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Think!innowise Energy Management Standardization in Printing Industry Work Package 5: Specific Guidlines Development Developing a Green Marketing Plan Dr. Joachim Hafkesbrink ( Tim Wöhrmann, B.A. ( innowise GmbH Bürgerstr. 15 47057 Duisburg Tel.: 49 (0)203 / 39 37 64 -0

Think!innowise An Overview of the Most Important Advantages of Most Consumers Think It Is Important or Very Important for Companies To Be Green Magnet; Roche; Münnich: Capturing the Green Advantage for Consumers Companies, The Boston Consulting Group, Boston 2009, S.10.

Think!innowise An Overview of the Most Important Advantages of 3. Green production and green products generate double dividends for cost savings and environmental benefits: The effect on the environment, but also on your own expenditures Savings through an improved energy efficiency e.g., can be passed on to the consumers The implementation of measures to reduce the CO2 output and/or enhance energy savings, might lead to the opportunity of tax reliefs

Think!innowise An Overview of the Most Important Advantages of 4. HRM : recruiting qualified employees 5. Product policy: Green Marketing might provide a competitive advantage in terms of product differentiation Green Marketing means to educate your consumers, this puts you in a good position to raise the awareness of your products

Think!innowise What are the Potential Risks of the Green Marketing Approach? (1) Disinformation disseminated by an organization so as to present an environmentally Greenwashing comes to result in: Reputation and relationship damage Compromising organizational behaviour Violations of laws and regulations Oxford Dictionaries: sh/greenwash

Think!innowise What are the Potential Risks of the Green Marketing Approach? (2) lead to a mistrust in the whole business area of green products

Think!innowise What are the Potential Risks of the Green Marketing Approach? (3) you can charge more Expenditures to implement green standards and processes

Think!innowise Steps to a Successful Green Marketing (1) 1. Educate the consumers 2. Build better products 3. Be honest 4. Offer more 5. Bring products to the people

Think!innowise Steps to a Successful Green Marketing (2) Educate the customers: A lot of customers are interested in green products, without being totally aware of what green products should provide, or what sort of positive impact they actually impose on the environment. That's why companies not only have to promote their products but also explain the larger context of global warming, environmental pollution, waste etc.

Think!innowise Steps to a Successful Green Marketing (3) Build better products: Especially in the technical branch of industry, e.g. the automobile industry, green products still have a negative image in terms of quality and performance. green products, either in their perception or in their quality.

Think!innowise Steps to a Successful Green Marketing (4) Be honest: Consumers often tend to mistrust the companies claims to produce totally green products. target a policy of transparency and honesty towards their customers. Misleading your customers, will most probably lead to a rapid damage of a companies reputation and credibility. Examples for misleading consumers are: by law only highlighting the positive aspects of your product while keeping the negative aspects a secret

Think!innowise Steps to a Successful Green Marketing (5) Offer more: It often appears, that green products are more expensive than conventional products. That may result of more exclusive ingredients or more expensive distribution channels. Because of this green products have to offer more. Their extra value has to be pointed out, e.g. energy efficiency, their environmental benefits, better quality, etc.

Think!innowise Steps to a Successful Green Marketing (6) Bring products to the people: sure that their products are easy to find and purchased on a broad basis. Therefore companies have to make sure, that retailers and wholesalers advertise and display green products properly.

Think!innowise The Green Marketing Mix (1) When it comes to Green Marketing you can revert to the traditional concept of the marketing mix. In differentiating and broad marketing strategy is created. process. This leads to the positive effect of (1) an enhanced credibility and (2) an increased brand identity, as well as (3) a high degree of honesty and radical transparency with the involved stakeholders.

Think!innowise The Green Marketing Mix (2) Green Green Green Green Product: materials production packaging suppliers Not only one, but all parts of your product and Product Promotion Price principles Place The products should be adjusted to a environment friendly target group. Every step of the production chain has to be suppliers have to commit to green principles too not only the product but also the packaging has reduce the use of energy, minimize the companies carbon footprint, etc.

Think!innowise The Green Marketing Mix (3) Reduce price gap Highlight extended values Pass down savings to consumers Product Price Promotion Place Price: The price is a key determinant in the consumers willingness to buy green products . eradicates the image of green products being more expensive then conventional ones. Green Marketing has to point out that. green products are less expensive than people think they are savings in the production are handed over to the consumers green products bear extra values (environmental benefits e.g.)

Think!innowise The Green Marketing Mix (4) Price - Best Practices lighting at normal guy prices with GE Link (McKinsey, p.4) technologies, the company has reduced ink consumtion, improved print quality and saved money for themselves and their customers. And in the end, used (Graphic Arts Magazine, p.4-5.)

Think!innowise The Green Marketing Mix (5) Place: Product Promotion Where can the product be purchased and how is it distributed to this location? Price The location itself should be green or at least show some sort of commitment to green principles. Place Green location Green distribution Green Products should be easy to be found. Not only the location but the distribution channel has to be organized according to green standards.

Think!innowise The Green Marketing Mix (6) Place - Best Practices The smaller, more efficient space is projected to reduce annual overhead costs by 30-40 per cent. (Graphic Arts Magazine, p.7.) Finished goods are delivered by bicycle couriers, hybrid cars or biofuel-fueled (Graphic Arts Magazine, p.7.)

Think!innowise The Green Marketing Mix (7) Promotion: Advertising PR Personal selling Consumer Promotion Product Price All sorts of communication to promote your product. Promotion Place Four different ways of promotion: Advertising Public relations Personal selling (one-on-one selling, cold calls, product presentations) Consumer promotion (coupons, BOGOF, incentives/donation that help the planet/people)

Think!innowise The Green Marketing Mix (8) Promotion - Best Practices consumers with specific tips on how they can have a positive impact on the environment by making their homes more energy efficient, using less water and (McKinsey, p.3.)

Think!innowise Thank you for your attention! Are there any questions?

The Green Marketing Mix (1) When it comes to Green Marketing you can revert to the traditional concept of the marketing mix. In differentiating between the four P's (Product, Price, Place, Promotion) a solid and broad marketing strategy is created. In contrast to the traditional marketing mix, the "Green Marketing

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