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CONTENTS About LFSF. . 1 About Our Summer Camps. . 2 Summer Camps at a Glance. . . 3 Our Team. 5 Communication . . . 7 Health & Safety. 8 Rules & Behaviors. . . 10 Camp Locations & Timetable. . 11 Pick-Up, Drop-Off, & Extended Day Options . . . 12 Maps of the LFSF Campuses. 15 Field Trips & Beach Days. . 16 Meals & Snacks. 18 What to Wear / Bring. . . 20 Soccer Camps. 21 Emergency Forms and Licensing Package. . .insert

ABOUT LFSF Lycée Français de San Francisco The Lycée Français de San Francisco has been providing a world-class education to American and international students since the 1967. Beginning at age 3 and continuing through grade 12, our students thrive in a unique multicultural, dual-language learning environment. Instruction is provided in French and English from preschool through high school. Our students can prepare for the French Baccalaureate, an option in academic excellence giving our graduates a clear advantage in their choice of university, as well as later in life. Through the rigorous curriculum and international exposure, LFSF students become equipped to meet the challenges of an increasingly global world, whether they are pursuing college admission, competitive careers, or their life endeavors. Our Camp Mission The Lycée Français de San Francisco camps educate children through a rigorous duallanguage program that integrates the French language with a strong American program within an engaged multicultural community that prepares students to become responsible global citizens. Campus Locations Our camps this year will be held at Ashbury for Pre K camp. For K-up Bon Voyage on our lovely sunny Sausalito campus that includes access to sporting facilities and gardens. A S H B U RY 755 Ashbury Street, San Francisco Tel 415.661.5232 x 2100 SAU S ALI T O 610 Coloma Street, Sausalito Tel 415.661.5232 x 3100 -1- ORT EG A 1201 Ortega Street, San Francisco Tel 415.661.5232 x 1100

ABOUT OUR SUMMER CAMPS Camp Bon Voyage - June 20th to July 1st (PreK ASHBURY) K-6th Sausalito Camp Paris Oulala - August 8th to 26th (Sausalito) Camp Euro Cup - August 15th to 26th (Sausalito) Our Summer camps are open to LFSF and non-LFSF students and welcome speakers of all levels of fluency. We propose language immersion day camps in French, but also in English when needed thanks to partnerships with other organizations recognized for their expertise. These partnerships bring energy to our camps, help create new friendships, and make our camps a truly international experience. With camps supervised by teachers ands other uniquely qualified personnel, our language immersion camps are meant to be fun, educational and tailored to the individual needs of each student. -2-

SUMMER CAMPS AT A GLANCE Camp Themes Age* Hours Location BON VOYAGE! Camps Part 1 June 20 - Jul Camp Passport for France 3-4 9am - 4pm ASH Camp Discoveries (D)(S) 5-6 9am - 4pm SAU Camp Explorations and Adventures (D)(S) 7-11 9am - 4pm SAU COLLEGE APPLICATION WORKSHOP Complete your appli UC Application 12th 9am - 4pm SAU Common Application 12th 9am - 4pm SAU PARIS OULALA! Camps Part 2b# Aug Camp Masquerade (D)(S) 3-4 9am - 4pm SAU Camp Cirque du Soleil (D)(S) 5-6 9am - 4pm SAU Camp Montparnasse/Broadway/Acro-Fitness(D)(S) 7-11 9am - 4pm SAU Studio (D)(S) 12-15 9am - 4pm SAU EUROCUP Camps Part 2 Petit Zidane (D)(S) 3-4 9am - 4pm SAU Kick it! POGBA Camp (D)(S) 5-7 9am - 4pm SAU Kick it! THURAM Camp (D)(S) 8-10 9am - 4pm SAU 11-14 9am - 4pm SAU Kick it! HENRY Advanced Camp (D)(S) (D) Before-camp and after-camp daycare available from 8:00-8:45am and from 4:15-5:30pm (add 100/w (S) Shuttle from Ashbury campus available at 8:20am and comes back at 4:30pm (add 100/week) Daycare is free from 8:00am and until 5:30pm before and after the bus (LFSF) for LFSF students only this year Lun -3-

n Week 1 June 27 - July 1 Week 2 July 4 - 8 Week 3 August 8 - 12 Week 4 Week 5 August 15 - 19 August 22 - 26 370 370 370 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 375 370 400 400 400 400 400 400 ly 1 Outdoors and Trav 370 400 400 ication in 5 days! Part 2A# August 1-12 College Counseling 695 gust 8 - 26 Performing Arts & Culture 2c# August 15-26 Soccer week) *Age as of 12/31/15 nch and snack are included for all camps -4-

OUR TEAM Camp Administration Andrew Sobol Director of Extracurricular Programs Christophe de Renty Assistant to Director of Extracurricular Programs/Licensing Affairs Eliane Storme PreK Director - Camp Bon Voyage Passport to France David Mares Euro Cup Camp Director When the Camp Director is absent, Andrew or Christophe will be the managing director of the camp. General Inquiries: Lycée Français de San Francisco Front Desk: 415.661.5232 Camp Supervisors/ Teachers -5- We have put together a team of highly qualified camp supervisors composed of LFSF teachers, assistant teachers and administrators, as well as teachers and educators from other organizations. The quality of our teaching team is what makes our camp special. Each camp leader will be running a team of one to three camp counselors.

Camp Camp Supervisor Credentials Email Address Bon Voyage! Camp Passport for France Camp Discoveries Camp Explorations and Adventures Eliane Storme LFSF PreK Licensing & Camp Director Sarah Burgevin LFSF Teacher Anne-Laure Bredehoft LFSF Teacher COLLEGE APPLICATION WORKSHOP UC Application Common Application Natalie Bitton LFSF Director or College Counseling & Guidance Natalie Bitton LFSF SDirector or College Counseling & Guidance PARIS OULALA! Camp Masquerade Camp Cirque de Soleil Kathy Von Nagel/ Chantal Adam-Blosse LFSF Teacher Charline Formenty Carte Blanche Instructor Charline Formenty Carte Blanche Instructor Camp Montparnasse/ Broadway and AcroFitness EUROCUP CAMPS Euro Cup Camp David Mares Camp-Director Super Soccer Stars -6-

COMMUNICATION In-Person In addition to our orientation meeting, parents will have the opportunity to meet with their child’s camp director the first day of every new session between 8:00 and 8:45am. Every day at pick-up time (4:00pm), your camp supervisor will be the one handing your child over to you. Do not hesitate to ask them questions at that time. E-mail Each supervisor will communicate with you by e-mail. They will resend you the finalized weekly schedule of activities and other useful information related to field trips or daily activities. We are encouraging a direct and open communication between parents and teachers. Please feel free to contact your camp supervisor directly with any questions or concerns. Camp administrators are here for you. Blog/Facebook To allow families at home and abroad to share the fun, we are creating a summer camp FB page. This page is updated daily with a short resume of the day and fun pictures. To protect the privacy of our campers, a password will be sent to you in a separate email. -7-

HEALTH & SAFETY Ensuring the safety of our campers is our priority. In addition to offering professional supervision by experienced teachers and an excellent ratio of one adult per five students, the following steps are being taken: Staff Training Camps are supervised by experienced teachers and educators who work closely with camp counselors to ensure a constant supervision of all students in all circumstances. -8-

All camp teachers and supervisors will be briefed and receive a summer camp guide with all our safety policies (fire alarm, allergies, lockdown procedures, etc.). First Aid Kits - PreK Licensing Package A first aid/emergency kit is prepared for every camp by our school. Camp supervisors have them at all times. This kit includes: First Aid material, Emergency forms & Medical Forms. Personal first-aid items (personal epi-pen or medicine brought by student). Please complete the emergency form at the back of this booklet. PreK Licensing Package - Camps Passport to France, Masquerade and Petit ZIDANE (children under 5) If you attended the Parent Information evening in May, you would have recieved a licensing package. If you did not attend please email your camp director and the camp director of licensing affairs. If your child is registered in one of the PreK camps and is NOT a current LFSF student you must complete all of the licensing documentation by May 31st. Please note that if you do not hand in the licensing package your child will not be able to attend the camp. LFSF is under strict California guidlines requiring all documentation to be completed and filed in a timely manner. For further information regarding these packages please email the PreK camp director below first or our licensing specialist. Camp Petit ZIDANE - Camp Administator and Licensing Affairs Christophe de Renty Camp Bon Voyage (June 20th-1st July) - PreK Camp Director - Passport to France Eliane Storme Camp Paris Oulala (August 8th-26th) - PreK Camp Director - Masquerade Chantal Adam-Blosse -9-

RULES & BEHAVIORS Our Values We expect all students participating in our camps to behave in a way that is in accordance to our values and policies. RESPECT RESPONSIBILITY RÉSPONSABILITÉ JOY OF LEARNING PLAISIR D’APPRENDRE Behavior / Discipline Children enrolled in our program are expected to be well behaved, polite to their fellow campers, teachers, and other camp or school personnel, and to respect the property of others and of the school. For their own safety, campers are expected to be with their assigned camp groups at all times, and to follow instructions. Recurring behavioral problems will be reported by the camp supervisor to the parents and to the camp director. At that point, the camp director may call for a meeting with the parents, the teacher and the camper. Please refer to the behavioral agreement insert at the back of this booklet Lycée Français reserves the right to deny a camper the opportunity to participate in camp if the child’s social conduct or behavior is deemed unacceptable or posing danger to himself/herself or others. The decision to exclude a child is taken by the camp director. Tardiness & Absences To report an absence or a late arrival, please inform us by sending an e-mail to your camp supervisor, and copy to A fee of 6 per minute will be charged for any late pick up (including late pick up for daycare). Please note that children are expected to arrive at camp no later than 9:00am. In case of tardiness, please take your child to the front desk. Such an occurrence must remain exceptional. On field trip days, students arriving after the departure of the group will not be accepted at camp that day. - 10 -

CAMP LOCATIONS & TIMETABLE Campus Locations Camp Day Camp After-Care Camp Passport for France ASHBURY ASHBURY Camp Explorations SAUSALITO SAU-ASH Camp Discoveries Camp Adventure SAUSALITO SAUSALITO Voyage en France SAUSALITO UC Application SAUSALITO Common Application SAUSALITO Camp Masquerade Camp Cirque du Soleil Camp Montparnasse/Broadway Camp Acro-Fitness Studio Kick it! Petit Zidane Camp Kick it! POGBA Camp Kick it! THURAM Camp Kick it! HENRY Advanced Camp SAU-ASH SAU-ASH SAU-ASH SAUSALITO SAU-ASH SAUSALITO SAU-ASH SAUSALITO SAUSALITO SAUSALITO SAU-FIELD SAU-FIELD SAU-FIELD SAU-FIELD SAU-ASH SAU-ASH SAU-ASH SAU-ASH SAU-ASH SAU-ASH SAU-ASH Timetable Time Activity 8:00 - 8:45 am Before Camp Daycare 9:00 am Activities Begin 8:45 - 9:00 am 4:00-4:15 pm 4:15 - 5:30 pm - 11 - Welcome End of Day for all other camps and regular pickup After-camp Daycare

PICK-UP, DROP-OFF, & EXTENDED DAY OPTIONS Introductions (N O T AP P L I C A B L E T O PREK CA M PS) On the first day of the camp, between 8:30-8:45am, there will be an opportunity to meet with your child’s camp supervisor, make introductions, meet other campers, see the facilities, and ask any questions that you may have. If you would like to take advantage of this, please arrive accordingly and take no more than 5 minutes, as supervisors/ teachers have a lot of campers and parents to meet. At 8:45am, the hallways will close to non-employees, and we will start our regular drop-off process and daily activities. There will be a signal to let everyone know that the introduction time is over and that we are starting camp. On all other days, we are asking parents and anyone who is not part of the staff not to accompany their children past the welcome point. Thank you for your cooperation. Before Camp Hours: 8:00 to 8:45am Price: 100/week or 25 per day (afternoon included in this price) Location: ASHBURY & SAUSALITO Before-camp daycare starts at 8:00am. Families who have registered their child for this program must enter the building through the front gate. There, you will find the welcome point and check-in, and we will then accompany your child to their corresponding area. Shuttle Service We offer a shuttle service (daycare included) between our Ashbury and Sausalito campus. You may chose the daycare option on both facilities. For those that have chosen the shuttle service to attend camp at Sausalito, please make sure to arrive at Ashbury at 8:15am as the shuttle departs 8:30am sharp. The shuttle will leave Sausalito at the end of the day at 4:15pm and arrive to Ashbury at approximately 4:45pm. Please be sure to pick up your child on time or at 5:30pm with daycare service. - 12 -

Regular Drop-Off Hours: 8:45 to 9:00am Location: Ashbury & Sausalito We will be welcoming campers between 8:45 and 9:00am. Before 8:45am, we will only accept students registered for the before-camp daycare program. If you come by car in the morning, please observe the local rules especially at Ashbury. Please park and then accompany your child by foot to the welcome point. Regular Pick-Up Hours: 4:00pm (latest pick-up 4:15pm) Location: pick-up point - Gate, Ashbury & Sausalito Children that are not registered in after-camp daycare will be ready to leave camp at 4:00pm, and must be picked-up by 04:15pm at the latest. Please note, a charge of 6 per minute will be applied to any late pick up. - 13 -

This summer, there is no car pick up service. Please come to the pick-up point outside the gated entrance. Camp supervisors / teachers will welcome parents and ask for an ID. After verifying that the pick-up person has been authorized, camp supervisors will release your child. After-Camp Hours: 4:00 to 5:30 pm Price: 100.00 per week or 25 per day (morning included in this price) Location: Ashbury and Sausalito This program is open to all campers. It includes a choice of the following activities: The artist’s corner (Arts & Crafts) The builder’s corner (building games, legos, puzzles) Sports and games Free Play To pick-up your child, please enter the school by foot through the gated entrance and go to the welcome point where we will inform you in which class/activity you can find and pick up your child. Please be prepared to show your ID at this time. After your identity has been checked, we will get your child. Please Note: After an official warning for the first infringement, a 6 per minute fee will be applied for late pick up. - 14 -


FIELD TRIPS & BEACH DAYS Transportation for our field trips and beach days is provided by the School. The LFSF school bus will be used for trips to various locations. All students must wear their LFSF vest on field trip days. Trips to the Beach - Camp Bon Voyage Monday June 20th, Friday June 28th, Monday June 27th, Wednesday June 29th All camps except Camp Passport to France go to Rodeo Beach in Sausalito every Monday or Friday for a day at the beach. Please make sure to apply sunscreen on your child in the morning, and leave a bottle in his/her bag. We are providing pails, shovels, beach toys, and many fun activities are organized throughout the day. We will not be swimming at the beach as the water is too cold and there is no lifeguard on duty. School lunch is provided on beach days and is included in the camp fees. Transportation to and from the beach will be provided by the school bus. - 16 -

Field Trips B O N V O YA G E ! C A M P E X PLORAT IONS A ND A DV ENT URE Monday, June 20 Tuesday, June 21 Wednesday, June 22 Thursday, June 23 Friday, June 24 Day at the beach for the Explorations and Adventure Camps Horseback riding day for Explorations and Adventure Camps Day in China camp and campout for the Explorations and Adventure Camps Back from camping at noon Day at the beach for the little ones, Discovery Camp Monday, June 27 Tuesday, June 28 Wednesday, June 29 Thursday, June 30 Friday, July 1 Day at the beach for the Explorations and Adventure Camps vHorseback Day at the beach for the little ones, Discovery Camp Depart to camp at Alice Eastwood, Mt. Tam campground after lunch. Back from camping at noon riding day for Explorations and Adventure Camps PARI S O UL A L A ! C A M P E XPLORAT IONS A ND A DVENT URE (Detailed schedule to come) Week 1 Group 1 - Visit Performing Arts Museum Group 2 - Visit Cody Cates’s Studio (mask-maker) Week 2 Group 1 and 2 Zaccho Dance Theater’s studio for an introduction to aerial dance Week 3 Group 1 and 2 Introduction to Magic with Brian Scott Group 1 and 2 Beach Blanket Babylon - visit to see the theater and costumes *please note schedules are subject to change - 17 -

MEALS & SNACKS What is Provided Snacks - Morning snacks are provided each day for all campers. Snacks are also provided to children in the after-camp/daycare program. All snacks are nut-free. Lunches on Non-Field trip Days - Disposable Lunch Boxes are provided Monday through Friday by School Foodies, an organic food catering program which sources its ingredients through partnerships with local farmers in the Bay area. Pleae note that this does not include overnight camp days. We encourage you to pack healthy snacks for your child during overnight stays. All other lunches are included in camp fees. Please note that various menu options (vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free) are available. Lunches are included in the price and are provided for all campers. Please do not send your child with their own lunch. To ensure the safety of all children with dietary allergies, all lunches are nut-free and pork-free. At the back of this booklet we have provided more information regarding how to place your child’s lunch order. What is not Provided Snacks on overnight stays. Water bottles – keeping well hydrated is essential during hot summer days. To help us accomplish this goal while being mindful of our environment, please provide your child with a refillable water bottle. Water fountains will be available for refills in each campus. Allergies and Dietary Restrictions For children with very serious allergies or strict dietary restrictions, we are allowing parents to pack their own lunch and/or snacks. This is an exception that must be requested with an Individual Health Plan form signed by your doctor; this form must then be returned to the camp administration. Your child’s teacher will make sure that camp counselors on their team are informed of the situation. If your child has severe allergies, - 18 -

we ask you to please make sure that any allergies or dietary restrictions have been listed online at the time of registration and we recommend that you give us a call at 415-6615232, ext. 1778 before June 15 to discuss a plan of action. Summer Camp Lunch Menu Meals are provided by School Foodies. All meals include seasonal fruit and vegetables and can be customized online to wheat & gluten free, no dairy, extra veggies, no veggies, etc. All meats and dairy are hormone free. Additional sides (“add-ons”) available online. Please make sure to register your account one week prior to the beginning of the camp. Please Register at Once registered please select your camp: Lycée Lycée Lycée Lycée Français - Ashbury PreK Camp Passport to France Français - Sausalito Bon Voyage Français- Sausalito Paris Oulala Français- Euro Cup E X A M PLE M ENU Pasta with Light Butter Sauce, Meat Sauce, Organic Marinara, Pesta or Alfredo Traditional Macaroni and Cheese *Pasta meals include parmesan cheese and vegetables on the side ** All pasta sauce made in house Grilled Cheese on Sourdough Hamburger or Cheeseburger Breaded Chicken Sandwich Fork in the Road Nitrate Free Hot Dog Santa Fe Veggie Burger *Grilled items include dill pickle spear and slaw Pancakes With or Without Aidell’s Chicken Apple Sausage French Toast Sticks With or Without Aidell’s Chicken Apple Sausage *Breakfast items include tater tots and maple syrup Baked Garden Soy Tenders *Tenders include mashed potatoes, carrots, and BBQ sauce s Gourmet Pepperoni, Sausage or Seasonal Vegetable Pizza - 19 - *Pizza meals include sautéed Italian vegetable medley on the side

WHAT TO WEAR / BRING What Should I Wear? Please send your child to camp with comfortable shoes for running and playing outside. Campers must wear their LFSF Summer Vest during every field trip. (Provided by LFSF) On beach days, children must come to camp wearing their swimsuit underneath their clothes. Please be sure to thoroughly apply sunscreen before heading to camp every day, and on beach days in particular. What Should I Bring? At the beginning of camp, please pack a bag (will be returned on the last day of camp) with the following items: A change of clothes A plastic cup An extra pair of shoes (not mandatory) Please also pack a bag daily that will include: Sunscreen Hat Water bottle A towel and a pair of underwear on beach days (so that children can change afterwards) Any other item that your camp supervisor may request Camp Supervisors/teachers are likely to add items to this list based on age (blanket, nap time friends) or special activities (eg. horse riding). They will inform you by e-mail of any additional request. - 20 -

SOCCER CAMPS Equipment Needed Please come with proper attire: Shin-guards, hat, sunscreen (please apply sunscreen before leaving your house and pack the sunscreen with your child so that we can reapply throughout the day) Plenty of water (a larger sports bottle) Soccer ball (optional) Contact: David Mares at 415-323-8033 - 21 -

Euro Cup Camp The Euro Cup Soccer Camps will be held in Sausalito on the MLK soccer fields which are located next to the Sausalito Campus. Parents are asked to drop off their children on site at the fields near the main toilet block between 8:45 and 9:00 am. Pick-up will take place at the same location at 4pm. If your child has the before or after camp daycare option please drop off and pick up at the entrance gate. At the time of pick-up, parents or authorized persons must bring their ID. In case of inclement weather, Soccer Camp will go on indoors in the MLK gym near by or participate in other designated soccer related activities inside the Sausalito Campus. You will be notified of any changes. Map of MLK Soccer Field - 22 -

CONTACT INFORMATION Andrew Sobol Director of Extracurricular Programs Christophe de Renty Assistant to Director of Extracurricular Programs Emergency Contact: General Inquiries: Lycée Français de San Francisco Front Desk: 415.661.5232 OUR PA RT NERS

These partnerships bring energy to our camps, help create new friendships, and make our camps a truly international experience. With camps supervised by teachers ands other uniquely qualified personnel, our language immersion camps are meant to be fun, educational and tailored to the individual needs of each student.

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