Clovis Community College 2019-2020 Catalog

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2019-2020 Catalog

3 CLOVIS COMMUNITY COLLEGE 2019-2020 CATALOG 10309 North Willow Avenue Fresno, CA 93730 (559) 325-5200 State Center Community College District 2019-2020 Catalog

4 CATALOG STATEMENT Clovis Community College is accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges, Western Association of Schools and Colleges (10 Commercial Boulevard, Suite 204, Novato, CA 94949; (415) 506-0234), an institutional accrediting body recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation and the U.S. Department of Education. This publication is intended to serve students and prospective students as a guide to program planning, institutional services, and regulations for attendance at this institution. This catalog becomes efective with the Fall 2019 semester and ends with the Summer 2020 semester, unless otherwise amended. The college reserves the right to adjust conditions of enrollment, class oferings and services rendered as dictated by the limits of institutional resources and enrollment conditions. Students are held individually responsible for the information contained in the catalog. Failure to read and comply with college regulations will not exempt students from whatever penalties may incur. Reference copies of the catalog are available in the Library, Counseling Center, Admissions and Records Ofce, on-line, and in the ofces of the Vice President of Instruction and Vice President of Student Services, and educational advisors. Students are encouraged to purchase and use their own copy of the catalog. Personal copies are for sale in the Clovis Community College Bookstore. 2019-2020 Catalog

5 A MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT LORI BENNETT, Ed.D. “CREATING OPPORTUNITIES - ONE STUDENT AT A TIME” On behalf of the faculty, staf, and administrators, I would like to welcome you to Clovis Community College. We are excited that you selected us to help you reach your goals. At Clovis Community College, we believe in our mission: “Creating Opportunities – One Student at a Time.” Our highly qualifed faculty members and dedicated, professional staf and administrators are committed to your success. As one of the newest colleges in the California Community College system, Clovis Community College now serves nearly 12,000 students! Whether you are attending Clovis Community College to earn a transfer degree, an associate degree, or to complete a workforce certifcate and upgrade job skills, we can assist you in creating an educational plan to help you reach your goals. We ofer over 85 degrees and certifcates in a wide range of transfer and career areas. We also provide a wide range of student support services, opportunities to explore career options, and a variety of engaging student activities. On July 20, 2015, the California Community Colleges Board of Governors voted unanimously to recognize Clovis Community College as the 113th campus of California’s community college system. The campus opened in 2007, frst known as the Willow International Center, then Clovis Community College Center. Now, we are Clovis Community College. Clovis Community College is one of the newest colleges in the State Center Community College District - one of the state’s largest community college districts, serving over 50,000 students. Together with the other two colleges in the district, Fresno City and Reedley, we provide a range of programs for our diverse student populations and in support of workforce and economic development for the central valley. Clovis Community College also ofers classes at the Herndon Campus, which is four miles from the main campus and is located at 390 West Fir Avenue in Clovis, California. Clovis Community College publishes a schedule of classes prior to each academic session, and both the catalog and schedule are available on our website at I encourage you to use the catalog as your planning resource guide to explore all the opportunities available at Clovis Community College. If you don’t fnd answers to your questions as you look through the course catalog or website, please call or email our knowledgeable support staf at 559-325-5200. To the many freshmen who will enter Clovis Community College this fall, and to all returning students, we welcome you and wish you success as you now become a member of the Clovis Crush family and part of our legacy of excellence. Sincerely, Dr. Lori Bennett President 2019-2020 Catalog

6 TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction .10 Vision Statement. 10 Mission Statement. 10 Philosophy . 10 Institutional Learning Outcomes.10 History of Clovis Community College . 10 The District. 11 Student Right to Know .12 Academic Calendar .13 Fall Semester 2019. 13 Spring Semester 2020 . 13 Summer Session 2020 . 13 Admissions and Registration.14 Admission of Students. 14 General Admission. 14 Readmission . 14 Transfer Admission . 14 International Admission. 14 Community CollegeDual Enrollment Program . 14 Summary of Admission Requirements. 14 Application. 15 Who Needs to Apply? . 15 Residency. 15 In-State . 15 Out-of-State/International . 15 Exemption from Nonresident Tuition . 15 Reclassifcation . 16 Appeal Procedure . 16 Matriculation and Student Success. 17 Exemptions. 17 Appeals Procedure. 17 Student Success Checklist. 17 Matriculation Exemptions. 17 Counseling and Advising. 18 AB705 & AB1805 for Course Placement . 18 Multiple Measure Placement Process.18 How To Complete Placement . 18 Multiple Measure Placement Criteria. 18 Registration. 18 Concurrent College Enrollment . 18 Intra-District Transfer.18 Class Schedule Change . 19 Student Fees. 19 Enrollment Fees* . 19 Instructional Materials Fee*. 19 Health Fees* . 19 Parking Fee* . 19 2019-2020 Catalog Transcript Fee*.20 Associated Student Body .20 Identifcation Card Fee*.20 Clovis Community College Associated Student Government Representation Fee*.20 Credit by Exam Fee.20 Refund to Students .20 *Refund Fee Processing.20 *Refund of Enrollment Fees and Tuition.20 Primary Term-Length (Full Semester) . 21 Classes . 21 Summer/Short-Term Classes . 21 Refund of Health Fee . 21 Refund of Parking Fee . 21 Refund of Associated Student . 21 Body Identifcation Card. 21 Academic Regulations .22 Units of Academic Credit .22 Course Load.22 Summer Units Allowed.22 Attendance .22 2019-2020 schedule .22 Illness .23 Makeup Work.23 Grading System .23 Grade Point Average (GPA) .24 Student Grade Review Petition .25 Non-Credit Classes.25 Final Examinations .25 Articulation with High Schools.25 Earning Course and Unit Credit.25 Advanced Placement Program Credit (AP) .25 Clovis Community College Advanced Placement Credit26 Cooperative Work Experience.27 Credit by Examination.27 Credit for Military Service.27 Travel-Study Credit .27 Withdrawal/Dropping.27 Dropping (Withdrawal from) a Class.27 Withdrawal from College .28 Excused Withdrawal.28 Reports to Students.28 Early Alert Report .28 Final Grade Reports.28 Certifcations of Enrollment .28 Satisfactory Scholarship.29 Course Repetition.29

7 Repetition of Courses Designated .29 as Non-Repeatable .29 Petition to Repeat Courses for Alleviation .29 of Substandard Grades.29 Repetition of Courses with a Satisfactory Grade .29 Legally Mandated Training.30 Disabled Students .30 Repetition of Courses Designated .30 as Repeatable .30 Alleviation of Substandard Grades without Repetition.30 Probation and Dismissal . 31 Placement on Progress Probation. 31 Removal from Progress Probation. 31 Placement on Academic Probation. 31 Removal from Academic Probation . 31 Counseling for Probationary Students. 31 Academic/Progress Dismissal. 31 Circumstances for Appeal or Exception of . 31 Academic/Progress Dismissal. 31 Readmission Following. 31 Academic/Progress Dismissal. 31 Honors and Awards.32 Leon S. Peters Honors Program .32 Dean’s List .32 Honors at Graduation .32 Summa Cum Laude .32 Magna Cum Laude.32 Cum Laude.32 Leon S. Peters Honors Program .32 Alpha Gamma Sigma, an Honors Society .32 How to Read this Schedule .33 Room Codes .33 How to Read this Schedule .34 Log into your WebAdvisor and SCCCD Email.35 WebAdvisor: .35 Example: .35 SCCCD Student Email:.35 Example: .35 How to Register for Courses using WebAdvisor .35 Prerequisite Challenge Procedures.35 Registration Holds.35 Class “WAIT LIST” Requirements .36 Continuing Student Registration .36 Ways to Register.36 Late Registration.36 Proxy Registration .36 Accuracy of Student’s Schedule .36 Zero Cost Textbook Program.37 Online Registration Available Using WebAdvisor .37 Academic/Progress Probation Assistance.38 Student Expenses.39 Based on Fall 2018/Spring 2019 rates.39 Summer 2018 .39 Fall 2018.39 Spring 2019 .40 Enrollment Fee Waivers .40 State Financial Assistance . 41 Scholarships . 41 Certifcate & Degree Requirements .42 Catalog Rights.42 Course Classifcation.42 Certifcates .42 Certifcate of Achievement .42 Graduation Requirements.42 Associate Degrees.42 General Education for theAA/AS Degree .43 Natural Sciences.43 Social and Behavioral Sciences .43 Humanities.43 Language and Rationality.43 Multiple Degrees.43 Requirements for AA and AS Degrees .43 General Education for the Associate Degree:.45 Area A - Natural Sciences.45 (One course, 3 units minimum).45 Area B - Social and Behavioral Sciences .45 (One course each from B.1 .45 and B.2, 6 units minimum) .45 Area C - Humanities (One course,.45 3 units minimum) .45 Area D - Language and Rationality (One course each from D.1 and D.2, 6 units minimum) .45 Application for Certifcate or Graduation.45 Transfer Information & Requirements.46 Preparation to Enter Baccalaureate-Level College or Universities 46 Articulation .46 Articulation System Stimulating Inter-Institutional Student Transfer (ASSIST) .46 Transfer to California State University (CSU).47 Lower Division Admission Requirements .47 Upper Division Transfer Students .47 California State University Transfer Course List (CSU).47 General Education Requirements for .47 CSU Certifcation.47 Clovis Community College CSU General Education—Breadth 2019-2020.48 Area A: Communication in the .48 English Language and Critical Thinking .48 Area B: Scientifc Inquiry and Quantitative Reasoning48 Area C: Arts and Humanities .48 Area D: Social Sciences.49 2019-2020 Catalog

8 Area E: Lifelong Learning .49 and Self-Development .49 U.S. History, Constitution, and .49 American Ideals.49 Transfer to University of California (UC).49 Transfer Requirements of University .49 of California (UC) for California residents.49 Lower Division Transfer Admission.50 Requirements .50 Upper Division Transfer Admission .50 Requirements .50 UC Transfer Admission Guarantee .50 University of California Transfer Course Agreement 2019-2020 50 Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) toCSU and UC.51 Clovis Community College Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curricula (IGETC) 2019-2020 .52 Area 1: Communication in the English Language and Critical Thinking.52 Area 2: Mathematical Concepts .52 and Quantitative Reasoning .52 Area 3: Arts and Humanities.52 Area 4: Social and Behavioral Sciences .52 Area 5: Physical and Biological Sciences.52 Area 6: Language Other than English.52 (UC requirement only).52 Transfer to Private/Independent and Out-of-State Colleges and Universities.53 Administrative Policies.54 Student Conduct Standards .54 State Center Community College District (SCCCD) Policy Statement .54 Student Assembly.54 Exercise of Free Expression.54 Student Protests and Demonstration.55 Student Publications.55 Computer/Network Equipment Use Policy.55 No Smoking in Campus Buildings.55 Drug- and Alcohol-Free Campus.56 Academic Freedom.56 General Principles .56 Textbook Selection .56 Public Forums .56 Academic Dishonesty .56 Cheating .56 Plagiarism.57 Authority and Disciplinary Actions.57 Student Rights .57 Removal from Class by Instructor.57 Grievance and Complaint Policy for Students.57 2019-2020 Catalog Rights and Responsibilities .58 Open Enrollment.58 Student Enrollment Responsibilities.58 Parking Regulations.58 Statement of Nondiscriminatory Policy and Obligations58 Non-Discrimination Statement.58 Declaración: Póliza Contra la Discriminación y las Obligaciones .59 Tsab Cai Tsis Pub Muaj Kev Ntxub-ntxaug Thiab Tej Uas Yuav Tsum Tau Ua.59 Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (California State and Federal Legislation).60 Sexual Harassment Policy.60 Change of Address or Telephone Number .60 Social Security.60 Other Policies .60 Student Support Services .61 Bookstore . 61 Refund & Return Policy . 61 Business Ofce. 61 Cafe 61 CalWORKs Program . 61 Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS).62 Child Care Center.62 Academic Counseling .62 Transfer Services.62 Career Services.63 Disabled Students Programs and Services (DSP&S) .63 Learning Disability Services .63 Student Support Services Program (SSS) .63 Financial Aid .63 Financial Aid and Scholarships.63 Return of Federal Financial Aid Based Upon Total Withdrawal 64 Satisfactory Progress for Financial Aid .64 Gainful Employment .64 Ayuda Financiera y Becas.64 Health and Psychological Services.65 Health Services .65 Psychological Services .65 Job Placement Information .65 Library - Learning Resources Center.65 Lost and Found.65 Student Insurance .65 Public Information Ofce.65 Photo and Videotape Policy .66 TRIO Programs .66 Tutorial Services .66 Veterans Services.66 Approved Majors.66 Evaluation of Previous Education/Training, CFR S21.4253 (d)

9 (3) 67 Standards of Progress, CFR S21.4253 (d) (1) (ii).67 Veterans Dependent Fee Waiver.67 Student Activities .68 Student Government/Associated Students.68 Clubs and Organizations .68 Establishing New Clubs.68 Publications .68 Music Activities.68 Athletics .68 Associate DegreeAnd Certifcate Programs Table.69 Associate DegreeAnd Certifcate Programs Table.70 Associate Degree and .71 Certifcate Programs.71 Associate Degrees for Transfer.

2019-2020 Catalog T CATALOG STATEMENT Clovis Community College is accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges, Western Association . Personal copies are for sale in the Clovis Community College Bookstore. 5. 2019-2020 Catalog. A M. ESSAGE FROM THE. P. RESIDENT . L. ORI. B. ENNETT, Ed.D. "C. REATING. O .

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Clovis Community College 2018-2019 Catalog 10309 North Willow Avenue Fresno, CA 93730 (559) 325-5200 . are encouraged to purchase and use their own copy of the catalog. Personal copies are for sale in the Clovis Community College Bookstore. 5 A Message from the President Lori Bennett, Ed.D. "C REATING O PPORTUNITIES - O NE S

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