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SINCE 1953 YOUR SOURCE FOR ALL YOUR PIPE AND TUBING NEEDS Eight regional warehouses Over 70,000 tons in inventory ready for immediate delivery Nationwide trucking system Knowledgeable sales staff State-of-the-art cutting, finishing, and other services Specializing in unusual, hard-to-find sizes Call your Tubular Steel sales professional’s 800 number or call: Philadelphia, PA (215) 337-7000 St. Louis, MO (314) 851-9200 Houston, TX (281) 371-5200 Chicago, IL IL (630) 515-5000 Los Angeles, CA (909) 429-6900 Our Newest Office Seattle, WA (253) 446-3100

8 REGIONAL WAREHOUSES DELIVER FOR YOU St. Louis, MO Staunton, IL Savannah, GA Los Angeles, CA Houston, TX Philadelphia, PA Cleveland, OH Seattle, WA

YOUR PRODUCT SOURCE Cold Drawn and As-Welded Tubing Cold Drawn Special Features Specification Grade Designation ASTM A512 ASTM A513 ASTM A519 SAE J524/J525 } AMS 5050 Various heat treatments Honed tubing CDBW & CDEW DOM CDSM Hydraulic Fluid Line 1030 1035 4130 ST52-3 Special Features As Welded High strength to 50,000 yield Aluminum killed drawing quality Specification ASTM A135 ASTM A178 Grd A ASTM A214 ASTM A500 Grd B ASTM A513 Type 1,2 AWWA C200 Pipe: Seamless, Welded, DSAW, CW 1010 1015 1018 1020 1026 Special Features Hot Finished Seamless Carbon / Alloy A333 1/6 SA333 1/6 Low-temp charpy material High Temp Grades (as below) Can be mitre cut Specification Heat Treatment ASTM A105/ASME SA105 ASTM A106/ASME SA106 ASTM A335/ASME SA335 ASTM A519 API 5CT N80 API 5CT L80 API 5CT P110 API 5L XGrades NACE MR-01-75 Normalized Quenched &Tempered Normalized, Quenched & Tempered Stress Relieved Annealed Full Annealed Size Range Grade Description 1010 1018 1026 2" to 26" OD Up to 4" Walls Hard-to-find sizes Mitre cutting High strength steel on request Mult lengths Surface Conditions Specification Surface Conditions ASTM A500 Grd B & C ASTM A513 ASTM A242 Weathering ASTM A588 steels on ASTM A606 Request ASTM A847 Hot Rolled Hot Rolled Pickled & Oiled Cold Rolled } Special Features Size range 1/8" to 48" High Strength to 52,000 yield Pipe to A860 chemistry for fittings conversion Low carbon pipe for low temp/charpy applications Variety of surface and end finishes Wheelabrating and sandblasting Heavy Walls P-5 P-9 P-11 P-22 P-91 Special Features Square and Rectangular Tubing Cold Rolled Hot Rolled Pickled & Oiled Hot Rolled Galvanized Aluminized 4130 4140 4142 8620 ST52 Size Range 1/2" to 16" Square and equivalent Rectangular sizes. Welded & Seamless Pipe Stainless Steel Products 1/2" thru 24" O.D. Schedules 5s thru XXH Welded & Seamless Tube Specification Specification ASTM A53/ASME SA53 Type E &S ASTM A53 Type F ASTM A106/ASME SA106 B &C ASTM A333 Grd 1/6 ASME SA333 Grd 1/6 ASTM A335/ASME SA335 ASTM A500 Grd B & C ASTM A501 Grd B API 5L Grd A API 5L Grd B API 5L X42 API 5L X52 AWWA C200 ASTMA252 *ASTM A182 *ASTM A564 *ASTM A213 ASTM A778 *ASTM A249 ASMS-5613 *ASTM A269 ASMS-5639 *ASTM A276 ASMS-5640 *ASTM A312 ASMS-5647 *ASTM A320 ASMS-5647 *ASTM A358 ASMS-5648 *ASTM A484 ASMS-5653 *ASTM A511 QQS-763 *ASTM A554 NACE MR-01-75 *Also ASME 1/4" thru 12" .020" wall and greater Pump Shaft Quality Bar (PSQ) Rough turned Smooth turned Bar available up to 16" Grades 300 Series 400 Series Duplex PH Grades 416 316 17-4

Quality You Can Count On Cutting, Packaging, Finishing Count on Tubular Steel to minimize the handling and risk of cutting material for you. No waste, no extra handling, no additional space needed for processing, no mistakes. Tubular Steel takes care of all the details. You can count on Tubular Steel to provide quality products and services. In its 50-year history, Tubular Steel has established enduring buying relationships with leading steel manufacturers worldwide. We stock over 5,000 different items and over 70,000 tons of prime, certified pipe and tubing from these mills in our modern warehouses. We ship over two million custom-cut lengths of pipe, tubing and bar products from our facilities each year. Regardless of size or length, Tubular Steel has the equipment and expertise to cut the waste out of any order and save you money. Traceability of every piece of that material is a watchword with Tubular Steel. That’s why ASME shops and other quality driven customers count on Tubular Steel to meet their strict standards and audits. Our Quality Assurance procedures have met the requirements of ASME-SPPE, API-Q1 and ISO 9000 customers. Tubular stocks pre-primed material that is ready for direct painting applications. Plus, Tubular offers the following additional services so that material is ready to go right into your production process: Your Source For Service Our entire sales force is dedicated to one objective: making your job easier. Each salesperson has a vested interest in working with you to understand your specific product and delivery needs and directing Tubular’s resources to meet them. With one phone call , our sales force can provide: Knowledge of the material and marketplace unparalleled in the industry Instant access to availability, chemistry mill specs and test results on any inventory Origin and even heat number of any piece of our pipe or tubing Ability to source and supply unique and non-core items Exact status of any order, from cutting or loading schedule to delivery sequence Arrangements for special stocking Square cut up to 25" O.D. Simple and compound miter band saw cutting up to 45 and up to 18" O.D. Band saw cutting through 25" High speed cold saw cutting up to 3 1/2" O.D. tubing or just-in-time releases Special handling options from pallets to shrink-wrapping to requested markings Our state-of-the-art equipment can take care of any special handling options, whether it be securing the material on pallets, shrink-wrapping ,or crating for UPS shipping. Tumble and wire brush deburring on any O.D. or length Sandblasting Painting Powder coating Zinc electroplating Laser cutting Centerless grinding Honing Wheelabrating

DELIVERY THAT WORKS FOR YOU Orting Washington Philadelphia Pennsylvania Lorain Ohio Staunton Illinois St. Louis Missouri Los Angeles California Savannah Georgia Houston Texas Wherever you are located in the United States, Tubular Steel can bring its warehouses to your door every day or every other day. That’s delivery you can count on three to five times a week. We deliver 96% of our tonnage by flat bed service, either on our own equipment or through specialized contract carriers. Tubular’s full line of products-- pipe, tubing and bars-- are delivered directly to you with no transfers or delays. St. Louis Fax (314) 851-9200 (314) 851-9336 Los Angeles Fax (909) 429-6900 (909) 429-6939 Chicago Fax (630) 515-5000 (630) 515-5005 Tokyo, Japan Nice, France Houston Fax (281) 579-4200 (281) 579-4204 Philadelphia Fax (215) 337-7000 (215) 337-7023 Visit our home page —

*astm a182 *astm a564 *astm a213 astm a778 *astm a249 asms-5613 *astm a269 asms-5639 *astm a276 asms-5640 *astm a312 asms-5647 . astm a512 cdbw & cdew astm a513 dom astm a519 cdsm sae j524/j525 hydraulic ams 5050 fluid line specification astm a135 astm a178 grd a astm a214 astm a500 grd b astm a513 type 1,2 awwa c200

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Size of Pipe or Copper Tubing, Inches Size of Pipe or Copper Tubing, Inches Copper Tubing (O.D.) Copper Tubing (O.D.) Pipe Size Pipe Size 10 125 20 150 30 175 40 200 50 225 60 250 70 275 80 300 90 350 100 400 Length of Pipe or Tubing, Feet Length of Pipe or Tubing, Feet Maximum capacity of pipe or tubing in thousands of BTU/hr of LP-Gas

Tubing bender – easily bends copper and stainless tubing up to 180 without kinking Tubing reamer – opens and rounds tubing after cutting Description Cat. No. TC-20 Tubing Cutter (110/220 V) 58539-U Heavy Duty Tubing Cutter 20425-U 1/8 inch O.D. Tubing Bender 20422-U 1/4 inch O.D. Tubing Bender 20424-U Tubing Reamer 20389 Swagelok .

the installation of Swagelok single-jacketed tubing, multijacketed tubing, insulated tubing, and pre-insulated trace tubing bundles. For additional information, see the Swagelok Multijacketed Tubing, Jacketed Tubing and Insulated Tubing catalog, MS-02-188 and Swagelok Pre-Insulated Tubing Bundles catalog, MS-02-316. Caution

Insulated, and Pre-Insulated Tubing Installation Instructions These instructions provide the user with information for the installation of Swagelok single-jacketed tubing, multijacketed tubing, insulated tubing, and pre-insulated trace tubing bundles. For additional information, see the Swagelok Multijacketed Tubing, Jacketed Tubing and

AKTApurifier 100 , 0.50 tubing kit 232 382 AKTApurifier 100 , 0.75 tubing kit 470 620 AKTApurifier 100 , 1.00 tubing kit 769 809 AKTApurifier 100 , 0.50 tubing kit pH electrode 354 504 AKTApurifier 100 , 0.75 tubing kit pH electrode 672 862 AKTApurifier 100 , 1.00 tubing kit pH electrode 955 995 AKTAbasic 100 , 0.75 tubing 290

1. CUT THE PIPE Cut the pipe using a pipe cutter, making a perpendicular cut and cleaning the pipe end from grease and pipe chips. Fit the plastic ring on the pipe and make sure the pipe is flushed with the upper edge of the ring. 2. PLACE THE RING OVER THE PIPE Insert the pipe into the ring until the pipe reaches the safety stop which exists

Road crossing with casing pipe Carbon Steel and FRP, carrier pipe pre-insulated Carbon Steel and FRP. TECHNICAL DESCRIPTION Carrier Pipe: Carbon Steel, FRP Size of Carrier Pipe: DN 1200mm CS pipe - DN 750mm FRP pipe (pre-insulated) Casing Pipe: FRP Size of Casing Pipe: FRP casing pipe I.D. 1520mm, FRP casing pipe size I.D.

Design.4 PE Pipe Systems PE Pipe Systems PE Pipe Systems PE Pipe Systems PE Pipe Systems PE Pipe Systems PE Pipe Systems design Pipe Dimensions Table 4.2 PE Pipe Dimensions AS/NZS 4130 Nominal Size DN SDR 41 SDR 33 SDR 26 SDR 21 SDR 17 SDR 13.6 SDR 11 SDR 9 SDR 7.4 Min. Wall Thickness (mm) Mean I.D. (mm) Min. Wall Thickness (mm) Mean I.D. (mm)