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What is Salesforce1 ? Installing Salesforce mobile App Salesforce1 is a mobile application or interface which connects all your apps, connect all your devices and connect all your customer data. Before Salesforce1 developed, many applications like Salesforce classic, Salesforce touch and chatter mobile are used to connect Salesforce using a mobile(Iphone, Ipad, Android and Tablet) devices. Now Chatter Mobile has been renamed to Salesforce1 and updated with lot of features. Why Salesforce1 is used? Salesforce mobile app is used to access Standard objects, custom object, can publish Visualforce pages and many more. Using Salesforce1 mobile app, we can create a record, read, update a record and delete records. Some of the actions that can be performed using Salesforce1 are Can used to send push notifications. Can submit a record for approval. Access a list view and related list. Can access all your custom object and apps through navigation menu. Can access Visualforce pages and components. Can access Salesforce files. Can access reports, Dashboards and Lightning charts. Salesforce mobile app features. 1. It is powered by Salesforce platform. 2. We can use point and click tools to make our own application. 3. Salesforce mobile App is included with every Salesforce license. 4. Salesforce mobile app can be download from Google play store and App Store. 5. Salesforce mobile app has offline capability. 6. We can run business using mobile faster and smarter. 7. Salesforce mobile app uses metadata to work instantly. How to Install Salesforce1 mobile app. Salesforce1 mobile app is available for both Android and IOS devices. It is also available for mobile browser app that runs on supported browsers. Check your organization security policies before installing Salesforce mobile app. Salesforce mobile application can be downloaded from iTunes and Google Play. Check the following links to download Salesforce1 application. Salesforce1 iOS Application : ce1/id404249815?mt 8] Salesforce1 Android Application : ls?id com.salesforce.chatter&hl en] Installing Salesforce mobile App? Download Salesforce1 mobile app from the above link. Now click on I Accept button as shown below.

Enter your Salesforce login Username and Password to login to your Salesforce account.

Now verification code will be sent to your email. Enter your verification code. Click on Allow button to enable access to your Salesforce mobile App.

Click on Get Started to access Salesforce mobile application.

We can add multiple Salesforce account. On the sidebar we can observe many options like Recent, Apps, Settings.

The default navigation menu includes : Feed : If Chatter is enabled, then your feed is here. There are also separate items for People and Groups. Today : The Today app is your one-stop place to review account and contact information before meetings, instantly join conference calls, quickly log notes about events, and more. Productivity apps and your org’s pages : Notes, task lists, Salesforce events, dashboards and reports, and your company’s custom pages and apps. Recent : This section lists the objects that you’ve accessed recently. To see all the objects available to you in Salesforce1, tap More at the bottom of the Recent section. Help : Help specifically for Salesforce1. Enabling Salesforce1 for mobile browser. After Installing Salesforce1 mobile in Android or iOS devices, we must enable Salesforce 1 for a mobile browser. Follow the steps given below. Navigate toSetup Platform tools Apps Mobile Apps Salesforce1 Settings.

Click on Salesforce 1 Settings. Now select the Enable the Salesforce1 Mobile browser app checkbox. Once your are done click on Save button. How to grant Salesforce1 Access to users. By granting Salesforce1 Access to users we can automatically redirect your user to the Salesforce mobile browser app when they log in to Salesforce from a supported mobile browser, perform the following steps. Navigate toSetup Administration users Edit your user. Select the Salesforce1 user checkbox as shown below. By turning this option off, our mobile browser would be directed to the full Salesforce site instead. Finally click on Save. Conclusion In this Salesforce tutorial, we have learned about how to install and configure Salesforce1 mobile application. In our upcoming we will learn how to setup connecting apps, granting downloadable app access to Users and

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Why Documents are used in Salesforce List Views Section 6 : Customizing Standard Salesforce Application How to Customise Standard Salesforce application Section 7 : Salesforce Security Model Overview on Salesforce security Model How to create New Users in SFDC? What is SAML? Public groups in Salesforce Role Hierarchies in Salesforce.com How to create and manage Profiles What is Field Level Security? How to use Permission Sets? Control Record visibility using Organisation wide Defaults Control Record visibility using Role Hierarchy Control Record visibility using Sharing Rules What are Record Types and how can we configure What are Page Types and page Elements Section 8 : Data Management Different Data Management Tools How to install Apex Data Loader in macOS and Windows How to Insert a record using Apex Data Loader How to Update and Insert records Apex Data Loader How to Delete and Export records Apex Data Loader Section 9 : Salesforce.com Audit Field History Tracking Setup Audit Trail Section 10 : Automate Business Process How to create New Email Template in Salesforce Salesforce Workflow Rules Overview Creating Workflow rules with Rule Criteria & Workflow actions Configuring Approval Process Assignment rules for Leads and Cases Section 11 : Reports and Dashboards

Section 11 : Reports and Dashboards What is a report in Salesoforce and how we create them? Salesforce Reports and Dashboards Overview How to use report builder? How to create Summary reports? How to create matrix reports? How to create salesforce Dashboard, Different Dashboard Components, Customizing Dashboard Components, How to create Dynamic Dashboard in Salesforce, Deleting and Printing Salesforce Dashboards Creating Dashboards with Dashboard Components for Tabular and Joined Reports Section 12 : Salesforce Service Cloud Overview on Salesforce Service Cloud Section 13 : Portal and Sites Section 14 : AppExchange What is Salesforce AppExchange. Section 15 : Managing Sandboxes What is Salesforce Sandbox?. Different Sandboxes and Sandbox Environment Types. How to create Salesforce Sandbox template?. How to create Salesforce Sandbox? How to login Salesforce Sandbox? Section 16 : Salesforce lightning How to create Salesforce custom domain? What is Salesforce lightning Experience? What is Salesforce lightning component Framework? Creating first Salesforce lightning App Styling Salesforce lightning App Lightning Componnet : aura:attribute tag What is Salesforce DX? Create Salesoforce DX project Salesforce Dev Hub Setup step-by-step Creating Sratch Org

Salesforce mobile app features. 1. It is powered by Salesforce platform. 2. We can use point and click tools to make our own application. 3. Salesforce mobile App is included with every Salesforce license. 4. Salesforce mobile app can be download from Google play store and App Store. 5. Salesforce mobile app has offline capability. 6.

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Salesforce has understood the demand and potential that lies within a mobile platform, and that's why they created the Salesforce1 Customer Platform. Everything can be For Mobile With Salesforce1, there is no longer a need to be near a computer to use an application or interact with customers. Everything can be done right off of a mobile device.

Salesforce can be accessed from the Salesforce AppExchange . RingCentral for Salesforce version 5.x, 6.0, and later includes Salesforce Mobile App. This enables you to make calls via the Salesforce Mobile App with RingCentral's quality phone services. If your Salesforce is already configured for Salesforce Mobile App,

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To become a Certified Salesforce Administrator and Developer, you must pass the Salesforce Administrator Exam and the Salesforce App Builder Exam. You can pass the exams by following these easy steps. Step 1: Complete the Salesforce training course Step 2: Visit certification.salesforce.com and register to take both exams: Salesforce

Salesforce 4 CRM and Related Functionality Salesforce includes all aspects of CRM in its list of features and also extends it by providing features for creation of apps and integrating analytics, etc. APIs Salesforce provides powerful suite of APIs. This helps to develop and customize the Salesforce1 Mobile App.File Size: 753KBPage Count: 16

Now download Salesforce mobile application from the app store. 11 After installation, launch the Salesforce mobile application. Provide your Salesforce username and password, and click Login. Note: 1. Please make sure that you are logged in with the same Salesforce user in both the applications (ScanBizCards and Salesforce). 2.

A Salesforce Account (Free Trial!) Salesforce Username, Password Salesforce Security Token (for use with apps) A JangoMail Account (Free Trial!) Step 1: Enable Permissions on Salesforce.com First you need to enable the "HasOptedOutOfEmail" field to be visible by your Salesforce account.

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