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Keynote Speaker - Darrell Scott – Rachel’s Challenge Darrell Scott lost his daughter, Rachel, in the 1999 Columbine High School shootings. His son, Craig, had two of his close friends killed beside him and came within seconds of being shot. Darrell and his wife, Sandy, started Rachel’s Challenge, a non-profit organization to honor Rachel’s memory. That organization has now reached over 22 million people through its 40 presenters. Rachel’s Challenge offers over 20 different programs involving assemblies, trainings, and professional development. Darrell has met with two Presidents of the United States and numerous politicians on issues of school violence and prevention. He has appeared on numerous television shows such as Oprah, Larry King, Anderson Cooper, The O’Reilly Factor, Dateline, and Good Morning America. He has authored or co-authored 10 books, including two with Dr. Robert Marzano. Darrell is one of the most sought-after speakers in education today. He and his wife, Sandy, enjoy their 11 grandchildren in Littleton, Colorado, where they still reside. Worship Preacher – Pastor Jeff Schrank – Christ Church, Phoenix Jeff Schrank, a native of Wisconsin, graduated from Concordia Teachers College, River Forest in 1984 with a bachelor’s degree in Theological Languages, and later received his Doctorate in Ministry at Westminster University in 1996. In 1988 Jeff received a Master’s in Divinity from Ft. Wayne Seminary. His first call was to Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Lawrenceville, New Jersey (1988-1995). Next he served at Trinity Lutheran Church in Nashville, Illinois (1995-2000). For the past 17 years, he has served as the Executive Pastor at Christ Church—Lutheran. Jeff and his wife Joyce have 3 children; Ben (30), Aaron (28) and Jessica (23), and 2 grandchildren; Madelyn (2) and Samantha (1). Worship Liturgist – Pastor Eric Van Scharrel – St. John’s, Bakersfield Eric Van Scharrel is a pastor at St. John’s Lutheran Church in Bakersfield, California. He and his wife Kristen, a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, have three children at St. John’s School and Children’s Center: Tate (4th), Quinn (1st), and Jax (Preschool). Eric grew up on a farm in South Dakota, and pastored churches in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Alexandria, Minnesota, before coming to Bakersfield. He sees on a daily basis the impact our schools are having as they both disciple the next generation and have the potential to serve as an effective missional vehicle for a ministry. 1

Bible Study Leader – Mia Koehne Mia Koehne is the wife of Bob, principal at Valley Lutheran High School, and mom to three adult children, Chris, Aaron and Miriam. Originally from Chicago, Mia and her husband now call Phoenix, AZ their home. Her passion is to see lives changed through the power of Jesus Christ and His forgiveness (and to drink really good and really bold coffee.) As a singer-songwriter, speaker and writer, her music and the story of her life reflect the painful beauty of human struggles. After the Lord turned her from a life of shame and selfdestruction, her relationship with Jesus Christ was never the same. Mia freely shares the struggles of daily life so that God’s victory may be seen through them. She says, “I may not know much, but I love to speak of the Redeemer I know personally, who covers my mess (daily) and presents me as holy.” The release of her first Major Label album “ Already in Progress” came out nationally in June 2011, followed by the independent release of “Shelter in the Wind” in 2013, “His” in June of 2014, “Behold Your King” in 2014 and “You Can Love Again” in 2017. You can find out more about Mia, her ministry and booking information at her website: Bible Study Leader – Pastor Nate Schaus – Summit Community, Buckeye Nate Schaus is the Lead Pastor at Summit Community in Buckeye, AZ. It’s one of the fastest growing LCMS churches in the country, reflecting a passion to reach new people for Christ and impact their community. Pastor Nate was born in Southern CA to Lutheran educators who later became missionaries in West Africa. That experience helped to reinforce that no matter where you serve, sharing Jesus changes lives! Nate has been married to Liz Schaus for 21 years (they met at Concordia University, Irvine)—and they’ve been blessed with three children: Anna (15), Timothy (13) and Rachel (11). The kids have attended Trinity Lutheran School in Litchfield Park for most of their preschool and elementary years. His previous experience as pastor was at Faith Community in Las Vegas, NV and Faith in Topeka, KS. Along the way, Nate has been passionate about developing leaders and starting new ministries. He loves seeing people discover and live out their God-given potential! Nate gets fired up when people, churches and schools reach “beyond their walls” to make an impact in God’s kingdom. At the conference, he looks forward to sharing God’s Word, wants to encourage you in your faith and is thankful for your ministry that is changing lives—one classroom, family and child at a time. 2

2017 Lutheran Educators Conference Strands and Sessions Monday - Sustained Learning Strands 101 – United Collaboration in Mission: Missional Insights from a United Church and School – The Staff of Christ’s Greenfield, Gilbert, AZ ROOM TBD Church and School staffs must unite to collaborate in mission. It is not optional. We are one church discipling every person to their maximum God-given potential to change the world and seek the lost. If we can't unite, our witness is damaged. Worse yet, if we can't collaborate in mission, souls may be separated for eternity from Jesus. Missional urgency must be maintained in our churches and schools. Please come and hear the story of Christ's Greenfield Lutheran Church and School. Jesus has given unity and growth. Better yet, disciples are being intentionally trained to reach the lost. Come hear how CGLCS is not just visioning together but also executing together. 10:00-11:15 AM Past Have you grieved, celebrated and learned from your past? What would you do all over again if you could do it all over again? What would you not repeat? Leading as a teacher, principal, DCE or pastor requires a consistently honest assessment of the past. Come hear how a conflicted past mobilized Christ’s Greenfield Lutheran Church and School leaders. Your past can mobilize or cripple your community. Come learn a better way to walk through pain from the past. 12:45-1:45 Present Why are you doing what you’re doing? What is the foundation for your decision making as a school and/or church? How united is your current team? What can you do to bring unity? Have you stereotyped certain leaders and thus been a disuniting force? What are you doing to help your school and church collaboratively execute on your mission? Come hear how Christ’s Greenfield Lutheran School and Church passionately monitor their present culture, systems and mission for the sake of the lost.and how you can, too! 3:00-4:00 Future Does your team have a vision for the future? Is it both God-sized and realistic? What can teachers, principals, DCE’s and pastors do to support the future vision of the ministry? Is your church and school governance conducive to mission? Is your school and church uniting to intentionally disciple every person Jesus brings into your community? Come dream God-sized dreams with the team from Christ’s Greenfield Lutheran School and Church. 3

102 - Motivating and Inspiring Students Workshop: Strategies to Awaken the Learner – Darrell Scott (Rachel’s Challenge) & Dr. Tina Boogren (Marzano Research) ROOM TBD Bringing motivation and inspiration to the classroom is not an easy task. In their book, Motivating and Inspiring Students, Robert Marzano, Darrell Scott, Tina H. Boogren, and Ming Lee Newcomb outline a framework, based on a six-level hierarchy of student needs and goals, that educators can use to impart invigorating instruction. Additionally, they share comprehensive understandings of the nature of motivation and inspiration and detail strategies to connect with students at each level of the student needs hierarchy. During this highly interactive strand, Scott and Boogren will outline the six-levels of the hierarchy that educators can use to provide engaging instruction to students and provide an overview of the strategies tied to each level of the hierarchy that can be implemented immediately. Session I will explore levels one and two of the hierarchy: physiological needs and safety needs. Session II will explore levels three and four of the hierarchy: belonging needs and esteem within a community needs. Session III will explore levels five and six: self-actualization and connection to something greater than self. Learning Outcomes: · Understand the foundational research and theory on motivation and inspiration. · Discover ways to create a culture and climate in schools and classrooms that awaken students to new possibilities and excitement. · Discover a hierarchy of needs and goals that educators can use to create schools and classrooms in which students are not only attentive and engaged, but also motivated and inspired. · Explore strategies and recommendations related to each level of the hierarchy that can be implemented immediately in the classroom. 103 - SING.PLAY.LOVE. – Dr. Anne Meeker ROOM TBD Supporting Early Learning and Kindergarten Readiness through Music and Play 10:00-11:15 AM THE POWER OF MUSIC IN THE LIVES OF YOUNG CHILDREN: Strategies for Playfully Imbedding Music in Your Every Day Routines Anne’s interactive and engaging session will help early educators and caregivers foster deep learning of important developmental skills by incorporating song, playful family involvement, motor movement, and FUN. Learn about the multiple benefits of rich musical experience for the brains and hearts of young children. Anne will share her 4

catchy tunes, play ideas and tried-and-true tips for embedding music and play in your life with young children every day! 12:45-1:45 "WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE": Songs and Strategies to Support Young Children with Challenging Behaviors Discover how to blend intervention and prevention to help children who exhibit challenging behaviors, while guiding all children toward positive self-esteem and school success. Anne will describe ways music- and play-based strategies can support the work of teachers desiring to implement the Teaching Pyramid model and Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS). Learn how to build supportive relationships with all children as you teach the social and emotional skills children need to learn and grow. 3:00-4:00 BABY/TODDLER/ PRESCHOOL SING & SIGN: Supporting Emerging Language the Young Child's Way through Music and Play The author of the Baby Sing & Sign book series shares her easy and practical strategies for incorporating music, signing, and play into the daily lives of young children and their caring adults. Learn the benefits of signing key vocabulary words for babies, toddlers and preschoolers. Anne’s engaging songs and fun-filled play activities support the language skills of young children at every stage of their development, including children who are talking. 104 - Awakening the Educator Within: Being Inspired for More – Dr. Deb Mercier & Dr. Cari Chittick ROOM TBD It’s exciting and intriguing to attend a conference that provides new insights and strategies for supporting student learning and development. On the other hand, the ministry of teaching places significant demands on the personal and professional lives of its committed members who may be struggling with balancing quality time between school and home or with finding time to take care of themselves and nurture their own faith by spending time reflecting on God’s word. This sustained learning strand is devoted to exploring issues educators themselves face as they live out their God-given vocations with the goal of maintaining or reinvigorating inspired meaning, purpose, and performance. 10:00-11:15 AM Finding True North: Where have you been and where are you now in your ministry? This session encourages educators to revisit their motivation for entering the teaching ministry, their experiences thus far, and their current feelings about their vocation. Common responses to the rigors of teaching and demands for professional growth will be explored. Participants will engage in activities and discussion designed to deepen a personal awareness and appreciation of each individual’s professional and spiritual status in relation to his/her teaching ministry and aspirations for future. 5

12:45-1:45 Navigating Rough Waters: What challenges are educators in ministry facing in today’s Lutheran schools? Which issues are most pressing for the diverse community of Lutheran educators (those from all age groups: married, single, and divorced)? This session will involve participants in small group discussions and activities designed to expose and explore a wide range of topics that weigh heavily on their personal and professional lives. Focus groups will summarize issues discussed which will then be made available for further study and possible action by the Pacific Southwest District. 3:00-4:00 Re-invigorating and Renewing Your Ministry: Charting an inspired action plan Participants will consider how Biblical guidelines and existing community resources can be used to redirect and/or enrich their current and future teaching ministries. Strategies for developing personal and school-based action-based networks to meet challenges uncovered in Session Two will be explored. In addition, the group will make recommendations for further exploration of the most pressing issues by the Pacific Southwest District. Tuesday - Theory in Practice Sessions 8:45-10:00 201 Building Intentional Community Partnerships for the Kingdom – Dana Burkey Administrator, DCE ROOM TBD Hear how God is at work in Costa Mesa, California, to bring together churches, schools, businesses and city workers for the Kingdom! We'll talk through resources and first steps to help you build intentional partnerships in your community. 202 International Teaching: Serve the Lord and See the World – Drs. Michael & Melinda Schulteis Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle School, High School, Administrator ROOM TBD Are you the type to say “I could never teach internationally”? This presentation could move you to say “Maybe I could .” Mike & Melinda moved overseas with their two sons and spent the last academic year teaching Grade 8 science and Grade 5 math & science to expatriate students at our LCMS International School in Shanghai, China. Learn about the unique ministry opportunities; the unexpected and abundant blessings; and what living in China and traveling the world is like (we didn’t live in a hut). We have lots of interesting stories and plenty of time for your questions. You might leave with a new vision for YOUR future. 6

203 Investigating and Engaging Young Adults – Julianna Shults High School, Admissions, Administrator, DCE ROOM TBD Where are the young adults in my church? How can I raise them up as leaders in our church? Many churches are struggling to understand and minster to and with young adults. Dig into new research from LCMS Youth Ministry to get practical ideas on how to encourage their faith growth. 204 Reaching Out To, and Discipling, The Hard to Reach – Kyle Blake Elementary, Middle School, High School, Administrator, DCE ROOM TBD Whether it is a student, a parent, or just someone in the community, we all deal with people that we would define as "hard to reach." Join Pastor Kyle Blake as he discusses what he has learned through reaching out to, walking with, and discipling some "hard to reach" people in Long Beach, CA. 205 Design Thinking: Student-Led Learning – Brooke McDonald, LeadLocal Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle School, High School, Administrator, DCE ROOM TBD The design thinking process merges creativity, collaboration, analytical reasoning, and systems thinking to engage students in inquiry-based learning. This session provides a hands-on introduction to the methodology and tools used in design thinking and shares best practices in using design thinking to promote student-led learning. 206 Protecting Your Ministry – Erik Stanley, Alliance for Defending Freedom Administrator, DCE ROOM TBD Proactive strategies to protect the religious liberty of your school or ministry from potential legal challenges. 207 Active Learning: Learners & Their Teachers – Tim Schumacher Elementary, Middle School, High School, Administrator ROOM TBD We will look at who today’s learners are and why they may need more active learning opportunities at all grade levels. If we are going to provide more active learning opportunities, choices need to be made regarding which pedagogies should be employed and how the roles of the teachers and learners will shift. 208 The Escape Classroom – Heidi Johnsen & Eric Hoffman Elementary, Middle School, High School, Administrator, DCE ROOM TBD As educators, we want to support our students to think critically and problem solve. Escape Classroom is a fun and exciting tool educators can use to achieve these goals experientially. Students work collaboratively, follow clues, and solve puzzles based on a specific theme or content. Escape Classroom can be used as a formative, summative, or as a diagnostic tool. Join us for a session of Escape Classroom to see if YOU can escape the classroom, and learn how to implement this tool into your own classroom. Limited to 25 participants. 7

209 Math Roundtable – Jenny Miklos Middle School, High School ROOM TBD Calling all secondary math teachers! This is an opportunity for us to get together and brainstorm about best practices in our subject. We are all doing great things in our classroom and this is a chance to share these strategies with each other. Please come ready to ask questions and share your great ideas with other Lutheran educators. 210 Drawing Out the Best in Your Students – Jon Pearson Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle School, High School, Administrator ROOM TBD See how students can picture their thinking and double their learning. Discover how to turn ideas into living images, books into mental movies, and daydreaming into advanced reading comprehension. Explore six levels of imagination and increase the depth, complexity, and originality of your students’ thinking across the curriculum. Overcome boredom and perfectionism with personalize visual thinking tools. See how students can learn anything faster and retain it longer with simple drawing techniques that mimic how the brain actually thinks. 211 Urban Ecosystem and Experiential Learning (multi-disciplinary teachers) 5th grade and younger – Suzanne & Eric Dhruv Early Childhood, Elementary, Administrator ROOM TBD This session will use the amazing diversity of the urban ecosystem to create an integrated experiential curriculum that enriches the classroom environment and connects youth with natural systems. We explore strategies and activities for educators appropriate for a range of grade levels and disciplines - math, science, art, language arts, geography, physical education, health, and social studies. Teachers that utilize their community and campus as a curriculum for learning have the tools to deliver lessons that can transform students’ learning experience. Please plan to spend 1 hour outside. 212 Curriculum Review for Excellent Schools – Robin Gomes Elementary, Middle School, High School, Administrator ROOM TBD Lutheran schools are called to provide excellent education, both spiritually and academically. In this session, the PSD Curriculum and Assessment Task Force will provide schools with support and services related to curriculum review and adoption, including recommended review cycles and opportunities to share curriculum review data and templates. Conference attendees will be equipped to lead their schools through a curriculum review process that identifies resources that best fit the needs of their individual campuses. 8

213 Growth Mindset for Coaches – Mark Cheney Elementary, Middle School, High School, Administrator ROOM TBD Identified by Stanford researcher Carol Dweck, Mindset is a simple concept that has profound implications for coaches and athletes. It directly impacts one’s confidence, motivation, goals, attitude, grit, and resilience. In this fun and interactive introduction to mindset, coaches will examine their own mindsets, learn to identify fixed and growth mindsets in their athletes, and explore how mindset affects performance in practice and games. 214 Ask, Imagine, Plan, Create, Improve – Yvette Stuewe Elementary, Middle School ROOM TBD Discover and experience ways to bring science alive for your students by guiding them through the steps of the Engineering Design Process! In this session, learn some background information about the process and receive some take home ideas and resources that you can integrate into your classrooms right away. 215 Reading Science: Best Practices for Both Typical and Atypical Learners – Jill L. Moorman, M.A., Reading Science Early Childhood, Elementary, Administrator ROOM TBD Wondering why some of your students fail to learn to read when so many others are successful? Come for an overview of Structured Literacy, evidence-based practices in reading instruction that are supported by current science; stay and begin a new professional collaboration by developing and collecting questions to be pursued throughout the school year. 216 Visual Arts in Lutheran Education, Part 1 – Rachel C. Hayes, MFA Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle School, High School ROOM TBD Big Questions: Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going? Come, learn how the visual arts help to address these questions in our Lutheran classrooms. 217 The Power of Dialogical Reading in the Classroom and at Home – Dana Garies Early Childhood ROOM TBD Research indicates when adults engage in interactive reading using picture books with young children, there is significant growth in literacy and language skills. In this session, participants will learn dialogical reading and how to apply effective strategies in the classroom and at home that will increase literacy skills and language development. Participants will learn the sequences and prompts of dialogical reading and will use a variety of picture books to practice interactive reading. Each participant will be given a picture book, book specific dialogical reading strategies and handouts for both teachers and parents. 9

218 Successful Efforts to Transition Students from Preschool to Elementary School – Kathy Tucker & Mary Wolfinbarger Early Childhood, Elementary, Admissions, Administrator, Admissions ROOM TBD During this session, we will explore intentional strategies to successfully transition students from preschool to elementary school. While there is no one size fits all plan, we will look at some factors that help promote and encourage the continuity of care between preschool and elementary school: community, excellence in a well-rounded education, and strong values. We will also look at specific events, tools, and practices to promote your elementary school to your preschool families. There will be time to break into small groups and do some sharing and networking on the topic as well. Come for the fun and the giveaways and leave with a plan and ideas to implement at your own school! 219 Elementary PE: Producing a Physically Literate Student – Matt Marty, CSCS Early Childhood, Elementary ROOM TBD What is Physical Literacy? What are the benefits of Physical Literacy? How can we incorporate Physically Literacy into our current PE programs at the Elementary Level? 220 The Future of Professional Development – Dr. Jack Preus IV Elementary, Middle School, High School, Administrator ROOM TBD Navigating all of the opportunities for educator professional growth can be challenging! This session will help teachers and school leaders identify those professional growth and school improvement practices that are getting results. 221 Junior High Advisory Program – Junior High Faculty of Christ, Phoenix Middle School, High School ROOM TBD Advisory is small group experience which provides a forum for student self- discovery and understanding. Advisory is used to allow a time to mentor students one-on-one, further parent communication in a departmentalized setting, and foster accountability. 222 The Importance of Accreditation – Joel Wahlers Elementary, Middle School, High School, Administrator ROOM TBD Part of our mission at Lutheran schools is to provide the highest quality education and the strongest spiritual growth possible. Accreditation is probably the best vehicle to assure ongoing quality and accountability. This session will present important information about the accreditation process and provide an opportunity for you to ask questions about the process wherever your school is at the present time. 10

223 DataManager 101: Unleash the Power of your Assessments Matt Schomberg & Dennis Murphy, Senior Assessment Consultant, HMH Elementary, Middle School, High School, Administrator ROOM TBD During this session, you’ll learn how to efficiently navigate DataManager to generate Iowa and CogAT reports, drill down to vital student information, and access valuable resource guides. You’ll take away tools to help you easily create these reports back at school and gain insights on how to use your student data to differentiate your school in the marketplace 224 Exploring Three Key Questions – Pastor Phil Lee, LMFT (Shepherd’s Canyon) Middle School, High School, Administrator, DCE ROOM TBD The ancient philosophical tradition says that the unexamined life is not worth living. While that may be debated, the Scriptures clearly call God's people to examine their lives. This session is about exploring three key Biblical questions in a spirit of selfexamination, leading to personal awareness and positive change consistent with God's will. 225 Strategies for Success: Working with Students with Special Needs – Kara Bratton, LSEM Elementary, Middle School, Administrator ROOM TBD This session will discuss common learning needs that appear in general education classrooms along with strategies for teachers to successfully work with these students. Ideas regarding instructional accommodations and when to seek an evaluation will also be discussed. Tuesday - Theory in Practice Sessions 10:30-11:45 301 Protecting Your Ministry – Erik Stanley, Alliance for Defending Freedom Administrator, DCE ROOM TBD Proactive strategies to protect the religious liberty of your school or ministry from potential legal challenges. (repeat) 302 Trial by Fire: United Mission in Adverse Conditions – St. John's Lutheran Ministries - Hemet Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle School, High School, Admissions, Administrator, DCE ROOM TBD United mission in a church and school can be demanding even under the best circumstances. But when the trials just keep coming, it can seem close to impossible. Let’s talk about how God used a series of challenging events to take St. John’s-Hemet’s ministry from critically fragmented to fiercely united. During an interactive discussion, 11

we will share our story, discuss strategies and, prayerfully, foster collaborative relationships that God will use to bless ministries who may be undergoing times of testing. 303 High School Discipleship Roundtable – Pastor Jamie Holt High School ROOM TBD Discipling high schoolers isn't easy! But it can be even more of a challenge as more and more of our students come from unchurched backgrounds. In this round table discussion we will touch on some of the unique joys and struggles that come with the task of sharing Christ with the young people in our schools. We will also discuss some of the contextual events/programs/key relationships we enjoy at Valley Lutheran High School in Phoenix, including the student life leader program and our family groups, the scope and sequence of our theology curriculum, our seeker Bible study and youth group, our fall and winter retreats, and our schedule of learning, service, and fellowship opportunities. Come share what you've learned and maybe learn from our mistakes and successes! 304 History Round Table – Fred Fredrichs Elementary, Middle School ROOM TBD Question/answer session, and round table discussion of resources, and best practices. 305 Active Learning: Learners & Their Spaces – Tim Schumacher Elementary, Middle School, High School, Administrator ROOM TBD Building on the session about “Learners & Their Teachers”, we will explore the possibilities for adapting the physical learning environment to support opportunities for active learning - whether your school has a small or large budget - and the processes needed to support such changes. 306 Teaching Toward Wow!: The Art of Inspired Teaching – Jon Pearson Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle School, High School, Administrator ROOM TBD Discover some inspired secrets to engage students across the curriculum. Teaching toward “WOW!” is teaching toward amazement not just comprehension. It is tapping the wonder and “genius” of childhood itself, when we learned from everything with all of ourselves. It is teaching facts, understanding, and judgment through the senses, imagination, and emotions. It is finding the “YES” in each student and teaching to it. It is remembering that teaching is always a creative act, a performing art, and a place where imagination fosters intellect, and clarity and understanding thrive on mystery and surprise. 307 Science Roundtable – Emily Blank Middle School, High School ROOM TBD Don't throw out your old labs! Retool, reuse, recycle them into scientific inquiry that align with the Next Generation Science Standards. Meet your fellow science teachers and bring a lab, activity, or demo to

Darrell and his wife, Sandy, started Rachel's Challenge, a non-profit organization to honor Rachel's memory. That organization has now reached over 22 million people through its 40 presenters. Rachel's Challenge offers over 20 different programs involving assemblies, trainings, and professional development. Darrell has

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Mar 21, 2019 · Keynote Speaker, Hippocrates Lecture, Sarcopenia & Cachexia Society Annual Meeting, Kobe, 2013. Fellow of the Obesity Society, 2014. Keynote Speaker, International Congress on Body Composition Research, Lisbon, 2014. Keynote Speaker, Advances and Novel Targets in En

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Oct 01, 2019 · Reverend Dr. Darrell K. White Pastor Darrell K. White is a native of Louisiana and represents the fourth generation of Baptist ministers in his family. He is the youngest son born to the late Rev. Arthur White, Sr. and Ethel Cretchan White of Welsh, LA. Dr. Whit

Tourism and Hospitality Terms published in 1996 according to which Cultural tourism: General term referring to leisure trav el motivated by one or more aspects of the culture of a particular area. ('Dictionary of Travel, Tour ism and Hospitality Terms', 1996). One of the most diverse and specific definitions from the 1990s is provided by ICOMOS (International Scientific Committee on Cultural .