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v:Web Applications,and Security NT-4 CHAPTER 18 Chatting Using Google Hangouts hat with ou c a nc h a t people across the world into Google Hangoutsan IM using an instant application. Let messenger. us now learn how learnt how you have chapter, previous the In to initiate chatting with the to otne ygn with To chat with a contact in the Google Hangouts application, follow these steps: Ooen Google Chrome web browser on your computer. en Tvoethe URL Sign in to in the Address bar and press the Enter Google Hangouts by entering The intertace of the Google key. valid Email id and Password of Gmail. Hangouts appears. By default, it contains a have added in your list of contacts that you Gmail. You will notice a online. indicates that the contacts are green dot next to the contacts. The green dot the contact To start chatting, click on (visible along with the green dot) with. you wish to chat bottom of the chat window, conversations with the contact. At the The chat window pops up. It shows all the past type a message that you want to send. Press on the Enter key the same time, to send the message. Your message then you will get hagout Google his/her message will be delivered instantly. If the other person also replies immediately. goog o Hangouts Online contact How ate y A group in which you are added J How is we:k gowng on Chat window or i gong good Du vay how are tha gu wgh you Contacts ist Type a message to be sent AlGco Fig. 18.1: Chatting with a Contact you want to express vour feeling with the text, you can use an emoticon along with your text. For this Click on the Add an emoji or sticker icon located at the bottom left of the chat window Learning Computerswih KIPS 181

Select an emoticon and press the Enter key to send it. Ou are most welcome Fig. 18.2: Sending Emoticon NOTE Iyou want to start a new conversation, click the New Conversation option located at the top of the Contacts list. Search name, email id, or phone number in the Search box. Select the contact and click on it. The chat Window pops up and asks you to send an invite. Click on the Send Invite button to send the invitation. Once your invitation has been accepted, you can start chat with him or her. the on recipient by entering New conversation Start Kips editorial 10 33m Jyoti You are most welcome Fig. 18.3: Starting Conversation with a Let s chat on a conversation with Shagun Hangouts New Contact ETIQUETTE TO BE FOLLOWED WHILE CHATTING Following are the basic etiquette that should Always introduce yourself by be followed while name, if your chatting with the others: screen name does not reflect it. ask if the Always other person has time to chat first regardless of how important you think what is. Your message is not you have to say going to be well received, if the recipient is busy. Always start your message with a short greeting. Ensure that your message is If you short, precise and to the point. chatting with a person and he/she is waiting for your response, then long time Never Learning are use CAPITAL LETTERS while typing; Computers with Kíps 182 a message in uppercase is do not keep him/her waiting Tor extremely rude as it is considered as shou

Do not use abbreviations, if the conversation is professional. Give people time to respond due to a after asking a question one should wait for a response. be in response could Delay connectivity issue or the recipient could be busy with some other work. .You should not post any objectionable audio orvideo during chatting It is a good etiquette to sign off from chatting with a Thank you and Bye. Tip Sgn out trom G0ogle Hangouts application, if you Prorile icon not are using it or have completed your work. To sign out, click on tne then on tne and first letter of your name) (located at the top-right part of the window and shows you the Sign out button. USING OTHER INSTANT MESSAGING APPLICATIONS Let us learn the use of some other IM applications that are commonly used for chatting, nowadays GOOGLE HANGOUTS WITH GMAIL Google Hangouts is integrated within Gmail, that is why it can be used from Gmail as possible since Google well. This is uses a common username and password for all its services. After you sign in to your Gmail account, click on the Hangouts conversations button(located the screen, if the Contacts list is not C visible). Then, click on a contact on the bottom left of from the Contacts list to start the chat.,*search/H 1 MGmail tim8 Compose Hasattachment To allkips 13 unread avanced suarch Chat window intox Happy Birthday! Inbox Team HR Kps Learning Pyt Ltd Cor nbor HapPy Birthday!, Team HR KpS Learning Pvt L1d Cor Kps ediona Starred Inbox Happy Marriage Anniversary Snoozed Team HR KIp Learnin How are you Drafts Inbex Happy Birthdayt Team HR KIps Lesrning Pv Ltd Cor printin Inbor Happy Birthday' Team HR Ds Learning Pvt Ltd Cor Meet New Google Hangouts eam R Hil l am fine Thank you Kics Learnin Startameeting Inbox Happy Marriage Anniversary! Joinà meeting inbox Happy Marriage Anniversary - , Team HR Kigs Learning How is work going on7 mng inbox Chat Shivan ps O Click to start chat Happy Marriage Anniversary, eam nR NIDS Le3iningJHil Im fine Thank you inbor Happy Birthday! Team HR ips Learning Pvt Ltd Cor Inbor Happy Birthday! Team HR KIps Learning Pt Ltd Cor editorial Jyott You are most wEICofNE Inbox tpsa 'maggle comat urinbok Happy Marriage Anniversary Type text to be send are tnings wtn yOu Team HR F19s Learnin A I Good Fig. 18.4: Google Hangouts with Gmail USING WHATSAPP ON MOBILE PHONE WhatsApp is the most popular instant messenger, nowadays. It is widely used for sending text and voice messages, and making audio and video calls. It is a free application that can be easily installed on the mobile phones. You can also use it on your computer by launching WhatsApp Web. To use WhatsApp on your mobile phone, follow these steps: Install the WhatsApp from Google Play Store (for android phones) or Apple Store (for iphone) Learning Compulerswith KiPS 183

Tap on the Open button to open the access your contacts. Tap on the application. WhatsApp asks you to Allow button. Read the term and conditions and agree with them by Agree and Continue button. 529 26 WhatsAppP tapping O, the on WhatsApp Messenger Type in your phone number inatsADO Inc and tap Next and then OK. Now, verify your mobile number by entering the verification code Open 4.3 that 3 1OM e e w s you get via SMS After verification, Enter your will you will be redirected to the account creation name and a help the others Tap Next to photo. While identity to continue. You are now name of a contact with is optional, adding ready to senda icon located in the the screen Tap the photo one you in their contacts list. WhatsApp. Tap the New Chat the page message through bottom-right/top-right corner of whom you want Fig. 18.5: Opening WhatsApp 5:31 KIPS Editorial to chat. TODAY Tap the chat box and start typing the text. Mesarge to thag group are ro seured vt ,nde Tap on the Send iconto send the typed text. Ifyou want to senda photo, document, audio file, location or a contact, than tap on icon and send your required item as shown in the Figure 18.7. Like Google Hangouts, you can also send emoticons while chatting in WhatsApp. For this, tap on Emoticon icon and choose an emoticon Fig. 186 Chatting with a Contact as shown in the Figure 18.8. Hello Fig. 18.7: Sharing a Contact Guys Fig.18.8: Selecting an Emoticon USING WHATSAPP ON COMPUTER To use WhatApp on your computer, follow these steps: Open the browser window. Type web whatsapp cam in the Address Bar and presstheEnter key Learning Computers with KIPS 184

Then, open the WhatsApp app on your mobile phone and follow the instruction given on the web page to SCan the code as shown in the Figure 18.9. WhatsApp will be activated on computer. Now, you your can chat with a contact in the same way You do dy mobile phone C wwATSAP w use WhatsApp on your CODue Open WNhatsÁpp on your phone 2 lap Menuor Settings and select WhatsApp Web s Point your phone to this screen to captue the code eed nelc 'c get started Fig. 18.9: Launching WhatsApp Web ASSESSMENT TIME A. Select the correct option. 1. Which of the following options is used to sign in to Google Hangouts? a. Username of Gmail b. Password of Gmail C. Both a and b 2. Onecan send. . a l o n g with the text to express his/her feelings. b. Emoticons a. Etiquette 3. C. Symbols Google Hangouts is integrated with. ************************* * b. Hotmail a. Gmail c. None of these B. Write T for True and F for False. Google uses a common username and password for all its services 2. You should follow basic etiquette while chatting with the others. 3. You can send emoticons with your text. 4. WhatsApp is commonly used for sending text only. C. Answer the following questions. How is Google Hangouts useful? Learning Computerswith KiPS 185

2. How . List any five 4. can What is you chat via Google Hangouts? etiquette WhatsApp that a user should follow while cndl used for? L ACTIVIirY zONE Sign in to your Google Hangouts to start chat with For Better Concept Clarity count and send messages to a couple of your friends. Sen end invites friends. new d e r the guidance of your parents, open any instant messenger on your pnone or computer and sen a nc message to your friend. Also, Recap use Emoticons while chatting. The Accessibility' options available in Windows have been designed to help: users who have difficulty in using computers due to an impairment. Windows provides two features Speech Recognition and On-Screen Turning on Sticky Keys feature Data communication as means alternatives for the common input devices, mouse and keyboard. These are Keyboard. is useful for those who face difficulty in pressing sending data electronically from one computer more than one key at a time to another. A computer network may be defined as a group of two or more computer systems or peripheral devices, that are connected together to exchange information and share resources among a wide of users. range A global interconnection Instant an of computer networks around the world Messaging (often application Application-based IMs are the devices. Web-based the internet. IMs can application programs that can be accessed using a browser GoOgle Hangouts is integrated is the most audio and video calls. Cumputers withKIPS 186 popular Within Gmai, that be application, is user at the other end through application-based and web-based. why it can easily downloaded such so on. WhatsApp as called IM) refers to real-time communication with the called the Instant Messenger. There are two types ofInstant Messaging software Learning is known as on the users Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 3n be used from Gmail instant messenger, widely used for and installed as well. sending text and voice messages, and mak

BRAIN DEVELOPER QUESTIONS (SOLVED) SECTION 1: OBJECTIVE TYPE A. Select the 1. Caps Lock, option. correct Num Lock, and Scroll Lock If. ChecK *************** . can use the **** over the internet is governed of documents called. ************** c. Word pages is an Instant Messaging appiication developed by. ** instant messenger service, a user must have an. . with the IM application. ************************* C. Number b. Data a. Account You must follow some basic. . . while chatting with the others. c. Etiquette b. Settings a. Protocol B. Fill in the blanks. 1. You can 2. The * from the the accessibility options . "***** ***** tool also describes **********" C. Microsoft b. Google a. Apple use a telephone C. Router b. Modem an over or satellite connection. Googie Hangouts 9 * data to send and receive is a hardware device that allows a computer a. Bridge To use C. Protocols b. Internet pages . line, cable, 8. souna. as a set of rules known by b. Topolog9y Network A 7. instead ot c. Sound Settings b. Speech Therapy a. Web pages 6. provided work with WindoWs. option to give voice commands to ** millions www contains 5 c. Lock c. Sound settings Communication a. keys. * b. Visual settings a. Speech Recognition 4. * be DOX IS checked then visual notifications will a. Sound Sentry You are b. Toggle a. Sticky 2. keys some ******* Option. system events, Such as error messages, notifications, etc., while using the computer. 3. * ******** wirelessly . 5. ********" is a over the popular technology through exchange data network. in Data travels across the internet In a which the computers and mobile devices . network, there ******* is a powerful central computer, which has more resources than the the network. other computers connected to Learning Computers with KIPS 18

IM usually takes place between two users and follOws d 6 Instant Messaging refers to a an *. Rediff Bol 9. is an ******************** . Communication . .style of communication with the user at the other en througn ************* called the Instant Messenger. The. 8. 10. application . . a be accessed by using Instant messaging applications can stored in the mobile Can be used to chat with the contacts . tion. i n s t a n tmessaging application. example of an ** browser apnlio phones. ANSWERS A. Select the correct option l. 2.a 3. a 8. a 7. b 6. b 5. a 4.C 9.C 10. B. Fill in the blanks 1. Ease of Access Center 2. Screen Narrator 3. Wi-Fi 4. Packets 5. Client-Server 6. Back-and-forth 7. Real-time 8. Web-based 9. Application-based 10. WhatsApp SECTION 2: THEORY QUESTIONS (SOLVED) What is the utility of setting a high-contrast option? Ans: High contrast amplifies the colour contrast of some text and images on the computer screen to reduce eye strain and makes the items more distinct and easier to identify. People with poor vision can see in a much better way if the display is set to high contrast. 2 What are sticky keys? Ans: Instead of pressing three keys at once (such as when you must press the Ctrl, Alt, and Delete keys together to log off from Windows), you can use one key by turning on Sticky Keys and adjusting the settings. In this way, you can press a modifier key and it may remain active until another key is pressed. Differentiate between peer-to-peer and client-server networks. Ans: Following are the differences between peer-to-peer and client-server networks: PEER-TO-PEER CLIENT-SERVER All computers are equal in capabilities as well as in the A specific computer, more powerful than the others, acts as the server and provides resources to the other use of resources. computers on the network. In this type of network, each computer can request and The server provides resources, whereas the client can also provide services to the other computers. request resources from the server. Each computer can store its own data. The data Since every computer is also required to provide its If all the computers of the network request for services resources for use by others in the network, no perceptible Simultaneously from the server, it will result in slowing down the server. effect will be noted when multiple users simultaneously is stored in a centralised computer, i.e., serv operate their computers. A P2P network is less expensive and easier to implement. Client-Server networks are usually more expensive and not so easy to Security is a major concern with this type of network. implement. Tt is easy to take measures to secure the a Client-Server network. in Specific computers can be allowed access to specific areas of the server Learning with KIPS188 Computers syste

A number of implemented for a smaller It is usualy certain limited area. However, computers located in a and Bit Torrent P2P applications, like Napster across the world. are Client-Server However, in worldwide. email is used application, like is network this type of cases, many also, such as implemented locally spread building or educational is used in an office (LAN) Local Area Network office buildings Or in educational campuses. What is the difference between LAN and WAN Ans: in campus. and Ethernet cables wi-Fi connectea systems The number of to 10 kms. of network. Its range is up dre used to set up this type sharing the different ways provides that technology can 1000. LAN is a useful LAN my vary from 2 to and internet file servers, scanners, printers, as such r e s o u r c e s The e s o u r c e s between the end users. of be easily shared among computers. several across of network. It spans is a largest type Network (WAN) Area Wide On the other hand, WANS are expensive technology, so Since they use high speed even the whole world. or etc. They use Cities, countries, government agencies, airlines, multinational organisations, networks. WANs are used by cables, microwaveS, transmission are fiber optic devices used for The network. the to connect routers to and satellites. computer network List a few advantages of a Ans: networks Some of the advantages of computer Sharing of hardware: are as follows: Sharing of hardware devices, like printers, scanners, or as hard storage devices such the cost of the hardware. drives, helps in reducing Sharing that of software: can be installed software is more expensive than buying Purchasing software for individual computers users to access it. server and allowing many on one central computer called Sharing files: By using network, the a users can easily share documents with each other. This feature increases productivity. promotes teamwork and 6. How many types of instant messaging Ans: There are two types Application-based services are ofInstant Messaging instant messaging there? services application-based and web-based. services are application programs that can be easily downloaded and Hangouts, Rediff Bol. installed on the user's devices. For example, Web-based instant messaging services can be accessed by using a browser application, such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and so on. For How can you use Google Hangouts Ans: To use Google Hangouts on on example, Skype Online, eBuddy. your mobile your phone, phone follow these steps Open the Google Play Store and search for Hangouts app using the search bar. Select the Hangouts app and tap on Install Once the application has been installed, tap on the Hangouts app icon to open it. You will be automatically signed in the app, if you have logged in through the Google app. Otherwise, you will have to sign in by entering your email id and password. Learning Computers with Kips189

8. LIst any four features of instant Ans: Following It is are faster than Users can can you services. messaging: communication. regardless of their location. communicate with each other A user can How any other mode of connect to IM, Osers can 9. messaging the key features of instant make use a group of people Google Hangouts to as per their suitable time. chat with them in one go. with Gmail? O 0 0 g l e Hangouts is integrated within Gmail, that is why i t can be used from Gmail as wel. Inis IS possible Since Google uses a common username and password for all its services ATter you sign in to your Gmail account, click on the Hangouts conversations button. Ihen, click on a contact from the Contacts list to start the chat. 10. How Ans: To can use WhatsApp WhatApp on be used your on the computer, computer? follow these steps: Open the browser window. Type in the Address Bar and press the Enter key. Then, open the WhatsApp app on your mobile phone and follow the instruction given on the web page to scan the code as shown on the screen. WhatsApp will be activated on your computer. Now, you can chat with a contact in the same way you do on your mobile phone. SECTION 3: APPLICATION BASED QUESTIONS (SOLVED) 1. Amit's brother is visually impaired. Which option can he use from the accessibility options to easily see the objects on the screen? Ans: Amit's brother can use Magnifier tool to see the objects on the screen clearly. Bhaskar's father works in an organisation, which has its head office in Mumbai. He wants to communicate with his team there. Which type of network connection must he use for this purpose? Ans: He can use Wide Area Network (WAN) for communicating with his team in Mumbai. Hina wants to use the internet on her mobile phone to research for her science project. Which type connection should she use? Ans: She should use 3G or 4G network connection on her mobile phone for the research purpose. Sheena's mother works in a software company. she needs to transfer a file immediately from her moble phone to her colleague. Which type of instant messaging service can she use to do this? Ans: She can use any application-based instant messaging service, such as Google Hangouts, WhatsApp, or Skype Arnav is using Google Hangouts for chatting with his friends. He does not know about the etiquettes toDe followed while chatting. List some of the etiquette that should be followed while chatting Learn Computers with Kips 190

Ans: chatting be followed while Some of the etiquette to Always Always introduce yourself by name, if your a short start your message with Ensure that your message is are as follows: screen name it, does not reflect greeting. the point. short, precise, and to Never use capital letters while typing. (UNSOLVED) BASED QUESTIONS Which two options for input devices. set the a l t e r n a t i v e s a special child. She wants to SECTION 4: 1. Dia is APPLICATION for this? 2. 3. Seema data transfer should be used for does not know what protocols stating two commonly used protocols. In Rekha's school, there is one all the central computer that has resources, over the such as internet. printer can Help she her u5e by and high-power there? of network architecture is used processor. Which type service would be instant messaging team on web. Which her with conferencing Raima wants to do virtual best suitable for this purpose? 5. Can she Mohini has a Gmail account. use Google Hangouts ANSWER TYPE SECTION 5: SHORT service? QUESTIONs (UNSOLVED) short note on sticky and toggle keys. 1. Write 2. Narrator What is the use of the 3. between the internet and www? What is the difference a instant messaging option? types of computer networks. 4. List any three 5. How is data transferred 6. services? Name What are instant messaging 7. How can you create an over a computer network? account with few of them. a Google Hangouts? What are emoticons? 9 How can you initiate a new chat in Google Hangouts? TYPE QUESTIONS SECTION 6: LONG ANSWER beneficial for people with special needs. 1. in Windows that List a few accessibility options 2. networks. disadvantages of computer List a few advantages and 3. Explain about 4. List the various 5. messenger How can you use WhatsApp are (UNSOLVED) networks. Client-Server architecture in computer uses of an instant messaging on ACTIVITY ZONE account. your computer? For Better Concept Clarity explaining the different types of networks. Create a PowerPoint presentation their features the different types of Instant messaging services. Compare Research on the internet about and discuss in your class. Learning Computers with Kips 191

v:Web Applications, and Security NT-4 18 CHAPTER Chatting Using Google Hangouts hat with people across the world using an instant messenger.In the previous chapter, you have learnt how to ou can chat ygn in to Google Hangoutsan IM application.Let us now learn how to initiate chatting with the otne To chat with with a contact in the Google Hangouts application, follow these steps:

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