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PAYM PAYM THE EVOLUTION OF Pen Pen&&PP Servers Serversa mentally. mentally slow slowdow do Traditio Traditio During Duringpp access accessth t timefram timefram delaying delaying iPad iPadPO PO Servers Serversa Bill Billsplitt split eliminatin eliminat has haspaid paid 06 06 02 02 02 02

ENT ENT ORDER ORDERTAKING TAKING per er Pen Pen&&Paper Paper eexpected expectedto tosplit splitbills billsand andkeep keeptrack track of ofbar bartaking tabs tabs &&processing Manually Manually taking processingorders ordersisistime timeconsuming consuming THE THE THEFUTURE FUTURE FUTUREISISISHERE HERE HERE Doing oing the themath mathmanually manuallycan canlead leadto to mistakes mistakes and and and relies reliesand on onyour yourserver’s server’smemory. memory.Writing Writingout outorders ordersand and the thepayment paymentprocess. process. modifiers modifiersisisnot notonly inefficient, inefficient,but butoften oftenleads leadsto tomistakes. mistakes THE THE FUTURE FUTURE ISISonly HERE HERE THE THEFUTURE FUTURE ISISHERE HERE Research Research Research Research shows shows shows shows that that that that ne nn Research Research shows that nearly nearlythree three quarters quarters quarters quarters (72%) (72%) (72%) (72%) of of of of resta resta rest res Research Researchshows shows that thatshows nearly nearlythat three three al alPOS POS THE THE FUTURE ISofHERE HERE THE THEFUTURE FUTUREISISHERE HERE quarters quarters (72%) (72%)IS of restaurant restaurantowners owners today today today today are are are are planning planning planning planning to to to to up uu quarters quarters(72%) (72%) of ofFUTURE restaurant restaurant owners owners Traditional TraditionalPOS POS Research Research shows showsto that that nearly nearlytheir three three today today are are planning planning to upgrade upgrade their restaurant restaurant restaurant restaurant software software software software to to to to a Research Researchshows shows that thatare nearly nearly three three today today are planning planning to to upgrade upgrade their their (72%) (72%) quarters quarters (72%) (72%) of of restaurant restaurant owners owners restaurant restaurant software software to to aamobile mobile POS. POS. and and and and for for for for good good good good reason! reason! reason! reason! restaurant restaurant software software to to a a mobile mobile POS. POS. Since Since the the terminal terminal isisstationary, stationary, servers servers don’t don’t have have the theoptio optio quarters quarters (72%) (72%) of ofwaiting restaurant restaurant owners owners ak k hours, hours,servers servers are areoften often left left waiting in inque que to to be be mobile. mobile. Spending Spending precious precious time timemoving moving from from table table to tothe PO PO POS POSininorder order to tosettle settle aplanning abill, bill, making making the the checkout checkout and and for for good good reason! reason! today today are areplanning planning to toupgrade upgrade their their and and for for good good reason! reason! today today are areplanning to toupgrade upgrade their their We’ll We’ll We’ll We’ll show show show show you you you you how how how how th th t for for aathe very very inefficient inefficient order taking taking process. process. even evenlonger. longer. Bill Billsplitting splitting isisWe’ll cumbersome, cumbersome, further further restaurant restaurant software software to to aorder amobile mobile POS. POS. restaurant restaurant software software to to amakes amakes mobile mobile POS. POS. We’ll show show you you how how the evolution evolution of of We’ll We’ll show show you you how howthe the evolution evolution of of restaurant restaurant restaurant restaurant technology technology technology technology h he e payment paymentprocess. process. and andfor forgood good reason! reason! and andfor forgood goodreason! reason! restaurant restaurantrestaurant technology technology has hasimproved improved restaurant technology technology has hasimproved improved every every every every aspect aspect aspect aspect of of of of running running runnin runnin every aspect aspect of of running running ayou restaurant restaurant We’ll We’ll show show you how howthe the evolution evolution of of and every every aspect aspect of running running a arestaurant restaurant business business business business and and and transforme transform transform transform We’ll We’llshow showyou youevery how howthe the evolution evolution of of aof iPad iPad POS POS and business business and and transformed transformed the the restaurant restaurant technology technology has has improved business business andtransformed transformed the theimproved customer’s customer’s customer’s customer’s experience. experience. experience. experience restaurant restauranttechnology technology has has improved improved customer’s customer’s experience. experience. every everyaspect aspect of ofrunning runningaarestaurant restaurant customer’s experience. experience. every everyaspect aspectof of running runningaacustomer’s restaurant restaurant Servers Serverscan canquickly quicklyenter entercustomer customerorders ordersat atthe thetable, table,and and business businessand andtransformed transformedthe the business businessand andtransformed transformedthe the send send them them wirelessly wirelesslyto tothe thekitchen kitchenor orbar, bar,reducing reducingthe thecha cha eable ableto toquickly quicklyprocess processpayments paymentsat at the the table. table. customer’s customer’s experience. experience. customer’s customer’sexperience. experience.of oferror. error. salesand andupsell upsellusing usingthe thepower powerof ofvisuals visual ggcan canbe bedone doneininseconds secondswith withthe theswipe swipe of ofaIncrease aIncrease finger; finger; sales IsIsaawhich customer customer unsure unsureof ofan anitem? item?Show Showthem themaapicture pictureof ofitito gfrustration, frustration,errors, errors,and andconfusion confusionover over which diner diner the theiPad! iPad! full. full. 03 03 66 02 02 02 02 02 02 02 02

arly rly rly y three three three three ORDER TAKING urant ant rant rantowners owners owners owners pgrade grade grade rade their their their their mobile mobile obile mobile POS. POS. POS. POS. o to Pen & Paper Manually taking & processing orders is time consuming ,evolution evolution evolution volution of of of of as as simproved improved improved improved and relies on your server’s memory. Writing out orders and modifiers is not only inefficient, but often leads to mistakes. arestaurant arestaurant restaurant restaurant d dthe dthe the the Traditional POS Since the terminal is stationary, servers don’t have the option to be mobile. Spending precious time moving from table to POS, ce e makes for a very inefficient order taking process. iPad POS Servers can quickly enter customer orders at the table, and send them wirelessly to the kitchen or bar, reducing the chance 33 of error. Increase sales and upsell using the power of visuals. Is a customer unsure of an item? Show them a picture of it on the iPad! 03 3

REPORTING Pen & Paper There is no reporting at all with this method, so you need to rely solely on external software to create reports, or a bookkeeper to keep track of your venue’s numbers. Nothing is automated, making everything complicated. Traditional POS Reporting is complicated and convoluted. Not only are reports hard to customize, they are even hard to read. iPad POS Real-time insights into your venue are available at your fingertips. Cloud reporting allows you to customize reports and see the minute-by-minute performance of your business from anywhere, at anytime. 04 4

COST Pen & Paper While pen and paper may seem like a great way to cut costs from the outset, you end up getting what you pay for. Such an archaic option doesn’t set your restaurant up for success in the long run. Traditional POS Not only does this legacy technology only serve one purpose, it also has significant upfront costs, along with unanticipated maintenance fees. iPad POS Much less expensive than traditional POS systems and will pay for themselves in increased staff efficiency and reduced order errors. Along with affordable monthly software payments, the Apple hardware required is consumer friendly, reasonably priced, and can be used for a variety of purposes, rather than just as a POS. 05 5

PAYMENT Pen & Paper Servers are expected to split bills and keep track of bar tabs mentally. Doing the math manually can lead to mistakes and slow down the payment process. Traditional POS During peak hours, servers are often left waiting in que to access the POS in order to settle a bill, making the checkout timeframe even longer. Bill splitting is cumbersome, further delaying the payment process. iPad POS Servers are able to quickly process payments at the table. Bill splitting can be done in seconds with the swipe of a finger; eliminating frustration, errors, and confusion over which diner has paid in full. 06 6

DESIGN Pen & Paper Seen as old-fashioned by customers, who could come to think the same about your business. Traditional POS The bulky and stationary system is not only an eyesore for customers, but it takes up prime counter real estate. iPad POS Mobile POS vendors have foregone the bulky appearance of older systems, opting for the sleek tablet-based design. Unique iPad stands and cases can extend the look and feel of a venue. 07 7

SUPPORT Pen & Paper Support is non-existent. You’re on your own! Traditional POS They have support, but it will cost you. Very few traditional POS companies offer free customer support. Instead, they opt to cash in on your time of need. iPad POS Mobile POS companies are passionate about your success; support is often free to help you around the clock. Most iPad POS companies will also have an online resource library, where you can access up to date self-help manuals, guides, and tips. 08 8

THE EVOLUTION OF RESTAURANT TECHNOLOGY SPEAKS FOR ITSELF: The increased functionality of an iPad POS can help your venue create a better experience for your customers, while helping you make more money. RESEARCH SHOWS. 76 % of restaurant owners and managers cite the benefits of mobile devices as the top reason to upgrade their POS systems 58 of quick service & fast casual restaurants experienced significant improvements after upgrading their POS systems 74 of full service restaurants noticed dramatic improvement after upgrading their POS system % % Source: The 2015 Smart Decision Guide to Restaurant POS Systems TouchBistro is an iPad POS solution designed for restaurants, cafes, bars, and food trucks. Used worldwide by thousands of TouchBistro is an iPad POS and solution integrated designed payments for restaurants, solution cafes, built for bars, restaurant and food people, trucks.byUsed restaurant worldwide people. by thousands foodservice businesses, TouchBistro helps restaurant owners and operators increase efficiency, enhance customer experience, and of foodservice businesses, TouchBistro helps restaurant owners and operators increase efficiency, enhance customer It helps thousands of restaurateurs across the world run better businesses and makes managing a restaurant easier. drive additional sales. experience, and drice additional sales. Speak to a Software Sales Representative today 1-855-363-5252 a Software Representative today 1-855-363-5252 Speak Speak toto a Software Sales Sales Representative today 1-855-363-5252

restaurant software to a mobile POS. and for good reason! We'll show you how the evolution of restaurant technology has improved every aspect of running a restaurant business and transformed the customer's experience. THE FUTURE IS HERE 02 Research shows that nearly three quarters (72%) of owners today are planning to upgrade .

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Le genou de Lucy. Odile Jacob. 1999. Coppens Y. Pré-textes. L’homme préhistorique en morceaux. Eds Odile Jacob. 2011. Costentin J., Delaveau P. Café, thé, chocolat, les bons effets sur le cerveau et pour le corps. Editions Odile Jacob. 2010. Crawford M., Marsh D. The driving force : food in human evolution and the future.

Le genou de Lucy. Odile Jacob. 1999. Coppens Y. Pré-textes. L’homme préhistorique en morceaux. Eds Odile Jacob. 2011. Costentin J., Delaveau P. Café, thé, chocolat, les bons effets sur le cerveau et pour le corps. Editions Odile Jacob. 2010. 3 Crawford M., Marsh D. The driving force : food in human evolution and the future.