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LOG INTO MY PORTAL AND OPEN CANVAS My Favorite Apps 61 E:J Q Options.- WebAdvisor imr Student Email Reminder To access My Portal, go to and click My Portal My Portal Login: Username: 7 digit SCCCD ID Password: First letter of first name (UPPERCASE) First letter of last name (lowercase) 6 digit birthdate: mmddyy

CANVAS IS YOUR VIRTUAL CLASSROOM! IT’S WHERE YOUR CLASSES ARE! Find your classes in Dashboard or M Madera College X l'iffl State Center Single 0 Q: X Tablero X s.1 MCC Guided Pathw .;- GP Student Onboa X () Dashboard X Ill\ lil @ Dashboard X Courses f;" - Menu is on left side I ENGL- 3-80187-2016SP ENGL-12S-80156-2016SP ENGL-3-80187-2016SP ENGL-125-80156-2016SP INSTRUCTURE X in Courses ENG L-3-80187-2016SP ENGL-125-80156-2016SP On line Madera Community Col lege Courses Library Checb out your classes! ENGL-125-80156-20 ENGL-125-80156- Privacy Policy Acceptable Use Policy Facebook Twitter All Courses

KEEP TRACK OF IMPORTANT DATES Today E: TUE THU WED Ill Agenda FRI SAT 8 3 2 5 8 August2020 26 27 28 29 2 3 4 5 12 19 26 30 31 1 2 30 6 13 20 27 3 Cal8nda i- lisfS imi,ortClnt dcitii inrcludling assignment due dates! : ::: : :::":::6SP 2 2 Week MON SUN 26 August 2020 31 1 7 8 14 15 21 22 28 29 4 5 ., CALENDARS Sofia Moreno ' I 8 Ca lendar 9 10 ---- ENGL-125-80156-2016SP Iii Fall Semester Begins 16 17 18 19 I I 20 21 Madera Guided Pathways Work Group 22 MCCC Educational Master Plan Online Madera Community College Library 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 RC Counseling RC/MCCC Starfish Early Alert ., I 11\lnATFn

NEED TO CONTACT YOUR INSTRUCTOR? GO TO INBOX AND SEND A MESSAGE A ll Cou rses 0 Oct 31, 2019 0 Richardson Fleuridor, PhD, A lan . The modules are unlocked T ln box Compose Message Course Clicb to write a message X ENGL-3-80187-2016SP The modules are unlocked To Subject , Sofia Moreno / Question about the reading assignment D Send an individual message to each recipient Hi Mrs. Moreno, When is the the Chapter 13 reading assignment due? Thank you, Maddie Mountain Liorl Cancel - M ffi

Have Questions? Need Help? Check out the HELP section ID a https://scccd.instru ctu Help Ask You r Instructor a Question Quest ions are submitted to your instructor Canvas User Guide for Student s A table of contents for Canvas use. Guias de Canvas Canvas User Guide for Facu lty A table of contents links to Canvas too ls for Faculty. Canvas Commu nity Find answers, share ideas, and join groups. Fresno Ca nvas Su pport (844) 303-0348 Clovis Ca nvas Support (844) 629-6836 Reedley Canvas Support (844) 629-6837 X II Ask Your Instructor a Question Access Canvas training videos Chat with Canvas Support And more! Chat with Canvas Support (Student) Chat with lnstructure's Canvas Support team! Chat with Canvas Support (Facu lty) Chat with lnstructure's Canvas Support team! SCCCD Student Help Desk (559) 499-6070 SCCCD Facu lty Help Desk (559) 244-HELP (4357) (2) Training Services Porta l Access Canvas training videos and courses Help COVI D- 19 Canvas Resou rces Tips for teach ing and learningonline For questions about your classes, contact your instructors!

A table of contents for Canvas use. Guias de Canvas Canvas User Guide for Faculty A table of contents links to Canvas tools for Faculty. Canvas Community Find answers, share ideas, and join groups. Fresno Canvas Support (844) 303-0348 Clovis Canvas Support (844) 629-6836 Reedley Canvas Support (844) 629-6837 Chat with Canvas Support (Student)

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HTML5 Canvas Sergio Luján Mora . 2 HTML5 & CSS3 Content Canvas Canvas reference HTML5 & CSS3 CANVAS . 3 HTML5 & CSS3 Canvas The canvas element provides an API for two-dimensional drawing—lines, fills, images, text, and so on The canvas is only a container for graphics, a

Corte Madera Creek Watershed Infiltration and Storage Assessment (FOCMC 2m) Corte Madera Creek Watershed Sediment Control and Drinking Water Reliability Project (MMWD 1.2m) Corte Madera Creek Watershed: Barriers to Fish Passage in Sleepy Hollow Creek (San Anselmo 2m) Corte Madera Creek Watershed: Saunders Fish Barrier Removal(San Anselmo 2m)

TURF REPLACEMENT REBATE PROGRAM Mail to: City of Madera, Water Conservation, Turf Replacement Conversion Rebate, 1030 S. Gateway Dr., Madera, CA 93637. Phone: (559) 661-5466 - fax (559) 661-0760, Email:, Date Accoun t Information Please print clearly Madera Ci y U ility Billing A count #

Walk-through Business Model Canvas Presentation (review a completed example on slide 44) Use Business Model Canvas template on slide 43 to complete canvas Save completed final canvas slide Upload your completed canvas, via the online portal,

Aug 30, 2021 · Learn to use Canvas e-Learning Services offers live and self-paced options for learning Canvas. Growing with Canvas All LC State faculty are enrolled in Growing with Canvas, which is a self-paced course on how to use Canvas. Growing with Canvas _ has five modules of content that guide users through everything they

addition, Value Proposition Canvas, which is one of the components of Business Model Canvas, has been proposed as a tool to further refine and design Value Proposition (Osterwalder . et al., 2014). Value Proposition Canvas is a canvas to confirm that the needs of the customer and the seeds of the business are consistent. This canvas has two

Business model canvas 7: Online secondary market 32 Business model canvas 8: Store secondary market 35 Business model canvas 9: Restaurants serving rescued food 39 Business model canvas 10: Food upcycling and preservation 42 Business model canvas 11: Responsible waste collection 46 Business model canvas 12: Mushroom cultivation 50 Business .

INTRODUCTION 5 562, 579, 582, 585, 591, 592, 610). Population genetics, for example, identifies the conditions—selection pressures, mutation rates, population