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CERTIFICATE IN DIGITAL MARKETING 01IntroductionThe need for digital marketers isgrowing exponentially around the world.With more than 50% of the population inAfrica expected to be online by 2020, it isclear that companies need to be ready todo business digitally.The growth of the internet, coupled withthe use of automated technology,undoubtedly results in the loss of jobswhile simultaneously creatingopportunities for highly skilled people.Some of the most sought after skills in thisnew age are digital marketing skills.The Certificate in Digital Marketing courseis taught by experienced digital marketingexperts; hence, anyone who goes throughthis course acquires world-class skills andknowledge. This means that after thecourse the participants are industry-readyand will be able to contributemeaningfully to the growth of the Africandigital economy."The growth of the internet, coupled with theuse of automated technology, undoubtedlyresults in the loss of jobs while simultaneouslycreating opportunities for highly skilledpeople. Some of the most sought-after skills inthis new age are digital marketing skills."

CERTIFICATE IN DIGITAL MARKETING 0290% of the people who arepracticing digital marketersare not certified. In aformal world, they cannotprove their knowledge.95% of all certified digitalmarketers are promoted intheir workplaces.Anyone who goes through this course acquiresworld-class skills and knowledge. This means thatafter the course the participants are industry-readyand will be able to contribute meaningfully to thegrowth of the African digital economy.

CERTIFICATE IN DIGITAL MARKETING 03Who is this course for?Aspiring digital marketersSocial Media Marketing expectsMarketers who need to understand digital marketing.Entrepreneurs and self-employed people who need to use digital marketingskills to grow their hustle.This course benefits various levels of skill and experience, and will empower you tomaximize the impact of your marketing through powerful digital tools.What you will learnThe basics of digital marketing. Our model is designed to cater for anyone,including people with no prior knowledge of digital marketing.The difference between digital and traditional marketing including possible areasof effective integrated marketing.The Digital Marketing Framework (DMF) - the success formula for creatingeffective digital marketing campaigns in Africa.How to create and optimise Social Media Profiles for individuals and businesses.How to use Social Media to create or grow markets in locations where you haveno physical presence.Create effective landing pages for web traffic conversion. Conversions are whatbusinesses should care about.Big Data - the tools for collecting and using data from social media and websitesfor market intelligence and continuous customer research.Content Marketing - development and implementation of effective contentmarketing strategies.Email Marketing - setting up ethical and converting email marketing campaigns.Websites - business website planning, analysis and project management.Search Engine Optimization - learn the basics of making your website rank higheron Google.Search Engine Marketing & PPC - learn how to leverage the vast networks ofsearch engines like Google to grow a business.

CERTIFICATE IN DIGITAL MARKETING 03Course ContentThere are 8 modules in our Certificate in Digital Marketing. These willempower you to become an effective digital marketer.1. Introduction to Digital Marketing2. Digital Marketing Framework (DMF)3. Social Media Marketing & Advertising4. Content Marketing.5. Business websites & marketing automation.6. Search Engine Optimization7. Search Engine Marketing & PPC.8. Web Analytics.Practical Elements1. Creating & Optimizing Personal & Business Social Media Profiles.2. Creating Digital Marketing Campaign Landing Pages.3. Setting Email Marketing Campaigns4. Business DMF Framework Analysis5. Digital Marketing Graphic Design6. Setting up Google Ads7. Creating and Optimising Google My Business Profiles.Learning Options1. Online Pre-recorded Classes with Weekly Live Online Sessions.2. Crash Course - 5 days training. (Venue & food are extra costs)

CERTIFICATE IN DIGITAL MARKETING 03Course DetailsInvestment - 150USDCourse Length - 8 Weeks Online Classes or 5 days Crush Course.Intakes: Every third Monday of the Month.Assessment - All Students will get certification after completing projects and passingthe computer-based examinationRequirements: An appreciation of the internet and a willingness to learn newthings. Each participant must have a laptop and outside classroom internet access.To registerRegister for this course online on afrodigital.org30 Malborough Drive, Adylin, Harare 263 783 05 Yolk House, Cnr Herbert Chitepo & 8thAve, Bulawayo0775801129Course AssessmentThe assessment is based on a formal computer-based examination that will measureeach individual's knowledge and digital marketing proficiency following completionof the course. The duration of the exam is 120 minutes.Final Exam Marks Examination (60%) Course Work (40%).

new age are digital marketing skills. The Certificate in Digital Marketing course is taught by experienced digital marketing. experts; hence, anyone who goes through. this course acquires world-class skills and knowledge. This means that after the course the participants are industry-ready and will be able to contribute

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research, managing digital initiatives, creation of digital strategy, managing digital marketing clients for a learner to become an advanced professional in digital marketing at the end of the course. Module 1 Module 2 Module 3 Overview of Marketing Introduction to Digital Marketing Email Marketing Social Media Marketing

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course teaches the key digital marketing skills required for the modern workplace. You will discover the techniques shaping the digital marketing industry today and you will build a solid foundation in core digital marketing principles. Course Content There are 4 modules in this course: Module 1 Digital Channels & Content Marketing

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