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Campus Pantry Program Joy Ferrin Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma

Program Objectives Provide nutritious, healthy food, free of charge to students at risk of hunger, for preparation and consumption at their place of residence Distribute food discreetly in an easily accessible and safe environment. Ensure a dignified experience for all students by promoting student choice and self-efficacy to prepare nutritious meals

Current Partnerships: Tulsa Community College Metro Campus Tulsa Community College West Campus Tulsa Community College Southeast Campus Tulsa Community College Northeast Campus Tulsa Community College Education Outreach Center Tulsa Technology Center Broken Arrow Campus Tulsa Technology Center Peoria Campus Tulsa Technology Center Sand Springs Campus Tulsa Technology Center Lemley Memorial Campus Tulsa Technology Center Riverside Campus Northeast Technology Center Afton Campus Northeastern State University Tahlequah Campus Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College Miami Campus

Campus Pantry Process: Site Responsibilities 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Get administration on board with the project Decide location for campus pantry Identify a campus coordinator Make a plan for food distribution Consider fundraising opportunities and food drive opportunities Raise awareness for your pantry Schedule first food order pickup Maintain paperwork and program requirements a. Monthly report and applications

Pantry Location Pantry should be easy to find and well-advertised around campus Accessible yet discreet All food must be stored at least six inches off the ground The storage area should be dry, clean, and free of pests The food should not be stored near water pipes or heaters The storage area should be locked when not in use

Campus Coordinators Trained by CFBEO staff Trained in food safety On-site coordinator available to open pantry during designated hours Consistently completing online monthly reports, sending completed applications to CFBEO, maintaining application records Knowledgeable about SNAP, other food resources Individual committed to confidentiality and sensitivity

Food Distribution Food order pickup Standard order: 300lbs of shelf-stable food Based on MyPlate Standards Shelf stable food groups: Vegetables, fruits, grains, protein Food is donated, so there is variety among the categories Shopping fresh produce and bakery options: certified shoppers Rotate food coming in - check expiration dates Optional points system

Shelf Stable Food Groups What makes up a good pantry? Protein Peanut Butter Tuna Canned Chicken Other canned meats Beans Canned chili Beef stews, other protein heavy soups Grains Pasta Rice, rice mixes Cereal, oatmeal, oats Instant potatoes Mac and cheese Heat and serve items Meal kits (hamburger helpers, etc.) Vegetables Any canned veggies: tomatoes, corn, green beans, carrots, peas, mixed veggies, potatoes, asparagus, etc. Pasta sauce Fruit Jelly/Jam Any canned fruits: mandarin oranges, pineapple, peaches, pears, fruit cocktail, mango slices, etc. Fruit cups

Raise Awareness Can create your own name for your pantry for marketing materials Flyers from the Food Bank Making sure staff is also aware so they can refer students if needed Distribute recipes or host food drives Food Bank can provide materials for these

Student Application & Log School maintains confidential, identifiable records CFBEO does not receive names or addresses Student-ID based Collects demographic information that is useful in research and potential future funding opportunities Includes signed responsible-use agreement Customizable to meet requests/needs of each campus Would you like to be contacted for employment opportunities?

Common issues Communication of resource Making sure all staff and faculty are aware the program is available Students can’t access a resource they don’t know about Stigma or embarrassment This is a sensitive subject! Students may be too embarrassed to admit they have a need or don’t want their peers to know they have to get food from a pantry Discreet ways to allow students to access the pantry: Use drawstring backpacks or other bags that won’t draw attention Site may need to provide bags for students to take food home in

Joy Ferrin Questions? 918-936-4563

Tulsa Technology Center Riverside Campus Northeast Technology Center Afton Campus Northeastern State University Tahlequah Campus Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College Miami Campus. Campus Pantry Process: Site Responsibilities. 1. Get administration on board with the project 2. Decide location for campus pantry

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Oklahoma Tax Commission, Motor Vehicle Division, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. 5 Ibid. 6 Ibid. 7 Oklahoma Department of Public Safety. 8 Oklahoma Department of Transportation. Planning Division, Current Planning Branch, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. 9 U.S. Census Bureau 20 Population Estimates by Place. CRASH SUMMARY 6 2019 2020 % Change Crashes per

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Our pantry provides some foods to clients in a hunger emergency without requiring proof of need. Benefits Increase food security. Prevent food waste. Build trusting relationships between clients and food pantry. Things a Pantry Can Do Place food near the entrance/exit, or in a shared lobby.

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