BUILDINGS AND INTERIORS Perforated Applications And Solutions

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we make ideas come to life BUILDINGS AND INTERIORS Perforated applications and solutions

Experience a quality partnership AS THE WORLD’S LARGEST MANUFACTURER AND SUPPLIER OF PERFORATED METAL PRODUCTS, RMIG OFFERS YOU A PROFESSIONAL PARTNERSHIP AND A WIDE RANGE OF OUTSTANDING PRODUCTS FOR BUILDINGS AND INTERIORS. RMIG is a trusted and reliable partner for professionals within the building industry. We can deliver products and solutions on time and at competitive prices. Our many years of experience and extensive knowledge of the building industry enable us to assist you in the best possible way through the various stages of your project. We use the latest technological manufacturing equipment to produce reliable and durable perforated products for small and large projects. You benefit from the high service level and expertise of our skilled sales personnel, who will assist you in finding the optimal solution to your needs. 2 RMIG: Just the facts Largest perforation company in the world Wide choice of tools for tailor-made solutions Own tool production and R & D department More than 1,000 different products in stock State of the art production facilities All manufacturing plants are ISO 9001:2008 certified Worldwide supplier of perforated metal products

we make ideas come to life RMIG City Emotion for unique design PERFORATED AND EXPANDED METAL FOR INSTITUTIONS, OFFICE BUILDINGS, SCHOOLS, SHOPPING CENTRES AND MORE. RMIG CITY EMOTION IS AN INNOVATIVE AND EXCITING CHOICE FOR YOUR BUILDING PROJECT. Are you the owner of a local metal fabrication shop and need a few sheets from stock to complete your latest construction job? We can help you find exactly what you need. Or are you part of the design team for a large-scale architectural project? We can assist from start to finish – from the very first ideas on the drawing board to the manufacturing of the final product. In either situation, the RMIG City Emotion concept offers a wide variety of solutions for buildings and interiors and you will benefit from collaborating with RMIG. Among other applications, RMIG offers perforated sheets and expanded metal for: Facades Sun screens Balustrades Cladding Screening/fencing Ceilings See more about the use of picture perforation for above listed applications on page 11. With RMIG City Emotion, you can utilise perforated and expanded metal to give your buildings and interiors a unique design. Our high quality products are versatile, durable and require minimum maintenance. 3

Facades VERSATILE FACADES IN PERFORATED AND EXPANDED METAL. RMIG can help you implement your building project. Whether it is a perforated, embossed or indented facade or a combination, we can assist you. Our skilled technical personnel are ready to assist with design input and suggestions based on your specific needs. We create drawings of the sheets for your approval before production. In addition, we can manufacture the sheets for your facade sequentially and number the individual sheets, which is beneficial when installing sheets on a large facade project. Your advantages Not only do we perforate, we also offer to cut, bend, shape and take responsibility for the all-important finishes. We can deliver the flat perforated sheets directly to you, or if desired, also take care of secondary operations, for example: Cutting Bending Bolt holes, corner notching Levelling, rolling and forming Welding Surface treatment (galvanising, anodising, painting etc.) If needed, we can offer to deliver a mock-up for approval. Furthermore, we know how important it is that your facade sheets reach you in good condition and we are experienced in packaging products to avoid damage during transport. If adjustments or modifications are needed during the project, we are flexible and happy to accommodate the necessary changes. 4

we make ideas come to life MAISON DU PORTUGAL Visit for a detailed description of this and many other projects. 5

Sun screens SUN SCREENS WITH A GREEN PROFILE. With the increasing costs of energy, it is more important than ever to focus on sustainable building design and finding the best way to regulate the temperature and climate conditions inside buildings. Whether it is for a new build project or the refurbishment of an existing building, sun screens in perforated or expanded metal are made from sustainable materials and provide an environmentally friendly solution that can help reduce the need for ventilation and cooling, thereby decreasing the energy consumption. 6 Perforated sun screens Perforated sun screens have the advantage of providing privacy without blocking the view. They also allow a good amount of natural light into a building during daylight hours. The RMIG City Emotion product range comprises a large number of patterns and screen solutions for you to choose from when selecting your perforated sun screens. Whether you need a single screen or thousands of square metres, we can offer you individual solutions adapted to your specific requirements. A place in the sun Punctual delivery, competitive prices and a unique knowledge of perforated sheets for sun screens. With RMIG City Emotion, you benefit from the reliability of a large supplier and freedom of choice in patterns, materials, sheet sizes and secondary operations.

we make ideas come to life CHÂTEAU DE CANGÉ Visit for a detailed description of this and many other projects. 7

Balustrades SIMPLE OR COMPLEX – WE HAVE THE SOLUTION. Whether you are working on a large or small project, our vast range of products makes it possible for us to find the best possible solution for you. At RMIG, you have the freedom of choice when it comes to perforated sheets for staircases, balconies or railings and also when selecting the preferred material, whether it is mild steel, aluminium, stainless steel, brass or other materials. Tell us about your requirements and we will find the best possible solution to your needs. Tailor-made perforated balustrades In addition to perforating the sheets according to your design, we can provide bending, forming and bolt holes, and what we have started, we are happy to finish for you in the form of natural finishing, powder coating, galvanising or anodising. Perforated sheets from stock At RMIG, you find one of the world’s largest selections of perforated metal sheets in stock ready for use – also for balustrades. As well as perforated sheets and expanded metal, we can also offer frame profiles from stock. By fitting a frame profile around a cut standard perforated or expanded metal sheet, you create a smooth edge and make it stronger, safer and suitable for balustrades. Elegant examples Visit our homepage and find a broad selection of case studies where architects, contractors and metal specialists have chosen products and solutions from RMIG City Emotion. See more at 8

we make ideas come to life Walls and ceilings DISCOVER A WORLD OF INTERIOR PRODUCTS AND SOLUTIONS. With perforated sheets from RMIG used for walls or ceilings, it is possible to combine aesthetic considerations with the need for optimal sound conditions. RMIG has a range of perforating patterns that have been developed to provide architects with design solutions to improve sound absorption and enhance the visual appearance of a wall or ceiling. However, if you cannot find the exact pattern you are looking for, we can manufacture tooling to meet your specific requirements. Walls in all sizes Are you looking for. individual metal cladding for smaller areas? sound absorbing partitions and notice boards? functional, sound absorbing and large-scale cladding of walls? Perforated metal panels clad with sound cloth can be the optimal solution to serve as effective sound absorbers, thus creating a good working environment. Ceilings With RMIG City Emotion, perforated steel, stainless steel and aluminium ceiling tiles can be supplied with both functional and aesthetic performance criteria for ceilings in new or refurbished buildings. Your advantages Flexibility – from small to large projects Metal products delivered for you to finish Finished cassettes including sound cloth for you to install Numbering of the individual sheets for easy mounting Individual solutions customised according to your needs Possibility of ordering mock-up for approval 9

Screening and fencing THERE IS NO LIMIT FOR RELEVANT USE OF PERFORATION AND EXPANDED METAL IN AND AROUND BUILDINGS. Fences and screens in perforated and expanded metal can be used advantageously for a wide variety of purposes. For example, if you want a solid and secure solution for shielding an area or if you want to make a bicycle shelter that lasts for years, perforated metal is the obvious choice in these and many other cases. Just imagine. Perforated and expanded metal is the optimal solution for bicycle shelters, garbage bin enclosures, shopping trolley parking, shielding of large installations, bus shelters and similar applications. It gives protective covering, hides installations, helps reduce vandalism and yet lets light and ventilation through. It is safe, practical and durable. Solutions according to your needs Sheets delivered for you to finish Finished elements, ready for you to install From small orders to large contracts Simple solutions – order from our stock Complex tailor-made solutions specially designed for you Contact RMIG and let us help you to find the optimal solution to your needs. 10

we make ideas come to life Graphic and image perforation ILLUSTRATIVE PICTURE PERFORATION FOR FACADES, BALUSTRADES AND CLADDING. The perforation of graphics and images provides an original and individual boost for residential, public and commercial buildings. We can transfer images or patterns of your choice and use them on most of the applications within the RMIG City Emotion programme. First-hand experience with picture perforation RMIG has already delivered perforated solutions utilising picture perforation to a vast number of projects all over Europe and therefore has extensive experience with the best methods to use on such projects. We know that picture perforation is a field that requires technical expertise as well as close collaboration with all parties involved. The individual numbering of perforated sheets is of great importance for easy installation and we are happy to offer you this essential service. In addition, we also create drawings of the sheets for your approval before production. Be creative Make creativity an essential part of your project. With RMIG City Emotion, you can set the bar for innovative and exciting building design even higher. We look forward to helping you achieve the best results possible. 11

we make ideas come to life 813 MARKET LEADER RMIG is the world’s largest supplier of perforated metal. We offer an extensive range of perforated stock sheets as well as tailor-made solutions. All our manufacturing plants in Europe have a common quality management system based on the ISO 9001:2008 standard. Take advantage of our more than 100 years of experience and let us help you achieve the best possible results for your project with our high quality perforation products. We are ready to take your order! The RMIG team of specialists is ready to take your order. Contact us and let us know your specific requirements. Austria: 43 2256 62482 Belgium: 32 53 76 77 40 Denmark: 45 44 20 88 00 France: 33 4 72 47 43 43 Germany: 49 34 906 50 0 Italy: 39 010 740 39 39 The Netherlands: 31 184 491 919 Norway: 47 33 33 66 66 Poland: 48 61 88 63 270 Romania: 40 742 990226 Spain: 45 44 20 88 09 Sweden: 46 501 682 00 Switzerland: 41 62 287 88 88 United Kingdom: 44 1925 839 610 Other locations Eastern Europe: 43 2256 62482 311 Outside Europe: 45 44 20 88 00 CITYEMOTION@RMIG.COM

perforated metal sheets in stock ready for use - also for balustrades. As well as perforated sheets and expanded metal, we can also offer frame profiles from stock. By fitting a frame profile around a cut standard perforated or expanded metal sheet, you create a smooth edge and make it stronger, safer and suitable for balustrades. Elegant .

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Finite-Element Analysis of Individual Perforated Strip FE models of individual perforated strips were developed to pro-vide an understanding of their behavior as a fundamental building block in understanding the behavior of complete perforated SPSW. The commercially available software ABAQUS/Standard

for perforated peptic ulcer. New Eng J Med. 1989;320:970–973 Berne TV, Donovan AJ. Nonoperative treatment of perforated duodenal ulcer. Arch Surg. 1989;124:830–832 Keane TE, Dillon B, AfdhalHH, et al. Conservative management of peforated duodenal ulcer. Br J Surg. 1988;75:583–584 Donovan AJ, Berne TV, Donovan JA. Perforated duodenal ulcer .

Perforated & Solid Cable Tray - Load Data Perforated Cable Tray Weights (kg/m) Perforated & Solid Bottom Cable Tray - Middle East Height Thickness Span Material Load (kg/m) Material Load (kg/m) 50 103.6 33.5 75 1.5mm 3m Steel 158.5 Aluminum 52.6 100 182.9 73.4 Height Thickness Span Material Load (kg/m) Material Load (kg/m) 50 79.2 46.8

Perforated & Solid Cable Ladder Dimensional Drawing - Side Rail Height 100mm Width 100 15 50 15 25 25 52 75 75 50 50 Thickness 8 x 20 typ. 8 x 20 typ. Note: Perforated slot dimensions and patterns may vary depending on tray size and type. 90 Outside Flange (B) with Solid Bottom (S) shown below

Profiles: Snap-Clad, perforated Snap-Clad, Corrugated, perforated Corrugated Colors: Zinc, natural copper material: BACK COVER, bottom right: I-Drive 360 Parking Deck, Orlando Installing contractor: Mullets Aluminum Products Architect: Finfrock General contractor: Finfrock

1 Bank Of America Nutech Contracts Pvt Ltd DLF Cyber City Gurugram . MS PERFORATED TYPE POWDER COATED CABLE TRAYS: PERFORATED TYPE PRE GALVANIZED CABLE TRAYS: MS PERFORATED TYPE HOT DIP CABLE TRAYS . Pre-Galvanised Coating Thickness 80 –120 GSM OK / NOT OK 9 Chemical Composition As per IS : 1079/10748/2062 OK / NO .

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