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ISSUE OF RFP DOCUMENT TO PROSPECTIVE BIDDERSTENDER FOR REDESIGN OF IEK WEBSITE & MEMBERSHIP MANAGEMENTSYSTEMThis form serves as an acknowledgement of receipt of the tender and participation.This page is to be completed immediately on downloading/receiving the document anda scan copy e-mailed to iek@iekenya.orgFirms that do not register their interest immediately in this manner may not be sent theRFP addenda should any arise.ItemSupplier DetailsName of PersonOrganization NamePostal AddressTel No.Fax No.Email Address (this e-mailaddress should be clearly writtenas communication with biddersshall be through e-mail)Signature:Date:Company StampConfidential- IEK – RE DESIGN OFIEK WEBSITE & MEMBERSHIP MANAGEMENT SYSTEMPage 2 of 24

Table of ContentsREQUEST FOR PROPOSAL FOR REDESIGN OF IEK WEBSITE & MEMBERSHIPMANAGEMENT SYSTEM . 1DEFINITIONS . 41. SECTION 1 – REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS . 51.1. Introduction . 51.2. Vision . 51.3. Mission . 51.4. What we do . 51.5. Aims and Objectives of the tender . 62 SCOPE OF WORK . 112.2 OVERALL RESPONSIBILITY . 142.3 PRICING . 142.4 DELIVERY . 142.5DELAYED DELIVERY AND INSTALLATION CAUSED BY THE SUPPLIER . 142.6 PAYMENT TERMS . 152.7 STAFFING . 152.8 RESPONSIBILITY AS AN INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR . 152.9 BUYERS RIGHTS . 15SECTION 3 - GENERAL CONDITIONS OF CONTRACT . 153.1 Introduction . 153.2 Award of Contract . 153.3 Application of General Conditions of Contract . 163.4 Bid Validity Period . 163.5 Performance Security . 163.6 Delays in the Bidder’s Performance . 163.7 Liquidated damages for delay. 173.8 Governing Language . 173.9 Applicable Law . 173.10 Bidder’s Obligations. 173.11 The ’s Obligations . 173.12 Confidentiality . 183.13 Force Majeure. 18SECTION 4 – ANNEXURES . 18ANNEX 1 – REFERENCES . 184.0 TRADE REFERENCES . 20ANNEX 2 – CERTIFICATE OF COMPLIANCE . 24Confidential- IEK – RE DESIGN OFIEK WEBSITE & MEMBERSHIP MANAGEMENT SYSTEMPage 3 of 24

DEFINITIONSFor purposes of this document, the following definitions shall apply:TheIEKBidThe Quotation or Response to this RFP submitted by prospectiveSuppliers for fulfilment of the Contract.SupplierThe Company awarded the task of supplying all the itemsdescribed in this document installing and commissioning them.ContractSupply, installation and commissioning of all the works, equipmentand/or services that are described in this document, which willcontribute towards meeting the objective of the RFPWarrantyPeriod from the time installation and testing is completed, duringwhich the Contractor undertakes to replace/rectify equipmentand/or installation failures at no cost to theConfidential- IEK – RE DESIGN OFIEK WEBSITE & MEMBERSHIP MANAGEMENT SYSTEMPage 4 of 24

1. SECTION 1 – REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS1.1.IntroductionThe Institution of Engineers of Kenya (IEK) is the learned society of the engineeringprofession and co-operates with national and other international institutions indeveloping and applying engineering to the benefit of humanity. IEK was registered asa professional/learned and independent body in 1972 and represents the diverseinterests of all branches of engineering. The institution promotes the application ofengineering to technical and other related practices as well as facilitate the exchange ofinformation and ideas on technical and other related matters.1.2.VisionThe IEK. Council is committed to ensuring the continued improvement of theperformance in service delivery to members and engineering service to the nation. Byaccomplishing this, the IEK will become a model institution for other professionalinstitutions in the country and beyond. The Vision of the IEK is therefore:"Engineering a sustainable world"1.3.Mission"To promote and develop the engineering profession, best practices for sustaineddevelopment and welfare of Kenyans."1.4.i.What we doInformation to MembersFrom time to time, we receive information from other Institutions around the world aboutConferences and Seminars for our members to participate. We also hold cocktaillectures, industrial visits, training seminars and information is communicated tomembers for them to participate.ii.Web ListingThe IEK has now re-launched the website and members cansubscribe to be listed or have their company profiles included in the Website pages.Details of this can be obtained from the Secretariat.iii.Training SeminarsConfidential- IEK – RE DESIGN OFIEK WEBSITE & MEMBERSHIP MANAGEMENT SYSTEMPage 5 of 24

The Institution holds regular training Seminars for professional development ofmembers and for preparation of candidates for the professional interviews. ProfessionalInterviews are held for Admission of members to the Institution or Registration by theEngineers' Registration Board. Some organizations may not have in place a scheme fortraining of Engineers and such organizations may wish to take full advantage of theseseminars.iv.ArbitrationThe Institution may be called upon to nominate arbitrators in case there are anydisputes in implementation of projects. We have experienced engineers to handlearbitration matters.v.Technical Audit of ProjectsWhere a client is not satisfied with the project progress, the Institution can be calledupon by the Client to evaluate progress, identify problems affecting the project andrecommend remedial measures.Our solid DNA ensures that we have a strong presence in the market and support ourpromise to customers to Go Ahead.1.5.Aims and Objectives of the tenderTo be able to roll out the above functions and to deliver on our mandate, IEK requires,among other things, an effective Membership Management System that is a properinformation hub and where stake-holders can share resources, and provides aninterface for interaction among other features.IEK is therefore seeking the services of qualified and professional consulting firm todevelop a system that will allow members to register, check their membership status,pay for membership, among other features.1.3 Format of RFP Response and Other Information for Bidders1.3.1 The overall summary information regarding the tender is given in section 2 Scope of Work. The bidder shall include in their offer and any additional services oritems considered necessary for the successful completion of the project.1.3.2 Proposals from bidders should be submitted in two distinct parts, namely“Technical proposal” and “Financial proposal” and these should be in twoseparate sealed envelopes, both of which should then be placed in a commonsealed envelope marked:Confidential- IEK – RE DESIGN OFIEK WEBSITE & MEMBERSHIP MANAGEMENT SYSTEMPage 6 of 24

IEK /FEBRUARY 2019/ REDESIGN OF IEK WEBSITE & MEMBERSHIPMANAGEMENT SYSTEMDo not open before Friday, 29th March 2019 at 3.00pm (GMT 3) Nairobi KenyaThe two separate inner envelopes should be clearly marked “Technical Proposal”,and “Financial Proposal”, respectively, and should bear the name of the Bidder.1.3.3The Technical Proposal should contain the following:Bidders, willing to be considered for Provision REDESIGN OF IEK WEBSITE &MEMBERSHIP MANAGEMENT SYSTEM are expected to furnish with among othersthe following vital information, which will be treated in strict confidence. Provide a company profile as per supplier questionnaire in Annex 2. This RFP document duly signed Approval licenses, by the various bodies for compliance, MUST be includedwhere applicable. Audited financial statements of the company submitting the RFP bid, for thelast three years Demonstrate capability and capacity to provide service as per IEKrequirements in section 2.1.Bids that do not have this information may be disqualified from further evaluation1.3.4 The Financial proposal (MUST BE IN A SEPARATE SEALED ENVELOPE )CLEARLY MARKED “ Financial Proposal”) shall clearly indicate the total costof carrying out the solution as follows:a. The Supplier shall provide a firm, fixed price for the Original Contract Period. Allcosts associated with the required system shall be included in the prices. Kindly notethat the cost should include supply, installation and commissioning of the systeminclusive of all freight charges and applicable duties and taxes (VAT and withholdingTax).Provide an itemized list of all items included and summarize your costs as shown in thetable below:Itemi.Requirement DescriptionCost exclusive ofapplicable duties andtaxes*Monthly Retainer fees(AMC)Confidential- IEK – RE DESIGN OFIEK WEBSITE & MEMBERSHIP MANAGEMENT SYSTEMPage 7 of 24Total cost (KES)inclusive of allapplicable dutiesand taxes.

ItemRequirement Descriptionii.Rate card costs that wouldapply for new assetdevelopmentiii.Content related costs (ifthere are any)Cost exclusive ofapplicable duties andtaxesTotal cost (KES)inclusive of allapplicable dutiesand taxes.* The Retainer fee will be paid per Month.* Any other cost that is outside retainer fee will be treated on case-to-casebasis.1.3.5. Soft Copies for each proposal are to be provided in the standard Microsoft Officesuite of Programs or Adobe Reader and delivered together with hard copy of thetender. NOTE that only the information on the Hard copy Bound bid document shallbe considered as the MAIN source document.1.3.6. Bidders are requested to hold their proposals valid for ninety (90) days from theclosing date for the submission. The will make its best efforts to arrive at adecision within this period.1.3.7. Assuming that the Contract will be satisfactorily concluded, the bidders shall beexpected to commence the assignment after the final agreement is reached.1.3.8. The contracting arrangements shall define clearly the responsibilities and theservices to be provided by each firm in the case of a joint venture.1.3.9. The bid documents shall be addressed to the following address and dropped at thetender box on 5th Floor, TOP PLAZA House, Wing B on or before the closing date.The CEOInstitution of Engineers of Kenya (IEK)1st Floor TOP PLAZA HouseP.O. Box 41346-00100Nairobi, KenyaPlease note that tenders received by facsimile or electronic mail will be rejected.1.3.10.The reserves the right to accept or to reject any bid, and to annul thebidding process and reject all bids at any time prior to the award of the contract,without thereby incurring any liability to any Bidder or any obligation to inform theBidder of the grounds for its action.Confidential- IEK – RE DESIGN OFIEK WEBSITE & MEMBERSHIP MANAGEMENT SYSTEMPage 8 of 24

The vendor’s terms and conditions will not form part of any contract with IEK inrelation to this tender.Canvassing is prohibited and will lead to automatic disqualification.1.3.11.Cost of biddingThe Bidder shall bear all costs associated with the preparation and submission of itsbid, and will in no case be responsible or liable for those costs, regardless of theconduct or outcome of the bidding process.1.3.12.i.ii.All correspondence related to the contract shall be made in English.Should there be any doubt or uncertainty, the Bidder shall seek clarification inwriting addressed to the Chief Executive Officer through e-mail to:iek@iekenya.orgAny clarification sought by the bidder in respect of the RFP shall be addressed atleast ten (10) working days before the deadline for submission of bids, in writingto the Head of Procurement through the same mail.It is the responsibility of the Bidder to obtain any further information required tocomplete this RFP.Any clarification requests and their associated response will be circulated to allBidders.The last date for receipt of requests for clarifications from bidders isThursday, 17th April, 2019.The RFI Clarification Template is as #1Clarification of Bidding DocumentCompany Name:Contact Person: (primary Supplier contact)E-mail:Phone:Fax:Document Number/SupplierDateSection/ Paragraph(2)Question23(1) Question (s) mailing Date.(2) From the IEK Document.Confidential- IEK – RE DESIGN OFIEK WEBSITE & MEMBERSHIP MANAGEMENT SYSTEMPage 9 of 24

NB: Send to us your queries in word format i.e. using the table above.The queries and replies thereto shall then be circulated to all other prospective bidders(without divulging the name of the bidder raising the queries) in the form of anaddendum, which shall be acknowledged in writing by the prospective bidders.Enquiries for clarifications should be sent by e-mail to: iek@iekenya.org1.3.13.Amendment of Bidding DocumentAt any time prior to the deadline for submission of bids, the , for any reason, whether atits own initiative or in response to a clarification requested by a prospective Bidder, maymodify the bidding documents by amendment.All prospective Bidders that have received the bidding documents will be notified of theamendment in writing, and it will be binding on them. It is therefore important thatbidders give the correct details in the format given on page 1 at the time ofcollecting/receiving the RFP document.To allow prospective Bidders reasonable time to take any amendments into account inpreparing their bids, the may at its sole discretion extend the deadline for thesubmission of bids based on the nature of the amendments.1.3.14.Deadline for Submission of BidsBids should be addressed to the Chief Executive Officer and sent for receipt on orbefore Friday, 26th April, 2019 at noon. (GMT 3). Any bid received after thisdeadline will be rejected.Those submitting tenders or their representatives may attend the tender opening of dateand time of submission.1.3.15. Responsiveness of ProposalsThe responsiveness of the proposals to the requirements of this RFP will bedetermined. A responsive proposal is deemed to contain all documents or informationspecifically called for in this RFP document. A bid determined not responsive will berejected by the and may not subsequently be made responsive by the Bidder bycorrection of the non-conforming item(s).1.3.16.Bid Evaluation and Comparison of BidsTechnical proposals will be evaluated and will form the basis for bids comparison. Alltender responses will be evaluated in three phases:a.Preliminary evaluation that will determine administrative compliance.b.Detailed technical evaluation to determine technical compliance and supportresponsiveness of the vendorConfidential- IEK – RE DESIGN OFIEK WEBSITE & MEMBERSHIP MANAGEMENT SYSTEMPage 10 of 24

c.Financial evaluation to consider pricing competitiveness and the financialcapability of the vendorsOnce the bids are opened, bid evaluation will commence. In the event that IEK mayneed to visit client site, vendors will be notified in writing. IEK may also make surpriseunannounced visits to the vendors offices to verify any information contained in the biddocument. All visits are at the discretion of IEK . Vendors may also be called upon tomake brief and short presentations and /or demos on their technical solutions before apanel constituted by IEK .2SCOPE OF WORK2.1 Scope2.1.1 Website .xiv.xv.xvi.xvii.xviii.xix.Re-design of the main IEK website, incorporating the recommended additionsand deletions in line with guidelines that will be shared upon contracting.Ensure Search Engine Optimization for the website.The Website should be easy to navigate among pagesThe website should have online forms for application for membershipEnsure user friendly navigation and visualization of content.Utilise a Content Management System (CMS) that is easy for back officemanagement.Make provisions for end-user feedback.Optimise website for browsing on mobile phone platforms.In-build a mechanism for tracking traffic to the website.Interactive, appealing, highly usable and responsive web designAverage site load-time should be reasonableAble to render appropriately on different browsers.Site news/ content blogs:CalendarUpcoming eventsLatest news/Site newsSecured and Authenticated Web AccessUser Registration and AdministrationAdministrators should be able to review user registration/profile details, changeuserRoles/access rights, terminate / close user accounts.Calendar, Events, Reminders, calendar integrationSocial Media IntegrationNote that IEK from time to time will require development of new platforms and these willbe reviewed on a case by case basis.Confidential- IEK – RE DESIGN OFIEK WEBSITE & MEMBERSHIP MANAGEMENT SYSTEMPage 11 of 24

2.1.2 Membership Management System (MMS)This Membership Management System (MMS) should allow IEK members to login, payfor their membership, admin to confirm payments online, and membership checkerImportant FeaturesIEK Members Membership RegistrationEmail Verification for Membership ActivationMember Account Level Access ControlProfile ManagementCalendar ManagementMember Search FunctionsFile Sharing and Collaboration between membersEvent and Content Management (e.g., publishing and delivering textual or audiovisual content)Admin Admin Interface to store, edit, generate reports and statisticsStatistics Analysis and Report GenerationExport CSV FunctionConfirm payments online and check Payment History of membersRecurring BillingNotification of members on their membership renewalUser Confirm if a member is a registered engineer through membership checker.Report any complaints or suggestions.Additional Features: Online Payment SystemData EncryptionAutomated Security ScanningConfidential- IEK – RE DESIGN OFIEK WEBSITE & MEMBERSHIP MANAGEMENT SYSTEMPage 12 of 24

Training of staff Training of staff from IEK on management, maintenance, content uploading,getting analytics, and other functions that may come with this specific website.Sample LayoutsThe shortlisted applicants will be required to make presentations on at least 2 samplelayouts that will suit the needs of the program.TimelinessThe consultant will deliver on all the listed areas by -----------. However, a first draft ofthe website layout with content will need to be presented by -----------.DeliverablesA fully functional system that reflects all the requirements stated above and as will bediscussed and agreed upon by the successful consultant once on board.Contract DurationThe consultant will be required to undertake these works as from -----------------------During this period IEK assures you of its full support and co-operation.ReportingThe consultant will be required to work closely with the IEK team and any otherpersonnel assigned by IEK for the tasks. The timelines will be stipulated at a laterstage.Selection CriteriaA committee of representatives from IEK will be constituted to evaluate yourapplication proposals. The criteria is as follows:Quality of the Technical Proposal- 40%Quality and Experience of Firm- 30%Financial Offer 30%Confidential- IEK – RE DESIGN OFIEK WEBSITE & MEMBERSHIP MANAGEMENT SYSTEMPage 13 of 24

2.2 OVERALL RESPONSIBILITYo The Bidder is obliged to work closely with iek 's staff, act within its own authority, andabide by directives issued by IEK that are consistent with the terms of the Contract.o The Bidder will abide by the job safety measures and will indemnify IEK from alldemands or responsibilities arising from accidents or loss of life, the cause of whichis the Bidder's negligence. The Bidder will pay all indemnities arising from suchincidents and will not hold IEK responsible or obligated.o The Bidder is responsible for managing the activities of its personnel, orsubcontracted personnel, and will hold itself responsible for any misdemeanors.o The Bidder shall appoint an experienced counterpart resource to handle thisrequirement for the duration of the Contract. IEK may also demand a replacementof the manager if it is not satisfied with the manager’s work or for any other reason.o The Bidder shall take the lead role and be jointly responsible with IEK for producinga finalized project plan and schedule, including identification of all major milestonesand specific resources that the is required to provide.o The Bidder will not disclose IEK 's information it has access to, during the course ofthe Consultancy, to any other third parties without the prior written authorization ofthe . This clause shall survive the expiry or earlier termination of the contract2.3 PRICINGCosts (KES inclusive VAT and other applicable taxes where necessary).All taxes and VAT amount must be clearly stipulated and separated from the base costsand should be valid for a minimum of 90 days.2.4 DELIVERYDelivery and performance of the Services shall be made by the successful Bidder inaccordance with the time schedule as per Proposal and subsequent Agreement.2.5DELAYED DELIVERY AND INSTALLATION CAUSED BY THE SUPPLIERIf at any time during the performance of the Contract, the Bidder should encounterconditions impeding timely delivery and performance of the Services, the Bidder shallpromptly notify the in writing of the fact of the delay, its’ likely duration and its’ cause(s).As soon as practicable after receipt of the Bidder's notice, the shall evaluate thesituation and may at its discretion extend the Bidder's time for performance, with orConfidential- IEK – RE DESIGN OFIEK WEBSITE & MEMBERSHIP MANAGEMENT SYSTEMPage 14 of 24

without liquidated damages, in which case the extension shall be ratified by the partiesby amendment of the Contract.2.6 PAYMENT TERMSIEK will NOT make any payments in advance. IEK will issue an LPO for all the servicesordered where applicable. The LPO will be paid within 45 days after delivery of serviceis complete and receipt of an invoice.2.7 STAFFINGThe Supplier will provide the relevant staff and tools to carry out all the required workunder this tender.A project/account manager is also required to coordinate and account for all theSupplier’s activities throughout the contract period.2.8 RESPONSIBILITY AS AN INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORThe Supplier agrees to take overall responsibility for any services rendered; regardlessof whether a third party engaged by the Supplier or the Supplier himself carries themout.2.9 BUYERS RIGHTSIEK reserves the right to reject any or all RFP without giving any reasons and IEK hasno obligation to accept any offer made. IEK also reserves the right to keep its selectionand selection criteria confidential. IEK reserves the right to award the tender in part or inwhole to either a single vendor or split the award to multiple vendors in the final award.Bids not strictly adhering to RFP conditions may not be considered by IEK whosedecision on the matter shall be final.SECTION 3 - GENERAL CONDITIONS OF CONTRACT3.1 IntroductionSpecific terms of contract shall be discussed with the bidder whose proposal will beaccepted by IEK. The resulting contract shall include but not be limited to thegeneral terms of contract as stated below from 3.2 to Award of ContractFollowing the opening and evaluation of proposals, IEK will award the Contract tothe successful bidder whose bid has been determined to be substantially responsiveand has been determined as the best evaluated bid. IEK will communicate to theConfidential- IEK – RE DESIGN OFIEK WEBSITE & MEMBERSHIP MANAGEMENT SYSTEMPage 15 of 24

selected bidder its intention to finalize the draft conditions of engagement submittedearlier with his proposals.After agreement has been reached, the successful Bidder shall be invited for signingof the Contract Agreement to be prepared by IEK in consultation with the Bidder.3.3 Application of General Conditions of ContractThese General Conditions (sections 3.2 to 3.14) shall apply to the extent that theyare not superseded by provisions in other parts of the Contract that shall be signed.3.4 Bid Validity PeriodBidders are requested to hold their proposals valid for ninety (90) days from theclosing date for the submission.3.5 Performance Security3.5.1 IEK may at its discretion require the successful bidder to furnish it withPerformance Security in the amount specified in the accepted Bid.3.5.2 The Performance Security shall be in the form of a guarantee issued by acommercial operating in Kenya and shall be in a format prescribed by IEK. The performance guarantee shall be submitted within 10 days ofnotification of award.3.5.3 The proceeds of the Performance Security shall be payable to IEK ascompensation for any loss resulting from the Bidder’s failure to completeits obligations under the Contract.The Performance Security will be discharged by the Institution not later than twomonths following the date of completion of the Bidder’s performance obligations, andthe ’s acceptance of the final report as specified in the contract.3.6 Delays in the Bidder’s Performance3.6.1Delivery and performance shall be made by the successful Bidder inaccordance with the time schedule as per Agreement.3.6.2 If at any time during the performance of the Contract, the Bidder shouldencounter conditions impeding timely delivery and performance of the Services,the Bidder shall promptly notifies IEK in writing of the fact of the delay, its likelyduration and its cause(s). As soon as practicable after receipt of the Bidder'snotice, the shall evaluate the situation and may at its discretion extend theBidder's time for performance, with or without liquidated damages, in whichcase the extension shall be ratified by the parties by amendment of theContract.Confidential- IEK – RE DESIGN OFIEK WEBSITE & MEMBERSHIP MANAGEMENT SYSTEMPage 16 of 24

3.6.3Except in the case of “force majeure” as provided in Clause 3.13, a delay bythe Bidder in the performance of its delivery obligations shall render the Bidderliable to the imposition of liquidated damages pursuant to Clause Liquidated damages for delayThe contract resulting out of this RFP shall incorporate suitable provisions for thepayment of liquidated damages by the bidders in case of delays in performance ofcontract.3.8 Governing LanguageThe Contract shall be written in the English Language. All correspondence and otherdocuments pertaining to the Contract which are exchanged by the parties shall alsobe in English.3.9 Applicable LawThis agreement arising out of this RFP shall be governed by and construed inaccordance with the laws of Kenya and the parties submit to the exclusivejurisdiction of the Kenyan Courts.’s ObligationsThe Bidder is obliged to work closely with IEK’s staff, act within its ownauthority, and abide by directives issued by IEK

IEK /FEBRUARY 2019/ REDESIGN OF IEK WEBSITE & MEMBERSHIP MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Do not open before Friday, 29th March 2019 at 3.00pm (GMT 3) Nairobi Kenya The two separate inner envelopes should be clearly marked "Technical Proposal", and "Financial Proposal", respectively, and should bear the name of the Bidder.

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