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galTHE SOUTH AFRICAN rParaleggalParalegalParalegalParalegalLeader inParalegal Training in SAIn business since 1992Represented throughout SAby franchise system.Setting and up-holdingthe standards.Perfect AdministrationAny enquiry dealt with inone week (except duringschool holidays).Examinations forall subjects 2 x year.Specializing inCore Areas of the LawSix legal subjects.Proven to be indemand by corporations law firms.ParalegParalegalParalegalegalgalTraining Providerfor Employees ofWho's Who ofBig business corporationsLaw firmsState departmentsParastatals.ParalegaOffering Flexibilityin LearningFace-to-Face Learning atvarious venues throughoutSouth Africa.Distance Learning with aunique system in South Africa.ParalegParalegParalegalWhat is a Paralegal?Career OpportunitiesParalegals or Legal Assistantsare people who are able to workin a legalenvironment.Paralegals have a sound basicknowledge of the legal principlesrelevant to the field in which theyare working and as a result areable to work independently toperform legal tasks. Althoughnot qualified to represent clients,Paralegals perform variousimportant legal tasks and otheradministrative duties in theoffice. In an attorney's practice,for example, the Paralegalrelieves the workload of theattorney by performing much ofthe routine legal work orresearch.Apart from the obvious position of working as alegal assistant in a legal practice, numerousemployment opportunities exist for Paralegals. Aperusal of the career section of the localnewspaper will frequently show that the marketplace is looking for the services of Paralegals inmany areas. The skills of a Paralegal will be anasset in any legal environment, both in thepublic and private sector:Paralegal ParalegalParaleParalegalParalegal Paralega Legal practitioners Law firmsCommunity centres Advice officesBanks Mortgage originatorsInsurance companiesCourts Mediation institutionsEstate Agents DevelopersCivil Service departmentsDebt collectorsCorporate business.ParalegalParalegalParalegalFind us onParaleParaleParalegaParalegParalegalParalegThe South African School ofParalegal Studies (SASPS)37 South Street, Oberholzer, Carletonville, 2502Tel: 021-686 9262 Fax: 018-787 3155 E-mail:

ParalegalParalegalParalegParalegalParalegalralegal Overview of CoursesgalParalegalParaleParalegals or legal assistants are persons with legal skills who are employed or wish to beemployed by a lawyer, law office, governmental agency, or other entity in a capacity or functionwhich involves the performance of legal egalSenior Paralegal Coursealegalgal(SP)–CommercialLaw Course (CL)The Senior Paralegal or Commercial Law course is a non-NQF Provider Programme, whichis ideal for people already working in an environment where legal skills are advantageousor who want to enter the legal field and want to achieve a broad legal background. Thesubjects covered in the courses are: Criminal Law & Procedure, Civil Litigation, PropertyLaw & Conveyancing, Business Law, Debt Collecting and Wills & Estates. The course canbe completed in a minimum period of 12 months as each examination / assignment isoffered at least once a year; students can extend the period to 24 months.ParParalegParalegalStudents obtain The SouthAfrican School of Paralegal Studies Short Course non-NQFParalegalParalegalcompletion certificates for each Short Course completed; The South African School ofParalegal Studies Senior Paralegal or Commercial Law Course non-NQFcompletion certificate is given to students who pass all six Short Courses. In order toqualify you are required to obtain a mark of at least 40% for the examination/assignmentfor Property Law & Conveyancing if you are a CL-student; and for Business law if you arean SP-Student. The pass mark for all other Short Courses is 50%. The South AfricanSchool of Paralegal Studies Senior Paralegal or Commercial Law Course reflectsa record of all six short courses successfully completed. The six short courses comprisingthe Senior Paralegal or Commercial Law Course must have been completed within amaximum period of four years in order to ensure the currency of the learning legalgalShort Courses (SC)Entry Requirement:Paraleg South African matric, orThe six S hort C ourses are non-NQF Provider Progammes tertiary level learningaimed at students who want to gain legal knowledge inthrough life experienceindividual legal subjects. There are six courses to choosefor persons 23 yearsfrom, namely Criminal Law & Procedure, Civil Litigation,or older.Property Law & Conveyancing, Business Law, DebtCollecting and Wills & Estates. The South African Schoolof Paralegal Studies Short Course non-NQFcompletion certificates are handed to those who pass; a pass rate of 50% is required.Re-writing is possible; conditions apply. Students can at any time later opt to register forthe other five courses, one by one or all at one time, and will thus be able to achieve TheSouth African School of Paralegal Studies Senior Paralegal Course or the Commercial LawCourse.ParalegParalegalParalegal ParalegalParaleParalegalParalegal ParalegaThe South African School Of Paralegal Studies Provider ProgrammesWhat is a Provider Programme?Provider Programmes are usually designed to address specific education, training anddevelopment needs, such as courses for self-enrichment, continuous professionaldevelopment, self-employment, or orientation to a specific career. It is not and does notlead to a formal credit-bearing national qualification registered on the NQF.ParalegalThe Senior Paralegal/Commercial Law Course and the six Short Courses have beendeveloped by The South African School of Paralegal Studies. Although these courses are notan accredited NQF qualification, our courses have been developed specifically for thespecialized training of paralegal and legal support staff in professional practices, financialinstitutions, corporations and those wanting to embark upon a paralegal egParalegalParalegOur Mission"Training paralegals to play a vital role in the South African legal system."

galParalegalParaleThe South African School of Paralegal Studies is a leading Private Provider of Paralegal training andhas been recognized by individuals, corporations and civil service departments as a reputable trainingprovider with consistently high standards for over 20 years. Our short courses enjoy a market-related credibility and are carefully designed to meet specific training needs within the paralegal alegalalegal We have already trained staff from:galParParalegLAW FIRMS & AUDITORSGuthrie & Rushton, Werksmans, A. Batchelor & Associates, Spencer Pitman, Pincus Matz Attorneys, Miltonde la Harpe, Rileys Incorporated, Dykes van Heerden Attorneys, S. Hamdulay Attorneys, Tinkler Attorneys,De Waal Boshof Attorneys, Chennels Albertyn, Adams & Adams; Balsillie Watermeyer & Cawood; BDOSpencer Stuart; Bernadt Vukic Potash Getz; Bisset Boehmke & McBlain; Bowman Gilfillan; ButlerBlanckenberg; CA Friedlander; Cliffe Dekker; Fuller Moore Inc.; Deloitte & Touche; Ernst & Young;Fairbridge Aderne & Lawton; Findlay & Tait; Hofmeyer HerbsteinGihwala & Cluver; Gelb, Simon & Shapiro; Greenwoods; Herold Gie &Broadhead; Ince Wood & Raubenheimer; Jan S de Villiers & Son;Laubscher & Hattingh; Lex Help; Mallinicks; Malherbe H. Inc; MillerGruss Katz & Traub; Marais Muller; Edward Nathan Sonnenberg;Pincus Matz Marquard Hugo-Hamann; Pohl & Stuhlinger; Scot,Shapiro & Sonnenberg Inc.; Silberbauers; Smuts, Kemp & Smal;Smith Tabata Buchanan Boyes; Walker alParalegalegalgalParalegaBANKS & FINANCIAL SERVICESABSA Bank; First National Bank; Investec Bank; Land &Agricultural Bank of SA; Metropolitan Life; Momentum; MortgageSA; Nedcor; NBS Bank; Old Mutual; Protea Assurance; ProteaFinance; Sanlam; Seardel Investment Corp.; Standard Bank;Stannic.COMPANIES & PRIVATE ORGANISATIONSAccountants@Law, Creditworx, Saartjie Baartman Legal Advise Centre, AMC Classic; Black Sash AdviceOffice; BP British Petrolium; Cadbury SA; Catholic Welfare & Development; CG Smith Sugar Ltd.; ChevronSA; Constantiaberg Mediclinic; Claremart Auctions; Engen Petrolium; Gray Security Services; Hymax SA;Irving & Johnson; Legal Wise; Makro; N1 City Hospital; National Union of Distributive and Allied Workers;National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa; Oceana; Pam Golding Properties; Permprop; Pick 'n Pay;Plessey Projects; Rawson Properties; Rex Trueform Clothing; Safmarine; Seeff Properties; Shell SA; Steer &Co.; Sterkinekor; Tempest Car Hire; Truworths; V&A Waterfront (PTY) Ltd.; Virgin Active; Woolworths.ParalegParalegParalegalSTATAL & PARASTATAL ORGANISATIONSOffice of the Chief Justice, Legal Aid Board, AdvocatesChambers; Airport Company; Building IndustrialCouncil; Cape Consumers; Cape Technikon; ChasEveritt; City of Cape Town; Department of Health;Department of Defence; Department of EnvironmentalAffairs and Tourism; Department of Justice;Department of Land Affairs; Department of PublicWorks; Department of Transport; Escom; Land ClaimsCommission; Parliament (ANC Caucus); SA Navy; SAPolice; SA Rugby; South African TelecommunicationsRegulatory Authority; Spoornet; Telkom; The StateAttorney; Transnet; UCT Legal Aid Clinic; University ofStellenbosch; Western Cape Education Department;Western Cape Regional Services Council.Paralegal ParalegalParaleParalegalParalegal alegaParalegParalegalParalegOur Mission"Training paralegals to play a vital role in the South African legal system."

galParalegalCORE SUBJECTS FOR THE SENIOR PARALEGAL & COMMERCIAL LAW COURSE SHORT galParalegalalegal Property Law & ConveyancinggalThis course not only gives practicalexamples of conveyancing procedures,but also deals with the propertyregistration system of South Africa. Alsostudied are the duties and functions ofthe Registrar of Deeds and theConveyancer; title deeds and thedrafting of deeds and documents;registrationof mortgage bonds;sectional title work; deceased estatetransactions and land partitions.Business LawThis course gives overviews on subjectsof importance for the world of business:· Contract Law gives a broad overviewof the principles of the law ofcontract.· Corporate Law deals with soleproprietorships, partnerships,companies, close corporations andthe business trust.· Labour Law looks at the employmentcontract and deals with currentlabour legislation and its impact onthe labour aralegParalegalParalegalegalgalParalegaCriminal Law & ProcedureWills & EstatesProvides students with knowledge ofcriminal law and of criminal procedures;dealing with the general principles;pre-trial procedure; bail; search andseizure; securing the attendance of theaccused at trial; the criminal trial,verdict and sentence. Criminal Law alsofocuses on the requirements of specificcrimes such as murder, rape, robbery,housebreaking, Designed for those dealing with theadministration of deceased estates orthe drafting of wills. The syllabus iscomprehensive and designed to dealspecifically with problem areas that canoccur. Practical tuition on the windingup of deceased estates and attending tothe requirements of the Master of theHigh Court.ParalegParalegParalegalCivil LitigationDebt CollectingThe course focuses on legal proceduresfor the recovery of debts, including thedrafting of letters of demand;summonses and obtaining judgement.Also looked at are warrants ofexecution, Garnishee orders andEmolument Attachment orders, Section57, 58, 65 proceedings, prescription andforms of security. Provisions of theNational Credit Act and its debtenforcement procedures are also dealtwith. The aim of the course is to assistany person who is responsible for thecollection of debt from individuals,companies or close corporations.The course will examine the basicprocedures in pre-trial preparation ofdocuments (pleadings) and the use ofprecedents in litigation. The rules of themagistrates' courts will be studied fromthe beginning of the process through tothe trial and execution of judgement; aswell as selected concepts related to HighCourt proceedings.Paralegal ParalegalParaleParalegalParalegal ParalegaParalegalThe aim of the courses is both to enablestudents to study the legal principles involvedand to identify possible problem areas in theirbusiness activities.Students receiveprofessionally edited course notes compiledby experts in alegParalegalParalegOur Mission"Training paralegals to play a vital role in the South African legal system."

VenuesgalCOURSE SCHEDULE 2018SENIOR PARALEGAL COURSE – COMMERCIAL LAW COURSESHORT legParalegal1Gauteng (GP)- Johannesburg- PretoriaNorth West (NW)- CarletonvilleKwaZulu-Natal (ZN) - DurbanFree Sate (FS)- BloemfonteinMpumalanga (MP)Western Cape (WP) - WynbergParalegalalegalgal- WhiteriverParParalegThe School reserves the right to cancel a venue if there are insufficient registrations. If arevision / examination venue is cancelled, students will be reimbursed on payment of therevision lecture fee and an examination registration will automatically be converted to anassignment registration.ParalegalParalegalParalegalDates1st term: Civil Litigation- Revision Lecture- Examination/Assignment SubmissionBusiness Law- Revision Lecture- Examination/Assignment SubmissionWills & Estates- Revision Lecture- Examination/Assignment Submission27 March 201810 April 2018ParalegParalegal Paralegalegalgal 2nd term:2 Debt Collecting- Revision Lecture- Examination/Assignment SubmissionProperty Law & Conveyancing- Revision Lecture- Examination/Assignment SubmissionCriminal Law & Procedure- Revision Lecture- Examination/Assignment SubmissionThe cut offdate for28 March 2018registration11 April 2018for Term 1 is09 February 201829 March 201812 April 2018Paralega05 June 201819 June 2018Paraleg06 June 201820 June 2018The cut offdate forregistrationfor Term 2 is20 April 2018ParalegParalegal3rd term:3 Business Law- Revision Lecture- Examination/Assignment Submission Wills & Estates- Revision Lecture- Examination/Assignment Submission Civil Litigation- Revision Lecture- Examination/Assignment Submission07 June 201821 June 201814 August 201828 August 2018The cut offdate forregistrationfor Term 3 is29 June 2018Paralegal ParalegalParaleParalegalParalegal Paralega4th term:4 Property Law & Conveyancing- Revision Lecture- Examination/Assignment Submission Criminal Law & Procedure- Revision Lecture- Examination/Assignment Submission Debt Collecting- Revision Lecture- Examination/Assignment SubmissionParalegal15 August 201829 August 201816 August 201830 August 201823 October 201806 November 201824 October 201807 November 2018The cut offdate forregistrationfor Term 4 is07 Sept 2018ParalegalParalegal25 October 201808 November l dates, times & venues subject to confirmation)Our Mission"Training paralegals to play a vital role in the South African legal system."

galDistance Learning in a NutshellParalegalWith our unique systemfor Distance egal“YOU'LL NEVER STUDY ALONE”The salient features ofParalegalalegalgalThe six courses are:Civil LitigationBusiness LawCriminal Law & Procedureour Distance Learning Provider Programmes are: Wills & EstatesDebt CollectingProperty Law & ConveyancingStudents get a comprehensive Study Guide as well as Self-study hints Glossary of legal terms ParParalegCourse catalogueParalegalParalegalParalegalSASPS provides a Tutorial Service with a schedule for the whole year, enabling students to speakwith the tutor on the phone. There is the choice between an examination and an assignment.Students can assess their progress in learning by a Self Assessment Paper they will receive fromSASPS seven weeks before the examination/assignment submission date. Five weeks before theexamination/assignment submission date students will get a Revision Paper with multiple choicequestions; the model answers are sent out two weeks later. Students opting for an examination willreceive a previousExamination Paper in time before the examination date; the model answers willbe presented and discussed at the revision lecture (see below).ParalegParalegalParalegaTwo weeks before the examination SASPS will have a Revision Lecture which will focus on aprevious examination paper and also enables students to ask the lecturer questions related to therespective subject. SASPS is able to offer this revision lecture at 7 different venues twice a year (seeAnnual Schedule). Examinations are conducted twice a year for each courseat 7 venues forthose students who want their knowledge to be assessed this way. Those students who live or worktoo far away from the venues have the choice to be assessed by way of an assignment.ParalegalegalgalWe offer studentsParalegFour Categories of Distance Learning:ParalegParalegalRevision Lecture Examination (both at any one of the venues)This should be the standardchoice. The student gets taken through one of the previous examination papers by the lecturer of therespective course and has the opportunity to ask questions. Sitting for the examination means thatif successful the student can prove that hehasundergone a test on his knowledge in an examination,set and marked by SASPS Carletonville, but written at all venues.No Revision Lecture, but Examination (at any one of the venues)The student has thechoice to omit the revision lecture, but takes advantage of the opportunity to sit for anexamination for the reasons mentioned above. SASPS recommends attending revision lecturesas this is a vital building block in the understanding of the subject and in preparation for theexamination.Paralegal ParalegalParaleParalegalParalegal ParalegaRevision Lecture Assignment (revision lecture at any one of the venues)The studenthas the choice to go for a test of his knowledge by an assignment instead of an examination.The assignment paper will be set and marked by SASPS in Carletonville.ParalegalParaleParaleNo Revision Lecture, but Assignment This choice should only be made by students who liveor work some distance away from a venue or with time constraints with regard to the dates forrevision lecture and egalParalegOur Mission"Training paralegals to play a vital role in the South African legal system."

galFEES ParalegalShort CourseIf you are registering for athe following feesapply depending on the category of distance learning that you choose.ParalegalalegalRevision Lecture & ExaminationNo Revision Lecture,but ExaminationBasic FeegalR1,380.00R1,600.00R230.00R595.00Basic FeeRegistrationLearning MaterialR1,380.00Registration(electronic version)R1,600.00Learning MaterialRevision ralegalR 3,805.00All LearningMaterial &Assignmentsin ElectronicVersionRevision Lecture & AssignmentR 3,575.00No Revision Lecture,but alBasic FeeParalegalegalgalR 1,380.00RegistrationR 1,600.00Learning MaterialBasic Fee(Electronic version)R230.00Revision ionR1,600.00Learning MaterialR595.00(Electronic version)(Electronic version)Assignment(Electronic version)R 3,805.00 TOTALR 3,575.00TOTALParalegPayment OptionsParalegParalegalOption 1 - R 3,805.00 (with revision lecture) / R 3,575.00 (without revision lecture)Full payment at registrationOption 2 - R 3,805.00 (with revision lecture) / R 3,575.00 (without revision lecture)Student pays as suits him/her.However- registration confirmation and learning material will only be sent outafter SASPS received fees for registration and learning material;- admission to revision lecture and examination/assignment will depend on payment offees for revision lecture and examination/assignment four weeks before those dates.Paralegal ParalegalParaleParalegalParalegal ParalegaNote: Students may opt for hardcopies ofThe notes instead of downloadingthem from our website. The additional cost is R230.00 per subject.! The assignments instead of receiving them electronically. The additional costis R230.00 per subject.ParalegalParaleParaleNotice of cancellation / postponement / change of registrationfor the revision lecture / examination/assignment must begiven in writing. If such notice is received by the School laterthan 20 working days before the revision lecture / examination/ assignment the fee is ralegalParalegOur Mission"Training paralegals to play a vital role in the South African legal system."

ParalegalParalegalParalegParalegalParalegalralegal Commercial Law CourseSenior Paralegal CoursegalParalegalIf you are registering for theAll LearningMaterial &Assignmentsin ElectronicVersion(SP) or(CL) the following fees alBasic FeeR 4,750.00 RegistraR 9,600.00 Learning MaterialParalegalalegalgalNotice of cancellation/postponement/change of registrationfor the revision lecture/examination/assignment must be given in writing.(electronic version)If such notice is received by theSchool later than 20 working daysbefore the revision lecture/Examination/assignment the fee isnon-refundable.R 1,380.00 Revision Lectures (opR 3,570.00 ExaminaAssignments (electronic version)R 19,300.00 TOTALParParalegParalegalParalegalFull payment at registration.Payment OptionsParalegalOption 1 - R 19,300 (with revision lectures) / R 17,920 (without revision lectures)Option 2-R 6,960.00 at registration (includes R2,210.00 handling fee for this option)-R 1,600.00 for each set of learning material before SASPS will make it available.ParalegParalegalParalega-R 230.00 for each revision lecture (optional) received 4 weeks in advance.-R 595.00 for each examination/assignment received 4 weeks in advance.ParalegalegalgalOption 3 - (Monthly payments of R1100.00)This option enables students with a small budget to study with us over a period of 18months paying altogether 23 instalments.The 23 instalments add up to R25,300.00(incl. R1,380.00 for Revision lectures (optional))ParalegRegistrationWe will confirm registration after the first payment of R1100.00.ParalegParalegalFirst SubjectThe student will receive notes and course material (electronic version) after another threeinstalments (R1100.00 x 3 R3,300.00). The student qualifies also for attending therevision lecture (if applicable) and writing the examination or assignment of this subject.* Although we try to follow the schedule you have indicated, the course will onlycommence after payment of these three instalments, irrespective of what you haveindicated on your registration schedule.Paralegal ParalegalParaleParalegalParalegal ParalegaFurther SubjectsOn receipt of another three instalments per subject for the remaining 5 subjects(R1100.00 x 3 R3,300.00 x 5 subjects) the student can do the next course(s); the notesand course materials will be made available; attend the revision lectures (if applicable);the examination(s) / assignment(s) can be written.* Although we try to follow the schedule you have indicated, the course(s) will onlycommence after payment of these three instalments x 5 subjects, irrespective of what youhave indicated on your registration schedule.CompletionAfter settlement of the balance of R1100.00 x 4 R4,400.00 we will release The SouthAfrican School of Paralegal Studies Short Course non-NQF completion certificates for eachshort course and The South African School of Paralegal Studies Senior Paralegal orCommercial Law Course non-NQF completion certificate provided that the student hasqualified for them through sufficient examination results.We reserve the right to adjust a student’s instalments to meet an increase in fees (if any) ifa student does not follow the above instalment plan within the maximum period of 18months from date of leParalegaParalegParalegalParalegNote: Students may opt for hardcopies of The notes instead of downloading themfrom our website. The additional cost is R230.00 per subject. The assignmentinstead of receiving them electronically. The additional cost is R230.00 per subject.

aralegalHOW TO SCHEDULE LEARNINGParalegalalegalgalSASPS has many years of experience with the optimal timing oflearning, revision of learning and preparation for an examination.Although SASPS will try to accommodate each student'sideas regarding the speed for the achievement of the desired results SASPShas developed recommendations and set certain rules.ParParalegShort Course (SC)ParalegalParalegalParalegalRecommendation: Student should have- at least 2 monthsbut- not more than 11 months (jumping to next available term)from receipt of course notes to examination/assignment.ParalegParalegalRule: Student must- write the examination/assignment the latest in term after first available term,but- can apply for postponement twice (for a fee); SASPS can refuse admission forgood reason only. If course notes have changed substantially since, student isobliged to buy a new set of notes at listed price from SASPS.ParalegaParalegalegalgalRe-write: Student must- do it at next available examination/assignmentbut- can apply as above.Up-dated notes: The above applies too.ParalegSenior Paralegal or Commercial LawCourses (SP/CL)ParalegParalegalGeneral rule:Each subject will be treated as SC regarding- schedule - logistics.Paralegal ParalegalParaleParalegalParalegal ParalegaRecommendation: Students should- not tackle more than 2 courses in minimum period recommended for SC(2 months)- ideally spread the six courses over a period of 12 monthsfrom receipt of course notes to examination/assignment.Rule: Student must- at least complete 1 course per term which will result in a standard duration of 18months,but- can apply for postponements up to a maximum of 2 years (for a fee as SC).Up-dated notes: The above applies aParalegParalegalParalegOur Mission"Training paralegals to play a vital role in the South African legal system."

galSTEPS FROM REGISTRATION TO COMPLETIONParalegalThe following schedule demonstrates the typical sequence of events from registration tothe successful completion of a course from a student's aralegalParalegalRegistrationalegal-gal(at any time)Fill in registration formAttach copies of identity document matric certificate (or alternative documents)Receipt of Registration (within 5 working days)ParParalegSent off from SASPS:- Letter of receipt (if applicable) request for additionalinformation/documents- Invoice with fees for registration learning ParalegalContacting SASPS (at any time)ParalegParalegal--Sending requested additional information/documents(if applicable)Payment on invoiceParalegalegalgalParalegaConfirmation of Registration(within 5 working days after receipt of payment)Sent off from SASPS:- Letter of confirmation of payment (if applicable) receipt additional infos/docsLearning Material-Welcome packStudy guideTutor scheduleCourse notes.Student schedule (with dates for further study material,revision lecture examination)ParalegParalegParalegalSelf-assessment Paper(7 weeks before examination/assignment submission date)Sent off from SASPS:- Paper for self-assessment- Model answersParalegal ParalegalParaleParalegalParalegal ParalegaRevision Paper(5 weeks before examination/assignment submission date)Sent off from SASPS:- Revision paper with multiple choice questions- Invoice for revision lecture, if applicable sent off on commencement of each course(only applicable to payment option 2).Payment on invoice--Payment for each revision lecture (optional) to be made 4 weeks in advance tosecure position.Payment for each examination/assignment to be made 4 weeks in to raleParalegaParalegParalegalParalegOur Mission"Training paralegals to play a vital role in the South African legal system."

ParalegalParalegalParalegParalegalParalegalralegal Further MaterialgalParalegal(3 weeks before examination/assignment submission lSent off from SASPS:ParalegalExamination Studentalegalgal-Answers to revision paperLast examination paper (to be discussed at revision lecture)Reminder on revision lecture (if applicable) examination (date, location, contactdetails, reminder that identity document must be carried for identification)ParParalegAssignment StudentParalegalParalegalParalegal--Answers to revision paperReminder of revision lecture and lastexamination paper (if applicable)Reminder on submission deadlineParalegParalegalExamination-(approx. 2 weeks after revision lecture)Students write exam as advised; orParalegalegalgalParalegaAssignment--Dispatched from SASPS at least 1 week prior to submission date, electronicallyor via hard copy if so chosenStudents wr

The South African School of Paralegal Studies is a leading Private Provider of Paralegal training and has been recognized by individuals, corporations and civil service departments as a reputable training provider with consistently high standards for over 20 years. Our short courses enjoy a market

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