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California Paralegal Certification Program2021 AprilThe California Alliance of Paralegal Associations (CAPA) created aCalifornia Paralegal Certification Program in 2016, after years of discussion and interest by its Board of Directors, Officers and CCP Committee. Itset out to develop a state-specific, voluntary exam for Californiaparalegals. Unique is that this exam does not require a paralegal to pass aprior national certification exam.CAPA ushered in theCCP CertificationProgram by offeringtheir CCP Exams duringthe inaugural years of2018 and 2019.California Certified Paralegal (CCP) ExamCAPA and the CCPCertification Programhave experienced manychallenges anddisruptions in 2020.The CCP Exam is a written test consisting of 200 multiple choice and true/false questions.Section 1 — Core Paralegal Competencies: Communications,California Legal System, Legal Research, and Legal Terminology;Section 2 — Ethics, California Rules of Professional Conduct,Business and Professions Code Section 6450 et. seq., and Judgmentand Analytical Skills; andIn 2021, CAPA is continuing to set the coursefor California’s paralegalprofession and the CCPCertification Program byoffering two on-site CCPExams - September(northern site location)and in November(San Diego), dates to beconfirmed soon.Section 3 — Substantive Law: Civil Litigation; Corporate Law,Criminal Law, Employment Law, Family Law, Probate & Trust Law, andReal Estate Law.Applicant must be compliant with BPC §§6450(a), (c), and (d).CCP Exam Day — Registration/Logistics (0.5 hour), Exam (3.5 hours) andbreaks after Section 1 and 2 (0.5 hour) This Packet Business & ProfessionsCode (BPC) §6450(certain provisions) CCP — Attorney,Law Firm, Corporation CCP — Student/Paralegal CAPA Ethics Guidelines Certificated or Certified Certification, CCPsAre you planning to become a California Certified Paralegal ?California Certified Paralegal (CCP)Page 1

CALIFORNIA—BUSINESS AND PROFESSIONSCODE §6450—6456 (Specific Provisions)6450. (a) “Paralegal” means a person who holds himself or herself out to be a paralegal, who is qualified by education,training, or work experience, who either contracts with or is employed by an attorney, law firm, corporation, governmental agency, or other entity, and who performs substantial legal work under the direction and supervision of an activemember of the State Bar of California, as defined in Section 6060, or an attorney practicing law in the federal courts ofthis state, that has been specifically delegated by the attorney to him or her. Tasks performed by a paralegal include,but are not limited to, case planning, development, and management; legal research; interviewing clients; fact gatheringand retrieving information; drafting and analyzing legal documents; collecting, compiling, and utilizing technical information to make an independent decision and recommendation to the supervising attorney; and representing clients before a state or federal administrative agency if that representation is permitted by statute, court rule, or administrativerule or regulation.(c) A paralegal shall possess at least one of the following:(1) A certificate of completion of a paralegal program approved by the American Bar Association.(2) A certificate of completion of a paralegal program at, or a degree from a post secondary institution that requiresthe successful completion of a minimum of 24 semester, or equivalent, units in law-related courses and that hasbeen accredited by a national or regional accrediting organization or approved by the Bureau for Private Post Secondary and Vocational Education.(3) A baccalaureate degree or an advanced degree in any subject, a minimum of one year of law-related experienceunder the supervision of an attorney who has been an active member of the State Bar of California for at least thepreceding three years or who has practiced in the federal courts of this state for at least the preceding three years,and a written declaration from this attorney stating that the person is qualified to perform paralegal tasks.(d) Every two years, commencing January 1, 2007, any person that is working as a paralegal shall be required to certifycompletion of four hours of mandatory continuing legal education in legal ethics and four hours of mandatory continuinglegal education in either general law or in an area of specialized law. All continuing legal education courses shall meetthe requirements of Section 6070. Certification of these continuing education requirements shall be made withthe paralegal’s supervising attorney. The paralegal shall be responsible for keeping a record of the paralegal’s certifications.6452. (a) It is unlawful for a person to identify himself or herself as a paralegal on any advertisement, letterhead, business card or sign, or elsewhere unless he or she has met the qualifications of subdivision (c) of Section 6450 and performs all services under the direction and supervision of an attorney who is an active member of the State Bar of California or an attorney practicing law in the federal courts of this state who is responsible for all of the services performedby the paralegal. The business card of a paralegal shall include the name of the law firm where he or she is employed ora statement that he or she is employed by or contracting with a licensed attorney.(b) An attorney who uses the services of a paralegal is liable for any harm caused as the result of the paralegal's negligence, misconduct, or violation of this chapter.6453. A paralegal is subject to the same duty as an attorney specified in subdivision (e) of Section 6068 to maintain inviolate the confidentiality, and at every peril to himself or herself to preserve the attorney-client privilege, of a consumerfor whom the paralegal has provided any of the services described in subdivision (a) of Section 6450.6454. The terms “paralegal,” “legal assistant,” “attorney assistant,” “freelance paralegal,” “independent paralegal,” and“contract paralegal” are synonymous for purposes of this chapter.NOTE: AB 1761 was codified in 2000 as Business and Professions Code (BPC) Section 6450, et seq and becameeffective January 1, 2001. AB 2303 amended BPC 6450 (d) to correct the staggered compliance periods.MISSION STATEMENTStrength through Statewide Alliance - Providing a Voice of Leadership In PromotingEducation, Voluntary Examination, and Advancement of the Paralegal Profession.California Certified Paralegal (CCP)Page 2

Commemorative 2018 CCP Teesavailable for purchase,please contact CAPA.WHY CCP?STUDENT, PARALEGALATTORNEY, LAW FIRM, CORPORATION Validates any prior law or workexperience and education attained Use as a tool to screen and hire the bestparalegal candidates Distinguishes and sets you apart fromothers entering the profession Improve the quality of legal services;encourage voluntary certification Designation tells potential employers youare knowledgeable, competent and seriousabout the profession Increase hourly fees by virtue of yourparalegal’s CCP designation Confirms your knowledge of CA law Employers can verify CCP statusImprove client relations with a competentparalegal qualified to handle the workload andclient interface Looks great on a résumé Distinguish your practice, advertise that yourparalegal has earned the CCP designation Use as an incentive: support your paralegal’sefforts to apply, study, sit for the exam andachieve the designationStudents may apply to sit for the CCP Examafter graduation from an ABA approved or aninstitutionally accredited educational institutionconfirmed by the CCP Certification Program.California Certified Paralegal (CCP)Page 3

What is a CertificatedParalegal?A certificated paralegal has earned acertificate of completion from a paralegal program that offers general practicecurriculum and some legal specialtytraining. Education requirements inparalegal programs vary widely in thenumber of study hours, content, andquality. The American Bar Association(ABA) establishes ABA standards forthe education of paralegals.Graduates of ABA Approved Paralegal Education Programs canbe assured that their credentialswill be recognized by prospectiveemployers.American Bar AssociationCCP bound by California Rules of Professional Conduct (SBC) and CAPACAPA’s Ethics Guidelines A paralegal shall maintain the highest standards of professional and ethicalconduct. A paralegal shall participate in continuing education in order to ensure thehighest degree of professional competence. A paralegal shall always disclose his/her status as a non-lawyer. A paralegal shall not establish an attorney-client relationship, set fees, signdocuments which require an attorney’s signature, or appear in court on behalfof a client, unless authorized by law. A paralegal shall preserve and protect the confidences, secrets, and information written or oral of a potential, current or prior client and/or attorneywhich have been disclosed to the paralegal. A paralegal shall preserve and protect as privileged all communications of theattorney and the client which have been disclosed to the paralegal. A paralegal shall avoid conflicts of interest and immediately disclose in writingany potential conflicts. A paralegal shall exercise great care and professional judgment in determiningthe extent to which a client may be assisted without requiring the presence ofa licensed attorney. A paralegal may communicate legal advice authorized by the attorney to aclient so long as they do not interpret or expand upon that advice.California Certified Paralegal (CCP)What is a "certified" paralegal?Technically a "certified" paralegal is aparalegal who has completed the voluntary certification process of a professional association by developing a specifiedlevel of professional competency .NALA The Paralegal Associationawards the designation Certified Paralegal (CP) or Advanced Certified Paralegal (ACP) to persons who have met itsrequirements, which include passing acompetency exam.The National Federation of ParalegalAssociations, Inc,. (NFPA) awards thedesignation Registered Paralegal (RP)or the designation of CORE RegisteredParalegal (CRP) which include passingtheir respective exams.The term "certified" is sometimesmistakenly used when referring to aparalegal who has earned a certificateby completing a course of study.The ABA does not certify individualparalegals. Paralegals currently are not licensed aslawyers are, nor subject to any otherregulatory scheme. California, however,requires a certain level of education ofpersons using the title "paralegal." The State of California has not adoptedthe ABA Model Rules of ProfessionalConduct. California attorneys’ professional conduct is regulated by theState Bar of California (SBC) under itsRules of Professional Conduct.Page 4

CCPCERTIFICATIONwww.caparalegal.orgCCP Study Guide: You canregister on the CAPA websiteand order an electronic copy ofthe CCP Study Guide. This willget you started in your preparation for taking the CCP Exam.CCP Exam FAQ:This isthe first look at the answers to: 1)am I eligible to sit for the CCPExam; 2) what does the CCPExam cover; 3) where are theCCP Exams administered; 4)what types of questions areasked; and more CCP Fee Schedule: Thisschedule represents the cost ofApplication submission, andRegistration for a CCP Exam,the Study Guide and relatedAdministration fees.*CCP Related Forms:All CCP Exam Applications;ADA Accommodation RequestForm, Hand Count RequestForm; Retake Application andRegistration and ReplacementCertificate Request are all available on line and provide all details,deadlines, and fees* related toeach step.About UsCAPA is a statewide non-profit, mutual benefit corporation dedicated tothe advancement of the paralegal profession and the proposition thatparalegals gain strength through alliance.CAPA maintains statewide and national communications for the purpose of keeping all of its members current with information relating tothe paralegal profession. CAPA has been involved, participated, andserved as an advocate for paralegals, their education, and professionfor the last four decades.In 1992, CAPA’s goal was to obtain a statutory definition of the title“Paralegal”. CAPA was instrumental in the passage of AB 1761 ascodified in 2000 as Business and Professions Code Section 6450, etseq. that became effective January 1, 2001.CALIFORNIA ALLIANCE OF PARALEGAL ASSOCIATIONS est. 1976CCP Insider Web Series—2021 ScheduleMonthly, Second Tuesday, 6:30 p.m.California Certification—Your CCP Future Starts Here!April 13, May 11*, June 8, 2021MCLE* – Corporate Law or Real Estate Law (topic to be confirmed)July 13, August 10*, September 14, 2021MCLE* – Criminal Law or Family Law (topic to be confirmed)October 12, November 9*, December 14, 2021Carole J. Buckner – Ethics PresentationRegistration: 963322018– 2019 Inaugural ClassCCP Directory Lookup: Thisdirectory provides the name, cityand state of those who achievedthe California Certified Paralegaldesignation by passing CAPA’sCCP Exam. This does not provide search results for any paralegal licensing or national certification credentials. * All fees provided aresubject to change withoutnotice at CAPA’s discretion.All “live” forms on websiteprovide current fees.California Certified Paralegal (CCP)Page 5

California Paralegal Certification Program 2021 April. California Certified Paralegal (CCP) Page 2 CALIFORNIA—BUSINESS AND PROFESSIONS CODE §6450—6456 (Specific Provisions) 6450. (a) "Paralegal" means a person who holds himself or herself out to be a paralegal, who is qualified by education,

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California Code of Civil Procedure (CCP) §§ 335-366.3. The statute of limitations for several common causes of action in California include: Personal injury or wrongful death: 2 years (CCP § 335.1). Damage to personal property: 3 years (CCP § 338). Breach of a written contract: 4 years (CCP § 337). Breach of an oral contract: 2 years (CCP .

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