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Direct access to Chinese EB-5 investors

Do You Want: To raise money from Chinese EB-5 investors? To partner with Chinese EB-5 immigration agencies? To prepare professional marketing materials? EB-5 Supermarket can assist you with all of these goals.

Strong Relationship with most of the Chinese EB-5 immigration agencies. Established Connections with hundreds of EB-5 stakeholders. Who we are Powerful Impact with thousands of followers on Chinese s ocial media. EB-5 Supermarket ( is a leading Chinese EB-5 online media and marketing consulting firm. We are bilingual EB-5 marketing experts and an active member of the Association to Invest in the USA (IIUSA). We break through the culture barriers and build EB-5 bridges for you, directly, efficiently and effectively.

Whom do we reach? Professional SEO methodology shows that most of our visitors come from developed areas. (Beijing, Shanghai, Taiwan, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Fujian, Shanxi, Chongqing, etc.) Investors and agencies are the top two segments visiting the EB-5 Supermarket website, which comprise 93.23% o f our visitors. agencies 42.59% others 6.77% 93.23% investor & agency visitors investors 50.64% CHICAGO BEIJING SHANGHAI SHENZHEN L ANZHOU CHANGSHA

5 Trump Cards into China EB-5 Market: Our Services Mobile App Quarterly Magazine Web Portal and Online Forum Social Media e-Newsletter One-Stop Marketing Package Includes: Project highlights & copywriting PowerPoint slides Flyer & brochure design Business card design Website design Logo design Translation and interpretation Booth decoration Business gift design Video voiceover Online Media Social media promotion (WeChat, Sina Weibo) Chinese e-Newsletter, English e-Newsletter Online advertising (Banner, project list, promotional article on

5 Trump Cards into China EB-5 Market:

Online Media Services Social media promotion (WeChat & Sina Weibo)

Chinese & English e-Newsletter Online advertising

One-Stop Marketing Package PowerPoint Slides We compose, design and translate PowerPoint file, which will help deliver your project strengths in the most effective way.

PPT file tells the whole story of your projects

One-Stop Marketing Package Brochure We compose, design and translate brochure, which will attract your clients at the first glance.

Your brochure will have the most attractive information to investors

One-Stop Marketing Package Flyer & Poster We compose, design and translate the flyer and big-size poster.

Video voiceover We translate the video transcript and provide voiceover.

One-Stop Marketing Package Website design We build and maintain the Chinese and Enlgish website, includes design, coding, translation, contect writing and maintenance.

One-Stop Marketing Package Business gift & Booth decoration

One-Stop Marketing Package Translation and interpretation Our Professional staff can provide on-site interpretation for seminars, exhibitions and presentations.

Our Customers

Testimonial “ Working with EB-5 Supermarket has been paramount to the successful launch of our project offering and regional center. Not only was the final product brilliantly done with great quality, but the layout and the message of our project was appropriately highlighted to help show the project’s many strengths. EB-5 Supermarket worked with us on an extremely tight timeline and delivered a beautiful product. Once we finished all materials, EB-5 Supermarket then assisted in connecting us to their impressive network throughout China. We look forward to working with EB-5 Supermarket again in the future.” --Ariel Torbati Vice President of the Lubert Adler Regional Center “ We use EB-5 Supermarket for all our marketing needs regarding the Chinese market, including translation, design, and marketing promotion. We appreciate their high-quality service and plan to continue to do business with them in the future.” --Laura Kelly Vice President of Marketing of the NES Financial “We are very thankful and appreciative of the relationship that we have developed with our China marketing partner - EB-5 Supermarket. Their marketing service: including website design, flyer/poster/brochure design, booth decoration and translation has been wonderful. Many of our agents and investors have commented to us about how clean looking and professional our new brochure and web site design is. EB-5 Supermarket team gets a 9.5 out of a possible 10 score from me on that work.” --Gregory Wing President & CEO of the Education Fund of America, LLC “We have worked with the EB-5 supermarket team on various projects and have been very pleased with the results. We highly recommend their services!” --Julia Yong-hee Park Managing Director of the Advantage America EB-5 Group

Contact Us John Li Managing Director (USA) P 630.781.6688 Qing Song Director of Business Development (USA) P 630.299.9695 Vivian Li CEO of China Operation (China) P 86.139.1023.2524 US Toll Free: 1.800.257.4968 Chicago Office (USA): 1220 E. Iroquois Ave, Suite 201 Naperville, IL 60563 P 630.701.6163 Beijing Office (China): Suite 1219-1220 2nd Floor, SOHO Shangdu West Tower, No. 8 Dongdaqiao Rd. Chaoyang District, Beijing Changsha Office (China): Suite 506, Fengquan Building, No. 119 South Caier Road, Changsha, Hunan P 86.731.8440.6590 China Toll Free: 400.999.0948

EB-5 Supermarket ( is a leading Chinese EB-5 online media and marketing consulting firm. We are bilingual EB-5 marketing experts and an active member of the Association to Invest in the USA (IIUSA). We break through the culture barriers and build EB-5 bridges for you, directly, efficiently and effectively. Who we are Strong

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