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Checklist for study abroadAre you considering studying abroad? Use this checklist to plan yourstudies. When you have completed a step, check it off and continue tothe next step. When all the boxes have been checked, you are ready tobegin your study abroad adventure.Points to check offSet a goal for your studies abroadFind and choose a school abroadApply to a school abroadCalculate the costs for your studiesApply for scholarships and fundingBook student housingApply for a student visaBook the trip to your destinationGet student insurancePack for your studies abroad More informationPage681012121414141414PageWhat can you study abroad?4Common questions about studying abroad16Get the most out of your studies abroad182

Welcome to the study abroad handbookYou are now reading our study abroad handbook filled with adviceabout studying abroad. We look at the process step by step and giveyou information and resources for further reading.The handbook was created by We give youfree information about studying abroad, regardless of where in theworld you want to study. If you want to arrange your studies on yourown, you can find a school in our school database, ask questions in ourFAQ, and read a lot of guides and articles on how to study abroad. Inthis handbook we will also list some recommended schools. If you wantmore help, we have partners who can help you to find a suitable schooland apply to many colleges, universities and language schools all overthe world. Fill out our information request form to get help.3

What can I study abroad?Language courses, 2-80 weeksLanguage courses at private language schools are a very flexible study abroad option. Many languageschools have start dates several times per month. You decide howmany weeks you want to study fromone week up to 80 weeks. There isno better way to learn a languagethan to study it in a country where itis spoken. You can take a short language course during your summerholiday or a longer course after youhave graduated from high school.High school yearIf you want to study abroad for alonger period of time before youhave graduated from high school,you can take a high school year abroad. Live with a host family or ina boarding school for one year andstudy with local students.Study Abroad, 1-2 semestersTaking one or two study abroadsemesters at a foreign universityis a great way to get study abroadexperience without taking a fulldegree abroad. As a study abroadstudent, you usually take four tofive courses of your choice each semester. You can go as an exchangestudent from your home universityor arrange the study abroad se4mesters on your own directly witha college or university abroad.Vocational programs, 4-70 weeksShort practical courses with a vocational focus. Take a one-year diploma course or a short intensive bootcamp course in subjects like IT.Degree programs abroadYou can study any subject at colleges and universities abroad. Fora longer program abroad we recommend degree courses. You cantake a university degree in one tofour years. Choose between:Associate Degree, 2 yearsTake an Associate Degree at an American Community College where it iseasy to get accepted, and the tuitionfee is much lower than at U.S. universities. With an Associate Degree youcan transfer directly to year three ona university Bachelor program.Bachelor’s Degrees, 3-4 yearsAll universities offer Bachelor’sDegrees. This is the most commonuniversity degree.Master’s Degree, 1-2 yearsIf you already have a Bachelor’sDegree, then a Master is the nextdegree you can take. An international Master’s Degree can make astrong impression in your CV.

read moreLanguage Schools lCommunity Colleges & Associate Degrees in the geStudy Abroad dBachelor’s eesMaster’s ad5

Why study abroad?There are many reasons to study it is important that you take someabroad. Here we list some of the time to figure out your reasonsmain benefits:for studying abroad before youapply to a school. Don’t study ab6 reasons to study abroadroad just because it is something1. Become more attractive on the that your friend wants to do orjob market. Research shows that if something that your parents thinkyou have study abroad experience, you should do. If you study abroit will be easier to find a, do it for your own reasons and2. Take a subject you can’t study in make sure that you know whatyour home country. If you are from a those reasons are.small country, your choice of schoolsand educational programs may be What do you want to achieve?limited and it can be very challen- To be able to plan and completeging to get accepted to popular pro- your studies abroad successgrams. If you don’t get accepted in fully you need to know what youyour home country, you can apply to want to achieve. Knowing whatyour dream program abroad instead. you want to achieve will help youchoose the right location, school,3. International understanding andprogram, and accommodation.experience.Is your primary goal to improve4. Personal development. Accele- your CV? Have fun? Or somethingrate your personal growth and be- else? Your goals will influencecome more independent.which school and destination you5. Learn a language. There is no choose, how much you are willingbetter way to learn a language than to spend on tuition fees, and howto study it in the country where it hard you are willing to study. Sois spoken.take some time to figure out what6. Have fun! Who does not like to you want to and discover the world?Write down your goalsWhy do YOU want to study abroad? On the next page you can writeAs you can see, there are many re- down what you want to achieveasons to study abroad. However, with your studies abroad.6

Seattle Colleges, USStudy Abroad-semesters, High School Completion,Associate Degrees and Bachelor ralwrite down your goalsWhy do you want to study abroad? What is your goal?What subject do you want to study?Where do you want to study?7

Find and choose a school abroadStart with your goalsWhen you are looking for a schoolabroad, you should start with yourgoals. What is most important foryou? The place of study or the program you want to study? Example:Oscar has always dreamed of living and studying in Paris. He hasnot given much thought on whathe wants to study there; the important thing is to experience life inParis. In his case, we would recommend studying French at a language school. Speaking French is thebest way to get to know the Frenchculture and enjoy life, in Franceand language courses are usuallyless demanding than universitystudies, so he will have plenty oftime to explore the city.Emma is also attracted by Paris, buther main goal is to become a shoedesigner. She should, therefore,start by searching widely for schoolswith an expertise in shoe design andlook at what they cost, what reputation they have, and how hard it isto get accepted. If she is lucky shemay find the perfect school in Paris, but it is quite possible that shewill find a better school somewhereelse. Then she might have to give upon Paris in favor of getting the education she desires.8Where do I find schools abroad?Nowadays it is easiest to findschools online. The internationalschool database at can be a good startingpoint. Here you will find thousandsof schools from all over the world.How to choose a school abroadWhen you have found somesuitable schools, it is time to takea closer look at them to find outwhich school is best for you. Read more about their courses. Which school has themost attractive programs? What is their admission requirements and applicationdeadline? You can rule out allschools whose deadline haspassed or schools whose requirements you cannot meet. What is the school’s tuitionfees? Do they offer any scholarships? Is an expensiveschool worth the extra cost?Can you afford to study there? What does their campus looklike? Do they have a good location? Do they offer studenthousing? What is the school’s reputation and ranking? What do former students say about them?

read moreSearch among thousands of schools in our steps to choose a school ol-abroad6 reasons to study -to-study-abroadFill in our information request to get

apply to a school abroadWhen you have found some schoolsyou like, it is time to apply. Here issome help to get you started.When should I apply?The basic rule is the sooner, thebetter. If you apply early, you havea greater chance of arranging everything on time, and you will beable to apply for another schoolif you are not accepted. An earlyapplication also improves yourchances of getting a scholarship.High-ranking universities canhave an application deadline asearly as one year before the program starts. Ordinary universitiesoften have deadlines approximately six months before the coursestarts while smaller colleges andlow-ranking universities usuallytake applications up to a month ortwo before the semester starts.How many schools should I apply to?It is better to make one good application than many bad ones. Often you can get a reply within amonth, so if you apply early, you stillhave the chance to apply for moreschools if you don’t get accepted.Many schools charge applicationfees for international students sothat is another reason not to applyto so many schools.10What documents do I need to toapply to a university abroad?What you should submit with yourapplication differs from school toschool. You will find this information under Admission Requirements (or a similar headline) on theschool’s website. Here are some ofthe most common documents thatyou need to submit when you applyto a university abroad: The school’s application form.Read it carefully and fill out allthe required fields. Your grades from high school andcollege translated into English. A copy of your passport so thatthe school can issue a visa letter. Proof that you meet the school’slanguage requirements, e.g. TOEFLor IELTS for programs in English. Standardized tests like SAT forundergraduate level and GMATor GRE for Master programs. A financial statement to showthat you can pay for your studies and living expenses. Many universities will also askyou to submit references andmotivation letters to prove thatyou are a suitable student. Payextra attention to these if youdon’t have great grades.

University of Debrecen, HungaryStudy medicine and many other subjects in Englishwith low living costs in d moreHow to apply to a university iversities-abroadGet into the best universities in the universitiesFill out an info request to get help to apply to all universities in theUK and Australia, and many schools in the US, EU, and East

how to finance your studies abroadCalculate your costsMost study abroad programs comewith a tuition fee. On top of that,you will need money for accommodation, traveling, insurance,course material, food, and leisure.Do you have enough money tofund your studies abroad?Calculate your costs to make sureyou can afford the program thatyou are interested in. You do this bysummarizing all the expected expenses that we listed above. Manyschools also have estimates forhow much money a student needsto study there. This amount is usually mandatory in order to get a student visa. If you don’t have enough,you will either need to change yourplans or find a way to get more money. Here we look at different waysto finance your studies.possibility is to get student loansfrom the country where you willstudy. Ask your school for more information about this.ScholarshipsAnother way to get funding foryour studies abroad is to apply forscholarships. They are quite common in countries like the US wheretuition fees are high. The schoolwhere you will study is the mostlikely scholarship giver, especiallyif you study at a big university. Students who maintain good gradescan often get a scholarship thatreduces their tuition costs by 1020%. Some schools also providefinancial aid for poor students. However, it is very rare to get a fullscholarship on undergraduate level (unless you are a sports star orsomething similar). ScholarshipsGovernment grants and loanscan be a help, but they will not coSome countries, not least the Nord- ver all your costs. Read more in ouric countries, give students grants scholarship guide.and loans for higher education. You DreamStudies’ scholarshipcan apply for this when you study DreamStudies offers a scholarship ofat recognized schools abroad, and 1000 Euro that we hand out to oneif the program you are taking is not student per year. The scholarship cantoo expensive, you might be able be used for studies at selected colto cover all your costs with the go- lege, universities or language schoolvernment grants and loans.outside of your home country. TheIf your home country doesn’t of- application deadline is December 15.fer student aid programs, another12

Waseda BK Japanese Language CoursesStudy Japanese in Tokyo with a 50% scholarship!Save 3350 on long term moreScholarship -for-studying-abroadApply for DreamStudies’ tudies-scholarshipScholarship and discounts from our partner

preparing for your studies abroadThere is a lot to prepare when youstudy abroad, but if you follow ourchecklist on page 2, you don’t haveto miss anything.Book student housingInternational students usuallystay in dorm rooms, shared apartments, or with a host family. Booking your accommodation throughthe school is usually the most convenient solution. However, if youare on a tight budget, you mightfind cheaper options off campus.We can help you with student housing in Japan, the US, UK, France,Spain, Germany and Korea. Readmore in our article about studenthousing.Apply for a student visaYou usually need a student visawhen you study abroad. The onlyexception is EU-students studyingin another EU-country and shortlanguage courses that you often can take on a tourist visa. Somake sure to check the visa requirements and apply on time. Stepone is to apply to a school abroad.Once you get accepted, they willsend you a document that you needto proceed with your visa application. Read more in our visa guides.14The trip to your place of studyCheck when you can arrive before you book your tickets. Someschools require you to come andsign up for your classes a couple ofweeks before the semester starts,and campus housing often has fixed moving in dates. On the otherhand, your student visa will alsorestrict how early you can arrive.Get study abroad insuranceDon’t forget to get study abroadinsurance! It is easy to forget, butthe insurance can be a lifesaver ifsomething happens. A good insurance policy does not only covertheft and health care but also other costly things such as legal assistance, liability, and sick transport.Many schools demand that youshow proof of insurance on thefirst day at school. On our websiteyou can find more information andlinks to recommended insurancecompanies.Pack for your studies abroadDon’t forget your passport, visa,tickets, acceptance letter, addresses, chargers, adapters, money,credit card, medicines, etc. See ourpacking list for more information.

Foothill and De Anza CollegesStudy at Community College in Silicon Valley. Over100 programs at favorable anzaread moreStudy abroad tudent visas to study housing when studying sing-abroadPacking list for studying t15

questions about studying abroadCan I work when I study abroad?Whether you are able to work ornot when you study abroad depends on where you study andwhat kind of visa you have. Manycountries (for example, Australiaand Japan) allow you to work parttime on a student visa, but othercountries are more strict so makesure to check the regulations forthe country where you will study. Inthe U.S., for example, you are onlyallowed to work on campus fromyour second semester. It can be difficult to find a job if you don’t studyat a university with a large campus.While working in your country ofstudy can give you more money forliving costs, it can never be taken forgranted. In some places, it is hardto find a job, especially if you don’tspeak the native language well, andto get a student visa you will needto show that you have sufficientfunding at the time of applying.Can I study abroad for free?If you are an EU citizen, you canstudy tuition-free in some countries in northern Europe. Public universities in Germany and Franceusually only cost a couple of hundred Euros, regardless of your nationality. However, most programs16are taught in the native language,and if you don’t speak it, the mainchallenge will be to find the program that you are interested intaught in English, especially onundergraduate level. On Masterlevel, there are usually more options available in English. Privatecolleges have more programs inEnglish, but they always chargetuition fees.Even if you attend a programwith no fees, or very low tuitionfees you will still need money tosupport all your other costs forstudying abroad. Read more in ourarticle ”Study Abroad for Free”.Can you help me to study abroad?At, wegive you a lot of free informationabout studying abroad, includingarticles, a school database, an FAQsection, etc. We are not a bookingagency, but if you need help tofind and apply to a suitable school,you can fill in our information request form. Then we will put youin touch with suitable schools orpartners who can help you. Pleasenote that you will need to have thefunding to pay for your course. Wecannot help you to finance yourstudies abroad.

SRH University of Applied Science, GermanyStudy in English at SRH University in Berlin,Hamburg, and Dresden in ead moreChecklist to study or-studying-abroadAsk a question in our request to get

MAXIMIZE YOUR STUDY ABROAD EXPERIENCEReality never matches the dreamOne thing is for sure when youstudy abroad: Your experience willdiffer from what you envisionedbefore you left home. It doesn’tmean that it will be bad, but it willbe different. There are some dullroutine days even when you studyabroad, and in the beginning, youmight feel a bit lonely. However,when your classes start you willmeet a lot of new people. Moststudents enjoy their studies abroad more the longer they speaking French, right? Thenyou need to make an effort andstudy in your spare time. You willstill have plenty of time to havefun, and you will feel a lot betterif you take your studies seriously.Make the most of your studiesStudying is a central part of yourstudies abroad. Try and learn asmuch as possible. If you are takinga language course in France, youwant to come home and be goodture business partner.Remember your goals and planRemember your goals when youare abroad and think about howyou are going to achieve them. Without a plan there is a risk that timepasses, and before you know it, itwill be time to go home again. Thenit will be too late to do everythingKeep busy to avoid homesickness that you wanted to do, so start worDon’t spend too much time alone king towards your goals right your room, chatting with friends For many people studying abroad isand family at home. That’s an easy a once in a lifetime opportunity!way to get homesick. Go out, ex- Network and make friends for lifeplore your new city and country. Be Most people are looking for newactive and sign up for activities or- friends when they study abroad.ganized by the school or join those Try to get to know people; it willplanned by your friends. Say yes! pay off and give you a better unYou will return home eventually, but derstanding of other cultures. Youyou can only experience your study might find friends for life, meetabroad period right here and now! your significant other, or find a fu-18Have fun!Studying abroad is an amazing opportunity to see the world and grow as aperson. Make the most of your timeabroad and don’t forget to have fun!

thanks to our featured schoolsWho has helped make this handbook possible:American College of Thessaloniki, GreeceTake a degree in business, psychology, IT, biology,International Relations, English lla International University CentreStudy Psychology, International Relations, PR orBusiness at the Spanish Sun School of Political & Social SciencesStudy International Relations or Political Sciencein English in Lille,

Application support UK & IrelandOur partner can help you apply to ALL universities in the United Kingdom & directApplication support AustraliaOur partner can help you apply to all collegesand universities in the in Samu Language School, JapanStudy japanese in Shinjuku, Tokyo and get help tofind a job in Unity College, GreeceStudy business, psychology, IT, tourism, education,law, politics etc in English in nsPeninsula College, USAStudy at a Community College by the Pacific Oceanin Washington State, in northwestern geGoAcadamey! GermanyStudy at a popular German Language School inDüsseldorf at the heart of

study with local students. Study Abroad, 1-2 semesters Taking one or two study abroad semesters at a foreign university is a great way to get study abroad experience without taking a full degree abroad. As a study abroad student, you usually take four to five courses of your choice each se-mester. You can go as an exchange

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STUDY ABROAD STATISTICS 100% greater improvement in GPA post study abroad 97% of study abroad students found a job within 12 months of graduation vs. 47% of college graduates found employment in the same period 25% higher salaries: that's how much more study abroad students earn than those college graduates who did not study abroad.

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