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B2B DIGITAL MARKETING STRATEGY BENCHMARKS Research conducted by Ascend2 in partnership with

Table of Contents An effective strategy for B2B digital marketing Most important digital marketing objectives Rating the success of digital marketing Most challenging obstacles to success Planning and execution resources used Most effective types of digital marketing How effectiveness is changing Most difficult types to execute Extent of marketing software use Digital marketing effectiveness versus difficulty How digital marketing budgets are changing Research methodology and survey demographics About the Research Partners 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 2

An effective strategy for B2B digital marketing. A digital marketing strategy is essential to achieving or sustaining growth today. Yet, lack of an effective strategy is the greatest obstacle to digital marketing success for 51% of B2B professionals. How will B2B organizations reach the next level of digital marketing success in the year ahead? To find out, Marketing Matters Inbound in partnership with Ascend2 fielded the Digital Marketing Strategy Survey and completed interviews with 333 business, marketing and sales professionals. The charts in this edition of the study, titled B2B Digital Marketing Strategy Benchmarks, represent the opinions of the 199 survey respondents who are dedicated to the B2B channel. We thank these busy professionals for sharing their valuable insights with you. This research has been produced for your use. Put it to work in your own marketing strategy planning and presentation materials. Clip the charts and write about them in your blog or post them on social media. Please share this research credited as published. Enjoy the report! 3

Extending the impact of digital beyond marketing to increase leads for the sales team, is the most important objective of a digital marketing strategy for B2B marketers. FREE Digital Marketing Assessment! 4

28% of B2B organizations rate their digital marketing strategy very successful at achieving important objectives. Another 60% rate it somewhat successful. FREE Digital Marketing Assessment! 5

What is the most challenging obstacle to digital marketing success? 51% of B2B professionals say it is the lack of an effective digital marketing strategy. FREE Digital Marketing Assessment! 6

61% of B2B organizations outsource all or part of their digital marketing strategy, gaining experience that may mean the difference between success and failure. FREE Digital Marketing Assessment! 7

Email maintains its position as the most effective type of B2B digital marketing used. However, the gap between email and other types of digital marketing is closing. FREE Digital Marketing Assessment! 8

One quarter of companies have reached a plateau or worse in their digital marketing performance. However, 75% report that effectiveness continues to improve. FREE Digital Marketing Assessment! 9

See How Your Company Stacks Up! Take our FREE Inbound Marketing Assessment. We score your digital marketing on a scale of 1 to 100, showing how your marketing performs for Attraction, Nurturing, Conversion, and Analytics/Reconversion. Simply click the button below, and you’re on your way! Take My FREE Inbound Marketing Assessment! 10

Social media, content and SEO are categorized as inbound marketing tactics. They are also the three most difficult types of digital marketing for B2B marketers to execute. FREE Digital Marketing Assessment! 11

Marketing automation and other marketing technologies are used to save time, reduce expense and improve the customer experience for 77% of B2B organizations. FREE Digital Marketing Assessment! 12

The popularity of B2B email marketing is due, in large part, to the fact that it is not only the most effective type of digital marketing, it is also the least difficult to execute. FREE Digital Marketing Assessment! 13

58% of B2B organizations will continue to increase their investment in digital marketing, while only 5% believe a decrease in spending is the better strategy. FREE Digital Marketing Assessment! 14

Research methodology and survey demographics Ascend2 benchmarks the performance of popular digital marketing strategies and practices using a standardized questionnaire, research methodology and proprietary 3-Minute Survey format. Findings are examined in a quantitative context by experienced analysts and reported objectively. This survey was conducted online from a panel of more than 50,000 US and international marketing, sales and business professionals. The following is a breakout of the company sizes and respondent roles represented in this report: Number of Employees More than 500 50 to 500 Fewer than 50 31% 25% 45% Role in the Company CEO / COO / CMO / CSO etc. Marketing VP / Director / Manager Sales VP / Director / Manager Marketing or Sales Staff Other 37% 39% 2% 16% 7% FREE Digital Marketing Assessment! 15

About the Research Partners We are an industry-leading, HubSpot certified, Inbound Marketing Firm specializing in: Conversion website design and development Content and call-to-action strategy Online lead conversion optimization Our experience in B2B digital marketing, SEO, User Interface (UX), and Lead Conversion are unmatched. Learn more at www.marketingmattersinbound.com Research-Based Demand Generation for Marketing Solution Providers Marketing agencies, marketing software, media and data companies partner with Ascend2 to reliably generate demand and supplement marketing content. Our Research Partner Programs are transparent – spotlighting your brand and the interests of your market. Learn more at www.Ascend2.com 16

An effective strategy for B2B digital marketing. A digital marketing strategy is essential to achieving or sustaining growth today. Yet, lack of an effective strategy is the greatest obstacle to digital marketing success for 51% of B2B professionals. How will B2B organizations reach the next level of digital marketing success in the year ahead?

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the use of social media for B2B marketing', and hence many B2B companies plan to double their social media marketing budgets within the next five years (CMO, 2015) This growing interest in B2B social media marketing seems to be directly related to the numerous advantages deriving from the utilisation of those sites to B2B companies.

B2B social media is significant to B2B marketing literature today as knowing the importance of B2B businesses embedding the tool of social media into their marketing strategy and how these marketing efforts are perceived by the B2B resellers can further create profitability for the business in the near future.

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