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WelcomeThe business world isevolving faster thanever before.Digitally Smart programmes deliver theframework and tools needed to meet thechallenges of our economy today - andtomorrowTransform your career with a programmegrounded in the realities of modern businessand the connected society. Learn with some ofEurope’s leading Digital Marketing experts.

OverviewWhat will you learn?Digitally Smart’s panel of practitioner-lecturers hasspecifically structured the curriculum to focus oncurrent trends and best practices in DigitalMarketing. This comprehensive online marketingcourse teaches the key digital marketing skillsrequired for the modern workplace.You will discover the techniques shaping the digitalmarketing industry today and you will build a solidfoundation in core digital marketing principles.What can you expect?Through dynamic lectures, expanded learningmaterials and group discussions, you will beexposed to the latest methods, techniques andtools for improving the Digital Marketing efforts ofany business.CourseContentThere are 4 modules in this course:Module 1 Digital Channels & Content MarketingModule 2 Search Engine Optimization (SEO)Module 3 Web AnalyticsModule 4 Social Media Marketing

MODULE 1Digital Channels & ContentMarketingBroadly speaking, all digital marketing activities can be described as either paid or organic. In thismodule we will look at the main difference between the two of them, and we will provide a generaloverview of the key channels in each.Content marketing is the strategy to distribute valuable and relevant content to an online audience. Thebenefits for businesses are multiple but ultimately the strategy is geared to drive profitable customeraction. In this module we will examine the importance of this discipline and we will provide examples ofhow organisations can effectively use content marketing.LEARNING OUTCOMESParticipants will gain knowledge and understanding of: What the difference between paid and organicmarketing is Which are the main digital disciplines What are organic and paid marketing channels Why Content Marketing is important What are the benefits of implementing a ContentMarketing campaign What is the content life-cycle What content type is best suited for each stage ofthe purchase funnel

MODULE 2Search EngineOptimization (SEO)The Search Engine Optimisation module examines the various tactics for enhancing a website’s positionwith search engines. The module covers the key concepts and terminology used within the field of SEO,and equips students with the understanding of which are the main factors that influence a website’svisibility on the Search Engines.You will learn how search engines work and understand the concept of ranking. With this in mind, youwill learn about both, on-page and off-page optimisation techniques to increase website rankings, andyou will understand the role of keyword research and selection in SEO planning.LEARNING OUTCOMESParticipants will gain knowledge and understanding of: How search engines work How web pages are indexed in search engines What web rankings are Which are the main on-page optimisationtechniques to maximise rankings Which are the main off-page optimisationtechniques to maximise rankings What are keywords and how to use themeffectively

MODULE 3Web AnalyticsThe Analytics module provides you insights about website visitors and about the range of specialist toolsthat are available to help you understand how to measure and monitor online traffic.We will review the basic analytics terminology and you will discover how to align business KeyPerformance Indicators (or KPIs) with your analytics goal. The module will introduce you to GoogleAnalytics, which is the most widely implemented analytics solution. By understanding its report layout,you will quickly become accustomed to sifting through the data, investigating whether a number ortrend is good, bad, or indifferent for an organization.LEARNING OUTCOMESParticipants will gain knowledge and understanding of: How web analytics work How web data is collected What are Key Performance Indicators and how dothey relate to business goals & objectives Which are the main benefits and drawbacks ofGoogle Analytics What are the building blocks of analytics reporting Which are the key reporting features withinanalytics tools

MODULE 4Social Media MarketingThe Social Media Marketing module showcases how to effectively engage with customers across socialmedia platforms. You will appreciate the emerging trends in the social media space and the opportunityafforded by the ‘always connected’ social consumer.We will look at the important aspect of social sharing, particularly in a business context. We will explorethe typical uses of social media for businesses, and we will outline the fundamental principles forbusinesses to build a social media presence. We will provide a deep dive on marketing activities withinthe main social networks and we will describe what social targeting is and how it is used in socialadvertising.LEARNING OUTCOMESParticipants will gain knowledge and understanding of: What social media means What the main uses of social media for businesses are How to leverage marketing activities on Facebook,Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube What are the key elements to build a social mediapresence What are the targeting options available

Supporting youronline learningjourney Our courses are available to study online via the Digitally Smart’s dynamic online learningenvironment. This is how we can guide you through your online learning journey:Access high definition videolectures designed by our specialistproduct teams and leading industryexperts who create an update ourcourse content on a continuousbasisAccess multimedia supportingmaterial to help you with your studiesAccess your interactive classanywhere, anytime, available 24/7from any location. Never fearmissing a class againAccess discussion forums to exploretopics & issues. Interact and learnfrom fellow students who facesimilar challenges and providedifferent POV to the discussionsInteract with your course instructorto obtain the support to advancetowards your certification

SubjectMatterExpertsOur courses will introduce you to themost important and transformativeaspects of digital marketing, delivered bythe industry’s leading practitioners.All of your lecturers are specialistprofessionals in the digital marketingsector, running and delivering onlinemarketing campaigns, using the latesttools and techniques on a daily basis.They help to create and validate ourmodules as well as teach them, so yourlectures will be based on our formalisedsyllabus of learning overlaid with theirreal life experiences, examples and casestudies.“Digitally Smart granted me an amazing opportunity to upskill, be relevant, andbetter equipped for my careerPatricia Rue Vinga

For more information orto register for a courseplease contact usadmin@digitally-smart.comwww.digitally-smart.com

course teaches the key digital marketing skills required for the modern workplace. You will discover the techniques shaping the digital marketing industry today and you will build a solid foundation in core digital marketing principles. Course Content There are 4 modules in this course: Module 1 Digital Channels & Content Marketing

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research, managing digital initiatives, creation of digital strategy, managing digital marketing clients for a learner to become an advanced professional in digital marketing at the end of the course. Module 1 Module 2 Module 3 Overview of Marketing Introduction to Digital Marketing Email Marketing Social Media Marketing

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5 In simple terms, digital marketing is the promotion of products or brands via one or more forms of electronic media. Digital marketing is often referred to as online marketing, internet marketing or web marketing. Digital marketing has been around for quite some time but it hasn't been very well defined.

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