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STATE OF WEST VIRGINIA BOARD OF RESPIRATORY CARE 106 DEE DRIVE, SUITE 1, CHARLESTON, WV 25311 304.558.1382 304.558.1383 December 18, 2019 The Honorable Jim Justice Governor of West Virginia State Capitol, Building 1 Charleston, West Virginia 25305 Dear Governor Justice, The West Virginia Board of Respiratory Care is pleased to provide you with our annual report for the period of July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019 in accordance with HB2833, April 6, 2017. The mission of this agency is to protect the public in providing competent and qualified respiratory therapists for the citizens of West Virginia. The West Virginia Board of Respiratory care provides oversight of the licensing of respiratory therapists, provides guidelines for licensing requirements, renewal of licenses, continuing education requirements, and investigations and/or prosecution of license violations. The Board of Respiratory Care consists of seven members appointed by the governor with the advice and consent of the senate. Members consist of one lay person, one practicing physician currently licensed to practice in West Virginia with certification, clinical training and experience in the treatment of pulmonary diseases, and five members engaged in the practice of respiratory care for five years immediately preceding their appointment. The Board of Respiratory Care works with state and national organizations to maintain the highest standards of the practice of respiratory care to ensure the citizens of West Virginia are protected and offered the highest quality of care in the practice of respiratory therapy. Please contact our office with any questions or comments regarding the information contained in this report. Respectfully submitted, Tracy S. Matthews, MBA, RRT, LRTR President 2


OVERVIEW OF ACTIVITIES Members of the Board of Respiratory Care are appointed to serve in a voluntary capacity. The Board members are selected from various regions of the state and are practiced in home care and acute care. The Board is composed of five therapists; one physician and one lay member. On July 11, 2019, Governor Justice reappointed Leonard Picha, Regina Gillispie, Dr. Rayan Ihle; MD, and appointed Rodney Vest to replaced William Boring who has served his allowable term. Tracy Matthews, Eric Hawkins, and Barbara Folden continue to serve until new appointments are made by the Governor. The composition of the Board provides a knowledge base to insure the public that all facets of respiratory care and private citizen’s input are represented. The West Virginia Board of Respiratory Care is an active participant in meetings across the state and national level. Their participation in these meetings addresses the areas of licensing, professional regulation, standards of care, clinical practice guidelines and overall changes to the healthcare delivery system. Several members of the board attend and are active in the American Association of Respiratory Care with a nationwide organizational capacity of over 54,000 members. With this continued involvement, the West Virginia Board of Respiratory Care and licensed practitioners in the State of West Virginia are abreast of national issues facing the current and future delivery of respiratory care services. The Board also participates in the National Board of Respiratory Care’s Disciplinary Database and the National Practitioners Data Bank – Health Practitioners Data Bank which are national databases of final disciplinary actions taken against respiratory care practitioners in all licensure states. Respiratory practitioners holding a license to practice in the State of West Virginia are categorized into associates, certified therapists and registered therapists. As of June 30, 2019, the West Virginia Board of Respiratory Care maintained a total of 1,692 active licenses, 64 inactive licenses, and 35 active student permit practitioners in its database. 4

In fiscal year 2018, the board issued 114 new licenses ( 22,600), renewed 1470 ( 105,525), and issued 106 ( 1,060) letters of verifications to other states and placed 104 on expired status. In fiscal year 2019, the board issued 113 new licenses ( 22,400), renewed 1479 ( 105,859), issued 96 ( 960) letters of verifications to other states, and placed 126 on expired status. The board continues to recognize the National Board of Respiratory Care’s examination as the criteria for licensing respiratory therapists and other credentials in the practice of respiratory care in the State of West Virginia. This national examination provides for interstate endorsement of licensees without further testing. The national examination is computerized and is offered to graduating students at more than 100 testing locations nationally. The West Virginia Board of Respiratory Care issues a license to practice when an applicant completes the educational requirements of graduation from a Respiratory Care Educational Program of a COARC accredited school and by passing at minimum, the entry level examination, and payment of appropriate fees. All applicants are verified with the National Board of Respiratory Care Disciplinary Database and the US Department of Health and Human Services Healthcare Providers Disciplinary Database. Moreover, if an applicant previously held or is currently licensed in another state, the applicant is verified by those states for any disciplinary action which may be completed or pending. Fiscal Year 2019 Board Activity During fiscal year 2019, the board maintained ongoing communications with the public by launching its updated website at and conducted three board meetings; July 19, 2018, December 18, 2018 and May 15, 2019. September, 2018 – Tracy Matthews represented the board at the National Board of Respiratory Care’s State Government Liaison meeting in Lenexa, KS. Len Picha and Tracy 5

Matthews represented the board at the West Virginia Society for Respiratory Care’s Fall Conference at Blennerhasset Island; Point Pleasant, WV. December, 2018 – Len Picha represented the board at the American Association of Respiratory Care’s International Congress in Las Vegas, NV. Nancy Massey represented our board at the WV Auditors Licensing Board Seminar in Charleston, WV as set forth in the West Virginia State Code §30-1-2a. February, 2019 – Tracy Matthews and Eric Hawkins represented the board at the West Virginia Society for Respiratory Care’s Winter Conference in Canaan Valley, WV. Tracy Matthews attended various meetings and hearings during the Legislative Session from January through March. June, 2019 – Regina Gillispie represented the board at the VGM Heartland Conference held in Waterloo, IA. The West Virginia Board of Respiratory Care continues to operate a web site at with links to the West Virginia State homepage, various national organizations, and continuing education sponsors for respiratory care. Various forms, online license renewal payments, license verifications, and other information are available from the web site in continuing efforts for public communication. All monies and payments are processed by the West Virginia Treasurer’s Office or the Treasurer’s Office E-Gov for the board. The board is committed to collaboration with other health related or licensing agencies and organizations in West Virginia and nationally, to identify needs, improve public access, and provide information about education, licensure practice, discipline and accountability for health professionals. To this end, the board has continued to provide open public communication through its web site and staffed office located at 106 Dee Drive in Charleston, West Virginia, 25311. 6






WEST VIRGINIA BOARD OF RESPIRATORY CARE MEMBERS OF THE BOARD JUNE 30, 2019 Barbara Folden Mullens, WV Expires; June 30, 2018 Lay Member William Boring Wheeling, WV Expires; 6/30/2018 Practitioner Eric Hawkins Bluefield, WV Expires; 6/30/2019 Practitioner Tracy Matthews Sod, WV Expires; 6/30/2019 Practitioner Regina Gillispie Barboursville, WV Expires; 6/30/18 Practitioner Home Care Leonard Picha Huntington, WV Expired; 6/30/2017 Practitioner Dr. Rayan Ihle Charleston, WV Expired; 6/30/2017 Physician Note: Board Members continue to serve until reappointed or replaced by the Governor. Staff: Nancy Massey Administrator Jordyn Chapman Administrative Assistant 12

WEST VIRGINIA FY2019 ACCREDITED RESPIRATORY CARE PROGRAMS Carver Career Center Belle, WV Collins Career and Technical Center Marshall University Huntington, WV Laurel Business Institute Uniontown, PA Pierpont Community Fairmont WV Southern WV Community and Technical College Logan, WV St Mary’s Medical Center Huntington, WV Washington State Community College Marietta, OH 13

WEST VIRGINIA BOARD OF RESPIRATORY CARE FY2019 DISCIPLINARY ACTIONS (Fine Fees / General Fund) 17-919 Jonathan Neal: LRTR1954 30-34-13.d – Habitually intemperate in the use of alcoholic beverages Board Action: 9/25/2017 License suspended. 3/13/18 Consent Agreement; One-year suspension ending on May 8, 2019. May reapply for license to practice with continued monthly reports from Recovery Counselor for a period of two additional years ending on May 8, 2021. Random drug screening from May 8, 2018 thru May 8, 2021. Reinstated granted May 15, 2019. Consent Agreement continues in effect. Licensee in compliance to date. 17-816 Steven Lipinski: LRTR2013 Professional Misconduct CSR4.5.1.5 & 30-34-10.c. Practicing without a license Board Action: August 31, 2018; Formal Reprimand, Fined 1200.00 18-12 Joel Windle: LRTC02204 Professional Misconduct CSR4.5.1.2 Failing to adhere to established standards to Safeguard patient care. Board Action: July 17, 2018, Dismissed; Lack of Evidence 18-1125 Lisa Bikoski: LRTR1344 CEU Violation Board Action; December 12, 2018, Consent Agreement, Reprimand, Fined 50.00 18-1127 Rachel Mendez: LRTR1719 CEU Violation Board Action; December 7, 2018, Consent Agreement, Reprimand, Fined 50.00 18-1129 Aimee Vien: LRTC01753 CEU Violation Board Action; December 18, 2018, Consent Agreement, Reprimand, Fined 50.00 18-1129 Carolyn Hale: LRTC00205 CEU Violation Board Action; December 19, 2018, Consent Agreement, Reprimand, Fined 50.00 18-1129 Katherine Purdy: LRTR1819 CEU Violation Board Action; December 26, 2018, Consent Agreement, Reprimand, Fined 50.00 18-1210 Kevin Tanner: LRTC01670 CEU Violation Board Action; December 31, 2018, Consent Agreement, Reprimand, Fined 50.00 14

18-1211 Kenneth Blanchard: LRTR0690 CEU Violation Board Action; December 31,2018, Consent Agreement, Reprimand, Fined 50.00 18-1211A Amber Craig: LRTR2118 CEU Violation Board Action; December 20,2018, Consent Agreement, Reprimand, Fined 50.00 18-1213 Katherine Alpert: LRTC02026 CEU Violation Board Action; December 27,2018, Consent Agreement, Reprimand, Fined 50.00 18-1228 Steven Lipinski: LRTR2013 CEU Violation Board Action; December 28,2018, Consent Agreement, Reprimand, Fined 50.00 18-1228A Jacqueline Shaffer: LRTC01508 CEU Violation Board Action; January 5, 2019. Consent Agreement, Reprimand, Fined 50.00 18-1231 Heather Bolt: LRT01424 CEU Violation Board Action; January 4, 2019, Consent Agreement, Reprimand, Fined 50.00 19-17 Kellie Hagerman: LRTR1966 CEU Violation Board Action; January 8, 2019, Consent Agreement, Reprimand, Fined 50.00 15












Last Name First Name City County ST Stokes Kenneth Mather Sacramento CA Gsell-Murphy Susan Dover Kent DE Reed Bernice Merritt Island Brevard FL Christian Tina Clermont Lake FL Sausman Kathleen Trion Chattooga GA Richardson Sherri Powder Springs Cobb GA Glover Juanita Oakwood Hall GA Smith Karen Ripley Jackson GA Clere Kimberly Edwardsville Madison IL McCollough Carol Granger St Joseph IN Wilks Carol Lawrence St Joseph IN Adkins David Catlettsburg Boyd KY Blevins Brent Ashland Boyd KY Bradley Deborah Ashland Boyd KY Brown Megan Ashland Boyd KY Brown Jessica Ashland Boyd KY Brown Scott Ashland Boyd KY Crace Julie Catlettsburg Boyd KY Gibson Jennifer Ashland Boyd KY Hall-Salyers Jacqueline Catlettsburg Boyd KY Ison Brandie Catlettsburg Boyd KY Landy Brett Ashland Boyd KY Leader Kimberly Catlettsburg Boyd KY Little Stephen Ashland Boyd KY Miller Sherri Rush Boyd KY Queen Kevin Catlettsburg Boyd KY Salisbury Marisa Ashland Boyd KY Smith Laura Ashland Boyd KY Spicer Bobbie Catlettsburg Boyd KY Stacy Jill Ashland Boyd KY Stewart Hannah Rush Boyd KY Collins Lisa Flatwoods Braxton KY Keen James Flatwoods Braxton KY Meade Gregory Flatwoods Braxton KY 27

Benninghoff Evelyne Grayson Carter KY Byrd Paul Olive Hill Carter KY Dearfield Rebecca Grayson Carter KY Duvall Roman Denton Carter KY Griffith Tyler Grayson Carter KY Horton Jessica Grayson Carter KY Jobe Timothy Grayson Carter KY Kiger Mary Ann Grayson Carter KY Kouns Melissa Grayson Carter KY McDavid-Stamm Shanna Grayson Carter KY McGlone Rebecca Grayson Carter KY Poling Cindy Grayson Carter KY Reed Erica Grayson Carter KY Sexton Lesleigh Grayson Carter KY Skeens Jay Prestonsburg Floyd KY Slone Gary Teaberry Floyd KY Sparkman Jerry Stanville Floyd KY Wright Pamela Bevinsville Floyd KY Childers Kristi Russell Greenup KY Click Christy Hagerhill Greenup KY Diamond Jennifer Greenup Greenup KY Love Jayne Greenup Greenup KY McCullough Phillip Greenup Greenup KY McCullough Leah Greenup Greenup KY Mershon Kimberly Greenup Greenup KY Pate Adam Worthington Greenup KY Quillen Debra Greenup Greenup KY Tackett Beverly Argillite Greenup KY Wampler Michelle S Portsmouth Greenup KY Wellman Brian Greenup Greenup KY White Emily South Shore Greenup KY Johnson Natasha Louisville Jefferson KY Marcum Susan Forest Hills Jefferson KY Green Awilda Thelma Johnson KY Moore Amy Louisa Lawrence KY 28

Jude William Inez Martin KY Nichols Salena Inez Martin KY Birchwell Sarah Belfry Pike KY Blackburn Shawn Pinson Fork Pike KY Casey Tina McCarr Pike KY Coleman Shannon Phelps Pike KY Hall Amy Hardy Pike KY Lester Gina Phelps Pike KY McGuire Charles Phelps Pike KY Scott Kathy So Williamson Pike KY Knipp-Caskey Kimberly Morehead KY Butler Joseph Lafayette Rowan Lafayette Parish Beal Abby Mt Savage Allegany MD Benson Beverly Cumberland Allegany MD Bosley Sammi Jo Cumberland Allegany MD Boyd Erin Flintstone Allegany MD Brennan Julie Mt Savage Allegany MD Crislip Madison Frostburg Allegany MD Dixon Christy Frostburg Allegany MD Elliott Tara Cumberland Allegany MD Holler Patricia Mt Savage Allegany MD Kimble Joshua Westernport Allegany MD Kline Sherri Cumberland Allegany MD Lee Jasalyn Cumberland Allegany MD Lee Dawn Cumberland Allegany MD Luzier Samantha Cumberland Allegany MD Martinson Courtney Cumberland Allegany MD Moran Lisa McCoole Allegany MD Rafferty Russell Frostburg Allegany MD Shambaugh Carol Oldtown Allegany MD Skidmore John Lonaconing Allegany MD Thomas Matthew Cumberland Allegany MD True Heather Cumberland Allegany MD Watts Kayla Cumberland Allegany MD Weimer Debra Frostburg Allegany MD LA 29

Williams Jesica Cumberland Allegany MD Davis Wheaton Cumberland Alleghany MD Kamara Dora Cumberland Alleghany MD Kesler Sheryl Cumberland Alleghany MD Kimmell Robin Cumberland Alleghany MD King Misty LaVale Alleghany MD McGraw Olivia Cumberland Alleghany MD Shepherd Ashlyn Cumberland Alleghany MD Walker Autumn Cumberland Alleghany MD Shaw Nicole Westernport Allegheny MD Beitzel Randy Grantsville Calhoun MD Fazenbaker Heidi Grantsville Calhoun MD Alpert Katherine Frederick Frederick MD Dick Kelli Brunswick Frederick MD Guerrero Katherine Myersville Frederick MD Haynes Louis Thurmont Frederick MD Kassab Kristi Frederick Frederick MD Murphy Lindsay Frederick Frederick MD Stephan Robbie Frederick Frederick MD Arnold Nancy Oakland Garrett MD Callis Bryan Mt Lake Park Garrett MD Eggleston Kimberly McHenry Garrett MD Kroll Jacquelyn McHenry Garrett MD Lichty Steven Oakland Garrett MD Parks Sara Swanton Garrett MD Powell Kelli Accident Garrett MD Preston Amanda Grantsville Garrett MD Ratliff Marnie Oakland Garrett MD Scott Michelle Oakland Garrett MD McCranor Cara Bell Air Harford MD Huff James Bel Air Hartford MD Hoover Sheila Frostburg Marion MD Workman Tia Germantown Montgomery MD Carr Kimberly Friendsville Susquehana MD Kooser Julie Friendsville Susquehana MD 30

Thomas Kenneth Friendsville Susquehana MD Hausler Brittany Boonsboro Washington MD Lanehart Coleen Hagerstown Washington MD Macdonald Teri Sharpsburg Washington MD Peck Jessica Hagerstown Washington MD Zamenski Andrew Fenton St Louis MO Childress Lynnette Concord Cabarrus NC Walsh Eric Kernersville Forsyth NC Tompkins Janet Mooresville Iredell NC Wheeler Tera Clayton Johnston NC Barnes Sheila Raleigh Wake NC Day Phyllis Wendell Wake NC Laxmiben Kotadia Saddlebrook Monmouth NJ Mehaffey II Edward Manalapan Monmouth NJ Norman Charity Falconer Chautauqua NY Herbert Mary Albany Athens OH Knisley Paula Coolville Athens OH Newell Michelle Coolville Athens OH Andrews Rhonda Martins Ferry Belmont OH Blackwell Janet St Clairsville Belmont OH Britton Ray Belmont Belmont OH Coates Mark Shadyside Belmont OH Coates Ann Shadyside Belmont OH Cochran Amie Martins Ferry Belmont OH Collinvitti Melanie Martins Ferry Belmont OH DeClemente Leigh Bellaire Belmont OH Eikleberry Brandy Martins Ferry Belmont OH Grant Travis Belmont Belmont OH Gress Christina Bellaire Belmont OH Higginbotham Paul St Clairsville Belmont OH Ikey Erika Belmont Belmont OH Jarvie Rose St Clairsville Belmont OH Jarvie John St. Clairsville Belmont OH Kees Nancy Bellaire Belmont OH Kinnick Michael St Clairsville Belmont OH 31

Kovalyk Kelli Bellaire Belmont OH Krock Renee Bellaire Belmont OH LaRoche Diana Bellaire Belmont OH Lucido April St Clairsville Belmont OH Maruca Becky Martins Ferry Belmont OH Moscato Dominic Bellaire Belmont OH Patrone Tamara Bellaire Belmont OH Randall Jamie Powhaton Belmont OH Rine Debra Powhatan Belmont OH Rose Jennifer St Clairsville Belmont OH Sansone Tammy Martins Ferry Belmont OH Schultz Jeffrey Bellaire Belmont OH Slevin Robert Maynard Belmont OH Swider Lynn St Clairsville Belmont OH Tenney Erica Martins Ferry Belmont OH Tipton Alissa Bellaire Belmont OH Twarog Cam Belmont Belmont OH Witsberger Brett St Clairsville Belmont OH Zanke Mallory Bellaire Belmont OH Zido Tracy St Clairsville Belmont OH Compton Kathleen Wellsville Columbiana OH Gatrell Pamela Lisbon Columbiana OH Cassell Joann Columbus Fairfield OH Baird Melissa Gallipolis Gallia OH Beaver Jonathan Gallipolis Gallia OH Blaine Michael Gallipolis Gallia OH Brumfield Elizabeth Gallipolis Gallia OH Cartee Molly Rio Grande Gallia OH Glassburn Olivia Gallipolis Gallia OH Justice Patricia Vinton Gallia OH Lucas Terry Cheshire Gallia OH Mabe Jennifer Patriot Gallia OH Macioce Monique Gallipolis Gallia OH Moss Ethan Crown City Gallia OH Ovadia Susan Gallipolis Gallia OH 32

Ross Kreigh Gallipolis Gallia OH Roush Matthew Gallipolis Gallia OH Small Lesley Crown City Gallia OH Wells Lucas Crown City Gallia OH Scharold David Cincinnati Hamilton OH Barcroft Amanda Cadiz Harrison OH Britton Patrick Bridgeport Harrison OH Byers Julie Cadiz Harrison OH Duffey Stephanie Bridgeport Harrison OH Hadzima Jennifer Bridgeport Harrison OH Hammer Terri Bridgeport Harrison OH Muklewicz Stacy Hopedale Harrison OH Toker Julie Jewett Harrison OH Beck Robert Bloomingdale Jefferson OH Bikoski Lisa Rayland Jefferson OH Bowers Dusty Toronto Jefferson OH Bradley Ashley Smithfield Jefferson OH Brown Amber Mingo Junction Jefferson OH Davis Elizabeth Hammondsville Jefferson OH Dawson Brianne Steubenville Jefferson OH DiCarlo Aron Wintersville Jefferson OH Frederick Stephen Dillonvale Jefferson OH Grammes Kelly Richmond Jefferson OH Haines Richard Brilliant Jefferson OH Hirsch Sharon Rayland Jefferson OH Huff Richard Steubenville Jefferson OH Jones Amanda Tiltonsville Jefferson OH LaSalle Jessica Brilliant Jefferson OH LaSalle Joseph Brilliant Jefferson OH Lawver Cindy Mingo Jct Jefferson OH Leonard Victoria Steubenville Jefferson OH Long Jennifer Wintersville Jefferson OH Millward Tonette Bergholz Jefferson OH Monigold Cara Steubenville Jefferson OH Moore Raymond Mt Pleasant Jefferson OH 33

Ohalek Julie Toronto Jefferson OH Ortiz German Dillonvale Jefferson OH Painter Joshua Dillonvale Jefferson OH Painter Trisha Dillonvale Jefferson OH Shaffer Ronald Steubenville Jefferson OH Snyder Shelly Dillonvale Jefferson OH Troski Dana Toronto Jefferson OH Vein Aimee Bloomingdale Jefferson OH Vittek Lisa Tiltonsville Jefferson OH Waggoner Alanna Toronto Jefferson OH Williams Brian Wintersville Jefferson OH Wiltshire Scott Rayland Jefferson OH Wittig Shelli Toronto Jefferson OH Yaskanich Lori Steubenville Jefferson OH Yingst Eric Smithfield Jefferson OH Zoc James Rayland Jefferson OH Adkins Kelly Ironton Lawrence OH Anderson Erik Proctorville Lawrence OH Blair, Jr Walton Coal Grove Lawrence OH Canterberry Jonathan Proctorville Lawrence OH Canterberry Katie Proctorville Lawrence OH Cantrell Virginia South Point Lawrence OH Carpenter Richard Waterloo Lawrence OH Clark Tina Coal Grove Lawrence OH Copley Charles South Point Lawrence OH Cordle Lisa Coal Grove Lawrence OH Dewitz Darbie Ironton lawrence OH Fleming William Chesapeake Lawrence OH Fulton Kasee Proctorville Lawrence OH Gilbert Brandon Willow Wood Lawrence OH Harrison Steven South Point Lawrence OH Henry Roger Ironton lawrence OH Keeney Courtney Chesapeake Lawrence OH Little Michael South Point Lawrence OH Lyon Darla Proctorville Lawrence OH 34

Mayes Scott Pedro Lawrence OH Mays Heather Pedro Lawrence OH McCullough Mark Kitts Hill Lawrence OH McGlone Jennifer Proctorville Lawrence OH McGraw Ronald Ironton Lawrence OH Meadows Charles Ironton lawrence OH Meadows Leslie Kitts Hill Lawrence OH Methax Jamey Chesapeake Lawrence OH Moore Courtney South Point Lawrence OH Mount Christa Chesapeake Lawrence OH Mullins Alexis Proctorville Lawrence OH Murphy Jeanny Ironton lawrence OH Murphy Jennifer South Point Lawrence OH Myers Sarah Pedro Lawrence OH Napier Christina Proctorville Lawrence OH Newcomb Donald South Point Lawrence OH Newcomb Donald South Point Lawrence OH Pauley Deborah Ironton lawrence OH Pemberton Joseph Proctorville Lawrence OH Perdue Jarred Proctorville Lawrence OH Reedy Brent Proctorville Lawrence OH Reid Carla Ironton lawrence OH Sheridan Rhonda Ironton lawrence OH Simpkins Alexis Proctorville Lawrence OH Sisler Fred Ironton lawrence OH Stevens Shawna South Point Lawrence OH Sullivan Carol South Point Lawrence OH Wilkes Ronald Proctorville Lawrence OH Wills Pamela Ironton Lawrence OH Wright Jason Proctorville Lawrence OH Wymer Shawna Kitts Hill Lawrence OH Krupinski Bob Johnstown Licking OH Held Cathy Canfield Mahoning OH Rarick Ellen Canfield Mahoning OH Aufdenkampe Susan Little Hocking Marietta OH 35

Wine Megan Little Hocking Marietta OH Nash Victoria Fleming Mason OH Dunaway Melissa Langsville Meigs OH Giles Jeremiah Middleport Meigs OH Kinnan Britney Middleport Meigs OH Miller Christina Middleport Meigs OH Myers Elizabeth Rutland Meigs OH Wood Morgan Morgantown Monongalia OH Anderson Candice Hannibal Monroe OH Evans Kimberlie Beallsville Monroe OH Wagner Douglas Clarington Monroe OH Smith Ali Frazeysburg Muskingum OH Johnson Barbie Bidwell Gallia OH Voorhees Tyler Beaver Creek Raleigh OH Erb Elizabeth Beverly Randolph OH Burkholder Nicholas Chillicothe Ross OH DePuy Ilene Chillicothe Ross OH Bender Wesley Portsmouth Scioto OH Burke Roy Portsmouth Scioto OH Coriell Christina New Boston Scioto OH Cyrus Randal New Boston Scioto OH Fenton Lisa Wheelersburg Scioto OH Gambill Tina Maineville Scioto OH Hall Randall Wheelersburg Scioto OH Jeffers Tara Portsmouth Scioto OH Madden Amanda Franklin Furnace Scioto OH Parker Devan Wheelersburg Scioto OH Phillips Kimberly Portsmouth Scioto OH Sandlin Philip McDermott Scioto OH Shepherd Katie Portsmouth Scioto OH Stallard Joshua New Boston Scioto OH White Chad Wheelersburg Scioto OH Zuhars Charles Wheelersburg Scioto OH Baker Kathleen Marietta Washington OH Barth Courtney Waterford Washington OH 36

Boothby Rebecca Marietta Washington OH Carpenter Troy Marietta Washington OH Elder Stephen Vincent Washington OH Gardner Mary Cutler Washington OH Kinker James Marietta Washington OH Shaffer Jacqueline Marietta Washington OH Stachera Matthew Marietta Washington OH Stewart Robyn Little Hocking Washington OH Stewart Russell Vincent Washington OH Treadway Josylin Lowell Washington OH Bucy Jeffrey Belpre Wood OH Dillon James Belpre Wood OH Hostottle Shellie Belpre Wood OH McGee James Williamstown Wood OH Moore Tabitha Belpre Wood OH Queen Jessica Belpre Wood OH Stutler Robert Belpre Wood OH Branter Andrew Munhall Allegheny PA Byerly Richard Wexford Allegheny PA Christman Nathan Tarentum Allegheny PA Cioccio Rebecca Pittsburg Allegheny PA Cole Jennifer Pittsburgh Allegheny PA Colucci Anthony Tarentum Allegheny PA Drupp Ryan South Park Allegheny PA Goodwin Clarissa Pittsburgh Allegheny PA Jenkins James Monongahela Allegheny PA Langerman Cheryl Lawrence Allegheny PA Lipinski Steven Pittsburgh Allegheny PA Lorenzi Jane Bethel Park Allegheny PA Lutz Mark Pittsburgh Allegheny PA McAllister Patricia Pittsburgh Allegheny PA Morrin Kelly Pittsburgh Allegheny PA Pomaybo Robert Natrona Heights Allegheny PA Sikora Kimberly Jefferson Hills Allegheny PA Tennant Troy Allison Park Allegheny PA 37

Teyssier Kelly Heinelberg Allegheny PA Brallier Wesley Hopewell Beaver PA Gadomski Mark Ambridge Beaver PA Ludwiczak Christine Freedom Beaver PA Wesolowski Anthony Ambridge Beaver PA Huffman Carie Hyndman Bedford PA Marinella John Clearville Bedford PA Summers Ellen Bedford Bedford PA Kaiser Stacey Avella Boyd PA James Foster Harrisville Butler PA Penn Amy Sarver Butler PA Venendaal Jenifer Sarver Butler PA Gehlmann William Johnstown Cambria PA Beers Cheri Coalport Clearfield PA Anderson Alexis Newville Cumberland PA Dempsey Kelly Harrisburg Dauphin PA Ash Lawrence Smithfield Fayette PA Baker Amy Smithfield Fayette PA Basinger Charles Connellsville Fayette PA Bierer Alexis Fairchance Fayette PA Bodnar Ashley Perryopolis Fayette PA Bodnar Sean Vanderbilt Fayette PA Brambley Christy Markleysburg Fayette PA Bray Heather Point Marion Fayette PA Brumley Gerald Uniontown Fayette PA Campbell Stephen Uniontown Fayette PA Clark Jennifer Masontown Fayette PA Coulson Carol Belle Vernon Fayette PA Ernette James Everson Fayette PA Fike Nicole McClellandtown Fayette PA Giardina Christopher Lake Lynn Fayette PA Guthrie Sean Uniontown Fayette PA Hanuschock Susan Uniontown Fayette PA Hibbs Matthew Smock Fayette PA Johnson Philip Connellsville Fayette PA 38

Korpon Jeffrey Smithfield Fayette PA Marks Stephanie McClellandtown Fayette PA Martin Karla Smithfield Fayette PA McCahill Sean Uniontown Fayette PA McKlveen Heather Smock Fayette PA Mitchell RaeAnne Uniontown Fayette PA Morrow Charles McClellandtown Fayette PA Murt Carrie Fayette Fayette PA Payla Richard Uniontown Fayette PA Piccolomini Jeanine Uniontown Fayette PA Puskar Jaylyn Dawson Fayette PA Rogers William Lemont Furnace Fayette PA Scherich Nicole Uniontown Fayette PA Stewart Tiffany Connellsville Fayette PA Suich Jessica Uniontown Fayette PA Swink Julie Connellsville Fayette PA Thomas Nicholas Smithfield Fayette PA Thompson Kathryn Masontown Fayette PA Tressler Mark Uniontown Fayette PA Trump Linda Smithfield Fayette PA Young Amanda Smock Fayette PA Younkin Kristen Vanderbilt Fayette PA Bryan Frank Waynesburg Franklin PA Deal Shanta Waynesboro Franklin PA Fillman David Greencastle Franklin PA Foringer Brad Waynesburg Franklin PA Greist Kristen Waynesburg Franklin PA Thistlethwaite Raymond Waynesburg Franklin PA Wolfe Stacie Greencastle Franklin PA Crigler Jamie Mt Morris Greene PA Higginbotham Bryan Rices Landing Greene PA McIntire Paulette Greensboro Greene PA Pincavitch Tracy Dilliner Greene PA Stankewich Joshua Blairsville Indiana PA Stouffer Cortney Blairsville Indiana PA 39

Ansell Brian Farmington Marion PA Wysocki Kristian Bridgeville Ohio PA Blocher Elizabeth Salisbury Somerset PA Bodes Brandon Springs Somerset PA Dusack Barbara Windber Somerset PA Fazenbaker Anna Meyersdale Somerset PA Kay Francis Confluence Somerset PA Lytle Amber Confluence Somerset PA Oravec Dana Meyersdale Somerset PA Papini Lisa Somerset Somerset PA Rugg Tammy Meyersdale Somerset PA Tressler Guy Confluence Somerset PA Wagner Wesley Confluence Somerset PA Witkosky Abigail Davidsville Somerset PA Bercosky Heather Beallsville Washington PA Bush Peggy McMurray Washington PA Hagerman Kellie Canonsburg Washington PA Hodges Kathy Washington Washington PA Litzinger Daryl Washington Washington PA Lockwich MaryBeth McDonald Washington PA Mendicino Kellie Washington Washington PA Roberts Laurie Coal Center Washington PA Barrett Jeffrey Lower Burrell Westmorela PA Danley Eric Greensburg Westmorela PA Gerhart Stephanie Harrison City Westmorela PA Jackovitz Kristen Mt Pleasant Westmorela PA Kaputa Linda Mt Pleasant Westmorela PA Leisenring Charles Greensburg Westmorela PA Meier Erin Irwin Westmorela PA Pollino Lori Seward Westmorela PA Burger Rosalyn Monessen Westmoreland PA Cynkar James Trafford Westmoreland PA Doutt Amanda Latrobe Westmoreland PA Kolano Andrea Greensburg Westmoreland PA Plazio Richard Vandergrift Westmoreland PA 40

Pomaibo Jason Greensburg Westmoreland PA Reed Tiara Greensburg Westmoreland PA Stone Robert North Huntingdon Westmoreland PA Zimmerman

STATE OF WEST VIRGINIA BOARD OF RESPIRATORY CARE 106 DEE DRIVE, SUITE 1, CHARLESTON, WV 25311 304.558.1382 304.558.1383 December 18, 2019 The Honorable Jim Justice Governor of West Virginia State Capitol, Building 1 Charleston, West Virginia 25305 Dear Governor Justice,

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