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4/30/2013 Welcome to The Brown Bag Series Colloquium Sponsored by: The Center for Teaching and Learning Today’s Date: May 1, 2013 Title: Online Library Resources for Faculty & Students Presentation By: Dr. Ray Uzwyshyn APUS Online Libraries Sakai Classroom Gateway or http://apus.campusguides.com Ray Uzwyshyn, Ph.D. MLIS Director of Online Libraries APUS Online Library E‐Books, E‐Journals, Various Media Over 150,000 E-Books, 42 Journal Databases & Aggregators, Constantly Updated, Seven Academic E-Book Vendors, More than 20,000 academic videos 1

4/30/2013 APUS Online Catalog E‐Books and Articles New Information Discovery Tools Aquabrowser Faceted Search Engine: Word Cloud, Mind/Concept Map Wide Full-Text Article Database Range 42 Full Text Article Databases and Aggregrators Proquest, EBSCO, Lexis Nexis, JSTOR 2

4/30/2013 VAST Academic Video Online Database Over 20,000 Academic Videos Most 508 Compliant All Copyright Compliant Linkable Through Online Course Guides, Sakai Classroom VAST: Interdisciplinary University‐Wide Academic Video Scope Business Psychology Counseling and therapy Education Economics Public Health History Humanities Criminal Justice and Law Political Science Public Safety/Intel Literature/Philosophy Religion/theatre Science/Technology Space Over 20,000 Titles 2013 3

4/30/2013 Academic Video and Integrated Curricular Design Possibilities Discussion Forum Posting 8 week sessions Adult non- traditional Students Weekly Learning Objectives Tie In Assignment Review Questions Alternative Essay Topic, Citation Curricular Week Replacement To vary/ reading assignments 360 Search Meta Journal Aggregator Search Across Multiple Databases by Journal, Author and Date: 35,000 Journals 360 Search Meta-Journal Aggregator Search Across Multiple Databases By Topic 4

4/30/2013 Comprehensive Interlibrary Loan Service Books and Articles for Faculty/Students (Articles: Quick Turnaround) Online Tutorial Center Writing Center and Basic Math Skills Campus Guides OnlineTutorial Center Openly Available on the Web 5

4/30/2013 Live Tutoring Help: Tutor.com 10 Hours/Student/Petition for More Online Library on the Open Web http://apus.campusguides.com Online Reference Human and Semantic Knowledge Base Human and Knowledge Base Help: Human: Librarian@apus.edu, Knowledgebase: Semantic Knowledge Base for Sakai and Libraries 6

4/30/2013 Masters Thesis Archive/Capstone/Online Library Thesis Publication Review (Dark Archives) Graduate Program Quality Assurance/Partnership with E‐Press APUS ePress/Course Materials Synergies with Library ePress: Style Guides, Monographs/ ECM Course Collection Development Online Campus/Course Guides Secondary Multimedia Bibliographic Resource Direct Curricular Replacement Publically Available 900 Online Course Guides Currently Completed. http://apus.campusguides.com/ 7

4/30/2013 APUS Online Course Guides National Award Winning Academic Technology Project Gold Medal for IMS Global 2012 Learning Consortium’s Learning Impact competition National University Technology Network Distance Education Innovation Awards (2012). POTENTIAL ACADEMIC TECHNOLOGY OPPORTUNITY REIMAGINING ONLINE CURRICULUM FOR 21ST CENTURY Synergies for Collaboration (Technology, Information: Multimedia) New Learning Vistas, 21st Century Network 21 Globally Geographically Dispersed Librarian Subject Specialists 8

4/30/2013 Open Web Facility Listed Alphabetically Grouped By Course, School, Program Searchable Link Available Through Corresponding Classroom http://apus.campusguides.com/ Online Faculty/Library Course Development Synergy Schools Librarians Open Source Curriculum Possibilities 9

4/30/2013 Faculty/Library Web Publication Possibilities Multimedia Possibilities Online Customization School, Program, Department or Course New Partnerships For Course Possibility Focused Material, Trustworthy Sources System Wide Application of Media/Curriculum Possibilities 10

4/30/2013 Library Information Literacy Program Priscilla Coulter A. Marissa Smith Library/Program Partnerships: College 100/Adobe Connect Library Spotlight Videos Libraries YouTube Channel Channel Name: APUS Librarian Embedding/Linking Possibilities 11

4/30/2013 APUS Libraries We’re here for you! Questions? Librarian@apus.edu, 22 Librarian Subject Specialists Campus Guides Manager, Marissa Smith asmith@apus.edu Director of Online Libraries: Dr. Ray Uzwyshyn, ruzwyshyn@apus.edu Thank You for Attending! The sessions will be recorded and available, please contact CTL for a direct link to the recordings or your request for handouts. Stay Tuned for Next Month’s Presentation Featuring: Michelle Watts, Joy Patton, Elizabeth Cooke and Paula Wyle Topic: Integrating Current Topics into Teaching International Relations & International Development Date: June 5, 2013 2:00-3:00PM EST 12

4/30/2013 2 APUS Online Catalog E‐Books and Articles New Information Discovery Tools Aquabrowser Faceted Search Engine: Word Cloud, Mind/Concept Map 42 Full Text Article Databases and Aggregrators

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APUS provides online postsecondary education for Bachelor's and Master's degrees for its military and public service constituencies. APUS is an online university that is comprised of American Military University ("AMU") and American Public University ("APU"). As of 9/30/2016, APUS has approximately 90,970 students and offers 103 .

MDC RADIOLOGY TEST LIST 5 RADIOLOGY TEST LIST - 2016 131 CONTRAST CT 3D Contrast X RAYS No. Group Modality Tests 132 HEAD & NECK X-Ray Skull 133 X-Ray Orbit 134 X-Ray Facial Bone 135 X-Ray Submentovertex (S.M.V.) 136 X-Ray Nasal Bone 137 X-Ray Paranasal Sinuses 138 X-Ray Post Nasal Space 139 X-Ray Mastoid 140 X-Ray Mandible 141 X-Ray T.M. Joint

APUS Online Library, Online Students and Geographically Dispersed Librarians The library's presence is both globally virtual with accompanying physical base in Charles Town but also primarily 'technically in the 'cloud' with catalog, information discovery tools journal aggregator,

γ-ray modulation due to inv. Compton on Wolf-Rayet photons γ-ray and X-ray modulation X-ray max inf. conj. 2011 γ-ray min not too close, not too far : recollimation shock ? matter, radiation density : is Cyg X-3 unique ? X-rays X-ray min sup. conj. γ-ray max

230 R. Uzwyshyn et al. FIGURE 4 American Public University System e-press/library-created electronic course materials (color figure available online). synergies and coverage for APUS faculty, staff, and students. When scheduled for the virtual desk, the librarians are responsible for covering several library

The major types of X-ray-based diagnostic imaging methods include2D X-RAY. 2D X-RAY, tomosynthesis, and computed tomography (CT) methods. The characteristics of these methods are as follows: The 2D X-RAY method is used to obtain one image per shot with an X-ray source, a workpiece, and an X-ray camera arranged vertically (Fig. 2).

Academic libraries loaned some 10.5 million documents to other libraries in fiscal year 2012 (table 1). Academic libraries also borrowed approximately 9.8 million documents from other libraries and commercial services. The majority of academic libraries, 2,417, were open between 60-99 hours during a

An expert meeting was held to review the impact of animal nutrition on animal welfare. During the meeting, three major tasks were undertaken for both ruminant and monogastric species: 1) Identify feeding options for different livestock production systems (extensive, mixed crop-livestock, and intensive) that improve animal welfare while increas - ing profitability of the livestock producers and .