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TENDER NAME: SUPPPLY OF TRAINING EQUIPMENT TENDER NO. SJAK/PROC/1-9/2023-2024 St John Ambulance Kenya St John House, St John Lane, off Parliament Road P.O BOX 41469-00100 Nairobi, Kenya Email: Website: Tender Closing: 21st February 2023 at 0000 Hrs. GMT 3 STANDARD TENDER DOCUMENTS FOR PROCUREMENT OF GOODS

Table of Contents Item Section 1: Description Introduction to tendering for Training Equipment 1.1 Introduction to St John Ambulance Kenya 1.2 Tendering Process 1.2.1 Submission of Bids 1.2.2 Evaluation of Bids Section 2: Supplier Tender Form Section 3: References Section 4: St John Ambulance Kenya terms and conditions Section 5: Specifications Section 6: Financial quotation

Section 1 – Introduction to Tendering for Training Equipment St John Ambulance Kenya a has received a grant from SASDF to procure Training equipment. The supplies should be made to St John Ambulance offices in Nairobi. A tender advert appeared in The Daily Nation newspaper & The St John Ambulance Kenya Website ( ) on 31st January 2023 advising on the tender. 1.1 Introduction to St John Ambulance Kenya St John Ambulance Kenya is a first aid and health charity organization incorporated in the Republic of Kenya under the St John Ambulance of Kenya Act, Cap. 259 of the Laws of Kenya with mandates to provide emergency medical support to communities, promote charitable works aimed at reducing human suffering and to provide technical reserves to the medical services of the Government and security agencies of Kenya among other functions. 1.2 Tender Process 1.2.1 Submission of Bids The bids shall be shared to St John tender committee through email; . The email subject should read “Tender Number & Tender Description” The deadline for the submission of offers is by Tuesday, 21st February 2023 to the above email. Bids shall be opened there after and communication shared upon the completion of the evaluation process. Any bid received past deadline shall be rejected. 1.2.2 Evaluation of Bids All valid bids will be evaluated by a tender committee who will assess the bids based on all technical and financial evaluation, using the information provided in your submission. St John Ambulance Kenya reserves the right to request samples of products or past work and to visit the premises of bidders, if this is deemed necessary to complete the evaluation. Section 2 –Supplier Information Supporting Documentation to be submitted with each Bid Copies of the following supporting documentation must be submitted with each Bid: Company Certificate of incorporation/ Registration Tax clearance/compliance certificate Financial statements and audited accounts for last one year Company Profile Reference information for previous undertaking of similar contracts Technical specifications as specified Completed Supplier Tender Form, as included in Section 2 of this document 3

Pricing Information as per specifications, as included in Section 6 of this document 1. Business Profile Name of Company: Physical Address of the business premises: Email Address and Telephone Number: Contact Name, Telephone Number and Title: Years in operation Provide information on any relationships that you have with St John Ambulance Kenya staff? – Friends/family/ business partners etc. Attach Proof of Payment 2. Bank Details: Bank Name: Bank Address: How long has this Account been open? Account Name: 3. Payment Terms: Orders accepted on signing of a contract: Y/N Number of days credit provided, if applicable: Preferred payment method: (cheque/electronic payment) 4. Product Information Where do you source your products? Do you provide warranty for your products? 4

5. Delivery Terms Does the price include transport and delivery of the supplies What is the projected delivery period in days to St John Ambulance Kenya after issuance of Purchase Order / Contract? Price validity in months? Section 3: Reference of Undertaking Similar Work In The Past: Please complete the table above using the format to summarise the Major relevant supplies/services carried out in the course of the past 3 years by your company. Please provide proof e.g. copy of LPO/contract. Organisati on Provide details of Organisations that you supply Contact details of Total Date Description of items supplied NGO/Co. Contract Value 5

Section 4 – St John Ambulance Kenya Terms and Conditions 1. These General Conditions of Contract apply to this transaction. The offer shall remain valid for ninety (90) days from the closing date unless otherwise stipulated by the seller 2. The buyer should not be bound to accept the lowest or any offer and reserve the right to accept any offer in part unless the contrary is stipulated by the seller 3. Samples of items offered when required will be provided free and if not destroyed during tests, upon request be returned at the seller’s expense. Section 5 – Specifications No. Equipment 1. Trauma Mannequin Specification Full-body, lifelike vinyl manikin that realistically simulates a trauma patient. It is specifically designed for training professionals in the field of emergency care and transportation of the sick and injured. Specifications Multiple Airway Skills/Features: Controllable open/closed airway; automatically or manually controlled Head tilt/Chin lift Jaw thrust w/articulated jaw Suctioning (Oral and Nasopharyngeal) Bag-mask ventilation Orotracheal intubation Nasotracheal intubation Right main stem intubation Combitube, LMA, and other airway placement Retrograde intubation Fiberoptic intubation Transtracheal jet ventilation Needle cricothyrotomy Surgical cricothyrotomy Variable lung compliance – 4 settings Variable airway resistance – 4 settings Stomach distention Airway Complications: Detection of proper head position Can’t intubate/Can’t ventilate Can ventilate/ Can’t intubate Tongue edema Pharyngeal swelling Laryngospasm Decreased cervical range of motion Trismus Breathing Features: Spontaneous breathing Bilateral and unilateral chest rise and fall CO2 exhalation EtCO2 and waveform display Normal and abnormal breath sounds 6

5 anterior auscultation sites 6 posterior auscultation sites Oxygen saturation and waveform display Breathing Complications: Cyanosis Needle thoracentesis – bilateral Unilateral and bilateral chest movement Unilateral, bilateral and lobar breath sounds Chest tube insertion – bilateral Cardiac Features Extensive ECG library Heart sounds – 4 anterior locations Simulated ECG rhythm monitoring (4 lead) ECG Monitoring 3 and 5 lead 12 lead ECG display Defibrillation and cardioversion Pacing Circulation features: BP measured manually by auscultation of Korotkoff sounds Carotid, femoral, brachial, radial, dorsalis pedis, popliteal and posterior tibialis pulses synchronized with ECG Pulse strength variable with BP Pulse palpation is detected and logged Vascular access: IV access (right arm) Intraosseous access (tibia and sternum) CPR: Compliant with 2015 Guidelines CPR compressions generate palpable pulses, blood pressure waveform, and ECG artifacts Realistic compression depth and resistance Detection of depth and frequency of compressions Detection of leaning Real-time feedback on quality of CPR Eyes: Blinking - slow, normal, fast and winks Open, closed and partially open Pupillary accommodation: Synchrony/asynchrony Normal and sluggish speed of response Other Features: Bleeding Simulation of bleeding at multiple sites Arterial and venous Vital signs automatically respond to blood loss and therapy Works with various wound modules and moulage kits Urine output (variable) Foley catheterization Secretions Eyes, Ears, Nose, Mouth Blood, Mucous, CSF, etc. Diaphoresis 7

Bowel sounds – four quadrants Patient voice Pre-recorded sounds Custom sounds Instructor can simulate patient’s voice wirelessly Instructor communication Multiple instructors communicate using integrated Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) Right leg IM skin Amputations: Amputated left arm Amputated left leg Amputated right arm Amputated right calf skin System Features: Wireless Rugged tablet PC controls simulator remotely Control multiple manikins from one interface Control simulations from anywhere on your network Multiple interfaces can control/observe a single simulation Manual Mode Precise control “on the fly” Design and program custom scenarios Create custom events Run pre-programmed scenarios Automatic Mode Physiological models run pre-programmed simulations Unique, simple controls increase/decrease difficulty and pace Simulation controls: Fast forward Pause Rewind Save/Restore Profile Editor Future prediction and patient outcome display Integrated video debriefing Data logging Instructor comments Patient Monitor: Wireless Highly configurable Includes: ECG (2 traces) SpO2 CO2 ABP CVP PAP PCWP NIBP TOF Anesthetic Agent pH 8

2. PTC ICP Cardiac output Temperature (core and peripheral) Additional and programmable parameters X-Ray display 12 Lead ECG display Custom image display Custom video display Adult Dummies with Professional Adult Series 2000 CPR Training Diverse Skin-Tone Manikins feedback mechanism (available in tan or brown) provide advanced CPR Feedback including: CPR compression rate, depth, recoil, ventilation and hands-off time, using Bluetooth enabled CPR Feedback app (available on both Apple and Android devices). The CPR feedback App gives real time visual feedback to students and instructors and provides CPR skills results & reports. Contents Include: 4 Professional Adult Series 2000 Diverse Skin-Tone Manikins (Available in Tan or Brown) 4 Rate / Depth Monitors with Bluetooth App 50-Pack Adult Face-Shield/ Ventilation Lung-Bags Instruction Sheet and Carry Bag Breath Sensor Piston Plug Color ID Labels Features & Benefits Include: 3. Advanced CPR Feedback including: CPR compression rate, depth, recoil, ventilation and hands-off time Bluetooth enabled CPR feedback app available on both Apple and Android devices CPR feedback app gives real time visual feedback to students and instructors, on their laptop or personal devices App provides CPR skills results & reports for students and instructors Infant Dummies with Delivers the highest quality CPR. Infant Professional Manikin uniquely designed feedback mechanism as a clamshell and accommodates an easy-to-insert face shield/lung bag, as well as rate monitor, making it 2019 AHA compliant. A revolutionary new CPR Rate Monitor allows for instant feedback to both instructor and student regarding the rate of chest compression. This allows each student to gauge their rate of compressions on their own as well as allowing the instructor to monitor several students quickly and easily, as well as be in compliance to AHA's 2019 feedback needs. Provide the most realistic CPR experience possible. Realistic anatomical markings (Adam's apple, carotid arteries, navel, rib cage, chest notch) to make it easy to learn correct hand placement for checking pulse, performing chest compressions, and more. Features include: CPR feedback rate monitor 9

Set of 10 lung bags Instruction sheet Carry bag 4. ACLS Mannequin The STAT Simulator with full range of skills to practice on a life-size manikin. Standard ALS components of ECG rhythm recognition and defibrillation, airway maintenance, IV arm, and CPR features are augmented with this list of features: Automatic cardioversion upon defibrillation 17 rhythms Pacing Upper teeth break out with laryngoscope pressure Tongue edema and laryngospasm Cricothyrotomy Combitube , L.M.A., L.T., O.P.A., N.P.A., and E.T. devices work Bilateral chest decompression sites Bilateral chest tube insertion sites 12 pulse points (six pairs) with three zones used to demonstrate BP loss Venous access from dorsal hand to upper arm with all major veins Practice sharps control, sterile technique, securing, titrating, phlebotomy This manikin comes with the new deluxe airway management head. The features for this head include: Anatomical landmarks Tongue edema Laryngospasm Cricothyrotomy Bilateral carotid pulses Includes: 6 ft STAT manikin Replacement parts Sweat suit Accessories Instructions Carry case with wheels 5. Simulator InteractiveECGSimulator Defibrillation shock can be delivered through manikin or simulator. Practice operating defibrillator/external pacer without a manikin. Connect defibrillator/external pacer to simulator using adapters. Built-in circuitry allows to defibrillate and pace directly into the simulator and observe ECG rhythms through the PADS connector. Convert feature; Select another rhythm to run immediately after defib discharge .Pacing can be done on any manufacturer's defibrillator Waveforms Available for Pacing Include: Sinus Brady Junctional Brady Second degree type I A-V block Second degree type II A-V block Second degree type II A-V block with PVCs Third degree A-V block 17 Adult/Pediatric Rhythms V. Fib 10

6. Airway Mannequin V. Tach (Slow) V. Tach (Fast) A Flutter V. Tach (Polymorphic) Junctional Brady A Fib NSR Asystole Sinus Brady Sinus with PVCs Sinus Tach SVT Second degree type I A-V block Second degree type II A-V block Second degree type II A-V block with PVCs Third degree A-V block Generate realistic 3-lead or 4-lead ECG rhythms The RA, LA, and LL signal morphologies create accurate representations of the QRS, P, and T axes. Size 9" x 6" x 2".Ship weight 2 lbs. Description 7. Paediatric Mannequin Detailed anatomy featured on the adult intubation trainer stands out. Get a clear picture of human anatomy from the sculpted alveolar sac, bronchial tree, and blood vessel structures of the cross-sectioned and exposed flexible lungs, to the interior main bronchus and oral/nasal pharyngeal spaces. Combine these details with an airway complicated by breakout teeth, tongue edema, and laryngospasm, and this airway trainer rates hard. An anatomical stomach that swells with esophageal intubation, or excessive pressure with the BVM during rescue breathing, together with the vomiting capability of this manikin makes this an exceptional educational tool for multitasking. Includes instructions for use, hard carry case, and lubricant. Airway Description This model includes a realistic oral cavity with a hard and soft palate, tongue, uvula, epiglottis and vocal cords—providing naturalness to training that allows students to effectively develop surgical skills. The soft neck with cricocartilage allows users to perform Sellick’s maneuver to give a better view of the larynx and/or reduce gastric reflux. Relevant Skills: Intubation and airway management exercises. Included Components: Paediatric upper torso, nose, mouth, oesophagus, hard and soft palate, tongue, trachea, epiglottis, larynx and storage system. Equipment Compatibility: Imaging equipment (Ultrasound, MRI, CT, x-ray, etc.), tracheal tubes, scalpels, tenaculums, aneurysm needles, artery forceps, grooved directors, haemostatic forceps, dissecting forceps, scissors, tenotomes, tracheal dilators, ligatures, auto suturing and auto stapling devices and catheters. 11

8. Delivery Manikin 9 IV Arms Obstetric The manikin used in Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics (ALSO) training programs. Practice of the Leopold’s maneuver to determine the fetus’s lie by palpating its skull and kneecaps Removable abdominal overlay that is interchangeable and optional to see positioning Lifelike pelvic cavity o Pronounced pelvic landmarks o Located spinal column o Angled birth canal o Ilium o Ischium o Sacrum o Sacro spinous ligaments o Greater sciatic notch Replicates resistance encountered in a delivery requiring forceps or vacuum intervention. Capable of demonstrating a number of issues encountered during birthing o Shoulder dystocia o Fetal attitude o Fetal station o Fetal lie o Cord prolapse o Compound presentation o Caesarean section incision locations can be discussed. o Premature and full-term fetuses included. Includes: Disposable umbilical cords with clamps Extra vulva Powder to make simulated blood Modular pregnant belly overlay with permanently installed fetus Removable abdominal overlay Premature and full-term fetuses Soft carry bag 3B Scientific Model P50 Delivery content: 1 injection arm with already mounted tubing system 1 infusion bottle 1 stand 1 bottle of 3B Scientific artificial blood concentrate (250ml) 1 plastic cup 1 disposable syringe and 2 injection cannulas (recommended cannula size: 20 and 21 gauge) 2 tubing systems as replacement parts 1 container of talcum powder 12

Section 6: Financial quotation Item description Qty Unit price Total Cost 13

DECLARATION AND COMMITMENT TO THE CODE OF ETHICS I. (Person) on behalf of (Name of the Business/ Company/Firm).declare that I have read and fully understood the contents of the Public Procurement & Asset Disposal Act, 2015, Regulations and the Code of Ethics for persons participating in Public Procurement and Asset Disposal and my responsibilities under the Code. I do hereby commit to abide by the provisions of the Code of Ethics for persons participating in Public Procurement and Asset Disposal. Name of Authorized signatory. Sign . Position. Officeaddress . Telephone . . E-mail . Date . Company Seal/ Rubber Stamp where applicable) Witness Name . . Sign . Date . 14

Control multiple manikins from one interface . as well as rate monitor, making it 2019 AHA compliant. A revolutionary new CPR Rate Monitor allows for instant feedback to both . Equipment Compatibility: Imaging equipment (Ultrasound, MRI, CT, x-ray,

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Tender documents may be obtained from the office at the address below upon payment of a non-refundable fee of [ state currency and value ] or equivalent in a convertible currency. Only a nominal fee should be charged for the tender documents, solely to cover the costs of reproduction and of despatching the documents by courier.