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The ATM Industry AssociationUnstoppable – the Next Gen ATM Wave of InnovationMike Lee - CEO, ATM Industry Association16th October, 2019, “Europe ATM & Payments Innovation Summit”Sheraton Roma Hotel & Conference Centre, Rome

OverviewUnstoppable – the Next Gen ATM Wave of Innovation21Drivers of Innovation2Global Project Update3The business case for Next Gen ATMs: getting ready for the next wave of ATM growth4Future Expectations5Q&A

13Drivers of Innovation


What is innovation?5Avoiding obsolescence by staying relevant!

Thomas Cook Goes Bankrupt Leaving 600,000 Passengers Stranded 6Don’t fly off into the sunset!

Elon Musk Reveals New Rocket Designs Mars Here We ComeFrom earthbound tourism to space tourism keeping the spirit of adventure alive!7

Q: What is the opposite of obsolescence?A: Relevance closely connected or appropriate to thematter in hand (New Oxford Dictionary of English)Synonyms – suitability, fitness, adapted, compatible,consistent with, to be related to, to be fit for,i.e. to be connected to, and in harmony with, today’sworld8

How can we improve the ATM customer experience?LOL9

The Focus of NextGen What we heard at the 2019 ATMIA US conference:1010

211Global Project Update

The Industry RFI was issued January, 2017Sent out globally to 65 different manufacturers and vendors“ATM Deployers believe that a new, App-Model-basednetwork architecture for ATMs will create a flexible, secureinfrastructure for ATMs seamlessly integrated with bothtraditional transaction processing systems as well asemerging and future payments systems through APIs andweb services interfaces.” Deadline for feedback was endof March, 2017 Feedback was very detailed A clear consensus was reachedvery quickly12

Consortium for Next Gen ATMsA shift toward customer experience focused architectureAs of today 276 organizations on 6 continents areparticipating in the Consortium for Next-gen ATMs.The Next Gen ATM blueprint was launched at the ATMIAEurope conference in Madrid, Spain, October 17th,2018.Three committees are taking the Next Gen project forward: Standards and Technical & Governance Committee Next Gen ATM Security Committee Customer Interface & PR CommitteeThey are supported by three technical working groups;13 Functional User W/G Technical W/G Certification W/G

ATM systemarchitecture inthe near futureEmploys a new app- andAPI-based architecture Cloud-based More vendor agnostic Simplified developmentand deployment processesRobust app options Web services Appliances App servers14

2019 Next Gen Timeline Implementation Guide – Standards & SpecificationsThe key project for 2019 is the definition of specificationsand standards required to enable the architecturalblueprint to be globally interoperable. The work ofATMIA’s three Next Gen working groups is based on thesigned-off architectural blueprint, standards roadmap andimplementation model for a new API App model forATMs, which have been developed based on anexceptionally broad industry consensus.15


2019 Next Gen Timeline ATMIA partners with standards committees such as CEN-XFS toadvance these objectives, aligning where possible with theevolving XFS4IoT standard; ATMIA encourages standardization of functionality in thevendor-agnostic interface in the NextGen ATM Architecture andImplementation Guide to promote global interoperability; After a 3 month public consultation period ended on 30thSeptember, the Blueprint 2019 version 1.5 will be signed off bythe Standards, Technical & Governance Committee17

2019 Next Gen Timeline The Implementation Guide version 0.5 is looking at 5 transactiontypes for the cash out function, including card-based, contactlessand cardless transaction types A high level Javascript API is currently being defined for NextGen ATM architecture A Proof of Concept exercise runs from Q4 2019- Q1 2020 withNext Gen ATM prototypes top be showcased at ATMIA’s 2020 USevent in Houston18

2019 Next Gen Timeline Consortium members are actively discussing NextGen withintheir organizations, some have already started a budget processthat includes NextGen, and a few are already well advanced inNextGen product development; Most are also looking at bundling NextGen enablement withother large-scale infrastructure projects, including end ofsupport for Windows 7, the 2020 roadmap including theHypervisor solution, the end of support for WinCE in 2023, andaccelerating adoption of contactless cards. A bundled, planfulapproach can yield significant cost savings and produce a betterintegrated operational result;19

2019 Next Gen Timeline There’s consensus among ATM operators that NextGenenablement should be approached from a consumer experienceperspective. The primary driver of NextGen success for theindustry will be making the changes visible and delightful toconsumers; NextGen will bring simplicity, consistency, make ATM operationsmore cost-effective, and open up new revenue opportunities; Integration with consumer-owned mobile devices is a corefeature of NextGen and quite a few Consortium members arealready discussing it with their hardware and software suppliers.20

321The business case for Next Gen ATMs: gettingready for the next wave of ATM growth

Taking NextGen from Vision to Reality NextGen ATMs can drive costs savings, revenue growth anda better consumer experience NextGen can transform consumers’ view of ATMs from old single-function cash dispensers to modern, mobile-enabled, personalized, multifunction financial tools The business case toolkit identifies 44 specific waysNextGen ATM can be monetized by all stakeholdersWhat return on investment (ROI) will NextGen deliverto my lkit/2222

Fast, Thorough, Efficient Valuation The Matrix identifies each benefit as either one-timeor recurring The Matrix identifies who is most likely to realizeeach benefit – banks, manufacturers, IADs, etc. The Matrix provides a formula for each benefit tocalculate the dollar impact on your business (andyour customers’ businesses) The Matrix will show your payback time frame –Simply input your investment costs and the relevantcost reductions & revenue increases to see your net ROI(annual and cumulative) for years into the future2323



426Future Expectations


A Time of Industry Migration is Coming When migration comes why not migrate tothe future at the same time to prepare foranother generation of relevant ATMs? Sunset dates for Microsoft systems requireanalysis, planning and (big) investments The goal is to reduce migration costs andto help the industry move towardbecoming vendor-agnostic To find an optimal path forward, theWindows 10 migration and Next Gen ATMarchitecture must be examined /dual-migration/

2020-2025 Forecast The NextGen ATM online self-certification system will be completed in 2020 toenable NextGen products and services to be certified as “NextGen ready” The first NextGen compliant products will be launched in major marketplaces Investments by ATM operators in NextGen ATM architecture will increasesubstantially, as the compelling business case gains broader recognition Public and media interest in NextGen ATMs will grow, as positive consumerexperience generates a “buzz” Many banks will include NextGen ATM architecture in their strategic plans forthe five year period 2020-2025 By 2025, NextGen ATMs will be an integral part of the global digital economy,with tens of thousands of NextGen ready ATMs installed and thousands moreon order29

30Contributor ChampionsBVK Tecknoloji A.S. GMV Prineta RXL2020Trionis

Unstoppable - the Next Gen ATM Wave of Innovation Mike Lee - CEO, ATM Industry Association 16th October, 2019, "Europe ATM & Payments Innovation Summit" Sheraton Roma Hotel & Conference Centre, Rome The ATM Industry Association

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4.1 Unstoppable trends are changing the world Unstoppable trends are reshaping the world around us. As well as transforming the ways we live and work, they are creating long-term opportunities and risks for portfolios. Unstoppable trends are powerful multi-year phenomena that are transforming business and everyday life