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chevy chase canyon THE CANYON CRIER ANNUAL MEETING EDITION Published by Chevy Chase Estates Association, Inc. Candidate Forum For more than 50 years, CCEA has sponsored a City Council Candidate Forum to give Canyon residents an opportunity to meet and hear from individuals running for City Council. The City Council election is vital to the future of Chevy Chase Canyon and to the entire City of Glendale. It is important for all of us to be informed about the candidates seeking our votes. We encourage all members to attend the Candidate Forum and to vote in the City election. President’s Message by Brian Duran T he best news of 2016 in Chevy Chase Canyon was that the dry and hot conditions of the drought did not result in any major fires! Dry conditions had a negative impact on the health of green landscapes and many trees, but we’re hoping recent rains will reinvigorate Canyon flora. Other good news in our canyon neighborhood is the rapid construction and finishing of the Chevy Chase Country Club. By the time you read this, it will hopefully be open for business and assuming its role as the gem of our canyon. As has been evident to many Canyon residents, we have seen real estate development continue unabated over the last year. We’ve gone from 24 to 36 significant development projects, which include anything from installing a swimming pool to the construction of a brand-new home. As always, the 12 members of the CCEA Board of Directors monitor Canyon projects and review the propriety of each one. The CCEA objects when regulations are not followed and if the intent of the Hillside Design Guidelines is not properly observed. Per the guidelines in our charter, any new developments must be compatible with other homes, and to the greatest extent possible, with the environment. (continued on page 2) February 2017 C C E A’ S 8 0 t h A N N UA L MEETING WEDNESDAY, MARCH 8, 2017 TIME: 7:00 p.m. NOTE THE LOCATION! Chevy Chase Library 3301 East Chevy Chase Drive The 80th Annual Meeting of the Chevy Chase Estates Association will be held on Wednesday, March 8, 2017, at the Chevy Chase Library, 3301 East Chevy Chase Drive. The evening will start with a half-hour social at 7:00 p.m. At 7:30 p.m., we will conduct the business portion of the meeting, including the President’s report, Treasurer’s report and election of Directors. Come On Down! Those of you who are not duespaying members might be wondering why you are receiving notice of the CCEA Annual Meeting. The answer is simple: we want all Canyon residents to be involved! Please join us on Wednesday, March 8th. Meet the CCEA Board of Directors and the many CCEA members who work hard throughout the year to make the Canyon and our city better for all of us. Join us for the Annual Meeting, and join CCEA! Come join us, and join CCEA!

President’s Message (continued from page 1) We are currently bracing for a decision on the applicability of the new Accessory Dwelling Unit (“Granny Flat”) State regulation that allows and encourages a secondary, 500 sq. ft. maximum residence on any lot. The City may exempt hillside areas of the city from this ordinance because of problems associated with narrow roads, such as increased traffic and parking problems, but whatever decision is reached, CCEA will closely follow the implementation of this regulation to protect the woodland character of the Canyon. The Glendale Police Department considers Chevy Chase Canyon to be a pocket of calm in the city with regard to crime. Although the rate of crime in our neighborhood is relatively minor compared to the rest of the city (see the Glendale crime map on, there has been an uptick. Most of this has been burglaries and thefts from unlocked cars, but fortunately, these incidents can be minimized with increased vigilance by Canyon residents. To aid the crime prevention effort, CCEA is currently developing a plan that not only enhances and repurposes our Neighborhood Watch network in order to boost its reach and capability to provide more effective guidance and resources, but will also incorporate elements of the Los Angeles and Glendale disaster-preparedness programs. In this election year, we will again host a Candidate Forum where you can meet the candidates for City Council and hear their thoughts on issues pertaining to the city, along with issues of specific relevance to our canyon lifestyle. All residents are invited to join us at the Chevy Chase Library on March 8th for the CCEA Annual Meeting and Candidate Forum. See you there! Page 2 The Canyon Crier ELECTION OF DIRECTORS CCEA Directors whose terms will expire in March 2017 have agreed to serve another three-year term and will stand for re-election by the membership at the Annual Meeting. CCEA’s bylaws provide, “Other and additional candidates for Directorships may be made by the Members by submitting to the Secretary of the Association, at least two (2) weeks prior to such election and not more than four (4) weeks before such election, a petition signed by at least ten (10) Voting Members of the Association, to the effect that they would like to nominate a certain person as a candidate for Directorship and containing also the consent of such person to be so named. Thereupon such name or names will be added as candidates.” If you are interested in standing for election, you may send your petition to Bill Nicoll, CCEA Secretary, 1671 Chevy Knoll Place, Glendale, CA 91206.

CHEVY CHASE COUNTRY CLUB NEARING COMPLETION The major remodeling of the Chevy Chase Country Club is in its final phase. When you step inside, you will find treasured renditions of the Club’s rich history. The Club is closed to golfers during the month of February as interior details and exterior construction, including work on the patio, parking lots and driveways, are being completed. If you are interested in learning about the Club’s facilities, services and membership packages, you may contact Althea Rowe by phone at 818-246-5566 or by email at Keep a look-out for details regarding the club’s opening day to arrive in your mailbox! Chevy Chase Estates Association Page 7

Canyon Safety Initiative by Hugh Scheffy Visit CCEA Online Get your Canyon News and Alerts free from CCEA’s website. Go to ChevyChaseEstates.US (or Google “Chevy Chase Estates”), click the blue Subscription button and sign The primary goal of the Chevy Chase Estates Association is to protect and enhance the value and experience of living in this beautiful canyon. This takes place through a number of initiatives, one of which is monitoring development projects in the Canyon to assure compliance with city ordinances. Another has been the Neighborhood Watch Program. Your Board is now working on expanding the goals and activities of Neighborhood Watch to support more complete attention to safety in the Canyon. One of the most important aspects of safety is emergency preparedness. Both L.A. County and the City of Glendale are becoming increasingly active and involved with these issues and can provide great support to CCEA, Canyon residents, and to Glendale’s finest (both police and fire). The overriding goal is to increase the understanding of what is needed to be prepared and what to do when disaster strikes. The first step in expanding Neighborhood Watch is to recruit Safety Leaders, who would be the “go-to” people on their block or street in the event of an emergency. Another important element of the plan is the inclusion of Resource Captains to disseminate information residents need to prepare for, and survive, an earthquake or other natural disaster. The plan will encourage more and better communication among residents, increasing awareness of our neighbors’ needs so we can all be better-prepared to assist if a disaster occurs. In the event of a major disaster, services you take for granted – particularly, the Fire Department, Police Department, electricity, and landline and cell-phone service – may be unavailable for extended periods. Triage will be the order of the day. Access to the Canyon could be blocked, leaving residents completely responsible for themselves, their families and their community. The more prepared you are, the more self-reliant you can be and the more you can help others. Increased individual preparedness means an increased level of security and protection for everyone in our community. The first step in the process will be a meeting of current Neighborhood Watch Block Captains to fine-tune the plan, followed by a drive to recruit volunteers to serve as Safety Leaders or Resource Captains. CCEA invites you to volunteer, or to offer suggestions based on your own background and knowledge of the Canyon. Our best collective chance of surviving a major disaster is for each of us to be as prepared as possible, and to be a committed member of the Canyon community! Page 6 The Canyon Crier up. It’s that simple to get e-mail updates about raging wildfires, rampaging bears and bobcats, crime alerts, hillside development updates, and fun activities around the Canyon. And we promise not to bombard you: CCEA sends out regular bulletins about twice a month (unless, of course, a wildfire or other emergency occurs, in which case CCEA tries to send up-to-the-minute reports). And naturally, your email address never, ever leaves our top-secret vault! Sign up today and start getting the news: ChevyChaseEstates.US.

REAL ESTATE NEWS Chevy Chase Canyon Home Sales in 2016 by Brit Trydal The following Canyon sales were recorded by the Los Angeles County Tax Office during 2016: Address Br/Ba Sq Ft Sales Price Address Br/Ba Sq Ft Sales Price 2018 Ashington Drive 5/5 3,371 1,395,000 2922 Edgewick Road 4/3 3,220 1,310,000 1467 Belleau Road 4/2 1,862 865,000 3144 Emerald Isle Drive 4/3 2,828 1,130,000 1483 Belleau Road 4/3 2,446 1,295,000 3186 Emerald Isle Drive 4/3 2,837 1,220,000 3020 Buckingham Drive 2/2 1,184 906,000 3250 Emerald Isle Drive 5/3 2,700 1,170,000 3271 Buckingham Road 3/3 2,370 1,310,000 3514 Emerald Isle Drive 3/3 2,386 1,155,000 2136 Camino San Rafael 4/3 2,822 1,448,000 2515 Flintridge Drive 5/5 4,363 1,550,000 2325 Cascadia Drive 2/3 1,491 740,000 3142 Grangemont Road 4/3 2,577 1,214,500 3169 Chadney Drive 5/4 2,700 1,175,000 3177 Grangemont Road 6/4 4,496 1,701,000 3163 Charing Cross Place 4/3 2,515 1,038,000 3643 Hampstead Road 8/6 5,300 1,640,000 2310 E Chevy Chase Drive 3/2 2,003 865,000 3851 Karen Lynn Drive 4/3 3,049 950,000 2322 E Chevy Chase Drive 4/4 3,258 1,600,000 2674 Kennington Drive 2/3 2,248 925,000 2480 E Chevy Chase Drive 2/3 2,099 1,005,000 2810 Kennington Drive 4/4 3,757 1,156,500 2535 E Checy Chase Drive 5/3 3,281 2,335,000 2811 Kennington Drive 5/3 2,923 510,000 2737 E Chevy Chase Drive 4/4 3,353 1,826,500 2845 Kennington Drive 4/5 4,390 2,100,000 2908 E Chevy Chase Drive 2/2 1,308 710,000 3100 Kingridge Way 5/4 2,700 1,130,000 2914 E Chevy Chase Drive 2/2 1,552 839,000 3145 Kirkham Drive 4/3 2,520 1,180,000 3021 E Chevy Chase Drive 2/3 2,190 1,400,000 3218 Kirkham Drive 4/3 2,187 1,025,000 3072 E Chevy Chase Drive 3/2 2102 900,000 3267 Kirkham Drive 3/2 1,948 960,000 3258 E Chevy Chase Drive 2/2 1,467 870,000 2123 Lenore Drive 4//3 2,696 1,095,000 3370 E Chevy Chase Drive 3/3 2,402 750,000 3205 Linda Vista Road 5/3 2,555 925,000 1741 Chevy Knoll Drive 4/3 2,600 1,025,000 3274 Linda Vista Drive 3/2 2,427 999,500 1669 Chevy Knoll Place 4/3 2,600 1,045,000 3492 Linda Vista Drive 3/1 2,009 835,000 2023 Dublin Drive 5/4 3,165 1,500,000 3031 Paddington Road 3/2 2,257 880,000 2056 Dublin Drive 4/3 2,877 1,030,000 3065 Paddington Road 3/2 1,778 825,000 3270 Dunsmere Road 3/3 2,064 935,000 1555 Parway Drive 3/3 1,946 940,000 3271 Dunsmere Road 3/3 2,080 904,500 1421 Thurlene Road 3/2 1,810 1,075,000 3356 Dunsmere Road 2/2 2,111 870,000 Chevy Chase Estates Association Page 3

CANYON CONSTRUCTION PROJECTS as of February 5, 2017 by Brian Duran As the economy improves, construction continues to increase. Here is a list of current Canyon construction projects. Address Description Submitted Status 1430 Belleau Rd. Add 1,400 sq. ft. to 1,868 sq. ft. house 12/11/15 Approved 1446 Belleau Rd. 1,029 sq. ft. addition 10/6/16 Pending 4000 Bouquete St. New 2,744 sq. ft. house 1/8/15 Approved 2010 Buckingham Pl. Add 134 sq. ft. to 1st floor, 147 sq. ft. to existing garage, and 946 sq. ft. to existing 2nd floor of 2,387 sq. ft. house 8/31/16 Pending 2315 Cascadia Dr. 1,057 sq. ft. addition to 2,493 sq. ft. house and remodel 9/18/14 Approved 2425 Cascadia Dr. New house 12/2/13 Pending 2587 Cascadia Dr. New garage, add 745 sq. ft., remodel 1,564 sq. ft. house 11/25/14 Approved 2615 Cascadia Dr. New single-family house with attached garage 11/30/16 Pending 3140 Charing Cross Rd. New 3-story, 3740 sq. ft. house 8/11/15 Pending 3154 Charing Cross Pl. 1,001 sq. ft. 2nd-story addition 7/22/14 Approved 2512 E. Chevy Chase Dr. (renamed 910 Laird Dr.) New 4,143 sq. ft. house 9/4/13 Return for redesign 2566 E. Chevy Chase Dr. New 2-story, 3,072 sq. ft. house 7/31/14 Approved 3067 E. Chevy Chase Dr. (Chevy Chase Country Club) 20,795 expansion from 11,520 sq. ft. plus tennis courts 10/28/14 Approved 3443 E. Chevy Chase Dr New single-family 8,000 sq. ft. house with guesthouse, pools, tennis court and raised driveway 5/15/14 In Process 3050 Cornwall Dr. New house 9/21/15 Approved 2940 Edgewick Rd. New 2-story, 3,248 sq. ft. house 11/5/14 Return for redesign 2956 Edgewick Rd. New 2,266 sq. ft. house 3/18/14 Return for redesign 3030 Emerald Isle Dr. 1,064 sq. ft. addition to 1st and 2nd floors and new 3rd-car garage 7/9/14 Approved 3460 Emerald Isle Dr. 473 sq. ft. accessory building 4/9/14 Approved Page 4 The Canyon Crier

Address Description Submitted Status 1925 Erin Way Cabana with living & dining rooms, barbecue and swimming pool 4/6/15 Approved 3600 Fullmoon Dr. Single-story additions totaling 589 sq. ft. to existing 2,096 sq. ft., one-story house 1/13/17 Pending 1636 Golf Club Dr. 2nd-story addition 9/25/14 Approved 2920 Greenwich Rd. New 3-story, 3,066 sq. ft. house 4/22/14 Approved 3060 Hollywell Pl. New 2-story 2,600 sq. ft. house 11/21/13 Approved 3063 Hollywell Pl. New 2-story 4,470 sq. ft. house 6/10/15 In Process 3893 Karen Lynn Dr. 364 sq. ft. addition 2/12/14 Approved 3921 Karen Lynn Dr. 2nd story addition 2/25/14 Return for redesign 3122 Kirkham Dr. 2nd story addition, enlarge garage, 4,222 sq ft, .42 floor area ratio 7/5/16 Pending 3160 Linda Vista Rd. New 2-story house 5/4/16 Approved 3440 Linda Vista Rd. New house 3/20/16 Variance: approved 3444 Linda Vista Rd. New house 2/10/16 Variance: pending 2331 Ramsay Dr. New 3769 sq. ft. house 3/26/14 On Hold 3642 St. Elizabeth Rd. Remodel new 2nd story 6/9/15 ADR Approved 2951 Saint Gregory Rd. New house, reduced garage width of 19 ft., side yard encroachment less than 10' 9/28/16 Administrative Exception 1912 Sussex Ct. New house 2/22/11 Approved 1410 Thurlene Rd. Addition to existing house 2/9/16 Approved Chevy Chase Estates Association Page 5

Chevy Chase Estates Association, Inc. 1671 Chevy Knoll Place Glendale, CA 91206 ing! t e e M l A Annua CE h 8, 2017 C e h t r fo sday, Marc !! s u n i o J Wedne ocation eL Note th PLEASE SUPPORT OUR FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS’ BUSINESSES AND SERVICES! For more information on placing an ad in next year’s newsletter, send an email to Page 8 The Canyon Crier

Chevy Chase Library 3301 East Chevy Chase Drive CCEA'S 80th ANNUAL MEETING The 80th Annual Meeting of the Chevy Chase Estates Association will be held on Wednesday, March 8, 2017, at the Chevy Chase Library, 3301 East Chevy Chase Drive. The evening will start with a half-hour social at 7:00 p.m. At 7:30 p.m., we will conduct the business .

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4702 Chevy Chase Dr. No number yet assigned - Sketch Plan to be filed the week of July 13, 2020 4702 Chevy Chase Dr., Bethesda, MD Lessard Design Inc. - Luz Del Mar Rosado - Design Director - 571-830-1841 - . CHEVY CHASE DRIVE 1 .

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