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Jeppesen Mobile 1.2 User’s Guide Second Edition Jeppesen 55 Inverness Drive East Englewood, CO 80112-5498 1-800-621-5377 303-328-4274 Fax 303-328-4153 Copyright 2008 Jeppesen, All Rights Reserved i Jeppesen Mobile User’s Guide

Jeppesen Mobile User’s Guide for Version 1.2 Copyright 2008 Jeppesen, All Rights Reserved ii Jeppesen Mobile User’s Guide

Legal Notices Copyright 2008 Jeppesen, All Rights Reserved. Except as otherwise provided and authorized in a written agreement between both Jeppesen and your company, Jeppesen's copyrighted information and materials may not be processed, reformatted, reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in whole or in part, in any form or by any means, whether electrical, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without prior written permission of Jeppesen. Jeppesen and Jeppesen Sanderson are registered trademarks of Jeppesen in the U.S. and other countries. All other product or brand names may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. Jeppesen Mobile Usage Jeppesen Mobile is designed to supplement flight planning navigation information provided by other sources. Please be advised that data errors and computer malfunctions are possible. As pilot in command, you are the final authority on the accuracy and sufficiency of the Jeppesen Mobile information. Do not use Jeppesen Mobile as a sole source of navigation information, and make sure your aircraft is equipped with approved IFR navigation equipment if flying in instrument meteorological conditions. You should also exercise extreme vigilance when operating any potentially distracting devices in the aircraft. Jeppesen, or any of its agents or third parties, cannot be held liable for the accuracy and sufficiency of information provided by Jeppesen Mobile. Copyright 2008 Jeppesen, All Rights Reserved iii Jeppesen Mobile User’s Guide

Contacting Jeppesen Sales/Customer Service Internet: Email: Phone: 800.621.5377 303.328.4274 Fax: 888.271-3730 303.328.4153 Technical Support E-mail: Phone: 800.732.2800 Fax: 303.328.4135 303.328.4587 Jeppesen Mobile Suggestions We strive to provide the best possible products to meet your needs, and we value your input in that process. If you have suggestions for product changes or enhancements or if you would like to tell us what you like or dislike about Jeppesen Mobile, please go to or email . Copyright 2008 Jeppesen, All Rights Reserved iv Jeppesen Mobile User’s Guide

Table of Contents Table of Contents . v Jeppesen Mobile Introduction . 10 The Jeppesen Mobile Difference.10 A Look at Jeppesen Mobile’s Feature Set .11 Weight and Balance .11 A/FD Information.12 Route Planning .12 Dynamic Flight Navigator .13 SmartTaxi .13 DUATS .14 Temporary Flight Restrictions - TFRs .14 Weather Text.15 Weather Images .15 Airport Runway Layout .16 Documents and Forms .16 Podcasts – online and offline.17 Multi-Page E6B .17 Jeppesen Mobile Installation and Registration . 18 Windows Mobile Device Types.18 Obtaining Jeppesen Mobile.19 Downloading Jeppesen Mobile through the Internet.19 Downloading the Installer to a PC Desktop/Laptop .20 The Jeppesen Mobile PC Installation Process .20 Jeppesen Mobile Upgrades .24 Database Location .24 GPS Settings.24 Menu System.25 Pages Submenu .25 View Submenu.26 Prefs Submenu .27 Tools Submenu.29 GPS Submenu .30 Help Submenu .31 Pop-up Menus.31 Numeric Text Boxes [Pocket PC only] .32 Most Recently Used .32 Airport Search Menu Option .32 Digit Bar [Pocket PC only] .33 Minimizing vs. Closing Jeppesen Mobile .34 Aircraft Page . 35 Copyright 2008 Jeppesen, All Rights Reserved v Jeppesen Mobile User’s Guide

Adding a New Aircraft.35 Aircraft Weight and Moment .37 Selecting or Removing an N-number.38 Sorting the Aircraft Data .38 Pop-up Modify Menu .38 Model Properties .38 Weight and Balance Page . 40 Status Section.41 Within Limits .41 Exceeding Limits.42 Configuration Section.42 Graphical Section .42 Weight and Balance Pop-up Menu .43 Weight and Balance Envelope .44 Weight and Balance Bar Display.44 Data Entry Section .46 Pop-up Menus.46 Helicopter Weight and Balance .47 User-Defined Aircraft Models.47 Airport/Facilities Directory Page . 48 Communications .48 Location.49 Facilities .49 Runway .50 Remarks .50 Airport Runway Layout.51 Route Planning Page . 52 Constructing a Route.52 Example: .53 Column Selection.54 Performance and Wind Effects.54 Route Text Box Pop-up Menu.54 Most Recently Used Lists.55 User-Defined Routes .55 Dynamic Flight Navigator Page. 56 Screen Layout.56 Copyright 2008 Jeppesen, All Rights Reserved vi Jeppesen Mobile User’s Guide

JeppGuide Pages. 59 Food.59 Cars .59 Lodging.60 FBO.60 Airport Diagrams.60 DUATS and TFR Pages. 61 DUATS Weather Briefings and Flight Plans.61 DUATS Credentials.61 DUATS Weather Briefings .62 DUATS Flight Plans .64 Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFRs) .64 Viewing TFRs.64 Filtering TFRs.66 Weather Textual Reports Page . 67 Downloading the Latest Weather.67 How and When to Download Weather .67 Trend Information .68 Color-Coding Scheme .68 Weather Textual Report views.69 METAR View.69 TAF View .70 METAR List View.70 Winds Aloft View.71 Temperatures Aloft View .72 6 Hr Trend View.72 Weather Images Page. 73 Downloadable Images.73 Sample Screen Shots.75 Airport Runway Layout Page. 76 Airport Layout Page .76 Title Text .76 Runway Identifiers.77 Viewing the Airport Runway Layout .77 Viewing Angle .77 Four Display Modes .77 Runway Types and Surfaces.79 SmartTaxi Technology.79 Document Page. 80 Copyright 2008 Jeppesen, All Rights Reserved vii Jeppesen Mobile User’s Guide

Selecting a Document and a Subpart .81 Example .81 Document Searching .82 Text Size .82 Pilot Expirations . 83 Auto Increment .83 Expiration Dates.84 Expiration Item Components .85 Changing the Display Order.85 Example .85 Podcasts Page . 87 Select the Podcasts.87 E6B Page . 89 Conversion Sub-Page .90 Altitude Sub-page .91 Wind Sub-page .92 Calculating Winds Aloft.92 Calculating Heading, Ground Speed, and WCA.93 Runway Wind - Headwind and Crosswind Components .93 Performance Sub-page.94 Distance, Groundspeed, Time.94 Fuel Usage .94 IFR Climb Rate and Climb Angle .95 Time Sub-page.95 Adding and Subtracting Times .95 Flight/Block Times .95 Miscellaneous Sub-page.96 Wind Chill and Frostbite .96 Thumb Control.97 SmartTaxi Technology. 98 About SmartTaxi .98 Approaching a Runway .99 On a Runway .99 Jeppesen Mobile Tools . 100 Jeppesen Mobile Managers.100 Aircraft Model Manager .100 Waypoint Manager .103 Jeppesen Mobile Searching .105 Airport Search .105 Copyright 2008 Jeppesen, All Rights Reserved viii Jeppesen Mobile User’s Guide

N-Number Search.106 Dial .106 Database Operations.106 Storage Card Support.107 Jeppesen Mobile Housekeeping .107 Close .107 Upgrade .107 Change CF .107 Repair Programs.108 Debug Information.108 Glossary . 109 Bluetooth GPS Setup. 110 Windows Mobile 5.0 GPS Setup Instructions .110 GPS Manager .111 Bluetooth Settings .112 Applicable Regulations . 113 Sunrise and Sunset Times .113 Civil Twilight Times.114 One Hour Rule .115 Troubleshooting . 116 Troubleshooting Device/PC Connectivity.116 Copyright 2008 Jeppesen, All Rights Reserved ix Jeppesen Mobile User’s Guide

1 Chapter Jeppesen Mobile Introduction Jeppesen Mobile is a mobile powerhouse. This chapter will introduce you to some of Jeppesen Mobile’s features and briefly explain how these features can solve many of your everyday flying challenges. J eppesen Mobile is a suite of aviation applications designed to run in an on PDAs, Pocket PC Phones and SmartPhones (cell phones with computing capability like the Samsung BlackJack, Motorola Q and other such devices). This new service is a “Jeppesenized” version of an existing solution called WingX – a product developed and marketed for the past three years by Hilton Soft-ware of San Jose, CA. Jeppesen Mobile is the perfect solution for pilots who demand the utmost portability in a flight planning tool with pre-flight, in-flight and post-flight capabilities. With fast, easy-to-use route planning, official weather briefings including the latest METARs, TAFs and TFRs, weight & balance, animated weather graphics, IFR, VFR and ADIZ flight plan filing and much more right on your phone or PDA – Jeppesen Mobile is ready to go when you are. The Jeppesen Mobile Difference - Designed from the ground up as a mobile aviation applications suite, Jeppesen Mobile combines the accuracy, reliability and quality of Jeppesen data - the aviation standard worldwide for more than 80 years – with the superior mobile operational characteristics of Hilton Software’s WingX Service to provide you with a high-value, integrated suite of pre-flight functions for your Windows mobile phone or Pocket PC. The application suite fueled by the best aviation data in the industry including JeppGuide airport & airport services information; Jeppesen graphical weather images, Jeppesen FARs and FARs Explained, Jeppesen NavData and Jeppesen Airport Diagrams. You get all of the features and functions shown below and more Route Planning and Filing DUATs Weather Briefings Aircraft Weight & Balance Animated Weather Graphics TFRs (Temp Flight Restrictions) Color-coded Text Weather JeppGuide Airport Directory Runway Layouts with SmartTaxi FARs and FARs Explained Extensive Aircraft Library Airport Search Functionality Dynamic Flight Navigator Expirations Tracking Log Integrated PodCast Capability Advanced E6B Calculator

About Jeppesen Mobile Jeppesen Mobile is the result of a cooperative agreement between Jeppesen and Hilton Software (developers of WingX). The Jeppesen Mobile suite of aviation applications— designed by pilots for pilots—optimizes the capabilities available in Pocket PCs and SmartPhones. By combining Hilton Software's technology advantages with Jeppesen renowned aviation databases, the application suite provides pilots with powerful pre- and postflight capabilities right in the palm of their hands. Jeppesen Mobile provides quick access for Weight & Balance; Route Planning; Text and Graphic Weather; Airport/Facility Directory Information; JeppGuide Information with Airport Diagrams; Taxi Position Information; a Dynamic Flight Navigator; Documents and Forms; an E6B Flight Calculator; Pilot Currency Expirations; Sunrise / Sunset Calculator and Aircraft Registration Number Searches. With its advanced Internet technology, all Jeppesen Mobile database updates and software upgrades can be made directly from the Internet to your PDA or Smartphone (no PC required). And, if your download is interrupted for any reason, our download resumption feature ensures that you get what you need when you need it. A Look at Jeppesen Mobile’s Feature Set Here are brief descriptions of Jeppesen Mobile’s main features. The chapters that follow delve into more detail. Weight and Balance Jeppesen Mobile currently stores over 490 aircraft models in an aircraft model database. By associating a specific N-number with an aircraft model, Jeppesen Mobile will ‘know’ what the various stations are, how much fuel the aircraft can carry etc. User-Defined Models can also be entered. From this data, a graphical representation of the Weight and Balance calculations is displayed within the selected envelope. The Maximum Zero Fuel Weight line is also shown. Any of the various envelopes can be selected; e.g. normal, utility, etc. Jeppesen Mobile will flag out of bounds conditions with red text. A Summary Table can also be displayed that matches the W&B table shown in most POH/AFM manuals in Section 6 The graph can be removed from the screen to provide more space on height-limited devices such as those with 240x240 screen or in landscape mode. Conversely, the user can view the graphical display in full screen mode to make viewing the actual data points easier. 11

A/FD Information No more thumbing through the A/FD book while bouncing around in the clouds, no more fumbling through a sectional chart at night while trying to locate a VOR frequency. Jeppesen Mobile provides this information in a very easy-to-read format while providing a tremendous amount of information including airport and navaid frequencies, Morse codes, location, relative position to the closest VORs, runway information, and much more. In the example on the left, the communications information shows the ASOS phone number, the ATIS frequency and phone number, as well as the relevant frequencies for the three runways at San Jose International Airport. Phone devices will automatically dial underlined phone number including AWOS, ATIS, and any phone numbers in the Remarks section when the underlined phone number is selected. Route Planning Jeppesen Mobile accurately

Windows mobile phone or Pocket PC. The application suite fueled by the best aviation data in the industry including JeppGuide airport & airport services information; Jeppesen graphical weather images, Jeppesen FARs and FARs Explained, Jeppesen NavData and Jeppesen Airport Diagrams. You get all of the features and functions shown below and more

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Franko Approach: 132.300 Airport Information For UKLI Printed on 20 Jan 2021 Page 1 (c) JEPPESEN SANDERSON, INC., 2021, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED je JEPPESEN JeppView for Windows. UK(T)-714B IVF114.2 IVF N48 53.1 E024 41.5 D IVANO-FRANKIVS'K Apt Elev 919' UKLI/IFO IVANO-FRANKIVS'K 10-2.STAR.

time you contact Jeppesen. Jeppesen UK Limited can assist with every aspect of international flying. Overflight and landing permits are secured using our long-established relationships with Civil Aviation Authorities and key contracted agents. With the Jeppesen Handler Network, you can be sure that the very best ground handling services are .

Answer Key Update Package for Jeppesen Instructor’s Guide 10692818-000 October 19, 2017 This document contains an update to replace selected answer keys in the Instructor’s Guide that have become “out of sync” with the latest Jeppesen exam booklets. The following pages are affected. 1-36 . 1-38 . 2-52 . 2-55 . 4-55 . 4-57 . 4-58 . 4-59 .

Comprehensive –Jeppesen’s complete system of training materials allows you to advance as far as you wish, from private pilot through CFI to multi-engine. Plus, the building-block approach to each level of training materials makes it easy for you to progress from one level to the next. Accurate–Jeppesen maintains the most 0 0 0 0 4100 ' 8500 9100 ' 3600 (h) 10-2c gerar n 24 06.0 e 057 36.3 kanol n23 53.0 e 057 45.1 bubil musuk n 23 43.3 e 057 21.8 laklu n23 22.6 e 057 04.0 2 9 66 1 d 44.0 mct 1t 8 2 7 8 6 8 k 1 t 1 t 0 (mct r-258 /d 67.1) (mct r-258) d 36.4 mct d 34.3 mct 2

Jeppesen Charts,also regularly updated at IMPORTANT: CHECK FOR NOTAMS AND OTHER PERTINENT INFORMATION PRIOR TO FLIGHT. ENROUTE CHARTS GENERAL MEA's followed by the letter D indicates: DME/DME/IRUIntheUS(notincludingQroutes in the Gulf of Mexico) GNSS or

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