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Scan me 2020 FCA US LLC. All Rights Reserved. Ram is a registered trademark of FCA US LLC.App Store is a registered trademark of Apple Inc. Google Play Store is a registered trademark of Google.21 dt G GW EN USFIRST EditionDownload a free electronic copy of the most up-to-date warranty book at Mopar.com2021WA R R A N T Y I N FO R M AT I O N - G A SRAM 1500

Scan meDownload a free electronic copy of the most up-to-date warranty book at Mopar.com

21 DT G GW EN US t.book Page 1Basic Limited Warranty CoverageSpecial Extended Warranty CoverageAnti-Corrosion Perforation Limited Warranty— All Panels— Outer PanelsPowertrain Limited WarrantyFederal Emission WarrantyFederal Emission Warranty— Specified Components8 Yr/ 80,0007 Yr/ 70,0005 Yr/ Unlimited5 Yr/ 100,0005 Yr/ 60,0005 Yr/ 50,0003 Yr/ Unlimited3 Yr/ 50,0003 Yr/ 36,0002 Yr/ 24,000DESCRIPTION1 Yr/ 12,000WARRANTY COVERAGE AT A GLANCE

21 DT G GW EN US t.book Page 221. Your Legal Rights Under These Limited Warranties . 41.1. Incidental And Consequential Damages NotCovered . 42. What Is Covered Under FCA US LLC's Warranties. 52.1. Basic Limited Warranty . 5A. Who Is Covered . 5B. What Is Covered. 5C. Items Covered By Other Warranties . 5D. Towing Costs Are Covered Under CertainCircumstances . 5E. When It Begins. 6F. When It Ends . 6G. Registration And Operation Requirements . 6H. If Your Vehicle Leaves The United States,Including United States Possessions And TerritoriesAs Part Of The United States For WarrantyPurposes . 62.2. Corrosion Warranty. 7A. Who Is Covered . 7B. What Is Covered. 7C. How Long It Lasts. 7D. What Is Not Covered. 72.3. Restraint System Limited Warranty (VehiclesSold And Registered In The State Of Kansas Only). 82.4. Powertrain Limited Warranty. 8A. Who Is Covered . 8B. What Is Covered. 8C. How Long It Lasts. 8D. Towing Costs Are Covered. 8E. Parts Covered. 9F. Other Provisions Of This Powertrain LimitedWarranty. 103. What Is Not Covered .113.1. Modifications Not Covered . 11A. Some Modifications Do Not Void TheWarranties But Are Not Covered. 11B. Modifications That WILL Void YourWarranties . 123.2. Environmental Factors Not Covered. 123.3. Maintenance Costs Not Covered. 123.4. Racing Not Covered . 133.5. Certain Kinds Of Corrosion Not Covered. 133.6. Other Exclusions . 133.7. Total Loss, Salvage, Junk, Or Scrap Vehicles NotCovered . 143.8. Restricted Warranty. 144. Other Terms Of Your Warranties.15

21 DT G GW EN US t.book Page 334.1. Exchanged Parts May Be Used In WarrantyRepairs. 154.2. Pre-Delivery Service . 164.3. Production Changes. 165. Emission Warranties Required By Law .175.1. Federal Emission Warranty. 17A. Parts Covered For Two Years Or24,000 Miles. 17B. Parts Covered For Eight Years Or80,000 Miles. 185.2. Emission Performance Warranty. 186. How To Get Warranty Service.196.1. Where To Take Your Vehicle . 19A. In the United States (We Include USPossessions And Territories As Part Of TheUnited States For Warranty Purposes). 19B. In Canada And Mexico . 19C. In A Foreign Country Outside Of NorthAmerica. 19D. If You Move. 20E. Notice . 206.2. How To Get Roadside Assistance Service —US Or Canada Only *. 21A. Who Is Covered . 21B. What To Do. 21C. Covered Services. 22D. If Unable To Contact Roadside Assistance. 236.3. Emergency Warranty Repairs . 246.4. Getting Service Under The Federal EmissionPerformance Warranties. 24A. What To Do. 24B. Further Steps You Can Take, And How To GetMore Information. 247. How To Deal With Warranty Problems .257.1. Steps To Take. 25A. In General. 25B. What FCA US LLC Will Do. 25C. If Your Problem Still Is Not Resolved ForCustomers Residing In Arkansas, Idaho,Kentucky, Minnesota and Montana ONLY . 26D. Notice Under State Lemon Laws . 287.2. Helpful Addresses And Telephone Numbers. 288. Optional Service Contract .309. Maintenance.319.1. General Information . 319.2. Where To Go For Maintenance. 31

21 DT G GW EN US t.book Page 44 YOUR LEGAL RIGHTS UNDER THESE LIMITED WARRANTIES1. Your Legal Rights Under TheseLimited WarrantiesThe warranties contained in this booklet are the onlyexpress warranties that FCA US LLC ("FCA US")makes for your vehicle. These warranties give youspecific legal rights. You may also have other rightsthat vary from state to state. For example, you mayhave some implied warranties, depending on the statewhere your vehicle was sold or is registered.These implied warranties are limited, to the extentallowed by law, to the time periods covered by theexpress written warranties contained in this booklet.If you use your vehicle primarily for business orcommercial purposes, then these implied warranties donot apply and FCA US LLC completely disclaims themto the extent allowed by law. The implied warranty offitness for a particular purpose does not apply if yourvehicle is used for racing, even if the vehicle isequipped for racing.Some states do not allow limitations on how longan implied warranty lasts, so the above limitationsmay not apply to you.1.1. Incidental And Consequential DamagesNot CoveredYour warranties do not cover any incidental orconsequential damages connected with yourvehicle’s failure, either while under warranty orafterward.Examples of such damages include: Lost timeInconvenienceThe loss of the use of your vehicleThe cost of rental vehicles, gasoline, telephone, travel, orlodging The loss of personal or commercial property The loss of revenueSome states do not allow incidental or consequential damages to be excluded or limited, so this exclusion may not apply to you.

21 DT G GW EN US t.book Page 5WHAT IS COVERED UNDER FCA US LLC'S WARRANTIES2. What Is Covered Under FCA USLLC's Warranties2.1. Basic Limited WarrantyA. Who Is CoveredYou are covered by the Basic Limited Warranty if youare a purchaser for use of the vehicle.B. What Is CoveredThe Basic Limited Warranty covers the cost of all partsand labor needed to repair any item on your vehiclewhen it left the manufacturing plant that is defective inmaterial, workmanship or factory preparation. There isno list of covered parts since the only exception aretires and headphones. You pay nothing for theserepairs. These warranty repairs or adjustmentsincluding all parts and labor connected with them willbe made by an authorized dealer at no charge, usingnew or remanufactured parts.5C. Items Covered By Other WarrantiesThe following are covered by separate warrantiesoffered by their manufacturers. They are not coveredby the Basic Limited Warranty: Tires Headphones Items added or changed after your vehicle left the manufacturing plant, such as accessories or protection products, or items changed because of customization or vanconversionBe sure you get a copy of any warranty that appliesto these items from the manufacturer of the product.D. Towing Costs Are Covered Under CertainCircumstancesRoadside Assistance covers the cost of towing yourvehicle to the nearest Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep , or Ramauthorized dealer if your vehicle becomes disabled as aresult of a mechanical breakdown. If you choose to goto another dealership, you will be responsible for thecost if the extra distance exceeds 10 miles. Refer to“section 6.2” for information on how to get towingservice in the United States and Canada.

21 DT G GW EN US t.book Page 66 WHAT IS COVERED UNDER FCA US LLC'S WARRANTIESE. When It BeginsThe Basic Limited Warranty begins on either of thefollowing dates, whichever is earlier: The date you take delivery of the vehicle. The date when the vehicle was first put into service, forexample, as a dealer “demo” or as a FCA US LLCcompany vehicle.F. When It EndsThe Basic Limited Warranty lasts for 36 months fromthe date it begins or for 36,000 miles on the odometer,whichever occurs first. The following items arecovered only for 12 months or for 12,000 miles on theodometer, whichever occurs first: Brakes (rotors, pads, linings, and drums)BulbsClutch Discs or Modular Clutch Assembly (if equipped)Wheel Alignment and Wheel BalancingWindshield and Rear WindowWiper BladesG. Registration And Operation RequirementsThe Basic Limited Warranty covers your vehicle only if: The vehicle was built for sale in the US.The vehicle is registered in the US.The vehicle is driven mainly in the US or Canada.The vehicle is operated and maintained in the mannerdescribed in your Owner’s Manual.H. If Your Vehicle Leaves The United States,Including United States Possessions AndTerritories As Part Of The United States ForWarranty PurposesEXCEPT WHERE SPECIFICALLY REQUIRED BY LAW,THERE IS NO WARRANTY COVERAGE FOR THISVEHICLE IF IT IS SOLD OR REGISTERED OUTSIDE OFTHE UNITED STATES.This policy does not apply to vehicles that have receivedauthorization for export from FCA US LLC. Dealers may notgive authorization for export. You should consult an authorized dealer to determine this vehicle’s warranty coverage ifyou have any questions.This policy does not apply to vehicles registered to USgovernment officials or military personnel on assignmentoutside of the United States.

21 DT G GW EN US t.book Page 7WHAT IS COVERED UNDER FCA US LLC'S WARRANTIES2.2. Corrosion WarrantyA. Who Is CoveredYou are covered by the Corrosion Warranty if you arethe purchaser for use of the vehicle.B. What Is CoveredThe Corrosion Warranty covers the cost of all parts andlabor needed to repair or replace any sheet metal panelsthat get holes from rust or other corrosion. If a holeoccurs because of something other than corrosion, thiswarranty does not apply. Cosmetic or surface corrosionresulting, for example, from stone chips or scratches inthe paint is not covered. For more details on what is notcovered by this warranty, refer to “section 3.5”.C. How Long It LastsThe Corrosion Warranty starts when your BasicLimited Warranty begins. For more information referto “section 2.1 E”.7This warranty has two time-and-mileage limits: For sheet metal panels, the limit is three years, with nomileage limit. For an outer-body sheet metal panel, one that is finishpainted and that someone can see when walking aroundthe vehicle, the limit is five years, with no mileage limit.D. What Is Not CoveredPlease note that while the Corrosion Warranty appliesto defects in material and/or workmanship, it does notcover the vehicle's matte finish appearance (ifequipped).Maintaining the matte finish appearance is solely theresponsibility of the vehicle owner as described in yourOwner's Manual.

21 DT G GW EN US t.book Page 88 WHAT IS COVERED UNDER FCA US LLC'S WARRANTIES2.3. Restraint System Limited Warranty(Vehicles Sold And Registered In TheState Of Kansas Only)For vehicles sold and registered in the State of Kansas,seat belts and related seat belt components arewarranted against defects in workmanship and materials for 10 years, regardless of mileage. This warrantydoes not cover replacement of seat belts and relatedcomponents required as the result of collision.2.4. Powertrain Limited WarrantyA. Who Is CoveredYou are covered by the Powertrain Limited Warranty ifyou are a purchaser for use of the vehicle.B. What Is CoveredThe Powertrain Limited Warranty covers the cost of allparts and labor needed to repair a powertrain component listed in “section 2.4 E” that are defective in workmanship and materials.C. How Long It LastsThe Powertrain Limited Warranty lasts for up to fiveyears or 60,000 miles on the odometer, whicheveroccurs first, calculated from the start date of the BasicLimited Warranty, as set forth in “section 2.1 E”.D. Towing Costs Are CoveredRoadside Assistance covers the cost of towing yourvehicle to the nearest authorized Chrysler, Dodge, Jeepor Ram dealer if your vehicle cannot be driven becausea covered part has failed.If you choose to go to another dealership, you willbe responsible for the cost if the extra distance exceeds10 miles. Refer to “section 6.2” for information on howto get towing service in the United States and Canada.

21 DT G GW EN US t.book Page 9WHAT IS COVERED UNDER FCA US LLC'S WARRANTIESE. Parts CoveredThe Powertrain Limited Warranty covers these partsand components of your vehicle's powertrain suppliedby FCA US LLC:NOTE:MANUAL TRANSMISSION CLUTCH PARTS ARENOT COVERED UNDER THE POWERTRAINLIMITED WARRANTYGasoline EngineCylinder block and all internal parts; cylinder headassemblies; timing case, timing chain, timing belt,gears and sprockets; vibration damper; oil pump; waterpump and housing; intake and exhaust manifolds;flywheel with starter ring gear; core plugs; valvecovers; oil pan; turbocharger housing and internalparts; turbocharger wastegate actuator; supercharger;serpentine belt tensioner; seals and gaskets for listedcomponents only.TransmissionTransmission case and all internal parts; torqueconverter; drive/flex plate; transmission range switch;speed sensors; pressure sensors; transmission controlmodule; bell housing; oil pan; seals and gaskets forlisted components only.Front Wheel Drive (FWD)Transaxle case and all internal parts; axle shaft assemblies; constant velocity joints and boots; differentialcover; oil pan; transaxle speed sensors; transaxle solenoid assembly; PRNDL position switch; transaxle electronic controller; torque converter; seals and gasketsfor listed components only.9

21 DT G GW EN US t.book Page 1010 WHAT IS COVERED UNDER FCA US LLC'S WARRANTIESAll Wheel Drive (AWD)Four Wheel Drive (4WD)Power transfer unit and all internal parts; viscouscoupler; axle housing and all internal parts; constantvelocity joints and boots; driveshaft and axle shaftassemblies; differential carrier assembly and allinternal parts; output ball bearing; output flange; endcover; overrunning clutch; vacuum motor; torque tube;pinion spacer and shim, seals and gaskets for listedcomponents only.Transfer case and all internal parts; transfer casecontrol module and shift mode motor assembly; axlehousing and all internal parts; axle shafts; axle shaftbearings; drive shaft assemblies (front and rear); driveshaft center bearings; universal joints and yokes;disconnect housing assembly; seals and gaskets for thelisted components only.Rear Wheel Drive (RWD)Rear axle housing and all internal parts; axle shafts;axle shaft bearings; drive shaft assemblies; drive shaftcenter bearings; universal joints and yokes; seals andgaskets for listed components only.F. Other Provisions Of This Powertrain LimitedWarrantyAll other terms of the New Vehicle Limited Warrantyare in “section 1” (Your Legal Rights Under TheseLimited Warranties) and “section 3” (What Is NotCovered) and apply to this Powertrain LimitedWarranty.

21 DT G GW EN US t.book Page 11WHAT IS NOT COVERED3. What Is Not Covered3.1. Modifications Not CoveredA. Some Modifications Do Not Void TheWarranties But Are Not CoveredCertain changes that you might make to your vehicle donot, by themselves, void the warranties described inthis booklet. Examples of some of these changes are: Installing non-FCA US LLC parts, components, or equipment (such as a non-FCA US LLC radio or cruisecontrol). Using special non-FCA US LLC materials or additives. Modifying the front fascia/bumper, vehicle body structure, or adding aftermarket side steps or running boards. Replacing windshields on vehicles equipped withAdvanced Driver Assist Systems with non-FCA US LLCgenuine parts. Using aftermarket collision parts. Attaching or installing any aftermarket accessories,including transparent material (e.g. glass tinting) or aftermarket grilles.11Your warranties do not cover any part that was noton your vehicle when it left the manufacturing plant oris not certified for use on your vehicle. Nor do theycover the costs of any repairs or adjustments that mightbe caused or needed because of the installation or useof non-FCA US LLC parts, components, equipment,materials, or additives.NOTE:Non-FCA US LLC parts can also impact downstream orother related safety systems.Performance or racing parts are considered to benon-FCA US LLC parts. Repairs or adjustments causedby their use are not covered under your warranties.Examples of the types of alterations not covered are: Installing accessories except for genuine FCA US LLC/MOPAR accessories installed by an authorizedChrysler, Dodge, Jeep or Ram dealer Applying rustproofing or other protection products Changing the vehicle's configuration or dimensions, suchas converting the vehicle into a limousine or food servicevehicle Using any refrigerant that FCA US LLC has not approved

21 DT G GW EN US t.book Page 1212 WHAT IS NOT COVEREDB. Modifications That WILL Void Your WarrantiesThese actions will void your warranties: Disconnecting, tampering with, or altering the odometerwill void your warranties, unless your repairing technician follows the legal requirements for repairing orreplacing odometers. Attaching any device that disconnects the odometer willalso void your warranties.3.2. Environmental Factors Not CoveredYour warranties do not cover damage caused by environmental factors such as airborne fallout, bird droppings, insect damage, chemicals, tree sap, salt, oceanspray, acid rain, and road hazards. Nor do your warranties cover damage caused by hailstorms, windstorms,tornadoes, sandstorms, lightning, floods, and earthquakes.Your warranties do not cover conditions resultingfrom anything impacting the vehicle. This includescracks and chips in glass, scratches and chips in paintedsurfaces, or damage from collision.3.3. Maintenance Costs Not CoveredYour warranties do not cover the costs of repairingdamage caused by poor or improper maintenance. Nordo they cover damage caused by the use of contaminated fuels, or by the use of fuels, oils, lubricants,cleaners or fluids other than those recommended inyour Owner’s Manual.The warranties do not cover the costs of yourvehicle’s normal or scheduled maintenance. Some ofthese parts and services, which your warranties don’tcover, include: Lubrication Engine tune-ups Replacing filters, coolant, spark plugs, or fuses (unlessthose costs result from a covered repair) Cleaning and polishing Replacing worn wiper blades, worn brake pads andlinings, or clutch linings

21 DT G GW EN US t.book Page 13WHAT IS NOT COVERED3.4. Racing Not CoveredYour warranties do not cover the costs of repairingdamage or conditions caused by racing, nor do theycover the repair of any defects that are found as theresult of participating in a racing event.3.5. Certain Kinds Of Corrosion NotCoveredYour warranties do not cover the following: Corrosion caused by accident, damage, abuse, or vehiclealteration Surface corrosion caused by such things as industrialfallout, sand, salt, hail, ocean spray, and stones Corrosion caused by the extensive or abnormal transportof caustic materials like chemicals, acids, and fertilizers Corrosion of special bodies, body conversions, or equipment that was not on your vehicle when it left the manufacturing plant or was not supplied by FCA US LLC133.6. Other ExclusionsYour warranties do not cover the costs of repairingdamage or conditions caused by any of the following: Fire or accidentAbuse or negligenceMisuse, for example, driving over curbs or overloadingTampering with the emission systems, or with a part thatcould affect the emission systemsUse of used parts, even if they were originally supplied byFCA US LLC (however, authorized FCA US LLC/Moparremanufactured parts are covered)Windshield or rear window damage from external objectsAny changes made to your vehicle that do not complywith FCA US LLCUsing any fluid that does not meet the minimum recommendations in your Owner's Manual

21 DT G GW EN US t.book Page 1414 WHAT IS NOT COVERED3.7. Total Loss, Salvage, Junk, Or ScrapVehicles Not CoveredA vehicle has no warranty coverage of any kind if: The vehicle is declared a total loss by an insurancecompany. The vehicle is rebuilt after being declared to be a total lossby an insurance company. The vehicle is issued a certificate of title indicating that itis designated as “salvage”, “junk”, “rebuilt”, “scrap”, orsome similar word.FCA US LLC will deny warranty coverage withoutnotice if it learns that a vehicle is ineligible forcoverage for any of these reasons.This exclusion does not apply to emission warranties or to recall campaigns.3.8. Restricted WarrantyFCA US LLC may restrict the warranty on your vehicleif the vehicle is not properly maintained, or if thevehicle is abused or neglected, and the abuse or neglectinterferes with the proper functioning of the vehicle. Ifthe warranty is restricted, coverage may be denied orsubject to approval by FCA US LLC before coveredrepairs are performed.

21 DT G GW EN US t.book Page 15OTHER TERMS OF YOUR WARRANTIES4. Other Terms Of Your Warranties4.1. Exchanged Parts May Be Used InWarranty RepairsIn the interest of customer satisfaction, FCA US LLCmay offer exchange service on some vehicle parts. Thisservice is intended to reduce the amount of time yourvehicle is not available for your use because of repairs.Parts used in exchange service may be new, remanufactured, reconditioned, or repaired, depending on the partinvolved.15All exchange parts that might be used meet FCA USLLC standards, and have the same warranties as newparts.Examples of the kinds of parts that might beserviced in this way are: Engine AssembliesTransmission AssembliesInstrument Cluster AssembliesRadios, CD Players and DVD PlayersSpeedometersPowertrain Control Module (PCM)To help control suspected ozone-depleting agents,the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requiresthe capture, purification, and reuse of automotiveair-conditioning refrigerant gases. As a result, a repairto the sealed portion of your air-conditioning systemmay involve the installation of purified reclaimedrefrigerant.

21 DT G GW EN US t.book Page 1616 OTHER TERMS OF YOUR WARRANTIES4.2. Pre-Delivery ServiceA defect in or damage to the mechanical, electrical,sheet metal, paint, trim, and other components of yourvehicle may have occurred at the factory or while it wasbeing shipped to an authorized dealer.Such a defect or damage is usually detected andcorrected at the factory. In addition, dealers mustinspect each vehicle before delivery. They repair anydefects or damage detected before the vehicle is delivered to you.4.3. Production ChangesChanges may be made in vehicles sold by FCA US LLCand its authorized dealers at any time without incurringany obligation to make the same or similar changes onvehicles previously built or sold.

21 DT G GW EN US t.book Page 17EMISSION WARRANTIES REQUIRED BY LAW5. Emission Warranties RequiredBy Law5.1. Federal Emission WarrantyA. Parts Covered For Two Years Or 24,000 MilesFederal law requires FCA US LLC to warrant thefollowing emissions parts for two years or24,000 miles, whichever occurs first. FCA US LLCcovers all of these parts under the Basic LimitedWarranty for three years or 36,000 miles, whicheveroccurs first.Ram 1500 — Gas Air system controlsElectronic fuel injection system, including injectorEvaporative-emission canister and controlsExhaust manifoldExhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) valve and controlsystem 17Exhaust pipes (between exhaust manifold and catalyst)Fuel cap and tank assembly, pump, and fuel linesIgnition systemIntake manifoldOn-board diagnostic system componentsOxygen sensorsPositive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) valve or orificeSecondary ignition wiresSpark plugsThrottle bodyVacuum hoses, clamps, and fittings, as well as tubingused for these components Vacuum, temperature, altitude, speed, time-sensitivevalves, sensors, and switches used in these componentsand systems

21 DT G GW EN US t.book Page 1818 EMISSION WARRANTIES REQUIRED BY LAWB. Parts Covered For Eight Years Or 80,000 MilesIf your vehicle has one of the following parts, thisFederal Emission Warranty covers that part for a periodof eight years or 80,000 miles, whichever occurs first,calculated from the start of the Basic Limited Warrantyas set forth in “section 2.1 E”. The covered parts are: Belt Driven Hybrid Starter Generator — 3.6L, 5.7L WithBelt Start Generator (BSG) Catalytic Converter Hybrid Control Processor — 3.6L, 5.7L With BSG Power Pack Unit (PPU) - 48 Volts — 3.6L, 5.7L WithBSG Powertrain Control Module (PCM) Transmission Control Module (TCM)5.2. Emission Performance WarrantyThis warranty supplements the Federal EmissionWarranty in “section 5.1”. It lasts for two years or24,000 miles on the odometer, whichever occurs first.If your vehicle has one of the parts listed in“section 5.1 B”, this Federal Emission Warranty coversthat part for a period of eight years or 80,000 miles,whichever occurs first. These limits are counted fromthe time when your Basic Limited Warranty begins in“section 2.1 E”. The Emission Performance Warrantycovers the cost of repairing or adjusting any components or parts that might be needed for your vehicle topass Federal Emission Standards for a federallyapproved state or local emissions test, but only if: Your vehicle has failed a federally approved state or localemissions test Your vehicle has been maintained and operated properlyup until it fails such a test You face a real penalty, for example, a fine or the loss ofthe use of your vehicle because the vehicle has failed thetestRefer to "section 6.4" (Getting Service Under TheFederal Emission Performance Warranties) for furtherinformation on how to get service under this warranty.

21 DT G GW EN US t.book Page 19HOW TO GET WARRANTY SERVICE6. How To Get Warranty Service6.1. Where To Take Your VehicleA. In the United States (We Include USPossessions And Territories As Part Of TheUnited States For Warranty Purposes)Warranty service must be done by an authorizedChrysler, Dodge, Jeep or Ram dealer. We stronglyrecommend that you take your vehicle to your sellingdealer. They know your vehicle best, and are mostconcerned that you get prompt and high quality service.If you move within the United States, warranty servicemay be requested from any authorized Chrysler,Dodge, Jeep or Ram dealer.B. In Canada And MexicoIf you are traveling temporarily in Canada or Mexico,and your vehicle remains registered in the UnitedStates, your FCA US LLC warranty still applies.Service may be requested at any authorized Chrysler,Dodge, Jeep or Ram dealership.19C. In A Foreign Country Outside Of North AmericaIf you are traveling temporarily outside of NorthAmerica, and your vehicle remains registered in theUnited States: You should take your vehicle to an authorized Chrysler,Dodge, Jeep or Ram dealer. They should give you thesame warranty service you receive in the United States. If the authorized dealership charges y

The Basic Limited Warranty covers your vehicle only if: The vehicle was built for sale in the US. The vehicle is registered in the US. The vehicle is driven mainly in the US or Canada. The vehicle is operated and maintained in the manner described in your Owner's Manual. H.If Your Vehicle Leaves The United States,

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