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Digital Marketing Course Certification ProgramAbout Course:Digital Marketing Course includes 80% Practical and 20% Theory. OurModules include Introduction to Online marketing, its techniques, SearchEngine Optimization Social Media Marketing, Google Ads PPC, Leadgeneration Techniques, Mobile Marketing and many more.Key Features: 20 Modules 100 Hours Classroom Training Advance Tools Google Ads Certification 100% Placement Assistance

1. Introduction of Digital Marketing:- Introduction to Digital Marketing.- DM opportunities.- Digital Leadership.2. Digital Marketing Techniques:- Introduction on Digital Marketing-Techniques SEO, SEM, SMM, SMO etc.3. Domain & Hosting :- What is Domain name ?- Domain name registration guide.- Hosting & types of hosting guide for website.4. Website Designing Guidelines:- Website design technology, Html and-CSS introduction & Website Structure.5. Blogging ( :- How to create Blog.- How to enable meta tag description.- How to create post.- How to optimize a post according toon page SEO techniques.6. Creating Website (WordPress) :- How to create free blog on How to create pages & menu.- How to create category.

- How to create post.- How to optimize post according toon page SEO techniques.7. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) :- What is seo (search engine optimization) ?- How search engine works?- Basic of seo techniques.- Keyword research and analysis.- On page SEO in details.- Off page SEO in details.- SEO tools & report analysis.8. Google Analytics :- Introduction on Google analytics.- Google Analytics tracking code setupto website.- Google analytics tracking code verificationusing Google tag assistant.- Benefits of tracking and analyzing web data.- Advantages of using Google Analytics9. Google Webmaster Tools :- Verify your website to GoogleWebmaster Tool.- Submit sitemap.xml file for indexing purpose.

- Checking index status of submittedweb pages.10. Digital Marketing Tools :- Introduction on Digital Marketing tools.- Content Marketing tool.- Social Media Marketing tool.- SEO tools (SEO Score, Website page speedtest, Sitemap.xml, Robots.txt).- SMO tools for Facebook OG and TwiterSummary Card.- Website analytics tools.11. Social Media Marketing :Facebook :- Creating Facebook Brand Page &-Facebook Page Insights Analysis.- Groups creation.- Joining other groups.- Facebook paid lead generation campaignsetup.- Organic reach & engagements.- Facebook Paid Lead Generation Campaignsetup.Linkedin :- Creating custom profile URL for LinkedIn.

- Creating Groups & Joining other Groups.- Creating Company Brand Page.- Writing articles (Pulse).- LinkedIn Connection & Degree Network.Twitter :- Creating custom URL for Twitter Profile.- Creating lists.- Follow, Tweet, Re-tweet, Like, Comment,Engagement and Twitter analytics.12. Social Media Optimization:- Facebook OG and Twitter Summary Card.- Adding Social Media Share,Like and Follow button.- Embedding social media videosand post to website.13. Social Media Analytics:- Facebook page insights.- Twitter analytics.- LinkedIn analytics.- online tool guidance using trialversion.- Google analytics for social media

visitors analysis.14. Landing Page Techniques:- Mobile friendly test and website landingpage loading speed optimization.- Conversion tracking code setupto landing pages.15. Google Ads (PPC):- Introduction on Google Ads CPC- Types of CPC (manual CPC, maximize clicks,Ecpc).- Keyword Research using Google AdsKeywords Planner Tool.- Google Ads Search, Display NetworkCampaign Structure.- Search network Campaign setup withManual CPC bidding & Responsive SearchAds.- Ad Group setup.- Creating Responsive Search Ads, ResponsiveDisplay Ads.- Estimate first page bid column & max CPCbid management.- About Quality score, Ad relevance, landingPage experience, Expected Ctr.

- Display network campaign setup with CPCBidding & Responsive Display Ads.16. Video Marketing :- How to optimize your video while uploadingon How to create video campaign with bidStrategy CPV. Video views, Brand AwarenessCampaign in Google Ads.17. Email Marketing :- Email Campaign, List Creation, Email contentDesign, Analysis of Result Report.18. Affiliate Marketing :- How to create affiliate account on Amazontype ecommerce website.- How to embed there product on website andblog to earn commission.19. Mobile Marketing :- WhatsApp.Instagram :Profile Steup &Switch to Business Profile.Instagram InsightsTrendinghash tagsCompetitor's Interaction.

Audience Engagement.20. Freelance Technique Guidance :- What is freelance work ?- How to create SEO, PPC, SMM package?- How to find freelance work for social media,SEO & Content Marketing.21. Trending # Tag Marketing :- Learn how to find the most powerful &trending hash tags.- Researching highly-demanded traffic.22. Online Reputation Management :- What is ORM ?- Online Reputation Management Activities.- Content Management.- Social Profile Management.

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Digital Marketing Course Certification Program About Course:- Digital Marketing Course includes 80% Practical and 20% Theory. Our Modules include Introduction to Online marketing, its techniques, Search Engine Optimization Social Media Marketing, Google Ads PPC, Lead generation Techniques, Mobile Marketing and many more. .

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research, managing digital initiatives, creation of digital strategy, managing digital marketing clients for a learner to become an advanced professional in digital marketing at the end of the course. Module 1 Module 2 Module 3 Overview of Marketing Introduction to Digital Marketing Email Marketing Social Media Marketing

Introduction to Digital Media Marketing Digital Media Marketing vs Traditional Marketing Future Trends of Digital marketing Di erent types of Digital media marketing Blogging Platform setup Google's free blogging platform important digital tools required to do marketing

course teaches the key digital marketing skills required for the modern workplace. You will discover the techniques shaping the digital marketing industry today and you will build a solid foundation in core digital marketing principles. Course Content There are 4 modules in this course: Module 1 Digital Channels & Content Marketing

UNIT: - I BASIC CONCEPTS IN MARKETING MANAGEMENT STRUCTURE 1.0 Introduction to Marketing 1.1 Definition of Marketing 1.2 Evolution of Marketing 1.3 Marketing Concept 1.4 Role of Marketing 1.5 Strategic Marketing Planning 1.6 Scope of Marketing 1.7 Approaches of Marketing 1.8

May 05, 2011 · 3022 Broadway . Uris Hall, Room 604 . New York, NY 10027 . . May 5, 2011 . Abstract . We review accounting principles related to the reporting of marketing activities and evaluate their implications for marketing research and practice. Based on our review, we argue thatFile Size: 393KBPage Count: 50Explore further(PDF) Strategic Marketing and Marketing Strategy: Domain Marketing Management - ResearchGatewww.researchgate.net5 Marketing Management Orientationscommercemates.com5 Marketing Concepts: Marketing Management Philosophieswww.iedunote.comBasic Marketing Principles - Mercer Universityfaculty.mercer.eduRecommended to you b

5 In simple terms, digital marketing is the promotion of products or brands via one or more forms of electronic media. Digital marketing is often referred to as online marketing, internet marketing or web marketing. Digital marketing has been around for quite some time but it hasn't been very well defined.

Bonus Course: Additional Lifetime access to 28 hours self paced digital marketing video walk-through course. Online Live Instructor-Led / Classroom Training Details: Module Topic Duration Fundamentals Digital Marketing Definition 2 Hours (1 Class) Marketing Goals / Objectives / KPIs Target Audience Digital Marketing Platforms / Channels

Type A02 : Cable suffices This type comprises people with some limited interest in electronic technologies but who have neither the education nor income to become heavily engaged in using them. Many of this type are men who have recently retired or who are approaching retirement. A high proportion has access to cable television. Type A03 : Technology as fantasy This type contains many old .