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Speakout eakouttipsLookbackCEFUnit 2LifestyleLanguageReadingListeningViewingPresent simple, asking for informationI can read a website about online groups.I can read the time on digital and analogue clocks.I can read brochures about tours in Hong Kong.I can read information about a TV documentary.I can read a profile on a pen pal website.I can understand friends discussing online groups.I can understand 2 people talking about their routines.I can listen to sounds and identify jobs.I can understand time messages.I can understand tourists choosing a tour.I can understand a pair discussing household tasks.I can read profiles by other learners.I can view a programme about ski chalet workers.Video podcast What’s your daily routine?(032) 253-15-13, (067) 513-24-85вул. Водогінна, 2, офіс 3041822232425192021222225252426CEFReadingLearning and Exam skillsPresent Simple be, this, that, these, those,A1possessives, making requests,I can look at maps and name countries.9A1Map recognition.I can match countries to food photos.9I can read a text about a travel bag.10Find words in text.I can match greetings to settings.8A1Match to pictures CompleteI can listen to music and identify the country.9I can listen to conversations and identify possessors.10I can listen to conversations in 4 locations.12Identify location and purchase.I can identify polite and impolite language.13I can listen to 3 conversations and note prices.14Fawlty Towers extract13A1T/F sentences Complete lines.Video podcast: What’s your name?16Authentic BBC interviews.I can name countries and nationalities.9A1I can name countries, famous places and foods.9I can name common objects.10I can identify the owner of objects.10Group game.I can identify commercial locations.10Match to pictures Group vocabulary.I can complete prices on a menu.13Pair Q / AI can ask for food and drink.13Pair interactionI can give the price for the food and drink.13Total prices and give total.I can identify different parts of a hotel.14Match to icons.I can write words using initial capital letters.9A1I can complete a hotel registration form.15Use for role play.I can reorder parts of an email to a hotel.15I can write an email to a hotel asking for a room.15Follow model.Use personalised sentences in Grammar Notebook. Mark stressed syllable in Vocabulary Book. Listen tostressed words for important information.Review grammar and vocabulary from Unit 1.PageLanguageCEFCEFUnit 1PageLead in: Reviews Classroom objects, colours, alphabet and spelling, WH questions words, Classroomlanguage, Numbers 1-20.A1A1A1A1Learning and Exam skillsMatch postings to groups.WH Qs.Categorise routine jobs.Read and evaluate.Complete table for the man.Y/N Qs Complete tableChoose times from chart.Mixed questions.Find likes/ dislkes.Match pen pals.Number jobs in sequence. arpaty.info School

Review grammar and vocabulary from Unit 2.PageCEFUnit ingSpeakouttipsLookbackReview grammar and vocabulary from Unit 3.CEFPlacesReadingListeningLearning and Exam skillsFrequency adverbs, Modifiers, have/has got, makingA1arrangements.I can answer a quiz about friendship.29A1Respond Check key.I can compare 2 texts about large families.30Find numbers Interpret. Pair workI can complete a text about a family.31Complete family tree.I can read programme information about a visit to34Topic.Crete.35WH Qs.I can read a printed invitation to a New Year party.I can understand personality descriptions.28A1Y/N Qs Check adjectives.I can understand a phone call between 2 men.32Topics T/F statements. Evaluate.I can understand a phone call between a man and32Make notes of arrangement.woman.35Topics Key phrases I can understand a description of Hogmanay.Documentary about a visit to Crete.34A1Topics T/F statements CompleteVideo podcast : What do you like doing withsentences.friends/family?Authentic BBC interviews.I can talk about personality types.28A1Using positive / negative adjectives.Using because to give reasons.I can say why I like / dislike someone.28I can talk about people I know.29List, evaluate.I can ask and answer questions about families.31Draw family tree Use for pair work.I can talk about frequency using time expressions.32I can use intonation to show interest.32Mark positive, negative, neutral.I can ask questions to make arrangements.33Ask and answer.I can role play making arrangements.33Use communication flowchart.I can say what I do on special occasions.34Collocations.I can describe and make notes about a special36occasion.is / has?I can use apostrophes in contractions.31A1I can write about 2 people in my family.31I can write an invitation to a special occasion.35Use model.I can reply to invitations from other learners.35Using un- to form negative words. Unit 4LanguageCEFSpeakouttipsLookbackthere is / are, can for possibility, shoppingI can read an advertisement for microflats.I can read a text about an English village in Korea.I can understand a programme guide for adocumentary.I can read a web posting about a favourite place.I can understand a conversation about microflats.(032) 253-15-13, (067) 513-24-85вул. Водогінна, 2, офіс 3043840444538CEFWritingPageSpeakingAuthentic BBC interviews.I can talk about various activities.18A1verb / noun correlationI can say what I like / don’t like doing.19WH questionsI can talk about daily routines.20WH and Y/N questionsI can ask questions and guess a job.21Group game.I can say what time I do routine activities.22When I don’t understand, I can ask a speaker to slow23Listen, repeat polite intonation.down or repeat.I can role play asking for information about tours.23Forming information questions.I can discuss my opinion about chalet work.24Pair work.I can talk about routine household tasks.25Make list.I can discuss my routine household tasks.25State likes / dislikes.I can complete a text about a TV presenter.21A1Read and discuss.I can write my own profile for a pen pal website.25Use model and notes.Note collocations in Vocabulary book Ask speaker to slow down or repeat. Learning and Exam skillsA1A1WH Qs.WH Qs.WH QsA1Sequence of .info School

ViewingSpeakingListen for stress.Make notes in chart.too adjective, not adjective enough.WH Qs Key Phrases.Listen, find #1. Complete extracts.Discuss your favourite places.Authentic BBC interviews.I can talk about rooms and furniture.38A1I can ask and answer questions about flats.39Q & A.I can use prepositions to identify locations.39I can describe pictures.39I can tell my partner where to place furniture in my39Communication task.flat.41I can talk about places in town and their functions.I can ask / answer questions about locations of places41Communication task.in town.42I can discuss where I buy things in town.43Use flow chart.I can role play a shopping procedure.43I can say no politely in shops.44Match with pictures.I can describe famous tourist cities.44Use prompt Qs.I can describe my favourite place.I can complete an email describing a flat.39A1there is / areI can use commas correctly when writing lists.39I can write sentences about what you can / can’t do indifferent places.41I can write a description of my favourite place.45Use model.Learn vocabulary by labelling things in your house. Revise vocabulary by thinking about places in town. When you say no in a shop, give a reason and say thanks,Review grammar and vocabulary from Unit 4.Unit 5LanguageA1countable uncountable nouns a, an, some, anyhow much how many, quantifiersordering in a restaurantI can understand and complete a short text aboutfood.I can understand a text about a lifetime’s food.I can understand a text about diets.I can identify phrases from restaurants and Fast Foodoutlets.I can read 2 menus and choose what I’d like.I can understand a text about a famous chef.I can understand and comment on a recipe.I can understand 3 speakers talking about the contentof their fridges.I can understand spoken numbers including fractionsand decimals.I can understand a restaurant order.I can understand customers in a restaurant.I can understand fast speech.I can understand a chef cooking fish.I can understand a podcast about food likes anddislikes.I can look at the contents of a fridge and identify thetype of user.I can ask / answer questions about the food in myfridge.I can talk about my usual diet.I can talk about containers for food, etc.I can compare my diet with the text.I can talk about different quantities of countablenouns.I can ask/answer questions about quantities.I can do a class survey about diet.I can discuss where I go for drinks, snacks and meals.I can role play a restaurant order.(032) 253-15-13, (067) 513-24-85вул. Водогінна, 2, офіс 304CEFSpeaking414242444446PageViewingI can understand statements with can/can’t.I can understand people asking for things in shops.I can understand comments on items in shops.I can understand a description of a place.Documentary about 5 great tourist sites.Video pod cast Where do you live?Learning and Exam skillsA149505152A153545549a/an, some, anyComplete text with numbers. TopicsIdentify paragraphs in text.Wh Qs.A1Gist Unexpected detail49Match to printed digits.5252535456List the order.Identify polite and impolite language.Select picture of order.Follow a recipe. Place instructions inorder.Authentic BBC interviews.4848484950505151525353A2A1Pair work.Complete given sentences.also bar, roll etc.Personal experience.Pair information exchange.Use chart. Comment on diets.Pair interaction.Role play.Describe ingredients and rpaty.info School

Review grammar and vocabulary from Unit 5.CEFUnit 6The pastLanguageReadingListeningwas / were, Past simple ,-,?, regular and irregularverbs.I can read paragraphs about time twins.I can select which are true for me.I can ask / answer questions about an old friend.I can understand a text about Carlos Acosta.I can read a biography and sequence the paragraphs.I can understand if sentences are about the past orpresent.I can understand speakers talking about theirweekend.I can identify phrases for showing interest.I can understand an extended interview.I can understand a programme about Carlos Acosta.CEFSpeakouttipsLookbackPageWritingI can describe different kinds of dish.54Describe preparation of dish.I can discuss dishes we can produce with giveningredients.I can write 3 or 4 paragraphs about my group’s diets.51A1OpinionsI can write the recipe for my special dish.55Sequence of instructions.Label nouns as [C] or [U] in vocabulary books Fast speech, sound linking. A160616161646559A1Put paragraphs in sequence. Listen tocheck.Compare with partner.Discuss.Discuss using picture prompts.A1Write sentences. Mark stressed words.62626564Sentence completion.Maintaining a conversation.A2ViewingSpeakouttipsLookbackCEFUnit mparative, Superlative adjectives.Giving directionsI can read about a London Sydney bus journey.I can find errors in a written text.I can read a leaflet about sites in Brighton.I can read about a documentary film.I can read a text about Rimini.I can understand a man and woman doing the quiz.I can understand an interview with an Ozbuspassenger.I can understand someone giving directions.I can understand 2 students talking about Rimini.I can understand a documentary about Buenos Aires.I can understand a video podcast of people talkingabout their holidays.I can comment on different means of transport.I can complete a short quiz about travel preferences.(032) 253-15-13, (067) 513-24-85вул. Водогінна, 2, офіс 304CEFWritingComment on predictions. Placesevents in sequence. Correct a text.Authentic BBC interviews.I can understand a podcast about recent activities.66A2I can talk about celebrities and their current activities.58A1I can ask Y/N questions about the past.59Use prompts to form questions.I can ask / answer questions about life as a child.59Pair discussion.I can talk about days, dates, months and years.59Describe events on dates last year.I can describe what I did at the weekend.62Verb / noun collocation.I can use questions to maintain a conversation.63Maintaining conversation.I can maintain a conversation about a good / terrible63Group work.weekend.I can structure an interview with questions.65Role play.I can explain actions using because and so.61A1I can write my biography in 100 words.61Using linkers.I can write a profile of a famous person.65Use Wordwise dictionary to find past tense forms of verbs. Use questions, signs of interest and extrainformation to maintain conversations. Review grammar and vocabulary from Unit 6.PageSpeakingLearning and Exam skillsLearning and Exam skillsA1707172747569717275A2A274A2766868A1Read Introduction: WH Qs.Search for answers to my questions.Correct the errors.Find sites on a map.Check answers. Pre-viewing activity.Organize text into 4 paragraphs.Listen for answers. Evaluate.Check answers to Qs.Draw route on a map. Completedialogue.What do they omit? Use notes.Match places / descriptions. Complete extracts from documentary.Authentic BBC interviews.Adjectives and oppositesPair fo School

ipsLookbackPresent Continuous , Present Continuous vs. PresentSimple recommendingI can understand sentences about photos.I can read 2 blogs describing activities.I can understand reference pronouns in sentences.I can understand extracts from articles aboutcelebrities.I can understand two short stories contrasting habitsand now.I can read film posters and recommend a film.I can understand programme information about afestival.I can understand a review of an event in Edinburgh.I can understand a description of a film star.I can understand a radio programme.I can understand someone recommending a film.I can understand a description of an event.CEFTransportReading7879798081A1Match to photos.A283848580808185Which are true for you?Add missing sentences.Pair asks for information about films.Pre-viewing task.Place topics in sequence.A1A2Choose star from pictures.Identify topic. What do the speakerslike?Key phrases.Listen for key phrases.T/F statements. Complete extracts.Authentic BBC interviews.I can understand a documentary about a music84A2festival.86I can understand a podcast about film actors.I can describe a picture of people doing things.79A2Pair interaction. Find differences.I can describe a film star so my partner can guess.80Guess from description.I can describe the clothes I wear for different81Use prompts.activities.82Compare answers.I can answer questions about the films I like.I can express opinions about different types of film82Pair discussion.and give reasons.83I can recommend a film to a partner and give reasons.84I can discuss my taste in music.85In groups, use key phrases to askI can describe my experience of an event.about events.I can use reference pronouns to write longer79A2sentences.79Refer to two other students.I can write a blog about what I am doing.85I can make notes about an event I attended.85Use model and prepared notes.I can write a review of an event.Practise English in your head. Think about what you are doing. If you don’t know a word, describe what itmeans. Sound more natural by linking sounds between words. Review grammar and vocabulary from Unit 8.Unit 9LanguageLearning and Exam skillsA1Articles: a/an, the, no article Modals: can/can’t, haveto, don’t have to apologisingI can read a text about using bikes in Paris.I can read an explanation for train delays.I can read pages from an online diary.I can identify linkers used in a long story.I can understand programme information about a(032) 253-15-13, (067) 513-24-85вул. Водогінна, 2, офіс 304CEFLanguageCEFCEFUnit 8PageSpeakouttipsLookbackPageWritingI can describe a good/bad holiday.69A2Use prepared notes.I can plan a long bus journey.71Use notes. Work in pairs.I can use question intonation to ask for confirmation.72Find examples in dialogue.I can role play asking for and giving directions.72Pair interaction.With a partner, I can prepare to describe a town / city.75I can write notes on aspects of good/bad holidays.69A2Use Q prompts.I can write questions about the Ozbus journey.70Use word prompts.I can write 4 sentences about my last holiday.71Peer check and correct.I can write an article about a town / city.75Use model.Use question intonation to ask for confirmation. Use incomplete repetition to ask for confirmed detail. Usestress to correct a message.Review grammar and vocabulary from Unit 7.Learning and Exam skillsA290929293A2Write questions T/F statementsSummarise each in a sentence.Discuss function of different y.info School

SpeakingWritingSpeakouttipsLookbackCEFThe FutureReadingbe going to, would like to, will, might, won’t,Desires / Intentions making suggestionsI can understand a newspaper article about lotterywinners.I can read survival advice.I can read an article about spending time with friends.I can complete a weather forecast.I can read programme information about weather.I can understand a radio interview with the winners.I can understand 2 outtipsLookbackPre-viewing taskTopics Problems with transport ideas.Evaluate responses to apologies.Topic Compare with diary.Topic Key phrasesA2A2Topics Summary sentences.Authentic BBC interviews.verb / noun collocationsGiving reasons.Giving reasons for opinions.9091Giving reasons for opinions.Pair interaction. Complete chart. Group discussion.Give reasons.Role play.Using linkers.I can explain why I am late for an appointment.92I can role play apologies in formal / informal language.92I can tell a long story about being late.93I can discuss flying and airports.94I can evaluate travel problems.95I can role play explaining a travel problem.95Pair Role playI can write a long story explaining why I was late.93A2Use prepared notes.I can write an email to a friend reporting a travel95Use model.problem.Write short phrases after nouns in your Vocabulary Book showing use of articles. Use your dictionary to findsyllable stress in words. Mark these in your Vocabulary Book. Use linkers when telling a long story. Review grammar and vocabulary from Unit 9.Unit Listeningdocumentary.I can understand a museum guide taking abouttransport.I can understand an apology for being late.I can understand a man talking about being late.I can understand the sequence of journey events.I can understand a passenger explaining a problem.I can understand a documentary about airports.I can understand people talking about journeys.I can talk about using different means of transport.I can discuss problems with transport ideas.I can discuss travelling in cities.I can discuss using bikes or cars. I can argue forbikes or for cars.I can discuss using Citybikes in my town.I can discuss tourist travel cards in different cities.Learning and Exam skillsA298100102104104A2Discuss use of winnings.Pair interaction.Select best ideas.Weather adjectives.98103A2Topic EvaluateIdentify decisions. Key phrases Responses to suggestions.Check completed reading text.Key phrases.WH Qs, M/C Qs.Authentic BBC interviews.I can understand a weather forecast.104I can understand people talking about weather.105I can understand a programme about extreme104A2weather.106I can understand people talking about ambitions.I can talk about plans.99A2Verb / noun collocationsI can do a survey about plans for this weekend, next99Complete chart. Report to class.week and next year.get complementI can discuss results of different situations.100I can talk about a pic

Speakout Elementary Lead in: Reviews Classroom objects, colours, alphabet and spelling, WH questions words, Classroom language, Numbers 1-20. Unit 1 CEF e CEF Learning and Exam skills Welcome Language Present Simple be, this, that, these, those, possessives, making requests, A1 Reading I can look at maps and name countries.