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“ WHAT IS DUAL ENROLLMENT? ” Dual Enrollment is a program that provides funding for students at eligible high schools to take approved college-level coursework for credit towards both high school and college graduation requirements.

WHO CAN PARTICIPATE IN DUAL ENROLLMENT? Students eligible for Dual Enrollment are: Enrolled in a GA public or private high school In grades 9, 10, 11 & 12. Meet the Dual Enrollment admissions requirements at selected postsecondary institution HAVE NOT already received a high school diploma


HOW MUCH DOES IT COST STUDENTS TO PARTICIPATE IN DUAL ENROLLMENT? The GA Student Finance Commission covers the *COST OF TUITION *MANDATORY FEES *TEXTBOOKS FOR APPROVED CLASSES (students must meet all Dual Enrollment eligibility requirements) Credit Hours paid for by Dual Enrollment – NOT COUNTED TOWARD attempted / combined The college cannot the student ANY additional at tuition or mandatory fee costs for approved attempted hours forcharge HOPE and Zell Miller Scholarship the postsecondary level Dual Enrollment courses

How it works Apply 9th - 12th Grade College Admissions Registration Student applies to the Dual Enrollment program at the college they are interested in attending as a HS student. Student accepted or denied by the college depending on whether they meet the college’s Dual Enrollment admission requirements (ex. test scores, GPA, etc.) Student chooses classes from list of approved Dual Enrollment college courses Student will have both a high school schedule and college/university schedule Take Class(es) Student completes the course during the fall, spring and/or summer semester Final grades assigned by the college professor Transcripts Student then has a HS transcript and a college transcript Dual Enrollment grades and credits on college transcript are added to the HS transcript Graduate HS Continue Education College credits applied toward HS graduation requirements Apply to college Student may transfer earned college credits to college they attend after HS* *Students are responsible for verifying with any future college they want to attend which Dual Enrollment credits will be accepted and/or transferrable to that

Which college classes are approved for Dual Enrollment? *Each college has different course offerings approved for Dual Enrollment. Students can take courses in areas including: Core subjects: English, math, science, social studies, & world language CTAE, World Language, and elective courses Online courses *Courses available to each student will vary depending on grade level and college course pre-requisites. Approved Dual Enrollment courses are available at ry/

Dual Enrollment Courses for APS Students: On the College Campus Part Time Fewer than 12 credit hours per semester Blend of Dual Enrollment classes on the college campus and high school classes Full Time All Dual Enrollment courses must be shown on high school schedule Need to coordinate Dual Enrollment courses with periods high school classes are offered Total of 12-15 credit hours per semester Classes are taken on the college/university campus No courses would be taken at APS high school. However, all Dual Enrollment courses must be shown on the high school schedule Student still enrolled at APS high school and is fully eligible to participate in sports, extracurricular activities, clubs, and events.

Dual Enrollment Post-Secondary Partners Are Selected By the Local High School Early College High Schools Carver Early College High School Maynard Jackson High School AMSC DM Therrell High School AMSC and GSU AMSC Booker T Washington High School AMSC, GSU, CAU APS Dual Enrollment Partners Atlanta Metropolitan College and State University Atlanta Technical College Chattahoochee Technical College Clark Atlanta University Georgia Military College Georgia State University Georgia Institute of Technology Kennesaw State University Emory University Point University Students should consult with their school counselor to determine approved Dual Enrollment post-secondary partner for their high school. Partners may vary by APS High School.

Atlanta Technical College College and Career Academy Students earn a high demand career technical certificate along with core academic college credits. Accepted students will be provided transportation to and from their high school campus to Atlanta Technical College

What type of student is a good fit for Dual Enrollment? Can articulate why he/she is interested in Dual Enrollment Meets college Dual Enrollment admissions requirements Can follow through on multi-step tasks Self-motivated Self-starter Mature Organized Takes initiative Responsible Has a specific pathway planned for graduation Can overcome any logistical challenges of traveling to and from the local high school and college *

What are the expectations of students in Dual Enrollment? Remember you are a high school student AND a college student! Dual Enrollment Students are expected to . Complete the application process themselves Meet deadlines for both the high school/Atlanta Public School District and the postsecondary partner Maintain communication with high school clubs, athletics, class activities, events, etc. Communicate directly with the college with questions about Dual Enrollment application, registration, classes, grades, etc. Check college email account regularly Check personal email account regularly *communication between the college and the Dual Enrollment student is primarily done via email. We highly recommend you forward your college email to one you check regularly. *communication between the HS Dual Enrollment coordinator/Counselor and the Dual Enrollment student is primarily done via email account student provides

Dual Enrollment Basics Local systems retain their FTE funding, colleges are paid through General Assembly funding by Georgia Student Finance Commission (GSFC), MOWR fiscal agent. Students do not have to pay tuition, mandatory fees or books up to 15 semester hours per semester. May participate as part or fulltime MOWR students but must maintain fulltime student enrollment status each term. Students may participate in summer school up to 15 hours like any other term. Students can be removed from MOWR participation by local systems or colleges for failure to follow guidelines, school rules, policies or program expectations.

APS Dual Enrollment Grading Policy n&id 9CKT5G6743D5 To recognize the additional effort required of students who enroll in Advanced Placement (AP) courses, International Baccalaureate (IB) courses, and college-level courses in core content areas and world languages taken while dually enrolled at an accredited postsecondary institution, 10 points will be added to the final numeric grade for each AP, IB or core dual-enrollment course that is passed with a grade of 70 or above. The weighted numeric grade-point average shall be calculated based on all numeric grades earned in grade levels nine (9) through 12, including grades for all college-level courses taken while dually enrolled at an accredited postsecondary institution. Grades earned for qualifying high school courses taken shall be included on the transcript and factored into the weighted numeric grade-point average for classranking purposes and HOPE/Zell Miller eligibility.

Dual Enrollment Grading Continued Each course taken must be recorded with a course title and a grade on the high school transcript whether the student completes the course or not. Students Cannot repeat Dual Enrollment courses they have already received high school credit for. Students Cannot repeat Dual Enrollment courses that were taken and passed at the college/university. Students can be removed from Dual Enrollment participation by local systems or colleges for failure to follow guidelines, school rules, policies or program expectations.

Dual Enrollment Withdrawals The intent of dual enrollment is college exposure and not for the sole purpose of accumulating credit for high school graduation. Some required high school courses may not be available through Dual Enrollment. Enrollment in these courses do not satisfy requirements to automatically withdraw. Grades earned for non-required courses will be posted to the transcript as elective credit. Withdrawals from Dual Enrollment courses must be pre-approved by the School Counselor and the post secondary partner’s Dual Enrollment Coordinator. Students who withdraw from Dual Enrollment courses will automatically receive a failing grade of “F” on their APS transcript unless they are placed in an equivalent course at the high school.

Satisfactory Academic Progress Federal regulation stipulates that schools must monitor and ensure students maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) to receive financial aid (Dual Enrollment Funding). Students must maintain SAP as defined by their selected institution to remain eligible to participate in the Dual Enrollment program. A common requirement of meeting SAP is maintaining a 2.0 GPA or higher each semester. Students and parents/guardians are responsible for checking with the selected institution to confirm requirements. Students ineligible to continue in Dual Enrollment will be required to return to the high school the following semester and their graduation status may be at risk.

How does an Atlanta Public Schools Student Participate in Dual Enrollment? Step 1: Decide If Dual Enrollment is a good fit for you and confirm you meet the college admission requirements. Step 2: Complete and submit the college’s online application and some additional documents by the college/university deadline. Step 3: Submit all supplemental documents required by the college/university deadline.

How Does An APS Student Participate in Dual Enrollment? ALL required documents due by the college/university deadline: College Application Transcript sent to College Dual Enrollment Funding Application APS Dual Enrollment Contract Student Participation Agreement

Dual Enrollment Funding Application Must be submitted prior to each semester you take courses Completed application through GAFutures.org Before submitting your Dual Enrollment Funding Application, please check to make sure your Social Security Number is correct in your GAFutures profile. If it is not, your funding application cannot be processed If you do not have your Social Security Number on file with APS, you need to bring in a copy of your SS card If you do not have a Social Security Number, you will be required to fill out a paper funding application, obtained from the college

Student Participation Agreement (SPA) Counselor must sign off on courses before you submit it to the college SPAs must be submitted to HS counselor with the Dual Enrollment contract each semester Students can drop off their SPAs to the counseling team at their high school Counselors will contact students if there are any issues with the selected courses on the SPA Indicate the courses you plan to take (include college AND equivalent high school course names/numbers) Keep in mind that college courses are longer than high school courses and their start/end times do not align with your high school schedule. Ex. If you choose to take only one class at the college, it needs to be either at 7 am or 4 pm. Online courses/Work Based Learning/Internships can allow more flexibility in your schedule Submit one form to the college each semester Students are responsible for submitting the form to the college

How Does An Atlanta Public Schools Student Participate in Dual Enrollment? ALL required supporting documents due by the college/university deadline: Test Scores Parental Consent Form* Verification of Lawful Presence* Certificate of Immunization* *Supporting documents may vary depending on the individual college’s admission requirements.

Supporting Documents Test scores must be sent directly from the Testing Agency Instructions for additional supporting documents can be found on the application checklist for each post-secondary school

Step 4: Admission Once students are accepted by the college . Postsecondary partner will provide HS with final list of accepted students Student will be notified by the college/university *NOTE: No Dual Enrollment classes will be added to student course requests or verification forms until a student has been accepted by the college/university Step 5: On the postsecondary campus: Student attends any required orientation or information sessions at the post-secondary partner Student registers through the college for the classes they listed on their Student Participation Agreement Student will send their counselor a copy of their college schedule Student obtains textbook(s) from the college/university

Full Time. Total of 12-15 credit hours per semester. Classes are taken on the college/university campus. No courses would be taken at APS high school. However, all Dual Enrollment courses must be shown on the high school schedule. Student still enrolled at APS high school and is fully eligible to participate in sports, extracurricular .

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A Beka *Shurley English 1. st - 8. th. 13. Dual Enrollment Opportunities: *Bible College Dual Enrollment *Math Dual Enrollment *English Dual Enrollment. . Copy of Special Testing Reports (regarding reading or learning difficulties) _12. Copy of past Achievement Testing Results _13. Copy of previous Report Cards

Atlanta Public Schools Employee Handbook 2018-19 Last revised June 2018 1 Welcome Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year with Atlanta Public Schools! Thank you in advance for your service and dedication to Atlanta's children and Atlanta Public Schools. . Demonstrate knowledge of research and competence in state-of-the-art practices in your .

Initial Steps to Ordering Dual Enrollment Textbooks It can take up to 3 weeks to fill Dual Enrollment materials requests. Orders should be submitted no later than fifteen (15) working days prior to the start of . TO DETERMINE TEXTBOOK NEEDS FOR HCC CAMPUS DUAL ENROLLMENT COURSES 1. Log onto the HCC Bookstore Website: .

Dual Enrollment Procedures 1. Print Dual Enrollment Form from MDC or FIU. 2. Complete forms with ONLY Summer B courses: MUST include Course Number and Reference Number. ** DO NOT SELECT an ENGLISH or SOCIAL STUDIES CORE course (No American History, American Government or Economics courses) (Only IB students qualify to take these courses via Dual Enrollment).

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