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Using Webex Meetings for iOSInstalling Cisco Webex Meetings on your iOS device:1. On your iOS device, bring up the App Store:2. Click Search, then type Cisco Webex Meetings in the search field.3. Select Cisco Webex Meetings and click Get.4. Use your apple id password or Touch ID to install the app.5. Once the app is downloaded, click the Webex Meetingsicon on your Home screen to open the app.6. Review and accept the Cisco Webex Meetings terms of service.

7. Choose Sign in.8. Enter your email address and select Next.9. Select the site: on the next screen.

10. On the next Sign in screen, enter your and passphrase and choose Sign in.11. You will be prompted for Duo Two Factor authentication, select one of the following options:Note: If you have not setup your DUO account, please go to andselect Begin Setup, instructions can be found here

12. Swipe through the Welcome screen. Optional: you may be asked whether you would like to useTouch ID to sign in. This is merely a personal preference.To join a Webex Meeting without signing in:1. Open the Webex Meetings app.2. Select Join Meeting.

3. On the next screen, enter the meeting number or URL associated with your meeting, followedby your name and email address.Note: this information is generally included in the email invite you are sent when you are invitedto a Webex Meeting.4. Click Join.

To join a meeting in Webex Meetings:1. Select the scheduled meeting that you would like to Join and click Start or Join.2. If prompted, please allow Webex Meetings to access your Camera and Microphone so that youcan participate in video chat.3. Use the icons on the bottom of the screen to enable or disable your camera and microphone, orto change the audio method you are using in order to hear the meeting.Toggle cameraToggle micToggle audio connectionNote: in Webex Meetings, you can use the internet (or wifi) to hear the meeting (this is thedefault option) or you can call in using your telephone (does not require internet).

4. To call in using your phone, click the audio option on the bottom right of the screen andchoose Call In5. When prompted, choose the Call XXXXXXXXXXXXXX prompt that appears automatically on thebottom of your screen.

To conduct or schedule a meeting in Webex Meetings using the app:1. Select the New Meeting icon in the top right corner of the screen.2. Enter the name of the meeting and choose its scheduled time and duration.3. From here, click Invitees and enter the emails of your chosen participants.Note: you can invite up to 40 people at one time.

4. At the scheduled meeting time, click Start meeting to begin your session.

Using Webex Meetings for iOS . Installing Cisco Webex Meetings on your iOS device: 1. On your iOS device, bring up the App Store: 2. Click Search, then type . Cisco Webex Meetings. in the search field. 3. Select Cis

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WebEx meetings. Hosting a WebEx Meeting from a Web Browser . 1. Start the meeting using your personal meeting room: a. Open your favorite browser and type the url: b. Select Login in the upper-right corner (if you do not see Login, click the " " arrow in the

1) Download the Cisco WebEx meeting app from iTunes. 2) Tap on Sign In. 3) Enter your account details. Installing and using Cisco WebEx Meeting Center on the iPhone Installing and using Cisco WebEx Meeting Center on the iPhone 4 4) Select your WebEx meeting site. 5) Your meetings will display. Note:

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WebEx Recording Editor: You can use WebEx Recording Editor to edit any recording (.wrf) that was made using WebEx Recorder. You can also use it to convert your .wrf WebEx recordings to .wmv format for import into other programs, such as Camtasia or upload into our Kaltura Streaming Media serv

Cisco Webex Meetings Server is a virtualized, software-based solution that runs on Cisco Unified Computing System (Cisco UCS ) servers and VMware. It uses virtual appliance technology for rapid turn-up of services to end users. With Cisco Webex Meetings Server, there are two options for enabling mobile users to more securely access Cisco Webex

Join a meeting from the Webex desktop app Step 1 Open the Webex desktop app and clickJoin next to the meeting you . Have one audio source If you and your colleagues are planning to join a Webex meeting from the same meeting room, it’s best . By just typing Webex

Cisco Webex Share is a palm-sized device that plugs into the HDMI port on your display, to turn it into a wireless presentation screen with the Webex Teams or Webex Meetings app. Connect wirelessly to a monitor, display, or TV STEP 01 Open the Cisco Webex Teams app on your l

Scheduling a Meeting in Webex Log into your Webex account at Under the Webex Meetings tab, click on Schedule a Meeting. This will take you to the first of eight scheduling steps. As you complete each step, you can click the Next button at the bottom to move to the next step or choose from the list of steps on the right.

If you are hosting a WebEx meeting, you will use the email and password assigned by your Administrator. 2. If you are joining a WebEx, you will use the login information provided in your email invite. Scheduling WebEx Meetings: Steps include: First Log into Step 1: Click on Schedule. Figure 1 1: Click Schedule.

3. Downloading the Cisco Webex App and entering the meeting number and password #1 Join using an emailed link . 1. Open your email from the Court. 2. If this is the first time using Webex, you may want to test Webex a day or two prior to the meeting. Click . Test a Webex Meeting . link in your email invitation to test your equipment and the .

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