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2003 Se e Bo Us ot A h tN #5 B 84 AA 3 ! N N EE W W SS LL EE TT TT EE RR // SS U UM MM M EE RR Corporate Flyer Weight & Balance Calculations Now Available Online By accessing eLoadsheet or, customers can now generate weight and balance computations for a multitude of different aircraft types. Through a cooperative agreement with Flyware, Inc. of Iceland, users can utilize the eLoadsheet tool created and managed by Flyware. The site, which offers the highest degree of security—128-bit SSL encryption — contains a user-friendly graphical interface (GUI). After entering values for fuel, cargo, passengers, and crew, the application generates a fully IATA, JAR, and CASA compliant loadsheet that can be printed or transmitted electronically. After a loadsheet is produced, the application is also able to generate detailed load plans and loading instructions. Customers manage their weight and balance data online via a secure administrator portal. Your monthly JetPlan invoice will include all eLoadsheet activity. There are a number of distinct advantages to using eLoadsheet: better fuel efficiency due to advantageous loading, accurate mathematical calculations, a user-friendly interface, compliance with IATA, JAR, and CASA, compatibility with Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), which allows it to be used in a wireless environment. Flyware. “The addition of eLoadsheet to Jeppesen’s portfolio of products is an example of Jeppesen’s commitment to customers and the dedication to offer them the best tools available for a given task. As a company, we are very excited and happy to be a part of that effort.” “ We a t F l y w a r e a r e pleased to announce the beginning of what we expect to be a fruitful partnership with Jeppesen in bringing our advanced weight and balance solutions to the aviation community,” says Asgeir Stefansson, chief executive officer, For more information on eLoadsheet, please visit,\eLoadsheet or contact Jeppesen Corporate Sales at 1-800-358-6468 (US) or 44 (0) 1293 842432 (UK).

HS T L A E H & L E V A TR D V I S O R I E A D The U.S. State Department’s current list of Travel Warnings includes: Afghanistan, Algeria, Angola, Bosnia, Burundi, Central African Republic, Colombia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Israel, the West Bank, Gaza, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Lebanon, Liberia, Libya, Macedonia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Saudi A r a b i a , S o m a l i a , S u d a n , Ta j i k i s t a n , Venezuela, Yemen, and Zimbabwe. Regional Updates AIRPORT/RUNWAY CLOSURES: Contact Jeppesen International Trip Planning for further information. Magadan (UHMM) airport will be closed daily 0900Z-2100Z through 26 Sep 2003. Yakutsk (UEEE) airport will be closed at various times through 28 Sep 2003. Rome Ciampino (LIRA) airport will be closed during various times through 30 Sep 2003. CANPASS REMINDER In our Winter edition of the Corporate Flyer, Jeppesen mentioned the recent enforcement of a CANPASS regulation, whereby the Pilot-in-Command (PIC) of all corporate aircraft entering Canada needs to make the initial notification by calling the regional Telephone Reporting Center. Due to the importance of this regulation, we feel it is worth mentioning again. The PIC can make notification up to 48 hours prior to entering Canada, but no less than two hours prior. Please contact Jeppesen International Trip Planning for more information. Jeppesen UK Ltd.— A Long-Standing Tradition of Excellence Jeppesen International Trip Planning has been established globally for over 25 years providing renowned trip planning solutions for the corporate and private aircraft operator. An integral part of this global network of Jeppesen offices is Jeppesen UK Limited. Located just a short drive from London Gatwick airport, Jeppesen UK Limited is ideally positioned to serve those operators based within the Eastern Hemisphere and is able to offer a truly professional One Source service to its customers. From its London base, Jeppesen can supply all the products and services that aviators worldwide have come to rely on and provide a skilled and expertly executed trip from beginning to end. With an initial approach to Jeppesen UK Limited, our International Trip Planners are able to provide itinerary and route planning based on aircraft performance and range limitations, current known political situations, and airport suitability for your aircraft type. By utilizing Jeppesen’s premier flight planning system, JetPlan , which incorporates up-to-date navigational, weather, and aircraft performance data, our experienced staff can generate and deliver highly accurate flight plans based on the customer’s trip-specific requirements. Flight plan filing and slot coordination are achieved using JetPlan and in-house system tools that allow, among other things, access to Eurocontrol’s Central Flight Management Unit (CFMU). Each International Flight Planner working for Jeppesen UK is required to attend and pass the highly-regarded JetPlanner course, which is taught by a certified Jeppesen Academy trainer. All Senior Flight Planners also receive advanced ETOPS flight planning instruction.

Additionally, Jeppesen UK Flight Planners undergo performance evaluation tests every six months, which helps to ensure that you, the operator, receive quality and reliable information each and every time you contact Jeppesen. Jeppesen UK Limited can assist with every aspect of international flying. Overflight and landing permits are secured using our longestablished relationships with Civil Aviation Authorities and key contracted agents. With the Jeppesen Handler Network, you can be sure that the very best ground handling services are sourced throughout the world. Each ground handler and FBO is subject to an extensive audit process before being allowed to join the ever-growing What Qualities Do You Look For From Your International Trip Planning Vendor? Since May 1997 the Jeppesen International Trip Planning office in London, UK, has been the holder of the prestigious ISO 9002:1994 accreditation, which is awarded by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO). In the year 2000, ISO rewrote and updated this standard and named it ISO 9001:2000. As Jeppesen ITP strives to provide the highest quality of service to our customers, plans were immediately made to meet the requirements of this new standard. Before the accreditation was bestowed, the Jeppesen UK International Trip Planning group was tasked with, among other requirements, performing a thorough time and workload analysis. This resulted in sweeping advances in processes and procedures that have benefited our customers. list of Jeppesen Handler Network members. Regular evaluations ensure continued compliance with Jeppesen’s quality standards. Helping to complete our comprehensive offering is Jeppesen World Fuel Services, which offers excellent customer service and highly competitive priced jet fuel at over 1500 locations worldwide. There is virtually nothing that Jeppesen UK Limited is unable to do, from providing navigational charts to 5-star hotel accommodations. All can be arranged from just one initial contact to us — in fact all you have to do is fly the aircraft! JEPPESEN UK LIMITED Phone: 44 (0) 1293 842403 Fax: 44 (0) 1293 842440 Email: ifs On the 15th of April, 2003, a team of auditors visited Jeppesen ITP and after 2 days of reviewing procedures, records, statistical returns, and questioning the staff, they gave the news that Jeppesen UK had fully met the requirements of the IS0 9001:2000 standard. Jeppesen International Trip Planning is committed to providing the highest level of service to all its customers. Gaining ISO 9001:2000 accreditation is tangible proof of the worldwide policies and procedures that assist with ensuring total customer satisfaction.

S T N E V E G N I UMPACROK MY O U R C A L E N D A R ANNUAL MEETING OF THE WORLD BANK GROUP AND INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND September 23-24, 2003 Dubai, U.A.E. NBAA 56TH ANNUAL MEETING & CONVENTION October 07-09, 2003 Orlando, Florida ( Come visit Jeppesen at Booth #5843 DUBAI AIR SHOW December 07-11, 2003 Dubai, U.A.E. ( NBAA 15TH ANNUAL SCHEDULERS & DISPATCHERS CONFERENCE January 10-14, 2004 Savannah, Georgia ( Previous Versions of Weather Maps Now Available Recently added to the weather web site is the ability to access previous weather maps. Jeppesen always has the most current analysis and forecast maps available, but sometimes, even we get ahead of ourselves, making the next forecast map available before someone has the chance to use the one they want. Because of this, we now make the previous 4 versions of most maps available. This feature also allows users to view the past history for a map type to see how weather patterns and the forecast maps are evolving. Prior maps can be obtained by selecting one of four buttons found in the upper left corner of the map window. Although the most current map is always displayed first as the default, the buttons labeled “-1” to “-4” can be used to retrieve the previous four versions of the map. The button labeled “-1” represents the most recent version of the archived maps while the button labeled “-4” represents the oldest. The following picture shows a U.S. High Level Significant Weather Forecast map in its “current” version, which in this example is valid at 0000Z on 02 August 2003. (Note that the “Current” button is highlighted in yellow). This next map shows the map issued prior to the one above, which has a valid time of 1800Z on 01 August 2003. In this case, the “-1” button is highlighted in yellow. You can easily slide your mouse along the buttons and, as the mouse moves over a different button, the map will automatically change, allowing you to view a mini-map slide show. We still have our animated loops for radar and satellite maps that allow automatic looping of the previous 8 images. Since we make our forecast maps available up to 12 hours in advance, you can now access an earlier forecast map that may coordinate with your departure or arrival time more accurately. It also allows you to see maps for historical purposes if needed.

Jeppesen Supports Bombardier Record Setting Flights Jeppesen was pleased to provide extensive International Trip Planning, Flight Planning, and Custom Weather services for several Bombardier aircraft making record setting flights in conjunction with the Paris Air Show this past June. The Bombardier Learjet 40 light business jet made program history by successfully completing its first transatlantic flight, and made its debut appearance at the Air Show. The aircraft departed from Bombardier’s Flight Test facilities in Wichita, and touched down at Biggin Hill airport, UK, after a brief stop in Iceland. During the course of its historic flight, the aircraft reached a maximum altitude of 47,000 ft (14,242 m). The new Bombardier Challenger* 300 super-midsize business jet proved its capabilities on a couple challenging missions as well. First, it set a new world speed record on a flight from Miami, Florida to Seattle, Washington, and several days later broke an existing record from Boston, Massachusetts to Paris Le Bourget airport. The aircraft also made its first appearance at the Paris Air Show. Bombardier executives in the UK met the flight crew at Biggin Hill airport to congratulate them. Shown here are (from left to right): Dan Maiden, managing director, Bombardier Flexjet Europe and Skyjet Europe, Bombardier Aerospace, Business Aircraft; Bruce Huffman, director, Product Demonstrations, Bombardier Aerospace, Business Aircraft; Captain Doug May, senior flight test pilot and Learjet 40 project pilot, Bombardier Flight Test Center, Bombardier Aerospace, Business Aircraft; Co-pilot Dave Ryan, senior demonstration pilot, Flight Demonstrations, Bombardier Aerospace, Business Aircraft; and Bob Horner, regional vice-president, Sales, Europe, Bombardier Aerospace, Business Aircraft. * Trademarks of Bombardier Inc. or its subsidiaries. Jeppesen BBJ VIP Plus In cooperation with its parent-company, Boeing, and World Fuel Services, Jeppesen has created a fuel and bundled-service package known as the Jeppesen BBJ VIP Plus program. Unveiled this past May at the Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) Owner & Operator Conference, the new service package addresses the unique operating environment of the BBJ by offering discounted Jeppesen products and services, including competitively priced fuel through Jeppesen World Fuel Services. Through the program, BBJ operators are entitled to special bundled pricing packages from Jeppesen Corporate Flight Services, as well as volume-based fuel discounts. The products and services offered under the Jeppesen BBJ VIP Plus program, include: Jeppesen World Fuel Services, Jeppesen International Trip Planning services, JeppView FliteDeck electronic charting services and Jeppesen standard Airway Manual service. Access to Jeppesen’s premier flight planning engine, JetPlan, and the PC-based flight planning and moving map application, FliteMap Corporate, is available as well. Best of all, there is no cost for membership and other aircraft in the BBJ operator’s fleet may also be eligible for the discounts on the above products. For additional information on the Jeppesen BBJ VIP Plus offering, please call (877) JEPP-VIP or (408) 866-7611. In the Eastern Hemisphere, phone 44 (0) 1293 842432. The email address for the program is

Jeppesen Weather Supports Wings Around the World North Pole in May. One advantage Polly has is the personalized weather support of the Jeppesen Weather staff. Polly has been receiving detailed weather briefings during her flight, depending on Jeppesen meteorologists to provide her the most accurate weather briefings available to safely proceed with her journey. Polly had to wait quite a few days for favorable weather conditions before making her North Pole crossing, but working closely with the Jeppesen meteorology group proved valuable indeed. Polly is looking forward to completing her journey across Antarctica in November and will continue to depend on what she refers to as, “My little angels that watch out for me.” Polly was able to visit the m e t e o r o l o g y s t a ff i n L o s G a t o s , California, on her way across the United States and shared some interesting stories with the group. She also thanked and praised them for looking after her so well. The picture below shows Polly (center) with meteorologists (left to right) Ben Neufeld, Bob Valko, Steve Liermann, and Brad Gray in the Jeppesen DataPlan weather center. Polly’s Web site ( includes a special weather section that contains pictures of all the Jeppesen meteorologists as well as some current maps and a forecast discussion on upcoming segments. The Wings Around The World trip helps bring attention and assistance to the needs of the disabled who wish to become pilots. Website: For those who have not heard about pilot Polly Vacher’s latest world record flight attempt, she is circumnavigating the globe in a Piper Dakota by crossing both the North and South Poles. This flight route around the world has never been attempted before, and Polly is making good progress in her current attempt, having already crossed the Neu-Isenburg, Direct: 49 6102 5070 Germany Fax: 49 6102 507999 Denver, CO Toll Free: (800) 553-7750 Direct: (303) 328-4244 Fax: (303) 328-4116 Airway Manuals, Charts, JeppView, NavData and Pilot Supplies London, UK Direct: 44 1293 842403 Fax: 44 1293 842440 email: ifs– Los Gatos, CA Toll Free: (800) 358-6468 Direct: (408) 866-7611 Fax: (408) 866-5648 email: Flight Planning, Weather, Fuel and International Trip Planning How To Reach Us SUMMER 2003 NEWSLETTER 121 Albright Way . Los Gatos, CA 95030 PRSRT STD U.S. POSTAGE PAID DENVER, CO PERMIT NO. 1736

time you contact Jeppesen. Jeppesen UK Limited can assist with every aspect of international flying. Overflight and landing permits are secured using our long-established relationships with Civil Aviation Authorities and key contracted agents. With the Jeppesen Handler Network, you can be sure that the very best ground handling services are .

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