Stipulation And Consent To Issuance Of Order To Cease And Desist .

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UNITED STATES OF AMERICABefore TheOFFICE OF THRIFT SUPERVISIONIn the Matter of111Charter Oak Federal Savings BankCincinnati, Ohio))Resolution No.: CIN 91- 5Dated: February 1, 199111ORDER TO CEASE AND DESISTWHEREAS, Charter Oak Federal Savings Bank, Cincinnati, Ohio ("CharterOak") through its directors, has executed a Stipulation and Consent toIssuance of Order to Cease and Desist (nStipulation") that is accepted andapproved by the Office of Thrift Supervision ("OTSW) acting through itsDeputy Regional Director for the Cincinnati District and is incorporatedherein by reference; andWHEREAS, Charter Oak, in the Stipulation, has consented and agreed to theissuance of this Order to Cease and Desist ("Ordern) pursuant to the FederalDeposit Insurance Act ("FDIA"), §8(b), 12 U.S.C.A. §1818(b) (West 1989).NOW THEREFORE, IT IS ORDERED that Charter Oak and its directors, officers,employees, agents, and service corporations shall comply with the followingprovisions of this Order to Cease and Desist:1.Charter/EPB Corporation ("EPBn), a wholly-owned service corporation ofCharter Oak, shall not resume any new lending activities for which itor Charter Oak do not have legally binding written commitments.restriction also applies to the conducting of EPB activities atCharter Oak or at any other subsidiary thereof.2.Charter Oak and its subsidiariesshall not resume any lending orThis

extensions of credit to Dayton Partners Limited Partnership, itsprincipals (i.e., L. Keith Brunner, David Bart, Arthur Millonig,William Seal, David Shafer, and Richard Tipton), or related persons asdefined in 12 C.F.R. part 32 (1990).Charter Oak shall ceaseviolations of the loans-to-one-borrower limitations and shall submit,within 10 days of the execution of this Order, a written plan, 1acceptable to the Deputy Regional Director or designee, for resolvingexisting violations of such regulation.3.Charter Oak and its subsidiaries shall not declare or pay anydividends or make any capital distributions without the prior writtenapproval of the Deputy Regional Director or designee.4.Within 60 days from the date of this Order, the board of directorsshall evaluate, enhance, and improve, where appropriate, specificwritten loan policies and procedures ("underwriting standards"),setting standards for all lending and investment in commercial loans,commercial real estate loans, land acquisition, development andconstruction loans, letters of credit, lines of credit, residentialreal estate, consumer loans, and any other type of loans to be offeredby the institution.The standards shall contain specific guidelinesfor loans to affiliated persons and other related entities, takinginto consideration the limitations and prohibitions set forth inthe Federal Reserve Act, §22(h), 12 U.S.C.A.§375(b) (West 1989), andall other applicable laws, and regulations.Moreover, weaknessesnoted as a result of the most recent OTS and FDIC reports ofexamination regarding EPB's lending policy, including but not limitedto the following, shall be addressed and corrected in the enhancedunderwriting standards:

Lack of guidelines for unsecured lending;Lack of guidelines for establishing interest rates andrepayment terms and/or source of repayment for secured andunsecured loans;Failure to adhere to policies assuring loans-to-one-borrowerlimitations are complied with;Failure to establish procedures to verify compliance withexisting standards;Failure to appropriately define the responsibilities of theboard of directors in overseeing the credit approval process;Failure to document loan-to-value ratios for secured loans;Lack of documentation requirements for each type of loan;Lack of guidelines for obtaining and reviewing real estateappraisals, as well as for determining when reappraisals areneeded ;Lack of guidelines for maintenance and review of complete andcurrent credit files for each borrower;Failure to document appropriate and adequate collectionprocedures, including, but not limited to, actions to be takenagainst borrowers who fail to make timely payments;Failure to establish limitations on the maximum dollar amountof each loan type in relation to total assets (i.e.,limitations on the portfolio's mix);Lack of description of Charter Oak's normal lending area andcircumstances under which credit may be extended outside sucharea; andLack of procedures to ensure that loan disbursals are utilized

for their intended use.Such underwriting standards shall be submitted within 60 days fromthe date of this Order in a form satisfactory to the Deputy RegionalDirector or designee and shall be reviewed and approved by the boardof directors on at least an annual basis.5.Prior to Charter Oak and its subsidiaries granting or committing tomake any loan or set of loans, the institution shall have in itspossession documentary evidence that each and every requirement ofits loan underwriting standards applicable to a particular loan hasbeen complied with in all material respects.As appropriate for thetype of loan proposed to be made, such documentary evidence shallinclude but not be limited to:a.A written application signed by the borrowers and guarantorsstating the purpose of the loan;b.Financial statements of borrowers and guarantors certified by suchborrowers or guarantors as true and correct.(Financialstatements of prospective borrowers and guarantors for loans inexcess of 250,000 shall be prepared in accordance with guidelinespublished by the American Institute of Certified PublicAccountants);c.Current credit reports for all borrowers and/or guarantorstogether with a written report signed by the responsible employeeevaluating any outstanding negative items contained in any suchreport;d.A document, signed by the officer or employee responsible,evidencing that material items in the borrower/guarantor financialstatements have been verified and analyzed to insure that the

borrower/guarantor has sufficient assets and cash flow to retirethe loan under the terms of the note and/or guarantee;e.A n appraisal report performed for Charter Oak or its agent p-to the approval of a loan and/or disbursement of funds whichsatisfies the requirements of 12 C.F.R.5563.171 (1990) for loanssecured or partially secured by real estate;f.In the case of a loan secured by property or an instrument otherthan real estate, an appropriate statement of value of thesecurity property or assessment of collectibility of saidinstrument prepared by a qualified person, a verification of thelien status of the security property current through the date ofloan closing, and where appropriate, documents evidencingverification of the existence of the proposed security property orinstrument and that it is owned and/or title is in the name of theproposed borrower or will be as of the date of loan closing;g.Documentary evidence that the borrower has invested cash oranother form of equity, as appropriate, in the security propertyas may be required by the underwriting standards;h.Written cost estimates and breakdowns, where appropriate for thetype of loan required by the underwriting standards, prepared by aqualified engineer, architect or other person qualified to preparesuch an estimate;i.Written market or feasibility studies, where appropriate to theproposed loan required by the loan underwriting standards,prepared by a qualified professional, and which demonstrate thatthe project securing the loan can be sold in a period of time andat a sufficient price to provide for repayment of the loan

according to its terms and conditions; andj.Approval of the disbursement of funds by the majority of the boardof directors and minutes of the board of directors reflecting thatthe board has reviewed the loan file for the presence ofdocumentary evidence required by 4 through 6, herein and theunderwriting standards applicable to the decision to grant theloan or enter into the transaction.6.Notwithstanding the documentation requirements set forth herein,Charter Oak and its subsidiaries acknowledge that they are to complywith the loan documentation requirements specified in 12 C.F.R.§563.170(c) (1990), as presently constituted or hereafter amended by the OTS, for each loan which is considered or granted by Charter Oakand its subsidiaries during the term of this Order.Moreover, CharterOak and its subsidiaries, without the prior approval of the DeputyRegional Director or designee, shall not fund, commit to fund,purchase, or commit to purchase, directly or indirectly, anycommercial loan exceeding 100,000 in the aggregate to one borrower orconsumer loan exceeding 50,000 in the aggregate to one borrower.Inaddition, at any time Charter Oak is not in compliance with anyapplicable capital standard, it shall not make any loans orinvestments except as provided by Regulatory Bulletin 3a-1.7.Beginning on the date Charter Oak executes this Order and continuinguntil such time as Charter Oak has revised, and the Deputy RegionalDirector or designee has approved, written loan underwritingstandards, Charter Oak will comply with paragraphs 4 through 6, aboveas if such items were a part of the underwriting standards.8.Charter Oak shall immediately establish in its financial reports

specific and general valuation allowances equal to or greater thanthose set forth in the May 29, 1990 OTS Report of Examination.Within60 days from the date of this Order, the board of directors shallsubmit to the Deputy Regional Director or designee an analysis of allclassified assets with balances 500,000, or greater, which includes aplan as to how each asset will be monitored and collected by CharterOak.In addition, the board of directors shall submit quarterlyreports to the Deputy Regional Director or designee advising of thestatus of the above monitoring and collection efforts for classifiedassets with balances equal to or exceeding 500,000.9.Within 60 days of the date of this Order, Charter Oak shall submit adetailed business plan acceptable to the Deputy Regional Director ordesignee.The plan must contain comprehensive narrative discussionsof each significant activity and strategy to be used by Charter Oakand must, at minimum, provide for the following:a.Correction of deficiencies in those assets classified orcriticized and reduction of classified assets to an acceptablelevel ;b.Policy regarding an acceptable level of credit concentration;c.Establishment and maintenance of general valuation allowanceswhich are commensurate with the volume, quality, and risk of theinstitution's assets, to be reviewed for adequacy by the board ofdirectors on at least a quarterly basis;d.Reduction of loans outstanding to Dayton Partners LimitedPartnership and related persons as defined in 12 C.F.R. part 32,(19901, which is applicable to savings associations, pursuant tothe Loans-To-One-Borrower Limitations, 55 Fed, Reg. 28, 144

(1990), t o within Charter Oak's l e g a l lending l i m i t ;Correction of the violations of law and/or regulation discussed a tthe September 11, 1990 FDIC examination e x i t conference with theboard of d i r e c t o r s and implementation of procedures t o assuref u t u r e compliance; andDetailed s t r a t e g i e s designed t o improve earnings, n e t i n t e e s tmargin, n e t operating margin, and l i q u i d i t y , within acceptabler i s k parameters.Detailed a u a r t e r l v schedules showing a c t u a l and planned a s s e t andl i a b i l i t y mixes, y i e l d and cost data, and c a p i t a l positions must besupplied.Projected operating r e s u l t s bv auarter f o r a three-yearperiod f o r Charter Oak and i t s subsidiaries must a l s o be submitted.On a a u a r t e r l v b a s i s , Charter Oak's board s h a l l compare a c t u a loperating r e s u l t s t o projected amounts and provide d e t a i l e d w r i t t e nvariance analyses t o the Deputy Regional Director within 45 days ofthe c l o s e of each quarter.Charter Oak s h a l l not implement changes t o the operating plans ands t r a t e g i e s outlined i n the required plan without the p r i o r w r i t t e napproval of the Deputy Regional Director o r designee.The board of d i r e c t o r s s h a l l meet on a regular (not l e s s frequentlythan one time i n each calendar month) b a s i s t o review the p r i o rmonth's operations, consider loan applications a s required, considerthe need f o r policy changes, evaluate management's compliance withe x i s t i n g board p o l i c i e s and procedures, and take other actions normalfor an e f f e c t i v e , a c t i v e , and independent board of d i r e c t o r s .Suchactions must a l s o include a review of the q u a l i t y and c r e d i t r i s kassociated with the various types of loans originated, with p a r t i c u l a r

emphasis towards the extensions of credit resulting from theoperations of EPB.Minutes of board and committee meetings shallfully document all significant deliberations, actions and decisions.The board of directors will submit a draft of such minutes to theDeputy Regional Director or designee within one week from the date ofeach such meeting.11.Within 60 days of the date of this Order, the board of directors shalldevelop a written policy which addresses the minimum activities andduties which the board believes constitutes adequate fulfillment of adirector's fiduciary responsibilities.Such policy shall be in a formacceptable to the Deputy Regional Director or designee.Directors whodo not meet the requirements of this policy shall be required toresign.12.Charter Oak shall divest of the two unauthorized real estateinvestments (i.e., 51.28 and 43.7 acre parcels, respectively) by June30, 1991, unless such date is extended in writing by the DeputyRegional Director based on a failure of Charter Oak's best efforts toaccomplish the required divestiture.The OTS shall not take additional supervisory action against the institutionon matters specifically covered by this Order.However, this Order does notpreclude the OTS from pursuing enforcement actions, such as removal andprohibition or civil money penalties, against any individuals.All technicalwords or terms used in this Order, for which meanings are not specified orotherwise provided by the provisions of this Order, shall, insofar asapplicable, have meanings as defined in Chapter V of Title 12 of the Code ofFederal Regulations ("CFRn) , Home Owners Loan Act of 1933 ("HOIA"), or FDIA,and any such technical words or terms used in this Order, and undefined by the


WHEREAS, Charter Oak, in the Stipulation, has consented and agreed to the issuance of this Order to Cease and Desist ("Ordern) pursuant to the Federal Deposit Insurance Act ("FDIA"), §8(b), 12 U.S.C.A. §1818(b) (West 1989). NOW THEREFORE, IT IS ORDERED that Charter Oak and its directors, officers,

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