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THE UNIVERSITY of NEW ORLEANS Division of International Education THE INTERNATIONAL SUMMER SCHOOL in Innsbruck, Austria July 1 - August 11, 2017

WELCOME TO THE UNO-INNSBRUCK INTERNATIONAL SUMMER SCHOOL The University of New Orleans is proud to welcome you to the 42 nd session of The Innsbruck International Summer School. International study programs offer extraordinary educational opportunities as well as an introduction to the unique and enriching attributes of foreign cultures. As you participate in all of the many activities afforded by your host country, please remember that you are also serving as a cultural ambassador for your university and the United States. I hope that this summer will expand your worldview and cultivate a love for international travel. This program is a source of pride for the University of New Orleans, and I am certain that its benefits will be long-lasting. Welcome and enjoy your summer abroad! Dr. John W. Nicklow, President, The University of New Orleans The UNO-Innsbruck International Summer School has been offering students the opportunity to study, live, and travel abroad for 42 years. The experienced staff, the excellent faculty, the wonderful people of Innsbruck, and the beautiful city itself will make this summer a memorable part of your life. Studying the people, places, and history of the area in courses often tailored for our location, you’ll find the subjects come alive in new and exciting ways. In addition to learning in the classroom and on field trips, the program is designed to allow ample time for you to learn about other cultures and countries first hand as you live in Innsbruck or travel to other locations on the weekends. I look forward to sharing with you what I love about Innsbruck and travel, but especially about learning—both in the classroom and out. Kim McDonald, Academic Director, The UNO-Innsbruck International Summer School 2017 Welcome to UNO-Innsbruck! The continued success of the UNO-Innsbruck International Summer School represents a significant milestone and a proud achievement at the University of New Orleans. Over more than four decades, thousands of students, faculty and staff have become a part of the extended UNO-Innsbruck family. Perhaps your friends or a professor recommended it to you or, perhaps, your siblings have been and now it is your turn. Or, perhaps, you are one of the many legacy students who will choose UNO-Innsbruck because your mother or father attended this program in the early years. UNO-Innsbruck is widely known locally and abroad and has become an institution in its own right. I invite you to come with us and make your mark in Innsbruck! Alea M. Cot, Assistant Provost for International Education PROGRAM ADMINISTRATION OF THE INTERNATIONAL SUMMER SCHOOL 2017 Alea Morelock Cot, M.A., Assistant Provost & Director of International Education Kim McDonald, M.A, Academic Director, Retained Instructor, Department of English Peter Jorgensen, Ph.D., Visiting Assistant Academic Director, Professor Emeritus of German & Slavic Studies, University of Georgia Irene Brameshuber Ziegler, Ph.D., Program Director, Division of International Education Mariana Zanotti Martinez, B.A., Program Coordinator, Division of International Education OVER 25 YEARS OF PARTNERSHIP WITH UGA The University of Georgia entered into a formal affiliation with The International Summer School in 1992. Well over 2000 Georgia students and faculty have participated in this program. Credits earned transfer as appropriate credit at UGA, and financial assistance is available. For more information contact the Office of International Education, 1324 South Lumpkin Street, University of Georgia, Athens, GA 30602 (706) 542-2900 Students may also consult UGA faculty who participate in the program.

PROPOSED COURSES OF THE INTERNATIONAL SUMMER SCHOOL 2017 ANTH ANTH BA BA EES EES ECON ECON ENGL ENGL FIN FA FA FA FA FTA GER HIST ANTHROPOLOGY 1020 Fads, Fallacies and Human Origins 3090 Anthropology of the Roma (Gypsy) Peoples BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 3010 The Legal Environment of Business 3021 Business Law EARTH AND ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE 1002 Introduction to Environmental Science 2096 The Austrian Alps vs. Southeastern U.S. ECONOMICS 2221 Money & Banking 3000 Managerial Economics ENGLISH 2090 The Short Story in Europe 2218 The Literature of European Travel FINANCE 3301 Small Business Finance FINE ARTS 1010 Art Appreciation 1060 Drawing I 1551 Intro to Photography for Non-Art Majors 2202 Art History Survey II FILM AND THEATRE ARTS 2090-92 International Communications GERMAN 1001 Basic German HISTORY 2991 Nazi Germany and the Second World War HIST HIST HIST HUMS ITAL ITAL JOUR MANG MANG MANG MKT MUS MUS PHIL PSYC SOC SOC HISTORY (continued) 4003 Modern Military History 4346 Postwar Europe: 1945 - Present 4373 History of the Habsburg Empire HUMANITIES 2090 Europe through Literature and Cinema ITALIAN 1001 Basic Italian I 1002 Basic Italian II JOURNALISM 2790 Travel Writing MANAGEMENT 3401 Introduction to Management and Org. Behavior 3595 Sport, Tourism, and Event Management 4446 International Management MARKETING 3501 Principles of Marketing MUSIC 1000 Music Appreciation 2001 Music and Musicians of Austria PHILOSOPHY 2201 Ethics PSYCHOLOGY 2091 Psychopathology and Abnormal Behavior SOCIOLOGY 1051 Introductory Sociology 4098 Sociological Perspectives: Genocide & Holocaust For course descriptions and details please visit PROPOSED FACULTY OF THE INTERNATIONAL SUMMER SCHOOL 2017 Stephen Barnett, Ph.D., Visiting Professor Emeritus of Marketing, Stetson University Anne Boyd Rioux, Ph.D., Professor, Department of English, The University of New Orleans Tom Bramorski, Ph.D., Visiting Lecturer of Marketing and Management, Terry College of Business, University of Georgia Robert Brown, M.A., Adjunct Instructor, College of Business Administration, The University of New Orleans Barbara Cooper, Ph.D., Visiting Senior Lecturer of Italian, Department of Romance Languages, University of Georgia Lillian Eby, Ph.D., Visiting Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Georgia Marianne Fortuna, Ph.D., CPA, Visiting Lecturer of Accounting, Finance and Statistics, University of Georgia Sanda Groome, M.B.A., J.D., Visiting Professor of Practice, Legal Studies in Business, Tulane University Rhett Jackson, Ph.D., Visiting Professor, School of Forestry and Natural Resources, University of Georgia Peter Jorgensen, Ph.D., Visiting Professor Emeritus, Department of German & Slavic Studies, University of Georgia Christina Joseph, Ph.D., Visiting Part-Time Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology, University of Georgia Marc Landry, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Department of History and Philosophy, The University of New Orleans Alexander Lassner, Ph.D., Visiting Associate Professor, Department of Strategy, Air War College Anandam Kavoori, Ph.D., Visiting Professor, Department of Telecommunications, University of Georgia Bruce Kline, Ph.D. candidate (ABD), Visiting Senior Instructor, Leeds School of Business, The University of Colorado Kim McDonald, M.A, Retained Instructor and Academic Director, Department of English, The University of New Orleans Aaron McNamee, MFA, Artist in Residence, Department of Fine Arts, The University of New Orleans Andreas Oberprantacher, Ph.D., Visiting Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy, The University of Innsbruck, Austria Jeffrey Rinehart, Instructor, Department of Fine Arts, The University of New Orleans Dean Rojek, Ph.D., Visiting Associate Professor Emeritus, Department of Sociology, University of Georgia Martin Schnitzer, Ph.D., Visiting Senior Scientist, Department of Sport Science, The University of Innsbruck, Austria Robin Williams, D.M.A., Professor, Department of Music, The University of New Orleans Daniel Winkler, Ph.D., Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Romance Studies, The University of Innsbruck, Austria

ELIGIBILITY & ADMISSION GUIDELINES for ALL STUDENTS Undergraduates with a 2.5 GPA, graduate students with a 3.0 GPA, and non-degree seeking students are eligible to apply. New students seeking college credits must meet the general admissions requirements of The University of New Orleans. Guest students from other institutions and continuing University of New Orleans students must meet the grade point requirements above. Priority will be given to students enrolled in a university program. After review of all application materials, students will be notified in writing of acceptance into The International Summer School. “I loved the classes, lectures, field trips and activities. Everything was great!” Andrea Mackie The University of New Orleans HOW TO APPLY Apply online: In addition to the online application, you must complete and submit all application materials, including a transcript, before your application can be reviewed for acceptance into the program. Course selection takes place at the time of application but cannot be guaranteed until the student is accepted. “Going on the UNO-Innsbruck program was the best decision I have made in college!” Nicole Rueb Southern Methodist University COURSE SCHEDULING Course scheduling will be arranged based on a student’s eligibility first, and preference second. In the event of time conflicts or if class quotas of 15 per class have been reached, students will be assigned to course(s) on their alternate list. The International Summer School requires all students to complete at least 6 hours (2 courses) and allows enrollment in 9 hours (3 courses). UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA In 1992 UGA and UNO signed a Consortium Agreement to facilitate UGA student and faculty participation in the UNO-Innsbruck International Summer School. Since then, more than 2000 students and teachers have benefitted from this vibrant collaboration between the two universities. ELIGIBILITY & ADMISSION GUIDELINES for UGA STUDENTS University of Georgia students participating in The International Summer School must complete the UGA Study Abroad Credit Approval Form for UNO Innsbruck and submit it to the UGA Office of International Education (OIE) no later than 3 weeks prior to departure. UGA students earn non-resident, transfer credit issued by The University of New Orleans, and grades earned on this program are calculated into the students’ overall GPA at UGA. Students should work with their Academic Advisor to complete and sign the Credit Approval Form and determine how the UNO Innsbruck classes will transfer and apply to specific UGA degree requirements or electives. UGA equivalents for courses offered in The International Summer School are listed in the UGA Credit Approval Form, which is available online. Some courses have precise UGA transfer equivalents, while others may have a more general transfer designation such as HIST 3T**, which indicates only the department and course level (in this case, a 3000 level History course). If needed, students may work directly with an academic advisor to determine a more precise course transfer equivalent. Students are advised to begin the Credit Approval Form process as soon as the decision to participate in the UNO Innsbruck program is made. Small class sizes are characteristic of the Innsbruck Summer School and help students bond with each other and their professors. Class field trips, f. ex. to Salzburg, also contribute to this positive learning environment. UGA students will be responsible for paying a 250 study abroad fee in addition to the program fee. The Credit Approval Form needs to be on file in the OIE in order to receive federal, state or institutional financial aid, including HOPE, Zell Miller, and other scholarships for studying abroad. UGA students are also eligible for the Ambassador Awards and can get more information about these in the OIE. UGA financial aid, such as the HOPE scholarship, is based on the number of credits students earn during the program and is calculated at the UGA tuition rate. Students can obtain a Credit Approval Form from the UGA Office of International Education or by accessing the UNO Innsbruck page on the GoAbroad Portal at “UNO-Innsbruck was an amazing experience! It was the best summer of my life and I will never forget it!” Ben Renaud University of Georgia UGA students should contact the UGA Office of International Education to schedule an advising appointment with a Study Abroad Advisor if they have any questions about studying abroad, the credit transfer process, Credit Approval Form, scholarships, or financial aid. UGA Office of International Education: (706) 542 - 2900 - The program offers many extracurricular afternoon activities, and Tobogganing is always a favorite! All instructors are encouraged to incorporate the setting of Innsbruck and Central Europe into the course content. “I appreciate everything the Innsbruck program offered me! I felt very prepared both before and during the program and appreciated how open and helpful the staff was!” Brianna Spinuzzi University of Georgia Our student ambassadors represent the program and their universities at special events, such as this community outreach project with a local refugee shelter, gaining meaningful leadership experience.

CURRICULUM In keeping with the purpose of The International Summer School, courses are enhanced by the setting in Austria and Europe. A concerted effort is made in all courses to reinforce the classroom instruction with the rich cultural surroundings. While all courses are taught in English, students are encouraged to take a German language course either before or during the summer for a better appreciation of the European experience. EXAMS, TRANSCRIPTS & CERTIFICATES Mid-term and final examinations will be given in all courses. Class attendance is required of every student. An official transcript from The University of New Orleans will be sent to each student’s home institution at no extra cost. A special certificate will be awarded to students who complete nine hours with academic distinction (at least two A’s and one B). All students will also receive a certificate of attendance. “The classes were small and it was easy to become familiar with the other students.” Amanda Lee The University of New Orleans Guest speakers, such as Rita Prigmore, a Sinti Holocaust survivor, expand students’ learning on topics of current and local interest. “I gained a greater understanding of European politics and culture through the lectures and firsthand experience!” Quentin Marks The University of Mississippi All courses listed will carry three credit hours, unless otherwise indicated. The academic regulations at The University of New Orleans will apply in Innsbruck as well. Freshmen and sophomores are eligible to enroll in courses numbered 1000 and 2000, and upperclassmen (over 59 hours of credit) may take any of these courses, as well as those numbered 3000 and 4000. 4000 level classes may have a 5000 level section added for graduate students upon request. NOTE: Guest students are responsible for securing approval from their home institutions for the courses they wish to take. University of Innsbruck students and US students take classes together and often make lasting friendships. “I loved the classes in Innsbruck so much and am thankful to have been able to take those credits abroad, together with Austrian students.” Alexis Fowler Texas Christian University Program Cost: 5,495.00 for University of New Orleans degree-seeking students 5,995.00 for Guest students This includes: tuition for up to 9 credit hours university fees transcript fees accommodations in a double room breakfast and lunch on class days class field trips opening and closing ceremonies many extracurricular activities round-trip bus transportation between the Munich airport and Innsbruck on-site staff nursing services and comprehensive travel medical insurance Not included in the program cost: transatlantic airfare Eurailpass passport fees meals other than those specified certain afternoon activities weekend travel textbooks phone costs & other personal expenses For Payment Terms and Cancellation & Refund Policy see back cover. “It really was a worthy investment in such a life-changing experience while working towards my education. And I was also able to receive financial assistance.” Tina Huynh The University of New Orleans UNIVERSITY OF INNSBRUCK The Leopold-Franzens University of Innsbruck, founded in 1669 by Emperor Leopold I, is recognized today as a major European institution of higher learning and research. A long-standing formal Friendship Agreement with the University of Innsbruck affords UNO special access to the resources and faculty of this great European university. In turn, University of Innsbruck students participate in the UNO-Innsbruck Summer School, enriching class discussions with their central European perspectives. This peer-to-peer learning and intercultural exchange adds to the success of our program and significantly enhances the study experience for all students. Learning outside the classroom: Students take a class field trip to the Brenner Base Tunnel, future site of the world’s longest railway tunnel. “I learned from my teachers inside and outside the classroom. In Innsbruck, I felt more independent and responsible. It helped me grow and gain self-confidence.” Samara Hawit The University of New Orleans SUMMER SCHOOL COSTS The University of Innsbruck, one of Austria’s oldest universities, has over 28,000 students enrolled. The Glacier field trip is a hands-on experience! FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE The University of New Orleans and the UNO-Innsbruck Summer School strongly believe that this educational experience should be made available to as many students as possible. To this end, several awards are available to UNO and UGA students who exhibit high academic achievement, demonstrate financial need, and whose academic plans will benefit most from this experience. Recipients are designated as Ambassadors and are expected to assist during and after the program. For further information please contact the UNO-Innsbruck office. All non-UNO students ar e encour aged to contact their home institution about portable financial assistance, such as Pell Gr ants, Stafford Loans, PLUS loans, HOPE, PACT, etc. A consortium agreement can be initiated by the student’s home university, and this assistance may travel with the student and be applied to UNO-Innsbruck tuition and fees.

TRAVEL INFORMATION “Caution: This program has life-altering effects!” Misti Elting, UNO-Innsbruck ‘94 Randolph-Macon Woman’s College Students may purchase their airline tickets on the group flight options arranged by ITS Tours (see below and program website), or they may opt to purchase their tickets independently. The program administration does not recommend purchasing an airline ticket before the student is accepted into The International Summer School program. Students will be informed in writing about their acceptance. TRAVEL DATES The UNO-International Summer School 2017 starts on Saturday, July 1, and ends on Friday, August 11. To arrive on July 1, you must depart the U.S. on June 30 (overnight flight). All students must check into the dormitory by mid-afternoon on July 1, in time for the mandatory orientation. Return date is Friday, August 11. AIRPORT TRANSFER The program will provide round-trip bus transfers from the Munich airport to the dormitory in Innsbruck on July 1, 2017, with return on August 11. All program participants can use this transfer service, provided they book their flights in accordance with the transfer schedule, distributed to students at a later point. This partnership quickly became one of the most active transatlantic university relationships, including student programs, publications, conferences, and centers. In 1995, the mayors of the two cities signed a Sister City Agreement, and in the same year a vibrant art exchange was started. So many lives and careers have been touched by The International Summer School in Innsbruck, The UNO-Innsbruck International Summer School Austria, and this summer it is your turn! Join the celebrates its 42nd birthday this year and expects to 42nd class of UNO-Innsbruckers and be prepared enroll its 10,000th student! to have your summer of a lifetime! In 1976, the University of New Orleans initiated its flagship study abroad program in Innsbruck. Its founder, Dr. Gordon H. “Nick” Mueller, is often referred to as a visionary. He is known as a man who “thinks big,” so even for the first UNOInnsbruck program he chartered a Pan Am flight to take 166 students to Innsbruck, and launched what was to become one of the largest study abroad programs of its kind in the United States. Over 40 years and 10,000 students The festive Opening Ceremony remains a highlight of the program and the Tirolean brass band still plays! RAILPASSES For weekend travel through Europe and travel before and/or after the program, rail is the most popular mode of transportation. We recommend a Eurailpass, which must be purchased in the U.S. before departure. Students may purchase a Eurailpass from ITS Tours or independently. To learn more about Eurailpasses, visit the program web site. As Eurailpasses are based on the exchange rate between USD and Euros, the railpass price is not fixed until it is actually purchased. “This was my first experience outside of the United States, and I have fallen victim to the travel-bug!” Claire Patton University of Tennessee GROUP FLIGHT ITS Tours has arranged group flights on Delta Airlines. The flights will depart from Atlanta or New Orleans on June 30, 2017, arriving in Munich, Germany on July 1, and return on August 11. Group seats are limited, and they are sold on a first-come, first-served basis. The cost for round-trip airfare from Atlanta to Munich is 1,895.00, and from New Orleans to Munich it is 1,995.00, if full payment is received by Tuesday, March 28, 2017. For full details on the group flight options and on how to make a flight reservation, please contact ITS Tours or check our program web site at To contact ITS Tours: 1-800-533-8688 The first UNO-Innsbruckers, UNO’s first chancellor H. L. Hitt (right) and program founder G. H. “Nick” Mueller (2nd from right), are about to board their chartered plane. “This program has transformed the lives of thousands of individuals, broadening their understanding of the past and sending them in new directions for the future!” Dr. Gordon H. “Nick” Mueller Founder, UNO-Innsbruck President & CEO, The National World War II Museum Successes and challenges have shaped the International Summer School over the past four decades, during which it has convened yearly without interruption. The program has adjusted to changing times and student needs, but it has managed to maintain its identity and academic integrity. “I love UNO-Innsbruck. It’s a part of me!” William Carl Wagner Former Division Director & Alumnus The University of New Orleans “UNO-Innsbruck” is widely recognized both in New Orleans and Innsbruck. Since its initiation, the program has spawned and cultivated a series of partnerships on various levels. First and foremost, the partnership agreement between the Universities of Innsbruck and New Orleans was signed in 1983. For several years now, the UNO-Innsbruck Summer School has been enrolling a number of second generation participants, such as Megan Lato, whose mother Jo Lato attended the program in 1986. UNO and the University of Innsbruck receive the Euro-Atlantic Culture Award for International Education This prestigious prize was awarded to the University of New Orleans and the University of Innsbruck for “their remarkable contribution to the scientific and cultural exchange between Europe and the USA.” The European Foundation for Culture “Pro Europa” supports cooperation in the areas of art and science between the European Union and the United States. The International Summer School is the cornerstone of the long-standing friendship between UNO and the University of Innsbruck.

WEEKEND TRAVEL CLASS FIELD TRIPS Most students in the International Summer School will enjoy the opportunity to take class field trips within Innsbruck, as well as other parts of Austria and across international borders to Italy and Germany. These trips are integral to the courses and are included in the program cost. We are convinced that these field trips provide some of the real highlights and exceptional experiences of the International Summer School. For details about required field trips, students should consult the program website under Academics and Class Field Trips, or call the International Summer School office. Students are advised not to miss any required field trip(s) as this will result in academic/participation penalties. Rome, Italy is a popular and fun weekend destination for many UNO-Innsbruck students. Classes are scheduled from Monday to Thursday, except for the first week when classes are also held on Friday. Most of these long weekends are free for students’ individual travel and offer a wonderful opportunity to explore Europe. “I loved that just about every major European city is within reasonably cheap traveling distance.” Brittany George The University of New Orleans Students pay their respect to victims of the Holocaust on a class field trip to the Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site outside of Munich, Germany. IMPORTANT INFORMATION CONTACT US: Phone: (504) 280-7116 Email: Program Director: Irene Ziegler Program Coordinator: Mariana Martinez Graduate Assistant: Tanja Bauer Student Assistant: Oliver Steininger PASSPORT & VISAS A valid passport is required for everyone traveling to Europe. Note that your passport must be valid for at least six months beyond your period of stay or you may be denied entry into Germany and other European countries. For passport fees, application instructions and forms, see the U.S. Department of State site: It is strongly suggested that you apply for your passport as soon as possible, and no later than April. All foreign students requiring visas for travel in European countries must secure those visas before arrival in Europe. The Division of International Education at UNO assumes no responsibility for visas. “UNO-Innsbruck was a lot of fun. I loved learning about the local culture and experiencing new places.” Megan Lato Louisiana State University MEDICAL INSURANCE HOUSING The International Summer School includes housing at a dormitory in Innsbruck. The facility offers furnished rooms with a private bathroom and shower. Internet access is available in all rooms. “My greatest learning experience was the field trip to Dachau. Not only was it very eye-opening, it also gave me a context for what I learned in class.” Bennett Souter University of Georgia “Living in Innsbruck for the summer was incredible! It's crazy beautiful and now it feels like my home away from home.” Taylor Barron The University of Alabama Some business classes visit the BMW plant in Munich. The Rössl dormitory is an easy walk to and from the classroom building across the bridge. “I thought there was a great balance between classes and free time. I liked how some field trips were mandatory while others were optional, and how the afternoons were free for adventure and exploration.” Anna Skelton Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University All students are covered by a comprehensive study abroad medical insurance plan, included in the program cost. This policy provides for accident, medical expenses, emergency medical and evacuation, repatriation of remains, and family assistance coverage. Extended coverage at additional cost is available. A brochure fully detailing the insurance plan will be provided to each student. The policy does not cover trip cancellation or baggage loss. Such a policy is available for purchase from ITS Tours or other providers and is strongly recommended. (See program website for details.) The University of New Orleans is committed to providing an environment where all students have the opportunity to equally participate in the academic experience, including students with disabilities. Students with disabilities have rights as determined by federal and state laws which require institutions to provide reasonable accommodations for the student’s disability in order to afford an equal opportunity to participate in UNO’s programs, courses, and activities. Persons requiring disabilityrelated accommodations must notify the program administration at the earliest possible date so that their needs may be properly assessed and reasonably accommodated.

DATES TO REMEMBER APPLICATION: Apply online as ear ly as possible. Enr ollment is limited, and courses are restricted to 15 students each. Acceptance to the program, selection of courses, and rooms are determined by the Division of International Education at UNO after a full review of all application materials. A deposit of 300.00 is due with the application, 150.00 of which is non-refundable. GROUP FLIGHT OPTIONS: The 350 deposit is due as ear ly as possible to secure a space on one of the group flight options with ITS Tours. Division of International Education International Center, Rm. 128 The University of New Orleans 2000 Lakeshore Drive New Orleans, LA 70148 Phone: (504) 280 - 7116 Fax: (504) 280 - 6447 Email: March 6, 2017 - Balance of program cost is due. March 28, 2017 - Last day to make full payment for group air ticket. May 1, 2017 - Last day to make cour se changes. June 30, 2017 - Group flights depart to Munich. July 1, 2017 - Bus transfer from Munich to Innsbruck (until noon). Check-in at the dormitory in Innsbruck. Mandatory orientation. August 1

the UGA Study Abroad Credit Approval Form for UNO Innsbruck and submit it to the UGA Office of International Education (OIE) no later than 3 weeks prior to departure. UGA students earn non-resident, transfer credit issued by The University of New Orleans, and grades earned on this program are calculated into the students' overall GPA at UGA.

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Le genou de Lucy. Odile Jacob. 1999. Coppens Y. Pré-textes. L’homme préhistorique en morceaux. Eds Odile Jacob. 2011. Costentin J., Delaveau P. Café, thé, chocolat, les bons effets sur le cerveau et pour le corps. Editions Odile Jacob. 2010. 3 Crawford M., Marsh D. The driving force : food in human evolution and the future.