AARP Public Policy Institute. (2015, June). Caregiving In The U.S. 2015 .

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AARP Public Policy Institute. (2015, June). Caregiving in the U.S. 2015. National Alliance for Caregiving. Retrieved from 05/2015 CaregivingintheUS Final-Report-June-4 WEB.pdf Abello, O. P. (2017, May 9). These maps show how uneven the U.S. banking system is. Next City. Retrieved from ry-bank-branch-in-america Abraham, K., Haltiwanger, J., Sandusky, K., & Spletzer, J. (2016, May). Measuring the gig economy. Society of Labor Economists. Retrieved from Abrams, A. (2017, December 7). Talk poverty: Why have banks stopped lending to low-income Americans? National Community Reinvestment Coalition. Retrieved from g-low-incomeamericans/ ACLU. (2017). Back to business: How hiring formerly incarcerated job seekers benefits your company. Retrieved from -company Acolin, A., Bostic, R. W., An, X., & Wachter, S. M. (2016). Homeownership and the use of nontraditional and subprime mortgages. Retrieved from oads/2017/03/792.pdf Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. (2015, May). 2014 national healthcare quality and disparities report (AHRQ Pub. No. 15-0007). Retrieved from 14/2014nhqdr.pdf Aisch, G., Gebeloff, R., & Quealy, K. (2014, August 19). Where we came from and where we went, state by state. New York Times. Retrieved from hot/where-people-in-each-state-wereborn.html Albelda, R., & Carr, M. (2017). Combining earnings with public supports cliff effects in Massachusetts. Community & Banking. Retrieved from uploads/images/centers institutes/center social policy/Combining Earnings with Pub lic Supports Cliff Effects in Massachusetts.pdf Allegheny Institute for Public Policy. (2018, April 11). Pennsylvania jobs growth in perspective (Policy Brief Vol. 18, No. 14). Retrieved from ads/2018/04/Vol18No14.pdf Alliance for Excellent Education. (2018, September). The graduation effect. Retrieved from Alter, T. R., Fuller, T. E., Raybuck, G., & Sontheimer, T. (2018, December). Pennsylvania population on the move 2000–17. Center for Economic and Community Development. Retrieved from -move-200017 Alzheimer’s Association. (2017). Factsheet: Costs of Alzheimer’s to Medicare and Medicaid. Retrieved from Costs Fact Sheet version 2.pdf?docID 7161 Amadeo, K. (2011, March 11). Japan's 2011 earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster. The Balance. Retrieved from -tsunami-and-nuclear-disaster-3305662 American Community Survey. (2018). ACS demographic and housing estimates. 2017 American Community Survey 1-Year Estimates. Retrieved from U.S. Census Bureau: jsf/pages/productview.xhtml?pid ACS 17 1YR DP05&prodType t able American Community Survey. (2007, 2010, 2012, 2014, 2016, and 2017). 2007, 2010, 2012, 2014, 2016, and 2017; 1-, 3-, and 5-Year estimates. Retrieved from U.S. Census Bureau: searchresults.xhtml?refresh t American Dental Association. (n.d.). Dentist participation in Medicaid or CHIP. Retrieved from raphic 0217 1.pdf?la en American Dental Association. (n.d.). Oral health and well-being in the United States. Retrieved from ?la en American Elder Care Research Organization. (2018). Medicaid and long term care for the elderly. Retrieved from esources/medicaid.html#title5

American Hospital Association. (2019). Rural report: Challenges facing rural communities and the roadmap to ensure local access to high-quality, affordable care. Retrieved from ort2019.pdf American Immigration Council. (2017). Immigrants in Pennsylvannia. Retrieved from h/immigrants-in-pennsylvania amfAR. (2018). Opioid & health indicators database. Retrieved from Anderson, M. (2017, March 22). Digital divide persists even as lower-income Americans make gains in tech adoption. Pew Research Center. Retrieved from ns-make-gains-in-tech-adoption/ Anderson, M. (2015). Chapter 1: Statistical portrait of the U.S. black immigrant population. Pew Research Center. Retrieved from population/ Anderson, M., & Perrin, A. (2017, April 7). Disabled Americans are less likely to use technology. Pew Research Center. Retrieved from / Anderson, P. M., & Butcher, K. F. (2016, June 14). The relationships among SNAP benefits, grocery spending, diet quality, and the adequacy of low-income families’ resources. Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. Retrieved from es/6-14-16fa.pdf Angwin, J., Larson, J., Kirchner, L., & Mattu, S. (2017, April 21). Car insurance companies charge higher rates in some minority neighborhoods. Consumer Reports. Retrieved from me-minority-neighborhoods/ Arcadis, HR&A Advisors, and Sam Schwartz. (2017). Driverless future: A policy roadmap for city leaders. Retrieved from Asante-Muhammad, D., Collins, C., Hoxie, J., & Nieves, E. (2017). The road to zero wealth. Prosperity Now and the Institute for Policy Studies. Retrieved from to zero wealth.pdf Asrow, K., & Dunn, A. (2018). Making payroll cards work for employees. Center for Financial Services Innovation. Retrieved from llCards-Work-for-Employees-Report-July-2018.pdf ATTOM Data Solutions. (2019). U.S. foreclosure activity drops to 13-year low in 2018. Retrieved from ar-end-foreclosure-market-report/ ATTOM Data Solutions. (2018). U.S. foreclosure activity drops to 12-year low in 2017. Retrieved from 2017-year-end-u-s-foreclosure-market-report/ Badgett, M. L., Durso, L. E., & Schneebaum, A. (2013). New patterns of poverty in the lesbian, gay, and bisexual community. The Williams Institute, UCLA School of Law. Retrieved from -june-2013/ Barr, M. S. (2012, April 13). Introduction. In No slack: The financial lives of low-income Americans. Brookings. Retrieved from 07/noslack chapter.pdf Barr, M., & Blank, R. (2008, November). Access to financial services, savings, and assets among the poor. National Poverty Center. Retrieved from briefs/brief13/PolicyBrief13.pdf Baum, S., Ma, J., & Payea, K. (2013). Education pays: The benefits of higher education for individuals and society. Retrieved from s/education-pays-2013-full-report.pdf Becker, S., Crandall, M. D., Fisher, K. E., Kinney, B., Landry, C., & Rocha, A. (2010). Opportunity for all: How the American public benefits from internet access at U.S. libraries. Institute of Museum and Library Services. Retrieved from et-al.pdf Bee, A., & Mitchell, J. (2017, July). Do older Americans have more income than we think? (SESHD Working Paper No. 2017-39). Retrieved from working-papers/2017/demo/SEHSDWP2017-39.pdf Beesley, C. (2016). 8 tips for training your small business employees on a budget. U.S. Small Business Administration. Retrieved from ll-business-employees-budget Behney, M., Copella, S., Shultz, J., Bowalick, D., Koontz, A., Meyers, L., & Kotovsky, M. (2014, March). Pennsylvania population projections 2010–2040. The Center for Rural Pennsylvania. Retrieved from s/Population Projections Report.pdf Bersin, J. (2013). Employee retention now a big issue: Why the tide has turned. Retrieved from -hasturned/ Blank, R. M. (2008). Presidential address: How to improve poverty measurement in the United States. Journal of Policy Analysis and Management, 233–254. Retrieved from 7.42/58071/20323 ftp.pdf;jsessionid 9C48A50

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AARP Public Policy Institute. (2015, June). Caregiving in the U.S. 2015. National Alliance for Caregiving. Retrieved from .

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