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A Fast Track toFinancial Expertise

Opportunities exist for people whohave the skills needed to understandtoday’s financial environment.The USC Marshall School ofBusiness stands at the forefront ofcreating and delivering programsthat educate tomorrow’s globalbusiness leaders, creating knowledgeof management and the businessenvironment, and addressing criticalproblems facing business and society,both locally and across the world.“We are pleased to offer a Masterof Science in Finance for studentswho thirst to acquire criticalbusiness skills and a comprehensiveunderstanding of finance. Thisaccelerated graduate program willbetter position them in a highlycompetitive economy.”— James G. EllisDean of the Marshall School of Business

Custom curriculum. Sophisticatedcompetencies. Acceleratedfulfillment. USC Marshall’s Masterof Science in Finance degree program,offered by the Finance and BusinessEconomics department, allows youto complete an advanced degree in 12months. The three-semester (Summer,Fall and Spring) accelerated trackmakes you more marketable for afinance career. The principal objectiveof the Master of Science in Finance isto give you the knowledge and skillsneeded to excel in finance.Opportunities exist for people whounderstand today’s financial conditions.Financial innovators know that aknowledge base in the fundamentalsmust be combined with experiencein applications, the ability to perceiveconstraints and a firm grasp offorecasting changing situations.The USC Marshall School of Businessis ideally positioned to address thechallenges of a rapidly evolvingbusiness environment.How does USC Marshall’sMSF Program rank?The 2015 Financial Engineer ProgramRankings examine programs in severalfinance related fields. The USC MarshallMaster of Science in Finance Programwas ranked 6th in the country out of 94programs, making it the only Top Tenprogram on the Pacific Rim, according tothis survey.

USC MarshallMaster of Science in FinanceThe ScheduleThe Master of Science in Finance allows students to earn agraduate degree over three terms, beginning coursework inthe summer and finishing the following May. The program’saccelerated nature is a cost-effective option for people consideringa graduate degree.The primary objective of the Master of Science in Finance is toprovide individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge tomake an immediate impact as analysts within the various realmsof finance and thus advance their careers. The program is opento both business and non-business undergraduates and equipsthem with tools, ideas and frameworks to excel in early-stagefinance jobs.The CurriculumDesigned to offer a comprehensive foundation in finance andflexibility to pursue individual interests, the curriculum includes36 units (nine required and three elective courses). Core coursesin accounting, economics, finance and statistics are supplementedwith courses on the role of finance in corporations, investmentanalysis and portfolio theory, and forecasting and risk. Studentscan personalize their degrees with elective courses on such topicsas real estate, mergers and acquisitions, and hedge funds. Allcourses will be taught on the University of Southern Californiacampus by the Marshall School of Business’ award-winningteachers, scholars and practitioners.The Students (MMFA)The Master of Science in Finance students have access to adynamic learning community that provides them with the toolsthey need to become more professionally marketable in anaccelerated, cost-effective and flexible program.The student-run Marshall Masters in Finance Association(MMFA) fosters community, professional development, careerexploration and networking through corporate and alumnioutreach, in addition to providing an avenue through whichstudents can engage in extracurricular enrichment. “The diversity of experience is probably the biggest strengthof the program.”— Uka Amah, MSF Class of 2015 “The wide variety of electives helped me specialize in myown particular interest, and ultimately that helped medevelop a well-rounded perspective on not only what financeis but also a particular aspect of it.”— Kimberly Su, MSF Class of 2015 “I absolutely love the faculty in the program. They are veryexperienced teachers, very encouraging and always availableto answer questions, and they are very resourceful when itcomes to helping students find their dream job.”— Sanam Aghnami, MSF Class of 2015 “The things that you take from the program are the abilityto solve very, very difficult problems and to work with otherpeople, like you’re going to be doing in your career.”— Patrick Lataitis, MSF Class of 2015

The NetworkThe Master of Science in Finance program connectsstudents to a global network that yields career-longbenefits: the Trojan Family, with more than 374,000members worldwide.LEARN MORE AND APPLY ONLINE:www.marshall.usc.edu/msfApplyThe Master of Science in Finance degree acceptsapplications from graduating seniors of baccalaureateprograms, as well as applicants who have alreadyattained their bachelor’s degree or master’s degree. Inits third year, the program is both sought-after andselective.Learn More and Apply OnlineUSC Marshall School of BusinessMaster of Science in FinanceE-mail: -2016 Class Profile:Mean Age:23Mean Work Experience: 11 monthsGender:60% Men40% WomenCitizenship:70% U.S.30% InternationalMedian GPA:3.6Median GMAT:700Undergraduate Majors: 48% Business &Commerce28% Math & Science15% Social Science,Humanities & Art9% EngineeringMore marketable:This program prepares students with theknowledge and skills needed to excel in financeand to understand the challenges of a rapidlyevolving business environment.Accelerated program:Students can finish the program in three terms,beginning coursework in the summer andfinishing the following May.Cost-effective:The accelerated nature of the program makes ita cost-effective option for those considering agraduate degree.Flexible curriculum:Students can personalize their degrees withelective courses on such topics as real estate,mergers and acquisitions, venture capital andprivate equity, or entrepreneurial finance.World-class faculty:All courses are taught on the USC campusby Marshall School faculty—award-winningteachers, scholars and practitioners.

SampleProgramSUMMER TERMUNITS3333FALL SEMESTERUNITS3333SPRING SEMESTERUNITS336GSBA 510GSBA 511FBE 506GSBA 548Accounting Concepts and Financial ReportingManagerial EconomicsQuantitative Methods in FinanceCorporate FinanceFBE 531Corporate Financial Policy and Corporate GovernanceFBE 543Forecasting and Risk AnalysisFBE 555Investment Analysis and Portfolio ManagementElective Courses: Choose one from the list below.FBE 524Money and Capital MarketsFBE 529Financial Analysis and ValuationElective Courses: Choose two from the list below.TOTAL UNITS:ELECTIVE COURSES:FBE 523FBE 527FBE 532FBE 533FBE 535FBE 540FBE 554FBE 557FBE 558FBE 559FBE 560FBE 562FBE 563FBE 565FBE 571FBE 589FBE 591Venture Capital and Private EquityEntrepreneurial Finance: Financial Management for Developing FirmsCorporate Financial StrategyCEO Pay, Incentives, and Corporate GovernanceApplied Finance in Fixed Income SecuritiesHedge FundsTrading and ExchangesBusiness Law and EthicsLegal Environment of Business and Corporate GovernanceManagement of Financial RiskMergers and AcquisitionsCurrent Issues in International FinanceTheory of International TradeEconomics of Urban Land Use: Feasibility StudiesIntroduction to Financial Analysis: Practicum for CFAMortgages and Mortgage-Backed Securities and MarketsReal Estate Finance and InvestmentUSC Marshall School of BusinessMaster of Science in FinanceE-mail: msfin@marshall.usc.eduwww.marshall.usc.edu/msf36

USC Marshall's Master of Science in Finance degree program, offered by the Finance and Business Economics department, allows you to complete an advanced degree in 12 months. The three-semester (Summer, Fall and Spring) accelerated track makes you more marketable for a finance career. The principal objective of the Master of Science in Finance is

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