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CertifiedSAP FICO TrainingCOURSE

ContentsKey Features03About the Course04Course Curriculum05Henry Harvin ’s Training Methodology09Takeaways of Your Investment10Learning Benefits11Our Clientele12Media Recognition13Reviews & Rankings14About Henry Harvin Education15

Key FeaturesRanked Amongst Top 3Henry Harvin’s Certified SAP FICO Training Course isranked amongst the top 3 courses in the industry byTrainings360Attend Unlimited Sessions withMultiple TrainersOnce enrolled at our ERP Academy, you have thefacility to attend different batches with different trainers.This means you can have unlimited repetitions ofthe Certified SAP FICO Training Course during yourmembership period without paying anything extraMobile App Access to MoodleE-Learning PortalYou can access the exclusive Learning ManagementSystem (LMS) on the go. Use the login credentials touse the Moodle app on your phone and get access tothe Certified SAP FICO Training Course at the tip of yourfingers01020304050612 Bootcamp Sessions to Brush-upConcepts as Part of #AskHenry SeriesBrush-up your concepts with our regular Bootcampsessions held every month with the experts in the fieldspecifically targeted to make you industry-ready24x7 Lifetime Support & AccessLive Projects Guaranteed Internship Weekly JobSupport Recorded Videos Monthly BootcampSessions Interview Skills Career ServicesHallmark of CSFP PractitionerNext to Your NameAttain a globally acclaimed testimonial of Certified SAPFICO Practitioner Certification after the training. Use it asa symbol of your expertise in the field with your name.Eg. Sandeep Kumar (CSFP Practitioner)

About the CourseDuration/ModeCertification 44 hours of instructor-led training andcertification program Post that, 24 hours of Bootcamps spreadover the next 12 months Attend Unlimited Batches for the next 1 yearfrom the date of enrollment without payinganything extraTrainer Most respected industry experts with 10 years of experience Have been invited for 100 keynote classesfor SAP FICO Training Classes. Have delivered 500 lectures and arecurrently empaneled as domain experts withHenry Harvin ERP Academy Associated with placement cells of multipleorganizations to help and assist students forplacementDistinguish your profile with the global credentialof the Certified SAP FICO Practitioner (CSFP) andshowcase expertise by using the Hallmark next toyour name. For Example Mr.Karan Kumar (CSFP)Membership BenefitsHenry Harvin ERP Academy provides 1-YearMembership along with: E-Learning Access: Access to recordedvideos, games, projects, case studies, etc. Monthly Bootcamp Sessions: Brush-up yourconcepts with our regular Bootcamp sessionsheld every month with the experts in the fieldspecifically targeted to make you industryready Job Opportunities and Internship: SAP FICOgraduates get 100% placement assistance andinternship opportunities with Henry Harvin orpartner firms Interview Guaranteed: Support in facing andclearing the interview Complimentary Modules: Gain exclusiveaccess to Complimentary Modules, namely,Soft Skill Development and Resume Writingalong with the course curriculum of CertifiedSAP FICO Training Course

Course CurriculumModule 1: Introduction to ERPThis Module will guide the Candidate with the knowledge of the basics of the ERP. Learn about the major ERP packages.Gain skills on the use of the Implementation Tools and Types of Projects Need an ERP? Advantages of ERP? Major ERP packages Introduction to SAP? History of SAP Implementation Tools Roles And Responsibilities of a Consultant Types of ProjectsModule 2: SAP FI -Financial Accounting Basic SettingsThis Module will guide the Candidate with the knowledge of the basics of the ERP. Learn about the major ERP packages.Gain skills on the use of the Implementation Tools and Types of Projects Need an ERP? Advantages of ERP? Major ERP packages Introduction to SAP? History of SAP Implementation Tools Roles And Responsibilities of a Consultant Types of ProjectsModule 3: SAP FI- General Ledger AccountingThis module will guide the candidate with a basic understanding of SAP FI- General Ledger Accounting. Learn to createGeneral Ledger Master and learn to master document entry. Define recurring entry documents and posting. Know aboutthe Configure of line layouts for the display of GL line items and more Creation of General Ledger Master (with and without reference) Display/Change/Block/Unblock of general ledger Master Document Entry Posting normal postings posting with reference Display and change documents Display of GL balances and Line items Parked documents & hold documents Creation of Sample Document and posting Defining recurring entry document and posting Configuration of line layouts for the display of GL line items

Course CurriculumModule 4: SAP FI- Accounts PayableThis module will help the candidate with the knowledge of SAP FI- Accounts Payable. Create Vendor account groups andassignment of number ranges. Learn to create tolerance groups for vendors and vendor masters. Create Check lots andMaintain the check register. Learn to create an automatic payment program and initiate payment to vendors through App Creation of vendor account groups and assignment of number ranges Creation of tolerance group for venders Creation of vendor master (display/change/block/unblock of vender master) Posting of vendor transactions (invoice posting, payment posting, credit memo) Settings for advance payments to parties (down payment) and clearing of down payment against invoices(special GL transactions) Posting of partial Payment & Residual Payment Creation of payment terms Creation of house banks and account ids Creation of check lots and maintenance of check register Configuration of automatic payment program Payment to vendors through APP Un-issued & issued checks cancellation and reversal of issued checks Defining correspondence & party statement of accounts Real-time issuesModule 5: SAP FI Accounts receivableThis module will guide the candidate with a basic understanding of SAP FI Accounts receivable. Create Account groupsand tolerance groups for customers. Learn to post customer transactions and configure settings for dunning Creation of customer account groups and assignment of number ranges Creation of tolerance group for customers Creation of customer master (display/change/block/unblock of vendor master) Posting of customer transactions (sales invoice posting, payment posting, debit memo) Settings for advancepayment from parties (down payment) Configuration of settings for dunning Defining correspondence & party statement of accounts Real-time issuesModule 6: SAP FI- Asset AccountingThis module will help the candidate with the knowledge of SAP FI- Asset Accounting. Learn to define a chart ofdepreciation, accounting determination, Screen layout. Know the posting rules and integration with the ledger. Createasset master and sub-asset master. Know comprehensively about post capitalization and write up Defining chart of depreciation Defining account determination, screen layout Number ranges and asset classes Integration with General Ledger & Posting rules Creation of asset master and sub-asset master (change/display/block/unblock) Defining Depreciation key (base, declining, multilevel, period control methods) Acquisition or purchase of assets, sale of assets Scrapping of assets, Transfer of assets Post Capitalization and write up Depreciation run Line Settle of assets under construction of capital work in progress Real-time issues

Course CurriculumModule 7: SAP FI- ReportsThis module will guide the candidate with the knowledge of SAP FI- Reports. Learn about the Financial statement versionGL reports. Generate various reports such as Accounts payable reports, Account receivable reports, and more Financial statement version GL Reports Accounts payable reports Accounts receivable reports Assets Real-time issuesModule 8: SAP CO-CONTROLLING Basic settings for controllingThis module will guide the candidate through the basic setting of Controlling in SAP. Know about Controlling areas andnumber ranges for controlling areas. Create cost element groups: Primary and Secondary cost elements Defining Controlling Area Defining Number ranges for Controlling Area Maintain Planning Versions Creation of Primary and Secondary Cost Elements Creation of Cost Element Groups Primary cost element categories and secondary cost element categories Real-time issuesModule 9: SAP CO- Cost Center AccountingThis module will help the candidate with the basics of SAP CO- Cost Center Accounting. Learn about the Cost centerStandard Hierarchy. Create a cost centers group. Know how to plan the cost centers and post to cost centers. Executedistribution cycle creation and execution of assessment cycles cost center reports Defining Cost Center Standard Hierarchy Creation of Cost Centers and cost center groups Planning for cost Center, posting to cost centers Repost of Costs Creation and Execution of Distribution Cycle Creation and execution of assessment cycles CostCenter reports Real-time Issues

Course CurriculumModule 10: SAP CO Internal OrdersThis module will help the candidate with the knowledge of SAP CO Internal Orders. Define various order types and createinternal orders. Plan of internal orders and post internal order report of variance analysis Defining order types Creation of internal orders Planning of internal orders Postings to internal order Report of Variance analysisModule 11: SAP CO- Profit Center AccountingThis Module will equip the candidate with the knowledge of SAP CO- Profit Center Accounting. Learn the basic settingsfor Profit Center Accounting. Know about the standard hierarchy and create dummy profit centers. Create profit centers,profit centers groups, revenue cost elements Basic Settings for Profit Center Accounting Standard Hierarchy Creation of Dummy Profit Centers Maintaining versions of for-profit centers Creation of profit centers and profit center groups Creation of revenue cost elements Automatic Assignment of Revenue elements for Profit Centers Postings to profit centers, planning and variancereportingModule 12: SAP CO- COPA ReportingThis module will guide the candidate with the knowledge SAP CO- COPA Reporting. Learn about COPA and itsconfiguration, maintenance, and fields What is COPA Maintenance of Characteristics Maintenance of Fields ConfigurationModule 13: SAP IntegrationThis module will guide you through SAP integration. Learn about the procurement Cycle and sale process integration withSD integration with asset accounting Procurement cycle (P2P) Integration with MM Sales process integration with SD Integration with asset accounting

Henry Harvin s Training MethodologyLive ProjectsLive Projects are carried out during the training tenure to develop experiential learning for theparticipants. This helps in better understanding of the concepts and gain in-depth practicalinsight.Unique PedagogyUses a mix of techniques aligned to our unique G.C.A.O. pedagogy. This enables participantsto derive focused-action-oriented outcome from the trainingParticipants will be engaged throughout the training through reverse presentations, groupEnd-to-End Engagement activities, brainstorming sessions, and hands-on experience over both statistical andnonstatistical tools. Idea is to focus on value creationCertification Process1234CounsellingComplete HenryHarvin Certification Training CourseDeliver ProjectsAssignedEarn SAP FICO PractitionerCertificationConsult with ourcounsellors to checkyour eligibility andthe right batch, andthen Register for theCertified SAP FICOTraining CourseAttend 20 hours sessionsand gain 20 credits toget course completioncertification from HenryHarvin Gather experience withreal-world assignments andpractical projects to upgradeathese mini-projects to beeligible for HenryHarvin ‘s SAP FICOTraining CertificationPost-successful completionof the course, earn HenryHarvin’s Certified SAP FICOPractitioner Certification.Post it on social media, getit framed, and increase yourvalue in the industryPMELASSUNITA (SAPFICO)ANKITA(CSFP)

Takeaways of Your Investment0144 hours of intensive training02Industry-acclaimed SAP FICOPractitioner CertificationFree 1-year subscription ofHenry Harvin LMS03Monthly Bootcamp sessions040506Recorded videos of the sessionsAdd-on supplements provided toeffectively deliver projects (LogoSoftware, E-Books, Question MakingSoftware, Project Guides/Workbooks,Mobile App, etc)The updated industry-oriented studymaterial070809100% placement assistance,internship opportunity, and projectsupport exclusively entitled for SAPFICO ProfessionalsHallmark of SAP FICO Practitioner nextto your name. For example, Karan Sahai(CSFP Practitioner)“Practical skill-based learning that meets the future learning needs to shape thelearners being Industry ready.” - Education World

Learning BenefitsLearning SAP FICO can beexceptionally useful for both theperson and the companyIt will help you gain respect from youroffice colleagues and employers01020304SAP FICO certificate helps you toget a handsome salary in reputedcompaniesAfter completing the SAP FICO training youwill get many excellent job opportunities inreputed companies0506This certification helps you tobuild better relationships withclients to get businessThis SAP FICO certificate will build your skillsand boost your careerSAP FICO training helps firmsand organizations in running theirbusiness and grow substantially0708It will help you to get moreacknowledgment in yourprofessional life“Spreading knowledge in a range of disciplines and fields, delivering quality higher education at alllevels, serving national needs, and furthering international public interest.” - Financial Express


Media Recognition20 Media Recognitions

5 5Ranking by Portals5 1.,1* % 3257 /6 5 5 1100 Google Reviews200 Youtube Video Testimonials

About Henry Harvin EducationAs a competency and career development organization, Henry Harvin Education develops,enhances, and promotes select skill-sets that are deemed essential to changing times. EmbeddingValue Creation at the core of its vision, Henry Harvin Education partners with best in industryorganizations and empanels domain experts to transform careers of the diverse audience fromindustry and academia by harnessing the power of skill centric training programs. These programsare carefully handcrafted to deliver tangible output for its learners by creating a distinguishedbiosphere of the latest learning technologies, effective content, and experienced trainers. HenryHarvin Education is inspired by the contributions of Mr.Henry Dunster (First President of America’sOldest University) to the education industry which has sustained for over 400 yearsAbout Henry Harvin ERP AcademyHenry Harvin ERP Academy has been set up with an objective to advance the professionaljourney by upskilling them with key skills. These skills are imparted through action-orientedlearning solutions that are carefully handcrafted by subject matter experts with extensive industryexperience. These learning solutions are delivered using our unique goal-centric pedagogy byselect professionals from leading organizations who also impaneled as domain experts with theacademy. This enables the academy in achieving its goal of empowering professionals to reachtheir full professional potential. Henry Harvin ERP Academy aims to function in its outreachgeographies and upskill 100,000 professionals till 2030!henryharvin.com 91 9015266266hello@henryharvin.com 91 9891953953

Henry Harvin's Certified SAP FICO Training Course is ranked amongst the top 3 courses in the industry by Trainings360 . SAP FICO graduates get 100% placement assistance and internship opportunities with Henry Harvin or partner firms Interview Guaranteed: Support in facing and

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