend ctionofis put forthstudent,Graduation.nowCommencementby a demonstrated interest now, they willin the planning of Graduation, 1967.thereand wlth this wisdoma suggestionbecausedispleasureDispleasure'overhasis put forthtoabout the how,'Exercises. Perhaps",have an integral partfor severalyearsnowandcon-the locationarisenoverthe" im-Thursday,February 3, 1966Letters To The Editor ,As the annual pre-election campaigns enter -into high gear,continue to judge candidates on personality' and appearance orNEWS RECQRDget your vote. Believe me, hewould get mine.Sandy YoukilisGrad. SchoolTreas. of Student Council'64-'65SOPHOS'MENTo the Editor:The spirit at UC is most highlydisgusting. I am referring to thepresent members of Sophos andthe fraternity men.On Tuesday,Jan.25 theSophos men were supposed tocome around to all the sororifles and residence halls to seethe skits and to have an opportunity to meet various candidates. Well, Siddall was readywith refreshmentsfor 300 people and a skit prepared. utwhere, may I ask, were theSophos men?Not one manshowed up to see our skit.As a Graduatestudent, thestudent body might inform me,"Get lost, you're old hat". Buthold ov, if the News Record ""illconsult their April 29, 1965 issue, they will find a most interesting letter to the editor. In.this ,letter,. J pleaded for support of my radical Constitution-'al Amendment\ whichwo ldWhy do the Sophos men say thathavechangedthe, nameofeveryone is asked to participate,Student ,Council to Student Sen- '\ and that Greeks and Independentsate. I poinh d out in my arguare welcomej : But they didn'tcome to see our skit.mentthatCouncil needed someform of innovation if we wereThis behavior is very deplorable and lamentable. I would begoing to escape the idea of beashamed, if I were they, to saying only a continuationof thethat the organization invited In'old high school homeroom council. I felt our logical startingdependents to participate but did. not have the courtesy to view apoint was to change the name.residence hall's offering.My motion was defeated 19-18. The Sophos men can't say thatFor two years I battered mythey didn't know that we werehead against a wall trying tohaving a skit, because on Moninnovate new and revolutionaryday, Jan. 24, all the presidentsideas: broadcast the .meetingsreceived a call from the girlsover radio; hold open meetingsof Siddall asking the officers toin Wilson; and to increase Counannounce that we would have acil's membership to include theskit. This announcementwasdorms. Yes, they called me stusupposed to be made at theirpid and radical. I only wish themeeting before the men were toNEWS RECORD more success inits campaign than I had. Beforevisit the various places.Besides all tWat, ,there was a postI retire back to the Graduate. Room I offer the voting Studenter in each fraternityhouse, aBody just one last line of fatherlylarge poster in Siddall's Cafe-'advice" The candidate 'who comesteria and one in the Studentclose in his platform to new; radiUnion. Are the men also blindcal, or revolutionary ideas shouldas 'well,as inconsiderate?We know you were out, Sophosmen, but where were you?Siddall has yet to see even onerepresentative.'Kim DeVoreBus. Admin. '67CO,URAGE TO FACELIFE SQUARELYTo the Editor :What! Are we supposed to takeL. Rolfe Wiegand's self-pityingwhimper seriously? And if hisvision is so limited that he findsonly one freedom in this country,is this truly' set forth. as a fairappraisal? One freedom, indeed!Why, good heavens,freedomabounds in this society of ours,perhaps as much as we have thecourage and intelligence to find,and I can personally testify thatI have -freely expressed my opinions on Johnson (not of the highest), Vietnam (opposed to our involvement from the very beginning), sex' (favorable) and religion (l do not believe in theJudio-Christian God). These havenot all been popular opinions, andyet I have not felt the slightestharassment from our society.A question that is perhaps, asimportantas that of freedomis whether we shall have thec urage to face life squarelyin animperfectworld,orwhetherwe shall whine andwhimper, grumble and grouse,"Oh, why don't -you peoplemake the world as I would haveit!"Forrest G. SmithEnglish Dept.CCMEditor's Note: The worthwhileimplication of the last paragraphhas been the ppint of mamy studies by psychologists, philosophers,and socioloaiet» in recent years.News Record would gladly printfactual material from faculty orknow ledga:ble students on thissubject.The Ponderer New Structure Propcsedj,St. Govt. NeedsChangeby.Mike Pattonactivities . and concentration of never -to be significantly heardPonder 'change. 'Elections arefrom and opinion. Let'srapidly approaching. With thestudents aren w onderingwhy the Exercises are being -heldpassing 'of each week, it becomes. 'call it the Student's Executive 1t would also simplify elections.more imperative that we ponder ' -Council (SEC). Council members Only major offices would be upon -Friday 'afternoon when parents .are 'working and out-of toWr1would be the Chief Executives of for election and the number iswhy .we have student governfriends and relatives cannotbe asked to forego at least twosmall enough that all candidatestheAssociated Women Students,ments, . and. what 'purposes, ifcould receive adequate coverwo'rking days in order to attend.any, it : serves. -Last week we -Panhellenic 'Council, "Interfraterage, and the students couldnityCouncil, Women's ResidenceYet students can hardly blame their Senior Class Officers :examined some of the weaknessesknow who the candidates are, andHalls, Men's Residence Halls,for lack of efficiency. This year the Senior Class Executi e Board in the present.system of represenwhat they stand for, if -anything.Publications Board, Union Board,tation,andtheoverakliabilitieswas informed after school opened of the completed arrangements,This would concentrate studentintrinsic in such a system by pro- Student Religious .Council, a Gen- .energy and interest instead ofincluding date and location. They did decide, -on the color oferalTribuna!Council,andtheviding only pseudo-representa.diff'using it 'uselesslyand it wouldPresidents of the Senior, Junior,robes worn by the college student marshals and will also or tion, fostering inexperienced andstimulate more students: to takeandSophomoreClasses.TheSECstif lin gganize a list of possible- Commencement Speakers and the class visionless, leadership,an interest and vote in elections.wouldalsoincludeoneco-opinitiative, slowing forceful action,gift. The lines of communication we're obviously broken; theThis proposalwould bringelected at large from each secand confusing elections.together the .ma

University of' Cincinnati NEWS -·R··E.,CORD Vol. LIII Cincinnati, Ohio, Thursday, February 3, 1966 No. 16 Lively Profound Professors Carter. Appointed Dean-Heighten Student Interest Replaces Education's Good, One dean and two department edUCfaculty inSept., 1954while heads were appointed by the UC\ Dr. Asbury became a member of

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Cincinnati, Ohio November 14–16, 2019 Presenters, key information, . Scarlet Oaks Career Campus Cincinnati, OH. NSTA Cincinnati Area Conference on Science Education 3 . The Cincinnati Conference Committee wants

612 Main St, Cincinnati, OH 45202 Bru Burger Bar 41 East 6th Street, OH 45202 French Crust Cafe 915 Vine Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202 Mynt Martini 511 Walnut St, Cincinnati, OH 45202 . Café de Paris 17 Garfield Pl, Cincinnati, OH 45202 Starbucks

Branch Campus - Cincinnati: Galen College of Nursing 100 E-Business Way Cincinnati, Ohio 45241 (513) 475-3600 The Cincinnati Campus (pictured right) is 34,000 square feet. Nursing programs offered at the Cincinnati Branch Campus includes the BSN Program and ADN Programs.

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Academic writing is cautious, because many things are uncertain. When we put forward an argument, point of view or claim, we know that it can probably be contested and that not everybody would necessarily agree with it. We use words and phrases that express lack of certainty, such as: Appears to Tends to Seems to May indicate Might In some .