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Digital MarketingInnovation SummitSeptember 15 & 16 2016 Los AngelesRefining your Marketing Strategy to Enhance Customer Engagement

ABOUT THE EVENTOverviewSeptember 15 & 16, 2016Sheraton Universal Hotel, 33 Universal HollywoodDrive Universal City, CA 91608#digimarketingDigital Marketing Innovation SummitThe main themes for this year's discussion are: Omni Channel Marketing Strengthening Brand Loyalty The Future of Social Media & Mobile Evolving Content - Video, Personalization, Visual AdsBy covering the hottest topics within digital marketing we create aplatform for senior level executives to obtain real action points anduseful connections to better support their business goals.Online videos of all sessions, with integrated slides and audio will bemade available to all attendees after the event.

SPEAKERS AT A GLANCESpeakersConfirmed SpeakersMichael Conley , VP, Digital, Cleveland CavaliersAaron Burcell, VP, Growth & Product Marketing, VevoMarci McCue, Chief Marketing Officer, FlipboardMaryGail Pezzimenti, VP, Content Creation, The Huffington PostNicole Carrico, Head of Content, UpworthyFernando Trueba, Director, Marketing , eBayGary Milner, Director, Global Digital Marketing Manager, LenovoGina (Fung) Ballenger, Senior Manager, Content Planning, TwitterJoanne Nichols, Head of Industry, GoogleLesleigh Irish-Underwood, SVP, Chief Marketing Officer, United Way of New YorkNicholas Robinson, Chief Marketing Officer, Quest NutritionSit Swan, VP, Global Digital , Elizabeth ArdenJulie Horns, Director, Social Business, US BankTom Marcinowski, Managing Director, Email Marketing , Teach for AmericaEvan Minskoff, Head of Marketing Strategy & Operations, TumblrNick Marino, Director, Social Change, TangoTabMaycie Thornton, Director, Social Media, BuzzFeedJim McCarthy, CEO, GoldstarDemi Tsasis, Digital Marketing Manager , Under ArmourMikey Centrella, Director, Digital Communications, National YoungArtsFoundation

Usually I’m exhausted at the end of apresentation. This time, I’m energized!

SPEAKERS IN DETAILKeynote SpeakersAaron BurcellVP, Growth & Product MarketingVEVOVIEW ALL SPEAKERSEvan MinskoffHead of Marketing Strategy &OperationsTUMBLRBuilding a Next-Gen BrandGrowing the global audience for premier musicvideos and Vevo branded original programming,utilizing mobile and social marketing methods, as wellas community and product-driven viewer acquisition,engagement and retention.Brands have historically tried to remain one thing toeveryone. But the evolution of social media andrelated communication habits have createdan environment where teens and Millennials use theworld around them to express their points of view —which questions whether brands should revisit the‘one size fits all’ approach. Building a next-gen brandrequires supporting malleable identity andempowering self-expression. Tumblr's David Hayesand Evan Minskoff will present on adapting yourbrand to the new reality to deepen brand loyalty.Gina (Fung) BallengerSenior Manager, Content PlanningTWITTERYour Live Connection toConsumersStorytelling has evolved as people are communicatingthrough new platforms, objects, and devices but onequestion remains: How do marketers connect withconsumers in a mobile-first world? Recognizing thespeed of the feed and consumer expectations,brands have to add value vs. make noise. Learnstrategies and techniques to use Twitter’s live canvasto connect with consumers and win the battle forrelevance.

SPEAKERS IN DETAILSpeakersVIEW FULL ABSTRACTSMichael ConleyMarci McCueMaryGail PezzimentiVP, DigitalCLEVELAND CAVALIERSChief Marketing OfficerFLIPBOARDVP, Content CreationTHE HUFFINGTON POSTPath to PersonalizationBuilding a Brand Narrative in DigitalContent RemarketingJoin Mike Conley, VP, Digital and Web Services as hegoes in-depth on how the team has leveraged firstparty data to drive increased adoption, loyalty andconversions through a multitude of mobile platforms.Marci McCue will discuss the importance of buildinga brand narrative in your digital marketing campaign.Nicole CarricoFernando TruebaHead of ContentUPWORTHYDirector, MarketingEBAYTurning Customers' Experience intoContentPersonalization, Influencers, andVideo MarketingBrands should use and share their customers’experiences as content. Let your target audiencemarket your brand for you and use platforms such asYoutube, Pinterest, Instagram, Meerkat andPeriscope as your marketing channels.Fernando will look at the importance ofpersonalization, influencers and video marketing inensuring customer engagement.The trick is how do you recapture viewers that wenton your site, read your content, but did not fill in aform to become a lead? This is where contentremarketing steps in.Gary MilnerDirector, Global Digital MarketingManagerLENOVOCurrently driving digital marketing strategy at Lenovowith a key focus on optimizing and improvingexecution of digital media buying globally. Keyresponsibility was to to drive digital cadence intobrand marketing.

SPEAKERS IN DETAILSpeakersVIEW FULL ABSTRACTSJoanne NicholsLesleigh Irish-UnderwoodNicholas RobinsonHead of IndustryGOOGLESVP, Chief Marketing OfficerUNITED WAY OF NEW YORKChief Marketing OfficerQUEST NUTRITIONStrengthening Brand Loyalty & TheFuture of MobileConsumer Driven AdvertisingMerging Storytelling, CommunityBuilding and TechnologyJoanne Nichols will discuss the how to strengthenbrand loyalty & the future of mobile marketing.Lesleigh Irish - Underwood will look into consumerdriven advertising and how important it is tounderstand the needs of your target audience.Nick will explore different ways to merge storytelling,community building and technology.Sit SwanJulie HornsTom MarcinowskiVP, Global DigitalELIZABETH ARDENDirector, Social BusinessUS BANKManaging Director, Email MarketingTEACH FOR AMERICAOmni-Channel Marketing: WhyInteraction Management Leads toTop-Notch Customer ExperiencesAccelerating Digital into a HundredYear-old BrandSit Swan will discuss how Facebook and Twitter willsoon incorporate a search engine into their platform.Sit will discuss how this will effect search capabilitiesand create new e-commerce opportunities.Julie works directly with experts from major socialplatforms to discover and implement new marketingstrategies. This includes implementing social mediacontent strategy and assessing social advertisingcapabilities.Thomas Marcinowski will look at how you can ensuregood customer experience across channels.

SPEAKERS IN DETAILSpeakersVIEW FULL ABSTRACTSNick MarinoMaycie ThorntonJim McCarthyDirector, Social ChangeTANGOTABDirector, Social MediaBUZZFEEDCEOGOLDSTARPANEL: Building A Great SocialPresence The Impactful WayTangoTab, a mobile app that allowsusers to 'check in' at local restaurants. Every time auser checks in, we feeda person in need locally. To date we have fed over 1million people.Demi TsasisDigital Marketing ManagerUNDER ARMOURPanelists will discuss how to engage with your targetdemographic through social media and how to retainbrand loyalty.Mikey CentrellaDirector, Digital CommunicationsNATIONAL YOUNGARTSFOUNDATIONAs the co-founder and CEO of Goldstar, I've led thegrowth of the company from infancy to the present.As the leader in the sale of excess live entertainmentinventory, Goldstar sells millions of tickets a year tomillions of users and partners with thousands ofvenues and producers.David HayesHead of Creative StrategyTUMBLRPANEL: Using Storytelling andSocial Media to Create Awarenessand ActionsThis panel will discuss how import content marketingand in particular storytelling is within social media, inorder to engage your target demographic.Digital strategist and change agent working inmarketing leadership roles in the arts & culturalsector. Passionate about the network economy,metrics-based decision making, institutional change,open knowledge share and the importance ofcompelling UX.David Hayes is Tumblr's Head of Creative Strategy,where he oversees initiatives at the intersection ofbrand storytelling, content marketing and remixculture. He also serves as Tumblr's EntertainmentEvangelist and was recently voted to the Ad Age "40Under 40" and Adweek 50 lists.

SPEAKERS IN DETAILSpeakersChris BrisenoCreative Director & Head of Design, UX/ UI, Mobile for Global Digital MarketingBLOOMBERG LPEffective Design for Mobile ContentMarketingChris will speak about effective design for mobilecontent marketing.Pascal HoffmannVIEW FULL ABSTRACTSPatrick YeeCallan GreenVP, Marketing & StrategyREFINERY29Director, Social MediaL'OREALFireside Chat - What Brand LoyaltyMeans to a Millennial AudienceThe Future of Social Media &MobilePatrick and guest speaker will discuss what brandbrand loyalty means to a millennial audience in thedigital age and the difference between reach andimpact.David IudicaFormer, VP Digital StrategyWELLS FARGOSenior Director, Strategic Insights &ResearchYAHOODigital Customer Experience in theB2B SpaceCustomer-centricityPascal Hoffmann will look into assessing anddesigning customer experience in B2B, with casestudies from his experience of digital transformation inbanking.David Iudica will discuss how being ‘customercentric’ is on of the most important characteristics forestablishing a truly ‘digital native’ culture.Call will discuss how social media and mobile isevolving.Mike GermanoChief Digital OfficerVICECross - Channel StrategiesTo succeed and integrate digital channel efforts,marketers now need to understand what channels —and what type of content — perform. This is theimperative.

SPEAKERS IN DETAILSpeakersVIEW FULL ABSTRACTSDigital PanelistsPankaj ChopraOrlando LimaDigital PanelistsINNOVATION ENTERPRISEDirector, Global Strategic InsightsJOHNSON & JOHNSONVP, DigitalVIACOMOptimizing Back-End Technology toImprove the Front-End ExperienceBuilding eCommerce throughInsightsIncreasing Customer EngagementThrough Digital StrategyA digitally smart company recognizes that its ITsystems play an important role in decreasingfrustration and serving customers more efficiently.With the growing importance of eCommerce, it isessential to win in this space in order to grow BrandLeadership and Market Share.Orlando will share his expertise in transforming thedigital user experience, increasing customerengagement, and getting a better ROI for Viacom.Jonathan RobertsGina PensieroAbigail FloraContent StrategistFACEBOOKBrand StrategistTWITTERSVP Data Science & AudienceDevelopmentABOUT.COMHow to Stay on the Right Side ofthe Creep LineUse Twitter to Build Your BrandThe Power of Contextual Relevanceand the Intent-Driven MillennialTechnology constantly improves, an appetite forpersonalization continues to grow and our ability totarget becomes more and more sophisticated. Thistalk will help you keep your products on the right sideof the creep line.Twitter strategies need to focus on building yourbrand, which requires you to look at each aspect ofyour interactions on Twitter as a brand-buildingactivity.At About we have more expert content than anyoneelse. We see month to month, day to day, what theinternet cares about – across every demographic. Inthis talk we'll use the lens of to study theinterests of millenials – the problems they need tosolve, and how they learn to solve them.

SPEAKERS IN DETAILSpeakersVIEW FULL ABSTRACTSMichael AaronsonEzra NanesVP, Film Product Development &Strategy, Digital DistributionNBC UNIVERSALSenior Director, Product Experienceand DesignACCUWEATHERPANEL DISCUSSION: Positioningthe Transactional Digital VideoMarket for GrowthPANEL: The Importance of CreatingDifferentiated Experiences onOwned PlatformsVP, Film Production Development & Strategy,Digital Distribution at NBC Universal and the ChiefDigital Officer at Beachbody will discuss how best toposition the transactional digital video market(EST/VOD) for growth amidst the vast & growingarray of free or subscription video offerings.This panel will look at how the increasing dominanceof platforms like Facebook, Android and iOS and howthey shift the dynamic for media and content brands,who have their product consumed very often on nonowned properties.Valeria StrappaHead of Client & Strategy ManagementCITIHow Digital is Changing Strategy,Impacting Culture and AffectingProductivityValeria will discuss strategies for transforming yourdigital business culture within your organization.Patrick StiegmanJeff HurlowKevin SidellVP, DigitalESPNHead of Brand SolutionsVIMEOSenior Manager, Digital StrategyKELLOGG'SStrategising for Changing DigitalMediums & PlatformsVimeo's Omni-ChannelCommunication StrategyDigital Online Media & ShopperMarketing: Knowing Which 50%WorksPatrick delves into ESPN's strategy for personalizedtargeted marketing across changing digital mediumsand platforms.The omni-channel shift essentially places theconsumer and their individual preferences at thecentre of all transactions and processes related tothose transactions.John Wannamaker famously declared “50% of myadvertising is wasted, I just don’t know which50%”.The greatest advancements in digital over thelast few years have come in the form of media,helping to drive costs down, potentially increasereach to target audiences, and show performanceagainst key metrics.

SPEAKERS IN DETAILSpeakersVIEW FULL ABSTRACTSAmber HorsburghIrina ShamesBelen PamukoffVP, StrategyDOWNTOWN RECORDSHead of SalesCNN INTERNATIONALBrand DirectorHEINEKENUtilizing Brand Strategies to DriveAwarenessA Strategy to Drive SalesBringing an Hispanic Brand toGeneral MarketBuilding a strong brand awareness strategy isn’t justa great idea — a solid strategy helps you directlyimpact your company’s bottom line sales figures.Christa ImbrialeBefore you look to do anything, make sure you havea clear sales strategy that aligns with your revenuegoals. Look deep, inside and outside of the companyfor opportunities to build a killer strategy — it’s key togrowing revenue.In this session, Belen Pamukoff, Brand Director forTecate (a Heineken brand), will discuss the strategythat led to an explosion of growth for Tecate in theUS.Elizabeth BursteinKenny MillerSenior Product ManagerLINKEDINSVP, Digital Programming & ProductDISNEY ABC TELEVISION GROUPBuilding a Culture that FostersInnovationAccelerating Digital into a HundredYear-old BrandExperimenting With DigitalBusiness ModelsChrista will talk about how to build a culture thatfosters innovation for an effective digital strategy.The campaign, entitled “From the Desk of Liz Arden,”expands the brand’s digital footprint and provides afresh, personalized, behind-the-scenes consumerexperience.Executive Director, Digital ProductionOnlineESTéE LAUDERKenny will share his team’s strategy for creating aglobal infrastructure alongside a wide scale re-brand.

SCHEDULE AT A GLANCEScheduleKeyDay 2Day 107:30 Registration - Light Breakfast07:30 Registration & Pre-Summit Breakfast08:25 Chairperson Overview07:30 Registration - Light Breakfast08:50 Chairperson Overview08:25 Chairperson Overview09:00 Keynote08:50 Chairperson Overview10:30 Coffee Break - Exhibition Area09:00 Keynote10:30 Coffee Break - Exhibition Area10:30 Coffee Break - Exhibition Area11:00 Session10:30 Coffee Break - Exhibition Area12:30 Lunch11:00 Session13:00 Lunch12:30 Lunch13:30 Session13:00 Lunch15:00 Coffee Break - Exhibition Area13:30 Session15:30 Session15:00 End of Summit15:30 Coffee Break - Exhibition Area15:30 Session16:00 Session16:30 End of Summit17:00 Networking Drinks - Exhibition Area17:30 Networking Drinks - Exhibition AreaCHECK INAn opportunity to check yourself into the event and meetother leaders in your industry ahead of the dayKEYNOTEListen to actionable case studies largely brought to you byFortune 500 companiesSESSIONListen to actionable case studies largely brought to you byFortune 500 companiesCOFFEE BREAK & LUNCHA chance to sit down, network and connect with decisionmakers within the industryNETWORKING DRINKSA more relaxed environment in which to engage with allattendees and gain valuable connections

I can say hands down, you guys do the finestjob of anyone in the media conference space

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TICKETS AND PRICING OPTIONSTicketsBuy a group of at least 3 passes to receive up to 25% offInterested in attending? Register online or contact Yazmin 1 415-604-3798 44 20 3608 9832Book your hotel room: Click here to book online for discounted room ratesGROUP PASSESREGISTER ONLINEPURCHASE AN ON DEMAND PASS HERE**Recordings and presentations available subject to speakers consent.Innovation Enterprise reserves the right to add and remove video content


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The leading global voice inenterprise innovationThrough our key channels - Big Data,Analytics, Strategy, Innovation, Digital,Sports, Finance, & Supply Chain - weconnect industry leaders across thebusiness spectrum, from leadingFortune 500 companies to disruptiveand exciting new startups, facilitatingthe sharing of ideas through webinars,articles, white papers, and on-demandvideo content.VISIT CHANNELSIdeas for a new generationof leadersThe leading global academyfor enterprise innovationGain access to our extensive businesseducation library on topics that are importantto you. Our summits are recorded and givento you on this unique platform, allowing youto gain actionable ideas, delivered by yourpeers. Our content is available 24 hours aday, 7 days a week. Learn on the train, atyour desk or on your sofa. BusinessEducation On Demand.A leadership and management trainingprovider, providing practical trainingcourses. Understanding the challengesof keeping pace in a constantlychanging world, our courses arespecially crafted to help you succeed inbusiness. We offer workshops,immersive onsite programs & onlineeducational programming delivered byindustry experts.VIEW LIBRARYVISIT ACADEMY

Digital Marketing Innovation Summit The main themes for this year's discussion are: Omni Channel Marketing Strengthening Brand Loyalty The Future of Social Media & Mobile Evolving Content - Video, Personalization, Visual Ads By covering the hottest topics within digital marketing we create a

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