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JusticesChief JusticeWILLIAM J. BOYCETRACY CHRISTOPHERMARTHA HILL JAMISONSHARON MCCALLYJ. BRETT BUSBYJOHN DONOVANMARC W. BROWNKEN WISEKEM THOMPSON FROSTClerkFourteenth Court of AppealsCHRISTOPHER A. PRINEPHONE 713-274-2800Christopher Prine, Clerk301 Fannin, Suite 245Houston, Texas 77002September 17, 2014RE: Destruction of civil case records.Dear District and County Clerks:Beginning December 16, 2014, the Fourteenth Court of Appeals will begin destruction of recordsin civil cases that have been finally disposed of and stored for at least six years. See Tex. Gov’t CodeAnn. § 51.204(d). Prior to destruction, records requested by a district or county clerk, in accordance withrecords retention schedules for records of district and county clerks, may be returned to their respectiveoffices. See Tex. Gov’t Code Ann. § 51.204(d) (1). Additionally, records of the appellate courtdetermined to be archival state records will be forwarded to the Texas State Library and ArchivesCommission for preservation.The following criteria may be considered when identifying archival state records: (1) anylandmark legal opinion; (2) any case with a high degree of inherent legal interest, including a case inwhich the Texas Supreme Court granted an application for petition for review; (3) any case that involvedsignificant people or events; (4) any case that received a high degree of media attention; or (5) recordsthat, in the opinion of the Clerk or other person designated by the Court, contain highly concentrated,unique, and valuable information unlikely to be found in any other source available to researchers.Although the Fourteenth Court of Appeals is currently reviewing all of the cases identified fordestruction, I welcome comments from the various counties within our jurisdiction. The civil recordsunder consideration for destruction are the appeals and original proceedings that were finally disposed ofand stored during the calendar year of 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, & 1999. For your convenience, a list ofcases from your county, grouped by year, for each year that a case was disposed of and stored by thisCourt is attached. Please review the list of cases for both local records retention compliance and, ifdesired, the archival criteria above. I would ask that special attention be given to identify those cases thatmay have received a high degree of media attention in your area. Anyone who wishes to suggest that aspecific civil case should not be destroyed may contact the Clerk of the Court atFiling14th@14thcoa.courts.state.tx.us. The deadline to contact the Fourteenth Court of Appeals isDecember 16, 2014.Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.Very truly yours,Christopher A. Prine, Clerk

AUSTIN (DISTRICT COURT) CASESCase NumberAppellantAppellee14-94-01145-CVHundl, Jr. Daniel James14-97-00398-CVClayton, Brenda Colene14-94-00325-CVEvans, Shirley, Pfluger,Joyelyn HoppePflughaupt, GaryPflughaupt, GenePflughapt, MariePflughaupt, and LaVerne Hoppe Roberts,Individually and asIndependent CoExecutrix with VivianHoppe of the Estate ofVirgil Hoppe, DeceasedNigh, Susan GailOakley, Gladys M.,Judge of County Courtat Law, Austin County,TexasFirst National Bank ofBellville, Darly Mertins,Individually and asIndependent Executrixof the Estate of JamesHelwig, Deceased,Dottie Helwig, BradyHelwig, and OttoKnippel as IndependentExecutor of the Estateof Irene Knippel,DeceasedPage 1Final StorageDate04/09/96CountyTrial CourtAustinCounty CourtTrial Court CaseNumber735905/07/97AustinCounty CourtUnknown02/20/98AustinCounty Court6807

AUSTIN (DISTRICT COURT) CASESCase NumberAppellant14-96-00525-CVFitts, Barbara V.14-94-00979-CVRay, Lawrence Earl14-96-00730-CVFitts, Jr., Charles Edward14-97-00114-CVAustin County AppraisalDistrict14-95-00586-CVKovar, Pete and Kovar,Joyce14-95-01292-CVRandle, BertAppelleeHonorable Beck, DanR., Judge 155th DistrictCourt, Austin County,TexasEvans, Ruby and King,NovellaJudge, Beck, Dan R.,Judge of the 155thDistrict Court, AustinCounty, TexasEinkauf, Clarence, EtUx.Krampitz, David H.,Krampitz, Phillip Wayneand Krampitz, H.E.Mid Gulf, Inc.Page 1Final StorageDateCountyTrial CourtTrial Court CaseNumber05/14/96Austin155th District Court94R-09507/25/96Austin155th District Court94V-13308/12/96Austin155th District Court94-0495 &94049605/30/97Austin155th District Court93V-10106/09/97Austin155th District Court94V-09107/07/97Austin155th District Court95V-019

BRAZORIA (COUNTY COURT) CASESFinal StorageDate02/06/97CountyTrial CourtBrazoriaCOUNTY COURT ATLAW NO 108/04/97BrazoriaWilliam EdwardRepschlegerMendoza, Jr., JoseSalazarButler, Mickey aPeltier, IV, Mitchell E.08/21/98Brazoria11/03/98BrazoriaTexas Department ofPublic SafetyTejas Gas Pipeline, LLCBlanche Bertie WarrenTodd, Et Al.Edenton, ThomasEdwardM.B. Marshall11/03/98Brazoria11/03/98BrazoriaWalter, RichardCharlesThe State of Texas12/04/98Brazoria14-98-00697-CVTexas Department ofPublic SafetyIn The Matter of B.I.12/13/99Brazoria14-96-00153-CVPaul, Wayne A.First USA Bank06/17/96Brazoria14-97-00471-CVSeaway PipelineCompany, Arco PipeLine Company andPhillips PetroleumCompanyGermany, Garvin H.,Presiding Judge ofCounty Court at LawNo. 2, and ProbateCourt of BrazoriaCounty, Texas08/04/97BrazoriaCOUNTY COURT ATLAW NO 1COUNTY COURT ATLAW NO 1COUNTY COURT ATLAW NO 1COUNTY COURT ATLAW NO 1COUNTY COURT ATLAW NO 1COUNTY COURT ATLAW NO 1COUNTY COURT ATLAW NO 1COUNTY COURT ATLAW NO 1COUNTY COURT ATLAW NO 1COUNTY COURT ATLAW NO 1COUNTY COURT ATLAW NO 2COUNTY COURT ATLAW NO 2Case NumberAppellantAppellee14-96-01100-CVNorton, Adelaide14-96-01246-CVTexas Department ofPublic SafetyTexas Department ofPublic SafetyTexas Department ofPublic SafetyTexas Department ofPublic SafetyTexas Department ofPublic SafetyTejas Gas Pipeline, LLCEstate of BennyMaurice Norton,DeceasedGlasco, CV14-97-00449-CVPage 1Trial Court M24,103M22304M24,109M22,424M5937M20,691G21,594G

BRAZORIA (COUNTY COURT) CASES14-97-00472-CVArco Pipe Line Companyand Phillips PetroleumCompanyGermany, Garvin,Judge of County Courtat Law No.2 andProbate Court ofBrazoria County, TexasNordin, Jr., GlennCaseyGuajardo, Danny08/04/97BrazoriaCOUNTY COURT ATLAW NO 221,594G14-97-00141-CV14-98-00871-CVTexas Department ofPublic SafetyTexas Department ofPublic SafetyTejas Gas Pipeline, LLC05/29/98Brazoria22,276G06/16/98BrazoriaDesign Assurance, Inc.11/03/98BrazoriaTejas Gas Pipeline, LLCRegina C. Evans, Et Al.11/03/98BrazoriaFederal DebtManagement, Inc.12/3/1998BrazoriaArrington, WilliamCharlesMonroe, James Louis12/04/98Brazoria02/23/99BrazoriaCortinas, Carol Ann03/08/99Brazoria14-98-01415-CVPalmer, Patsy,Individually and asIndependent Executrixof the Estate ofRaymond M. Palmer,Deceased and RichardM. PalmerTexas Department ofPublic SafetyTexas Department ofPublic SafetyTexas Department ofPublic SafetyIn Re: Linda Thi HuynhCOUNTY COURT ATLAW NO 2COUNTY COURT ATLAW NO 2COUNTY COURT ATLAW NO 2COUNTY COURT ATLAW NO 2COUNTY COURT ATLAW NO -00031-CVL.T.H. (WHC)The State of Texas07/09/99Brazoria14-94-00834-CVTurner, Robert Somers,Jr., Tuner, Mary &Waguespack, CynthiJohn Lentworth#340466In Re: Estates ofHelena DorothyTurner, Deceased, Et AlDr. Richard Victoriaand Warden 00601-CVPage 2COUNTY COURT ATLAW NO 2COUNTY COURT ATLAW NO 2COUNTY COURT ATLAW NO 2COUNTY COURT ATLAW NO 2COUNTY COURT ATLAW NO 2COUNTY COURT ATLAW NO 3COUNTY COURT ATLAW NO G6,913G24,841-G18,66121,840B

BRAZORIA (COUNTY COURT) CASES14-94-00956-CVSmith, Rodney WayneWebb, Victor andBecker, FredTHE HONORABLEJAMES A. 3-CVPAULA LAWRENCE,R.N., JOELLA SOUTH,R.N, ANGLETONDANBURY GENERALHOSPITAL, ANDMEMORIALMANAGEMENTSERVICES, INC. F/K/AMEMORIAL CAREMANAGEMENTSERVICES, INC.Hoover, Alan11/12/96BrazoriaHawkins, Jim02/06/97Brazoria14-96-00379-CVHoover, AlanHawkins, Jim02/06/97Brazoria14-96-01296-CVJohn Lentworth02/06/97Brazoria14-94-00809-CVPine, Robert EdwardJerry Deere, DistictClerk of BrazoriaCountyThe State of Texas02/06/97Brazoria14-97-00131-CVMcGowen, Robert S.,Guardian of the Estateof Ronald ColeMcGowen Ward andMcGowen, Robert S.and McGowen, Elisa,IndividuallyArco Pipe Line Companyand Phillips PetroleumCompanyHonorable Mills, JerriLee, Assigned Judge,County Court at LawNo. 3 and ProbateCourt of BrazoriaCounty, Texas02/13/97BrazoriaBlackstock, James A.,Presiding Judge,County Court at LawNumber 3 and ProbateCourt of BrazoriaCounty, Texas08/04/97Brazoria14-97-00473-CVPage 3COUNTY COURT ATLAW NO 3COUNTY COURT ATLAW NO 320,350BCOUNTY COURT ATLAW NO 3COUNTY COURT ATLAW NO 3COUNTY COURT ATLAW NO 320,499BCOUNTY COURT ATLAW NO 3COUNTY COURT ATLAW NO 319,369BCOUNTY COURT ATLAW NO 321,595B21,17120,499B21,840B21,171

BRAZORIA (COUNTY COURT) CASES14-97-00474-CVSeaway PipelineCompany, Arco PipeLine Company, andPhillips PetroleumCompany14-97-00475-CVSeaway PipelineCompany, Arco PipeLine Company, andPhillips PetroleumCompany14-97-00476-CVArco Pipe Line Companyand Phillips PetroleumCompany14-96-00600-CVDoris M. Tigner14-97-00911-CVFord Motor Company14-97-00624-CV14-98-00874-CVDoherty, Frank, Trustee,Et AlTejas Gas Pipeline, LLC14-98-00873-CVTejas Gas Pipeline, LLC14-96-01511-CVThe State of TexasBlackstock, James A.,Presiding Judge,County Court at LawNumber 3 and ProbateCourt of BrazoriaCounty, TexasBlackstock, James A.,Presiding Judge,County Court at LawNumber 3 and ProbateCourt of of BrazoriaCounty, TexasBlackstock, James,Judge of The CountyCourt at Law Number3, and Probate Court ofBrazoria County, TexasCity of Angleton08/04/97BrazoriaCOUNTY COURT ATLAW NO 321,595B08/04/97BrazoriaCOUNTY COURT ATLAW NO 321,574B08/04/97BrazoriaCOUNTY COURT ATLAW NO 321,574B09/16/97Brazoria20,006BJudge Blackstock,James A., Probate andCounty Court at LawNo. 3., BrazoriaCounty, TexasDevaughn, ReginaldW., Et AlJohn G. Winkleman, EtAl.Raymond Parthum andCarolyn ParthamSledge, William L.,Sledge, William Roger,Attorney-in-Fact forSledge, William L., TheEstate of Sledge,10/16/1997BrazoriaCOUNTY COURT ATLAW NO 3COUNTY COURT ATLAW NO azoria02/23/99BrazoriaCOUNTY COURT ATLAW NO 3COUNTY COURT ATLAW NO 3COUNTY COURT ATLAW NO 3COUNTY COURT ATLAW NO 3Page 416,24724,108B24,105B16,698B-1

BRAZORIA (COUNTY COURT) CASESGladys V. and Sledge,W. Roger, 97-01357-CVTexas Department ofPublic SafetyIn Re: Karam, JeromeM.Texas Department ofPublic SafetyJohnathan MarcThomasBreazeale, JimmieLadellPage OUNTY COURT ATLAW NO 3COUNTY COURT ATLAW NO 3COUNTY COURT ATLAW NO 322,775B22,247&22,247-A22,790B

BRAZORIA (DISTRICT COURT) CASESCase VJones, Robert LeeMcGowen, Robert S.,Guardian of the Estateof McGowen, RonaldCole , A Minor14-95-01373-CVFlores, Erby axson, Richard, Inmate#468760Plant The EarthCorporation, a/k/a PlantThe Earth, Inc.Karl, Sr. Gary L.Benavides, Eduardo M.Doughty, D., WardenMay, Robert E., Judgeof the 149th DistrictCourt of BrazoriaCounty, Texas, andDeere, Jerry, DistrictClerk of BrazoriaCounty, TexasTexas Department ofCriminal JusticeInstitutional Division,Et AlSafely, L., Ms.Mailroom SupervisorBrazoswood NationalBank14-95-01065-CVMcDowell, re, LarryMoore, LarryFres Vela14-95-00531-CVHodgson, Monique14-95-00331-CVWalker, DarleneTexas Department ofCriminal Justice,Institutional, Div.Cox, Richard, d/b/aRed Top RestaurantPena, A.Lopez, AmparoThe Honorable RobertMay, Judge, 149thDistrict Court, BrazoriaCountyThe University of TexasMedical Branch atPage 1Final StorageDate01/29/9602/12/96CountyTrial CourtBrazoriaBrazoria149th District Court149th District CourtTrial Court CaseNumber94I0049Unknown02/23/96Brazoria149th District Court95I001703/11/96Brazoria149th District Court94I003506/21/96Brazoria149th District Court91M119706/24/9607/12/96BrazoriaBrazoria149th District Court149th District Court94I0001-294-I000807/15/96Brazoria149th District iaBrazoria149th District Court149th District Court149th District h District Court90M2956-1

BRAZORIA (DISTRICT COURT) 96-00237-CVCharles Bonner #560458Beacon NationalInsurance Co.Stockman, LawrenceTerrence R. Spellmon14-95-00908-CVLoftin, Valerie14-95-00875-CVMartinez, Mario14-94-00746-CVSchlager, Rita D. andSchlager, Ronald J.14-96-00238-CV14-95-00341-CVHorace Albert Knight#287645Dunlap, orge ChildsIn Re Billy Dale CarterGomez, Richard F.14-96-00232-CV14-97-01298-CV14-98-01054-CVAgency Rent-A-CarRichard TobiasTurner, Albert14-97-00971-CVSimmons, AltonGalveston, Et AlTracy Williams, et. al.William Daniels02/06/9703/17/97BrazoriaBrazoria149th District Court149th District Court90I001192M3231Halliburton CompanyTexas Department ofCriminal Justice,Institutional DivisionRice, Unruh, ReynoldsCo.Thaler, Richard,Anthony J. Collins, TinaM. Carmona, Et AlRobert Clements, Jr.,Roy E. Brown, Alton C.Todd and Brown, Todd,Hagood & DavenportAnthony W. Wiggins05/06/9705/06/97BrazoriaBrazoria149th District Court149th District Court95M2817-195I004305/30/97Brazoria149th District Court94M1473-106/16/97Brazoria149th District Court95I002006/23/97Brazoria149th District Court91M305212/11/97Brazoria149th District Court95I0038Dow ChemicalCompany and JimAndrewsCarl Ward, et al01/08/98Brazoria149th District iaBrazoria149th District Court149th District Court149th District 8BrazoriaBrazoriaBrazoria149th District Court149th District Court149th District Court92M23861432I9796M149012/04/98Brazoria149th District Court96I0977Texas Department ofCriminal JusticeInstitutional DivisionBrenda HughesLt. Kufeji, Et AlAdalpe, Anna,Individually and AsNext Friend of Aldape,Miguel, A MinorWilliams, DrewPage 2

BRAZORIA (DISTRICT COURT) -CVIn Re: Davis, John KingIsbell, Linda IndividuallyIn Re Cordova, PeteIn Re: Mack, Joe HenryIn Re: Gill, Anthony E.Alford, D. R., Individ.and Alford RealtyGeneral MotorsCorporation14-96-00688-CVShelton, Von H.14-96-00717-CVK Mart Corporation andWilliam ColemanPatterson, Barbara Lee14-94-00358-CV14-90-00267-CVBrazosport Bank ofTexas14-96-01493-CVLeroy Moore and BHCIndustries, Inc.14-97-00067-CVBarley, George C. andMarine IntermodalSpecialist International,IncZapata Off-ShoreCompanySea Mar Management,Inc., WesternGeophysical Company,A Division of razoriaBrazoriaBrazoriaBrazoria149th District Court149th District Court149th District Court149th District Court149th District Court239th District /10/96Brazoria239th District Court90-G-217606/10/96Brazoria239th District Court2059807/15/96Brazoria239th District Court93G2189The First National Bankof Lake JacksonOak Park Townhouses,General Partnership, EtAlThe Honorable J. RayGayle, Judge 239thDistrict Court, BrazoriaCountyHonorable Gayle, III, J.Ray09/12/96Brazoria239th District Court93G087402/04/97Brazoria239th District Court87G156102/04/97Brazoria239th District Court95B226402/12/97Brazoria239th District CourtG-95-768Barnes, Ricky02/26/97Brazoria239th District Court93-G2281-1The Honorable J. RayGayle, III, and TheHonorable NeilCaldwell, As Duly05/23/97Brazoria239th District Court95-G-2122Ryan, Charlotte IsbellLingo, Sr. James A. andLingo, Carol A.Gayle, III, J. Ray, Judgeof 239th District Court,Brazoria County, TexasThe Honorable J. RayGayle, III, Judge, 239thDistrict Court, BrazoriaCounty, TexasLaura RamirezPage 3

BRAZORIA (DISTRICT COURT) CASESAlas International, Inc.,and Western AtlasInternational, CVSea Mar Management,Inc., WesternGeophysical Company,A Division of WesternAtlas International, Inc.,and Western AtlasInternational, Inc.Seitsinger, MargaretAnnThe State of TexasMallinckrodt Medical,Inc.Donald H. Parish AndFrankie Jo ParishParish, Donald H. andParish, Frankie Jo14-97-01014-CVHiggins, Harold andHiggins, ShannonDarleneJani-King of Memphis,Inc., Jani-King, Inc. andJani-King International,Inc.The City of Manvel14-98-01018-CVGray, Zane14-97-00542-CVElected Judges of the239th Judicial DistrictCourt, of BrazoriaCountyThe Honorable J. RayGayle, III, As DulyElected Judge of the239th Judicial DistrictCourt of BrazoriaCounty, Texas05/23/97Brazoria239th District Court95-G-2122The City of LakeJackson and JasmineHallJudge, Gayle, III, J. RayDeborah L. Proctor, etalStroud, P.E., Randy L.08/08/97Brazoria239th District Court94G106409/05/9710/14/97BrazoriaBrazoria239th District Court239th District Court31,57294G322612/16/97Brazoria239th District Court92G1718Southwest Land TitleCompany of Angelton& Vivian BarnettLubojacky, August L.and Lubojacky, Mary E.01/08/98Brazoria239th District Court92G17185/15/1998Brazoria239th District Court96G0671Michael R.Scarborough, Et Al06/16/98Brazoria239th District Court95G1859Tholen, Fred andTholen, PaulaBrazosportIndependent SchoolDistrict, Et Al.12/04/98Brazoria239th District Court96G265602/23/99Brazoria239th District Court4659*JG98Page 4

BRAZORIA (DISTRICT COURT) CASES14-98-00475-CVEntex, A Division ofNorman Energy Corp.,and Noram Energy Corp14-98-01175-CVWarren, Dan D. andImran Wasiq14-97-00581-CVWilliams, Angie Et Al.14-97-00918-CVTillerson, Deborah14-95-01343-CVSoderman, Mark14-96-00511-CVWilliams, Donald Ray14-96-00557-CVThomas, Dan14-94-00530-CVWaggoner, Kelcie14-96-00975-CVDan Thomas14-96-00697-CVEnsource Corporation14-96-00054-CVFisher, Catherine Jeanand Fisher, GregoryNealCity of Pearland,Individually and onBehalf of OtherSimilarly SituatedEntitiesJerome Aldrich, DistrictAttorney and Joe King,SheriffLee's Credit Jewelers,Inc.Kemper NationalInsurance Companyand Lumberman'sMutual CasualtyCompanyTroy & Nichols, Inc., EtAlJudge, 23rd DistrictCourt, Brazoria County,TexasJudge 23rd DistrictCourt, Brazoria County,TexasMorrow, Janet Duffeyand Morrow, James,Husband: Et AlJerry Deere, DistrictClerk, Brazoria CountyThe Honorable BenHardin, Judge, 23rdDistrict Court, BrazoriaCounty, TexasWestmont Hospitalitydba Lake Jackson InnPage 507/12/99Brazoria239th District Court3131-JG-9709/17/99Brazoria239th District Court5300*JG9809/17/99Brazoria239th District Court93G092912/13/99Brazoria239th District Court95G0881-104/09/96Brazoria23rd District Court94G161405/06/96Brazoria23rd District Court20,45106/10/96Brazoria23rd District Court16,68408/20/96Brazoria23rd District Court92CO32309/12/96Brazoria23rd District Court16,68711/12/96Brazoria23rd District Court95H287802/04/97Brazoria23rd District Court95C0393

BRAZORIA (DISTRICT COURT) CASES14-97-00146-CV14-97-00544-CVEx Parte: Williams,Donald RayHernandez, AntonioArturoCampos, Abraham14-96-00055-CV14-97-00890-CVBrevard CompanyThomas, Dan14-97-00033-CVRandall, Jr., JulianArthur14-97-00129-CVBrazoswood NationalBankLinton, Laura Howell, EtAlIn Re: MourikInternational B.V.In Re Donny HarveyIn Re: Thomas, DanIn Re: Sitton, TracyIn Re: Harvey, DonnyJoelBradford, Rhonda SueShelton, Jimmie EugeneBarlow, RogerEx Parte: Joseph MartinHauserEx Parte: Alonzo, GloriaFloresAlexander, ia23rd District CourtUnknownGayle, J. Ray03/17/97Brazoria23rd District Court16,964Judge, 23rd DistrictCourt, Brazoria County,TexasSmith, RobertGayle, J. Ray, Judge ofthe 23rd District Courtof Brazoria County,TexasTexas Department ofCriminal Justice - IDEmployees, Et AlFidelity and DepositCompany of MarylandAirbus Industrie andAeroforamtion06/23/97Brazoria23rd District Court2694707/16/9709/05/97BrazoriaBrazoria23rd District Court23rd District Court92C129016,68711/10/97Brazoria23rd District Court94I002204/13/98Brazoria23rd District Court94C299212/04/98Brazoria23rd District Court92-C037502/23/99Brazoria23rd District oriaBrazoriaBrazoriaBrazoria23rd District Court23rd District Court23rd District Court23rd District h District Court300th District Court300th District Court300th District a300th District Court93B331205/14/97Brazoria300th District Court92B1755Bradford, David GlenShelton, Kathryn AlisonSmith, Jerry BarlowAlexander, ShannaPage 6

BRAZORIA (DISTRICT COURT) -CV14-98-00057-CVThomasAshley, Steven EugeneEx Parte: Solomon,David BlakeEx Parte: Kirkpatrick,ThomasIn Re Duward C. Die Jr.In Re Duward C. Die, Jr.Kerri LoweIn Re: Rebecca AnnClarkIN THE INTEREST OFS.D., M.D., J.D. and D.D.,MinorsMarieStevens, MaryKathleenJerome Jason LowePage 708/26/97Brazoria300th District Court86K002609/05/97Brazoria300th District Court30,57309/18/97Brazoria300th District iaBrazoriaBrazoriaBrazoria300th District Court300th District Court300th District Court300th District zoria300th District Court95B1019

BRAZOS (COUNTY COURT) CASESCase NumberAppellantAppellee14-94-00939-CVC.R.L.The State of TexasFinal StorageDate12/03/9614-98-00090-CVLacy Well Services, Inc.J.F.W. Equipment, Inc.12/18/98Brazos14-96-01498-CVFuller, Martha YoungsHarris, Sandra KayTates, Individually andas Next Friend of Tates,Latasha, a Minor02/25/97Brazos14-99-00794-CVIn the Matter of R.C.W.Jr., a Child10/25/99BrazosPage 1CountyTrial CourtBrazosCounty Court at LawNo 1County Court at LawNo 1County Court at LawNo 2County Court at LawNo 2Trial Court CaseNumber93-J-9440,06440,634-CCL298-J-99

BRAZOS (DISTRICT COURT) CASESCase NumberAppellantAppellee14-96-01504-CVBillie Jo Gibs Barrios14-95-00289-CVRussell, Michele,Thornton, Sr., WilliamsS., Payne, Billy M.,Watson, Jay Don,Lawrence, III, John M.,Lawrence, John Webb,Lawrence, Ann, Dorman,William T. and Burk,AdrianIn Re: Bannister, BruceKevinIn Re Avi Bart MarkowitzIn Re: Avi BartMarkowitzCDS Enterprises,Inc.d/b/a TexconHon. John Delaney,Judge 272nd DistrictCourt, Brazos CountyThe City of Bryan andNorth Central -96-00550-CVIn re: Cooper, ThaddeusIn the Interest of J.C.T.,J.C.T., F.E. and Z.C.,Minor ChildrenoRoy Chapman14-98-00677-CVIn Re: Davis, ChadRuffino, Carolyn L.,Judge of the 361stDistrict, Brazos County,TexasCelestine Carpenter,Individually and asRepresentative of theEstate of ClarenceCarpenterPage 1Final StorageDate02/06/97CountyTrial CourtBrazos272nd District CourtTrial Court CaseNumber18,818-27203/17/97Brazos272nd District Court31,814-27205/18/98Brazos272nd District Court18,835-27209/15/9810/29/98BrazosBrazos272nd District Court272nd District Court35,930A-27235,930A-27205/30/97Brazos361st District Court42,016-36112/01/9712/11/97BrazosBrazos361st District Court361st District Court24,119-3617755-36102/12/98Brazos361st District Court41,068-3616/26/1998Brazos361st District Court345-96-361

BRAZOS (DISTRICT COURT) CASES14-97-00893-CVFenleyCDS Enterprises Inc.,D/B/A Texcon14-97-00197-CVCDS Enterprises, Inc.D/B/A Texcon14-98-00224-CV14-96-00325-CV14-98-00929-CVIn The Interest of P.M.B.Debra Lee SennetIn Re: Readfield FoodServices Inc., ArthurThompson and C.Bernard Lynch, IIICity of BryanRamon, Isidro14-96-01554-CV14-99-00424-CVMyrad Real Estate , Inc.and FountainheadDevelopmentCompany, Inc.Myrad Real Estate, Inc.and FountainheadDevelopment Corp.,Inc.12/04/98Brazos361st District Court42,016-36110/25/99Brazos361st District Court42,016-361John Matthew 1st District Court85th District Court85th District Court42,194-36133,163A-8545,312-85City of College StationCity of Bryan01/21/9909/02/99BrazosBrazos85th District Court85th District Court40,381-8548,055-85Page 2

BURLESON (DISTRICT COURT) CASESCase NumberAppellantAppellee14-95-01216-CVWal-Mart Stores, Inc.14-98-00583-CVThomas, Vincent14-96-00147-CVWilliams, HowardVanzandt14-96-00795-CVWilliams, HowardVanzandt #53997514-95-00347-CVFarmers MutualProtective Associationof TexasIn The Interest of T.D.,Q.D, and J.D.In Re: HowardVanzandt WilliamsIn Re: HowardVanzandt WilliamsWilliams, HowardVanzandtDavis, Annie P. andDavis, Edwin W.Clayton WilliamsEnergy, Inc. Fetford,Tom, Saldana, Peteand McCauley, CharlesLandmark Exploration,Inc. Eugene Chmelar,Frank Chmelar, Davis,Mable, Williams,Denise A., Williams,Henry, and Matthews,Michael G.Judge, Towslee, HaroldR., 335th District Court,Burleson County, TexasZwernemann, Larryand 01198-CV14-98-00795-CVTowslee, Harold R., EtAl.Page 1Final StorageDate02/06/97CountyTrial CourtBurleson21st District CourtTrial Court CaseNumber20,76012/13/99Burleson21st District Court21,52605/06/96Burleson335th District Court20,56508/12/96Burleson335th District Court20,56504/02/98Burleson335th District Court20,79508/21/98Burleson335th District Court21,53210/29/98Burleson335th District Court21,68911/04/99Burleson335th District Court20,56512/13/99Burleson335th District Court21,689

CAMERON (COUNTY COURT) CASESCountyTrial CourtIn Re Pasol, IsaacFinal StorageDate08/04/98CameronIn Re: Isaac Pasol09/15/98CameronCounty Court at LawNo 2County Court at LawNo 2Case ePage 1Trial Court CaseNumber25,143-B25,143-B

CHAMBERS (DISTRICT COURT) CASESCountyTrial CourtBell, Tammy ReneeFinal StorageDate12/12/95Chambers344th District CourtTrial Court CaseNumber13,535Jones, Carole Sue06/24/96Chambers344th District Court13,973The HonorableWilborn, Jr., Carroll E.,Judge of the 344thJudicial District Court,Chambers County,TexasThe HonorableWilborn, Jr., Carroll E.,Judge, 344th DistrictCourt, ChambersCounty, TexasRossana Martinez(Court Reporter)Dugat, Dennis,ConstableWilborn, Jr., Carrol E.,Judge of 344th DistrictCourt, ChambersCounty and Scherer,Jr., R.B., District Clerkand Dugat, Dennis,Constable of Pct.#1,Chambers County,Texas07/26/96Chambers344th District Court15,87709/17/96Chambers344th District Court9648 & 9648-B10/25/96Chambers344th District Court15,16204/07/97Chambers344th District Court1516204/08/97Chambers344th District Court15,16211/13/97Chambers344th District Court945910/05/98Chambers344th District Court15,654Case VCrockett, Donald R. andCrockett, Pamela DianeLege, Eugene J. and AceTransportation, Inc.McManus, Sherry Lynn14-96-00817-CVSpeer, Gordon W., et al.14-96-01276-CVLeo Roger Dugas14-97-00241-CVDugas, Leo Roger14-97-00325-CVDugas, Leo Roger14-97-01232-CVIn Re Frank JamesWIlliamsBradley Feed & Supply,14-94-00734-CV14-97-01270-CVJacquelyn C. WigginsPage 1

CHAMBERS (DISTRICT COURT) CASES14-98-01111-CVInc. and John A. BradleyMelancon, Juana MariaMelancon, Joel K.Page 210/04/99Chambers344th District Court16941

COLORADO (DISTRICT COURT) CASESCase VHelene NathanJohn T. Engstrom, Et. Al.14-97-00832-CV14-96-00995-CVWilliam Helmer BlairGraylin LoweHon. Gus J., StraussThe First National Bankof Eagle LakeGlenda Ruth BlairHon. Gus J. Strauss,Judge of the 2nd-25thDistrict Court ofColorado County14-98-01154-CVIn Re: John E. Hearn, Jr.and Lara Energy, Inc.Page 1Final StorageDate03/11/9604/02/98CountyTrial CourtTrial Court CaseNumber17,71817,448ColoradoColorado25th District Court25th District Court12/07/9909/17/96ColoradoColorado25th District Court2nd 25th DistrictCourt18,53718,42310/29/98Colorado2nd 25th DistrictCourt19,219

FORT BEND (COUNTY COURT) CASESCase NumberAppellantAppellee14-96-01496-CVGayle Grenstad Glover14-97-00235-CV14-98-00120-CVTexas Department ofPublic SafetyIn Re Jose Luis GarzaD/B/A Tropicana NightClubSydow, Dale PhilipHonorable LarryWagenbachMeadows, Jr., RossEdward14-97-01304-CVIn The Matter of C.S.14-95-00288-CVWestern Gas ResourcesStorage, Inc., a TexasCorporation14-96-00768-CVBerezoski, M.D., RobertN., d/b/a SouthwestPlastic Surgery and AllOccupantsGreen, Robert F. and AllOccupants of 8223 VinyRidge Dr., Houston, TXGarrett, 7-01246-CV14-96-01097-CVPowers, Mel,Individually and BasinCement Company, Inc.Texas Department ofFinal StorageDate02/06/9703/03/9804/02/98Texas Department ofPublic Safety05/18/9805/06/99CountyTrial CourtFortBendFortBendFortBendCounty Court at LawNo 1County Court at LawNo 1County Court at LawNo 1FortBendFortBendFortBendCounty Court at LawNo 1County Court at LawNo 1County Court at LawNo 2Trial Court CaseNumber13,11114,7765049155055566Harrelson, Phillip L.,Harrelson, Sheriee R.,Banc One MortgageCorporation, Successorin Interest to FirstbancSavings Association ofTexasDrake DevelopmentCompany06/23/9701/08/98FortBendCounty Court at LawNo 212626Federal NationalMortgage Association01/21/99FortBendCounty Court at LawNo 216367Sean Investments, Inc.09/02/9912/07/99County Court at LawNo 2County Court at LawNo 216628Adams, Thomas A. IIIFortBendFortBendBly, Jay Arthur12/04/98FortCounty Court at Law14253Page 111,71213916

FORT BEND (COUNTY COURT) CASES14-98-00807-CVPublic SafetyAdvanced

Justices WILLIAM J. BOYCE TRACY CHRISTOPHER MARTHA HILL JAMISON SHARON MCCALLY J. BRETT BUSBY JOHN DONOVAN MARC W. BROWN KEN WISE Chief Justice KEM THOMPSON FROST Clerk CHRISTOPHER A. PRINE PHONE 713-274-2800 Fourteenth Court of Appeals Christopher Prine, Clerk 301 Fannin, Suite 245 Houston, Texas 77002 September 17, 2014 RE: Destruction of civil case records.

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Sep 17, 2014 · Justices WILLIAM J. BOYCE TRACY CHRISTOPHER MARTHA HILL JAMISON SHARON MCCALLY J. BRETT BUSBY JOHN DONOVAN MARC W. BROWN KEN WISE Chief Justice KEM THOMPSON FROST Clerk CHRISTOPHER A. PRINE PHONE 713-274-2800 Fourteenth Court of Appeals Christopher Prine, Clerk 301 Fannin, Suite 245 Houston, Texas 77002 September 17, 2014

(Conjunto IAF-ILAC-ISO comunicado emitido en 2009). La correlación entre las cláusulas y subcláusulas de esta tercera edición de la OHN-ISO 15189 y los de la OHN-ISO 9001:2008 e OHN-ISO

J ohn Hancock Variable Insurance Trust 6 01 Congress Street, Boston, Massachusetts 02210 J ohn Hancock Variable Insurance Trust ( JHVIT or the Trust ) is an open-end management investment company, commonly known as a mutual fund.

(Enoch 78:6) And when the moon rises one fourteenth part appears in heaven and on the fourteenth day the moons light becomes full. NOTE: First lets look at the first part of verse 6, when the moon rises one fourteenth part appears in heaven On the 1st day in the partial moon phase calendar shown above we can s

tenant in the Second U.S. Infantry in 1867, he was assigned to the Fourteenth regiment two years later and promoted to first lieutenant in February 1876. Taylor remained with the Fourteenth for thirty-one years, advancing to captain in 1892. He transferred to the Eighth U.S. Infantry in 1900 and became major to the Fifteenth Infantry later that .

court assignments, pooling, authorization of leave, and efficient service to the Court and litigants. Each official court reporter in this district shall prepare and submit to the Court Operations Supervisor the quarterly report AO 40A, Attendance and Transcripts of U.S. Court Reporters, listing hours and days in court and any transcript backlog.

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