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Smartphone RF Front-End Module ReviewReview of RF front-end modules and components found in five flagshipsmartphones: Apple iPhone 7 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S7, Huawei P9, LGG5, and Xiaomi Mi5T h e u p c o mi n g 5 G c o m m u n i c at i o ntechnology is creating a new order in thecommunication market. All the major RFfront-end players are battling to providedevices that could be integrated insmartphones. Not all technologies suit the5G requirement, but every player couldwin something. There will beopportunities for low cost competitors inthe SAW filter market for low bandcommunications like GSM, 2G or 3G, as high quality competitors shift focus tothe 4G and 5G market with BAW filters. This comes along with betterintegration of all the front-end communication devices, now in just onemodule. This is therefore the perfect time to examine every player, andparticularly to compare integration technologies of the original equipmentmanufacturers (OEMs) who make smartphones and the RF front-end modulesuppliers.This comparative technology study provides technology data for RF front-endmodules in smartphones. The report includes at least 16 front-end modules andseveral components found in five flagship smartphones: the Apple iPhone 7 Plus,Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, Huawei P9, LG G5 and Xiaomi Mi5.After teardowns of a large variety of smartphones, we have extracted andphysically analyzed the main RF modules. We have studied their sizes andtechnologies, and present a large panel of OEM technical and economicalchoices and an overview of the market. The major players remainBroadcom/Avago and Qorvo but there are several other players, includingSkyworks, Murata, Epcos/TDK, and we have analyzed their products.The report includes a description of each component and statistical analyses formost front-end modules. It also tries to explain the OEMs’ choices and suppliertendencies. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth module analyses are not covered in this report.Title: RF Front-EndModule ReviewPages: 295Date: February 2017Format: PDF & Excel filePrice: Full report:EUR 4,990Bundle offer: EUR 8,890with RF Front EndModules andComponents forCellphones, market reportby Yole DéveloppementCOMPLETE TEARDOWNWITH: Detailed photos Precise measurements Complete bills-ofmaterials for themodules Comparison betweensuppliers Comparison betweenOEMs

TABLE OF CONTENTSOverview / IntroductionCompany ProfileSmartphone TeardownsApple iPhone 7 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S7, HuaweiP9, LG G5, Xiaomi Mi5 Physical Analysis Front-End Modules Package Views and Dimensions Package Openings Active Die Views and Dimensions Power Amplifier SPxT Switch RFIC Passive Die View and Dimensions SAW Filters BAW Filters IPDs SMD Components Component Summaries Area and Section Number ComparisonComparison Analysis Apple vs. Samsung vs. Huawei vs. LG vs. Xiaomi Integration ComparisonAUTHORS:StéphaneElisabethStéphane has adeep knowledge ofmate rial s ch a ra cterizations and electronicssystems.Heholdsanengineering degree in electronicsand numerical tech-nology, and aPhD in materials for microelectronics.NicolasRadufe (Lab)Nicolas is in chargeof physical analysis.He has deep knowledge in chemical and physicalanalyses. He previously workedin microelectronics R&D forCEA/LETI in Grenoble and forSTMicroelectronics in Crolles.RELATED REPORTRF Front End Modules and Components for Cellphones, Technology and Marketreport by Yole DéveloppementA dynamic market with high responsivity to technical innovation, the RF front end industry is set togrow at 14% CAGR to reach 22.7B in 2022.KEY FEATURES OF THE REPORT Market landscape and forecast for 20162022 including revenues, players, andvolumes Back to Basics: A detailed description ofeach RF device function, their challengesand key characteristics 4G and 5G characteristics and the futureoutlook, including QAM, CA, MIMO andOFDM coding Roadmap for technology evolution andfuture developments RF front-end industry strategyDate: March 2017Format: PDF & Excel filePrice: EUR 6,490Bundle offer: EUR 8,890 withSmartphone RF Front-End ModuleReview by System Plus Consulting

SYSTEM PLUS CONSULTING RELATED REPORTSAvago AFEM-9040Avago’s New GenerationFront-End ModuleQorvo TQF6405 iniPhone 6s Plus SMR-BAWHigh Band FilterMurata SAW ThermoCompensated Band 8 Filter inLow Band Front-End ModuleAvago has introduced a newgeneration of film bulk acousticresonator(FBAR-BAW)technology in the SamsungGalaxy S7.Appleintegratesinitssmartphone the innovative SolidMounted Resonators developedby Qorvo.Murata has introduced thermocompensated filter technologywith a ceramic substrate in theSamsung Galaxy S7’s front-endmodule.Pages: 112Date: June 2016Full report: EUR 3,290*Pages: 86Date: March 2016Full report: EUR 2,990*Pages: 93Date: August 2016Full report: EUR 2,990*ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION OFFEREach year System Plus Consulting releases a comprehensive collection of new reverse engineering &costing analyses in various domains.You can choose to buy over 12months a set of 3, 4, 5, 7, 10 or15 Reverse Costing reports.Up to 47% discount!More than 60 reports released each year on the following topics (considered for 2017): MEMS & Sensors:Accelerometer - Compass - Display /Optics - Environment - Fingerprint Gyroscope - IMU/Combo - Light Microphone - Oscillator - Pressure sensor Power:GaN - IGBT - MOSFET - Si Diode - SiC Systems:Automotive - Consumer - Energy Medical - Telecom Imaging:Infrared - Visible Integrated Circuits & RF:Integrated Circuit (IC) - RF IC LEDs:LED Lamp - UV LED - White/blue LED Packaging:3D Packaging - Embedded - SIP - WLPPerformed by

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