How To Inspect Fireplaces Stoves And Chimneys

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neysCourseThisstudyguidecanhelpyou: takenotes; readandstudyoffline; organizeinformation;and andcoursecompletionsbyloggingintoyourMembers- 2007- ectors,Inc.Page 1 of 92

Page 2 of 92

ework.Page 3 of 92

otheStandards,theinspectorisrequiredtoinspect:Page 4 of 92

Theinspectionisnotall- nvolvesavisual- isehis/herclientthatallfireplaces,fuel- accessibleandmanuallyoperable. re,systemsandcomponents. avisual- ‐onlyevaluationoftheaccessibleanall- ePage 5 of 92

eatingsystems. thatallfireplaces,fuel- thanannually. chsmokeandgasesfromfuel- stureandcreosote.Asolid- ‐fuel- hed.Connectorsmustbemadeoffactory- - andthicknessnotlessPage 6 of 92

hes(seegraphicbelow).Page 7 of 92

possible.Connectorsshouldbeslopedatleast1/4- astenedwithsheetmetalscrewsorrivets.Asingle- - les.Anon- ‐combustiblethimblemustbeusedwhereasingle- bustiblematerial.Forunlistedsingle- ‐wallchimneysandventconnectors,asingle- ndthewalloftheliner.Page 8 of 92

3- ‐2- ‐10RuleforMasonryChimneysPage 9 of 92

dbywind.The3- ‐2- rtionofabuildingthatiswithina10- on- ‐combustiblematerial.MasonryChimneyFootingPage 10 of 92

astthick. ndationwallonallsides. tline. astinchesawayfromthechimneywall. aterial. non- ‐combustiblewoodshimsPage 11 of 92

of,andfeetaboveanyportionofabuildingthatiswithina- ‐footdistancehorizontally. fromthe. dardbrickis3- ‐5/8- iningis5/8- aceshouldhaveenoughcross- age 12 of 92

ClayLiningMasonrychimneyscanhaveclay,ceramic,cast- ‐in- heycomeinalldifferentsizes,diameters,andcross- entfromagas- ‐firedfurnaceandagas- rychimneys.Stainlesssteelissuitableforwood- ensivealternativeonlyforcertainmedium- ‐efficiencygasheatingsystems.Cast- ‐in- ‐PlaceLiningAcast- ‐in- t- ‐likeproductinstalledinsidethechimney.Thecast- ‐in- rectthestructuralintegrityofanoldchimney.Cast- ‐in- ‐placelinersaresuitableforallfuels.Page 13 of 92

Fuel- trequirementsforchimneyterminations(perthe3- ‐2- hrespectto: andmasonry,metal,andfactory- ‐builtchimneys.Page 14 of 92

TypeofVentingSystemtoBeUsedAppliance ceswithTypeBventsTypeofVentingSystem TypeBgasventChimneySingle- nacesTypeB- dfireplacesDirect- inMeters)flatto6/121(0.30)6/12to7/121- ‐1/4(0.38)over7/12to8/121- ‐1/2(0.46)over8/12to9/122(0.61)over9/12to10/122- ‐1/2(0.76)over10/12to11/123- 25(1.52)over14/12to16/126(1.83)Page 15 of 92

2.13)7- ntally.Thereareotherrequirementsfordirect- ortionofadwellingwithin10feethorizontally. TrueFalseT/F:Agreaterheightforafuel- chesbeingaverticalsurface. ementsforchimneyterminations(suchasthe3- ‐2- fsmuchhigherthanneeded,inmostcases. toorpassthroughafabricatedairductorfurnaceplenum. FalseTruePage 16 of 92

T/F:Acast- ‐in- t- ‐likeproductinstalledinsidethechimney. TrueFalseAcast- ‐in- noldchimney. luminum. sssteelflueliningissuitableforwood- ‐burning,gas,oroilapplications. liner. edforonlyheatingsystem(s). B- rminatewithalistedcaporassembly.Page 17 of 92

drafthood- ‐equipped,gas- ingappliances: wood- ‐burningappliances,suchasfireplacesandwood- ‐burningstoves;incinerators;oil- ‐firedequipment;coal- atproducesfluegasesthatexceed480 F(249 tingapprovedoil- ‐firedandnatural- ‐gasappliancesthatproducedraft- F,or926ºFfor10minutesinanover- usedtoventcoal- ‐orwood- intedontheventitself.Botharedouble- ssteelinnerwall,whileTypeBventsdonot.Page 18 of 92

ckforthefollowingdefects: hroughfloorsortheroof.Thefirestopshouldallowafire- tes;crucialjoists,raftersorotherload- tion- ‐enhancing,acid- andundercertainconditions.2- ‐2- ‐10vs.3- ‐2- nownastheTypeLVent2- ‐2- sesthroughtheroof.This,again,isknownastheChimney3- ‐2- ‐10Rule.Page 19 of 92

esthroughtheroof. feetaboveanyportionofthebuildingwithinfeet. fromsimilarcomponents. - ‐firedandnatural- ‐gasappliances. LBCOT/F:TypeLventsmustnotbeusedtoventcoal- ‐orwood- ‐firedappliances. lchimneycaps. BLOAPage 20 of 92

Typeventsareventssuitableonlyforlisted,drafthood- ‐equipped,gas- hotwatersystems. e- e- ‐halftheunit'sheight,orone- ration.Flashingistypicallymadefromcorrosion- ‐resistantmetal,suchascopper.Counter- ,achimneycricketmustbeprovided.Flashingandcounter- cketheight.Page 21 of 92

chimneycrownshouldbeconstructedofaPortlandcement- soprojectabovethecrownaminimumof4inches.Page 22 of 92

erinstalled.Thearrestorscreenshouldbemadeofaheat- ‐andcorrosion- ‐resistantmaterial,suchasgalvanizedsteel(19- ‐gauge)orstainlesssteel(24- passageofaspherewithadiameterbetween3/8- ‐inchand1/2- talorstonecap. nrycap. aminimumof4inchesatleastone- ent- inches. onstructedfromcommon. mortarmixfiberglassstainlesssteelPage 23 of 92

Thechimneyisthetopelementofamasonrychimney. ttheridgeline,achimneymustbeprovided. ingtopreventwaterpenetration. enfoldeddownwardtocoverthesteporbaseflashing. Counter- ‐UnderlaymentOpen- ion.Page 24 of 92

ortsthemasonryabove.Itmustbemadeofnon- aresizedlargeenoughtoreceivea2- ‐foot- rtarjointsofthefirebrickshouldnotexceed1/4- e 25 of 92

torsorchimneysservingsolid- ‐fuel- ta1/2- ‐inch- ‐thicklayerofcementmortar.Page 26 of 92

low.Theashpitmusthaveaclean- ‐outdoor.Ifthehousehasaslab- ‐on- Page 27 of 92

wouldstillrequireaclean- isdesignofhavingthefireplaceclean- efireplaceislocatedonanoutsidewall.Forslab- ‐on- spaceforanashpitunderthefireplace.Theclean- eincold- cess,andcleantheflueofamasonrychimney.Page 28 of 92

il- eyshouldbemadeofnon- houldbeatleast6inchesinheight.Page 29 of 92

ExteriorAirFactory- zeThecross- houldbeatleastone- ocatedbehindthe. mokeintotheroom. TrueFalseThedampermustbeoperablefrom.Page 30 of 92

mbustionchamber. iciencyofthefireplace. eflectheatenergyintotheroom. firebox. oftheroom. portsthemasonryabove. madeof. heatfromfire. FalseTruePage 31 of 92

Factory- ‐Built(Pre- ‐Fabricated)FireplacesFactory- ‐builtorpre- andtheycomeinawiderangeofstyles.Somefactory- ory- terafactory- actory- pedwithcirculatingfans.Factory- Althoughmostfactory- ‐builtfireplacesaremetal,pre- eringtechniques,includingventingsystems.Factory- ‐BuiltChimneysAfactory- facturer’sinstructions.Allpre- Themanufacturer’sinstructionsshouldcontaine

How to Inspect Fireplaces Stoves and Chimneys

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