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Heart Beat HISTORIC MODERN Word From the Junction Museum Associates Volume 11, Issue 1 Newsletter of the Manassas Museum Associates - Winter 2022 ASSOCIATES O t h g i l t o Sp ver the last two years we have used this space to spotlight one member of the Manassas Museum Associates – what their favorite thing is about Manassas, what they do in their free time and why they support the museum. In this issue, the spotlight is on Cheryl Pepin! Here, in her own words, is what she wanted to share with all of you! How long have you lived in Manassas/why did you move here? My husband and I moved to Manassas in fall of 2000. My husband was transferred from Atlanta and had been living in Bealeton for 3 years. After our daughter graduated from High School, both of them were working in Reston and Tysons. The commute was not fun for either of them, so they decided to move a bit closer and also had access to many more amenities. What do you like best about the area? We like living in the city of Manassas because where we are is a quiet neighborhood but can quickly be in the midst of anything we might want to do. Going to Old Town Manassas and walking around is always an adventure. We also love the Farmers Market on Saturday mornings. Why did you join the Museum Associates? I volunteered to help with the sesquicentennial event in Manassas and quickly became involved with the museum. I started volunteering in the museum and helping with other events. I loved the summer work as a guide (hoop skirts and all) for tourists and walking them around old town. I somehow ended up being the Associates co-coordinator and have loved making more friends and keeping in touch that way. What is your favorite hobby/what do you do in your downtime? When I am not working I love to sew and quilt and am learning how to do machine embroidery. Although I don’t love it as much, I run also. Meet yl r e h C n Pepi What do you think of the upcoming Museum renovation? I am excited to think about what the renovation will do for the Museum and Manassas. With the design it will make it easier to have events and hopefully get people into the museum. It will be harder to miss when you drive by also! Parks, Culture & Recreation . 9101 Prince William Street . Manassas, Va. 20110

A P E E K AT P R O G R A M S by Rachel Goldberg W e are excited to be offering a dynamic slate of programs again this year! We are piloting some new, experimental programs while also presenting some old favorites. We are looking forward to activating the City’s historic sites with programs while the museum is closed for renovations. Be sure to check the website at or visit @cityofmanassasleisure on Facebook for the most up to date information! Here’s a sampling of programs that will be kicking off soon--we hope to see you there! Liberia Basement to Attic Tours Discover this 1825 historic gem where President Lincoln may have eaten ice cream on the porch and where soldiers left their marks on the walls. Explore the house from the basement to the attic and see stunning architectural details while learning about some of the people who once occupied the house. Liberia House, 8601 Portner Avenue See Programs, next page Word From the Junction is published quarterly by The Manassas Museum Associates Manassas Museum Associates Board Pat Beuch, President; Linda Szymczak, Vice President; Nancy Rohr, Secretary; Kristen Henneke, Treasurer; Cheryl Pepin, Associates Coordinator; Members: Barbara Breeden; Margaret Covington; Martha Anne France; Don Libeau; Gerald Sproles; Honorary Lifetime Members: Gloria Odenthal; Ulysses X. White; In Memoriam: Jouette Chick Manassas Historic Resources Board Mark Olsen, Chair; Robert Keller, Vice Chair; Members: Bill Backus, David Button, Lyshawn Dean; Rob Fisher; Connie Gilman; Warwick Steer; Don Wilson; Council Member Ralph Smith, City Council Liaison; Honorary Lifetime Members: Jouette Chick; Anne Harrington; Rita Koman; Keith Mueller; Suzanne Parker; John Payne; Ulysses X. White; In Memoriam: Jouette Chick; Mae Merchant 2 Word from the Junction — Winter 2022

Programs continued from previous page Museum at the Market Meet us at the Farmer’s Market on the third Thursday of each month to explore objects from the Manassas Museum’s collection and pick up a FREE take-and-make craft! Program Attendant, Victoria Liantonio staffs Museum at the market at the Harris Pavlion History Hikes Explore the flora and fauna of the city’s historic sites with a different expert each month throughout the season! Connect with nature while learning about the rich history of Manassas. History Hikes will take place at historic sites Stories of Preservation and Progress This ongoing speaker series showcases local and regional history and brings local historians, experts, and community members to the City’s historic sites to discuss a variety of topics. Stories of Preservation and Progress will include hands-on workshops, lectures, and book talks Word from the Junction — Winter 2022 3

Curator’s Corner by Mary Helen Dellinger T his is the time of year when I usually announce the upcoming exhibition schedule at the Manassas Museum. By now, I have spent most of the fall and winter planning for the coming year and usually have at least three shows on the calendar. Of course, all of you know by now – or at least I hope you do! – that the Museum is closed for a major interior renovation and the construction of a new wing on the courtyard side of the building. By the time you get this newsletter, the last of our staff will have moved into temporary office space on the top floor of historic Town Hall and the building will be empty and quiet. Obviously, there will be no exhibits inside the museum this year. Artistic Expression — The Exhibit We Host Annually is Still Taking Place I am very pleased to announce that “Artistic Expression,” the exhibit we host annually in partnership with Osbourn High School is still taking place! When Sarah Weaver, the art teacher who leads the charge at OHS, and I realized that the museum would be closed this year, we immediately began to look for an alternate location in which to hold this show. After looking at several spots downtown, and being turned down by a few places due to scheduling conflicts, we approached Jirani Coffeehouse as a possible venue. When we met with owner Ken Moorman we received a very enthusiastic yes. We are thrilled to continue the tradition of partnering with Osbourn High School on this show, and are excited about the opportunity to not only work with a new partner in Jirani, but also to be exhibiting in this amazing space. Never Been to Jirani — You Are in For a Real Treat For those of you that have never been to Jirani before, you are in for a real treat. Located at 9425 West Street, the coffeehouse faces the train depot and is very easy to find. The art chosen for inclusion in this exhibit will displayed throughout the building, meaning visitors must explore every inch of the space to discover the entire show. “Artistic Expression” opens with a special reception on Friday March 18th from 6:00–7:30 PM. See Artistic Expression, next page 4 Word from the Junction — Winter 2022

Notes from the President’s Desk It’s hard to believe that we are already into March, 2022. Spring is just around the corner and with that, much is going on with the Museum and the Associates. By now you probably all know that the Museum is closed for a major renovation. Updated exhibit galleries, collection storage facilities and new program spaces are all in store for us when the museum reopens in 2023. Museum staff are continuing to provide programs and other opportunities for engagement during this time. Your support during the renovation project is very much appreciated. For those of you that love to shop, Echoes, the Manassas Museum store, is still open for business – just in a new location. You can find them in the train depot and check out all the fun Manassas products they have. Echoes is the perfect place to find just the right gift for the spring holidays, upcoming graduations and Mother’s Day. We are still looking for local residents who have stories about Manassas they want to share for our oral history project “Voices of Manassas.” Whether you are a lifelong resident or a newcomer to the area, we want to hear from you! If you are interested, please contact the Museum to set up a time to be interviewed. These stories are being collected in advance of the City’s 150th anniversary next year. They will be used during various City-wide events to commemorate this important milestone. As always, we thank you for your support. These past few years have certainly been a challenge, but you have been there for us and we continue to be there for you. We look forward to seeing you out and about at a Museum event later this year. Pat Beuch, President Artistic Expression continued from previous page We hope you join us that night to see some amazing student art. Jirani will be selling coffee and delicious pastries and there are many restaurants within walking distance for your after event dinner. If you can’t make it that night, don’t worry! The exhibit will remain on view inside Jirani through April 17th so there are plenty of chances for you to see it. Word from the Junction — Winter 2022 5

Manassas Museum Associates Heart Beat The Manassas Museum Associates 9101 Prince William Street Manassas, Virginia 20110 703-368-1873 HISTORIC MODERN ECHOES We have officially moved! Check Out Echoes Manassas Museum Shop in our temporary location at the Historic Manassas Visitor Center and Train Depot at 9431 West Street. We have some new and great locally-focused items featured in the shop from stationery and buttons, to honey and dog treats. Echoes is your destination for all things local! Echoes, The Manassas Museum Store Shop online at or call us at 703-257-8453 Your destination for distinctive gifts, toys, collectibles and books.

the Junction Museum Associates Heart Beat HISTORIC MODERN Volume 11, Issue 1 Newsletter of the Manassas Museum Associates - Winter 2022 O ver the last two years we have used this space to spotlight one member of the Manassas Museum Associates - what their favorite thing is about Manassas, what they do in their free time and why they support .

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