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Styles to suit any home. Whatever your design needs, Ply Gem Fence & Railing manufactures a full range of vinyl and outdoor products to suit the look of any home and to meet any functional requirement. Routed construction means it looks great from any angle Supported by nationwide service and distribution Backed by a Limited Lifetime Transferable Warranty No wood. No work. No hassle. More and more people like you are choosing vinyl outdoor products. You’re choosing them because you want the classic look of wood without the upkeep or expense. No need to paint, stain or replace rotted boards damaged by water or insects. Ply Gem Fence & Railing is a sustainable fencing option. Formulated for exceptional strength and beauty. Only the best materials go into Ply Gem Fence & Railing products. We use the highest quality raw materials and the most advanced engineering techniques. Why? Because they make our products last longer and look better than other vinyl fence and railing products. Which, over time, makes customers very happy and helps you stand out from the competition. 2 P LY G E M F E N C E & R A I L I N G

PICKET FENCE Tall Closed Picket OUTDOOR STYLE WITHOUT THE WORK. Nothing finishes off a property like a Ply Gem Picket Fence. We have made choosing a picket fence easy by offering our great-looking selection of fence styles and colors in all price ranges. Even your neighbors will love your fence, because Ply Gem Fence & Railing’s neighbor-friendly construction means it looks great on both sides. Choose Ply Gem with confidence, knowing our picket fences are the low-maintenance choice for years to come, backed by one of the best Limited Lifetime Warranties in the business. PICKET FENCE 3

Narrow Scalloped Picket A PERFECT BALANCE OF PERFORMANCE AND VALUE. Ply Gem Picket Fence is the easiest way to get the great looks and durability of Ply Gem Fence & Railing’s vinyl products. Our fence and railing includes the most popular picket fence styles, engineered for affordability with no compromises. Wide Straight Picket 4 P LY G E M F E N C E & R A I L I N G

CLASSIC PICKET FENCE STYLES Wide Scalloped Picket Square Straight Picket Wide Closed Picket PICKET FENCE 5

Square Straight Picket DURABILITY MEETS ELEGANCE. Ply Gem Picket Fence is our premier line, created for special homes that require special designs. Our fencing offers a selection of sophisticated designs, accents and colors, combined with our legendary durability and attention to detail. Tall Closed Picket 6 P LY G E M F E N C E & R A I L I N G

FENCE STYLES AND COLORS Narrow Straight Picket Wide Straight Picket Square Straight Picket Narrow Scalloped Picket Wide Scalloped Picket Square Scalloped Picket Closed Picket Tall Closed Picket Dropped Rail Scalloped Picket Closed Scalloped Picket Tall Square Scalloped Picket Dropped Rail Scalloped Picket Note: Check with your local Ply Gem Fence & Railing Dealer for on-center spacing and insert requirements. Styles are not limited to the list above. Custom styles are available, please contact your local Ply Gem Fence & Railing Dealer. WOODLAND SELECT COLORS STANDARD COLORS Tan Sandstone Khaki White Almond Natural Cedar Redwood Aged Cedar Weathered Cedar Chestnut Brown PICKET FENCE 7

Dropped Rail Scalloped Picket GET TO KNOW THE LEADER IN VINYL PRODUCTS. GET TO KNOW PLY GEM FENCE AND RAILING. 2600 Grand Blvd., Suite 900 Kansas City, MO 64108 Phone (888) 300-8208 Fax (816) 426-8555 www.plygemfence.com 2020 Ply Gem Fence and Railing, part of the Cornerstone Building Brands family. All rights reserved. 6101099991106/RevB/MS/CG/0120 MADE IN THE U.S.A. A DIVISION OF CORNERSTONE BUILDING BRANDS SIDING ACCESSORIES WINDOWS DOORS STONE VENEER TRIM MOULDINGS FENCE RAILING

PICKET FENCE 3 PICKET FENCE Tall Closed Picket Nothing finishes off a property like a Ply Gem Picket Fence. We have made choosing a picket fence easy by offering our great-looking selection of fence styles and colors in all price ranges. Even your neighbors will love your fence, because Ply Gem Fence & Railing's

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4. Enable the interface and get a pad ready for the picket fence to land on. 5. Hold the picket fence vertically just above the photogate. Drop the picket fence straight through the photogate and have your partner catch it. 6. After analyzing this trial, tape some added mass to the bottom of the picket fence

All Legend fence panels allow for the fence to follow the natural slopes of your yard. Available in private, semi-private & picket styles in white, tan and khaki* colors, we're sure to have a fence for you. Closed Picket 3-Rail - White Note: *Select styles only. Color may not match due to printing process. Ask your fence contractor for color .

Picket Fence Product Guide Kroy Building Products, Inc. 6501 Weston Parkway Suite 250 Cary,NC 27513 Phone (919) 678-4840 Fax (919) 677-9581 www.kroybp.com Your Kroy dealer makes it easy. M P G 0 3. Nothing finishes off a property like a Kroy picket fence. We have made

Steel Picket Fencing www.bluedogfences.com.au 1800 887 6700 Page 1 of 5 Product outline Steel Picket fencing is used to provide a strong vandal resistant alternative to timber picket fencing around playing fields and sports ovals. . Post Footing Fence posts Ø200mm x 600mm deep. Gate posts Ø250mm x 700mm deep.

against the fence pivot block (Figure 2). 6. Tighten the resaw lock handle. 7. Pull the fence handle up and place the fence assembly on the rail. 8. Push the fence handle down to lock the fence assembly in place. 5. Install the resaw fence lock handle (with the 8mm washer and moving plate) onto the fence, then slide the resaw fence over the

Ashley Vinyl Corner Picket Fence Instructions 7 Block of Wood 1 2 Install fence into Ground Move the fence to its final location and identify the location of posts. Attempt to push the unit into the ground as illustrated Optionally: 1 x x x 1. If your ground is too hard, loosen the top 4" of the ground with a claw hammer as illustrated. 2.

Goodyear 66x44.00-25 Tundra Grip 26 ply 8, 23 Goodyear 1250/40R25 Tundra Radial 9, 16 Goodyear 66x43.00-25 Super Terra Grip LF 26 ply 10, 22 Goodyear 66x44.00x25 Tundra Grip 20 ply 14 Goodyear 1050/50R25 Tundra Grip 20 ply 15 Goodyear 66x4300-25 Super Terra Grip 20 ply 17 Goodyear 1000/50R25 Super Terra Grip 20 ply 18

Text and illustrations 22 Walker Books Ltd. Trademarks Alex Rider Boy with Torch Logo 22 Stormbreaker Productions Ltd. MISSION 3: DESIGN YOUR OWN GADGET Circle a word from each column to make a name for your secret agent gadget, then write the name in the space below. A _ Draw your gadget here. Use the blueprints of Alex’s past gadgets on the next page for inspiration. Text and .