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Speakout Elementary - Wordlist English / German / French / ItalianSpeakout ElementaryWordlist English / German / French / ItalianPage HeadwordLead-in6getPart ofspeechPronunciationGermanFrenchItalianExample Sentencev╔íetbekommen, kaufenobtenir, acheterricevere, comprareWhere did you get that shirt?6666666666666666columnobjectbagboxCD łk╔ĺl╔Öm╦ł╔ĺbd╩ĺ╔¬ktb├Ž╔íb╔ĺks╦îsi╦É ╦łdi╦É Objekt, GegenstandTasche, T├╝tenSchachtelCD-SpielerStuhlsaubersehen, ojektorTischwelcher, welche, welchescolonneobjetsachetbo├«telecteur cdchaisepropreregarderne lelequel, laquellecolonnaoggettoborsaboxlettore cdsediapulitoguardarenientenomepennaamico di pennadipinto, immagine, fotografiaproiettoretavolaqualeWrite your name in this column and yourage in that column.There are five objects on the table.This is my school bag.Cereal comes in boxes.I listen to music on my CD player.I am sitting on a chair.That jumper is clean.I like to look at animals in the zoo.There is nothing in the fridge.Write a list of ten nouns.I use a pen to write.My son has a penpal in Japan.This is a picture of my family.We use a projector to watch films in class.Your book is on the table.Which car is skWei├čwandtafelWortfragentableau blancmotdemandertavola biancaparolachiedereThe teacher writes on the whiteboard inclass."Photograph" is a difficult word to spell.Visitors usually ask about the Paarnationalgroupe de deuxnazionalepaioThe Stars and Stripes is the national flag ofthe USA.He has got a new pair of nt╦łstju╦Éd╔ÖntPartnerzeigen re, additarestudenteShe invited all her colleagues and theirpartners to the party.Point to the correct answer.There are twelve students in my class.Pearson Schweiz AG

Speakout Elementary - Wordlist English / German / French / ItalianPage Headword66666666666taketake art Ép╔Ölredwa╔¬t╦łjel╔Ö╩ŐGermannehmen, mitnehmensich abwechselnArbeitblaubraungr├╝norangelila, violettrotwei├čgelbFrenchprendrealterner avec talianExample Sentenceportarealternarsilavoroblu, azzuromarrone, castanoverdearancioneviolettorossobiancogialloI always take my camera with me when I goon holiday.It's your turn to do the washing-up.She works in a big office in New York.My dad has got blue eyes.He has got light brown hair.My sister has got green eyes.I like your orange T-shirt!He doesn't like the colour purple.She drives a red sports car.I like your white shirt.Her favourite colour is ╦ł╔Ĺ╦Éns╔Ö╦łfe╔¬v╔Ör╔Ötw╔ĺt╦ł├Žlf╔Öbetantworten, quel, quellealphabetrisponderefavoritoqualealfabetoCan you answer this question for meplease?My favourite colour is black.What is your favourite colour?There are 26 letters in the English vnvadjnnk╔Ö╩Őmz, ╔Öz, efzuh├Ârender-, die-, ellepettinehaletteraascoltarestessosuonovocaleHe never uses a comb or a brush in themornings.She has two sons and four daughters.I write a letter to my penpal every month.I like to listen to rock music.Your shoes are the same colour as mine!We can hear the sound of traffic outside.'Queueing' is a word with five vowels in einesodersagen├ęcrirer├ęp├ęterun, uneleoudirescrivereripetereun, unalo, laodireWrite your name and telephone number onthis paper.Can you repeat the answer, please?This is an apple.'What is that?' 'It is a mobile phone.'Do you like this one or the blue one best?How do you say 'table' in French?Pearson Schweiz AG

Speakout Elementary - Wordlist English / German / French / ItalianPart ofspeechPronunciationGermanFrenchItalianExample ╔Ö╔Ö, ╔Ĺ╦É╦łb╔ť╦É╬Şde╔¬fr╔Öm, fr╔ĺmh╔¬╔Öha╩Ő╔Öz, ╔¬j╔Ö, j╩Ő, rtstagaus, vonhier, hierherwieistSchreibweise, oituci-dessuscompitare, Can you spell your name for me?How many questions are in this exercise?He is a Hollywood actor.Who are your friends?It's my birthday next week.I ran all the way home from school.I live here, in Madrid.How did you get my phone number?Where is my mobile?My spelling is terrible.It's Linda's birthday today.Underline the correct answers.When is Linda's birthday?Where is the museum, please?Who is your teacher?Why are you so late?How are you today?The light is above the ╔íw╔¬d╩ĺ╔Ö, e╔¬╦łk├Žp╔Ötlkl╔Ĺ╦ÉsSpracheein, eineHauptstadtKlasselangueun, unecapitaleclasselinguaggioun, unacapitaleclasseShe speaks three languages: Japanese,Spanish and English.That is a newspaper.London is the capital of England.Mary is in the same class as me.concentrarsipu├▓fanon faesempiopersignificarecertoSometimes I find it hard to concentratewhen I'm driving long distances.My brother could read when he was five.What does he eat for breakfast?I don't know the answer.Cheese is an example of food.I've been at this school for six years.'Start' and 'begin' mean the same thing.Of course I like pizza! Who doesn't?Page rmeanof coursePearson Schweiz AGvmodal verbmodal verbmodal verbnprepositionvadv phr╦łk╔ĺns╔Öntre╔¬tk╔Öd, k╩Ődd╔Öz, d╩îzd╔Ö╩Őnt╔¬╔í╦łz╔Ĺ╦Émp╔Ölf╔Ö, f╔ö╦Émi╦Én╔Öv ╦łk╔ö╦Éskonzentrierenk├Ânntemacht, tutmach nicht, tu nichtBeispielf├╝rbedeutennat├╝rlichse concentrerpourraisfaitne fait pasexemplepar (exemple)signifierbien s├╗r

Speakout Elementary - Wordlist English / German / French / ItalianPage Headword6pagePart ofspeechPronunciationGermanFrenchItalianExample Sentencenpe╔¬d╩ĺSeitepagepaginaI tore a page out of my eightelevenconjdet, iverstehenjadannZahlachtelfdonccel├á, ├žadeuxcomprendreouipuis, ensuitenombrehuitonzeperci├▓, quindiquello, aduecapires├ČpoinumeroottoundiciI have got a headache, so I can't go to theparty.He lives in that house on the corner.She has got two sisters.Does Jim understand Spanish?'Are you Ann?' 'Yes, I am.'I get up at 6 o'clock then I go to work.Number the questions from 1 to 10.He has got eight cousins.Football teams have got eleven igf├╝nfvierhundertnein, tnon /ne ocentonounoseisettedieciRugby Union teams have got fifteenplayers.My dad's fifty.The town is five miles away.Most cars have got four wheels.There are one hundred people at this party.'Is that your bag?' 'No.'I have got one brother.There are seven days in a week.There are six fish in the fishbowl.Half of twenty is ten.66666Unit teen is an unlucky number for somepeople.There are thirty days in September.My cousin is three years old.There are twelve months in a year.I am twenty years ticlebritanniquebenvenutoarticolobritannicoMary made us very welcome.Look at this interesting newspaper article.Ted is British.Pearson Schweiz AG

Speakout Elementary - Wordlist English / German / French / ItalianPart ofspeechPronunciationGermanFrenchItalianExample Sentence77checkcomfortablevadjt╩âek╦łk╩îmft╔Öb╔Öl, ╦łk╩îmf╔Öt-├╝berpr├╝fenbequem, angenehmv├ęrifier├á l'aise, confortablecontrollarecomodoCheck your answers with your partner.Are you comfortable sitting on the floor?7emailn, v╦łi╦Éme╔¬lE-Mailcourrier ├ęlectroniqueemailWhat's your email address? Can I send youan ¬nt╔Ö, tionin, sintroduiremodulomigliorareinformazionein, dentropresentarePlease complete this form and give it backto me.I need to improve my English for my job.I want some travel information, please.My dictionary fits into my pocket.Can you introduce me to your sister?777keymakepeoplenvn uire, fairegenschiaveprodurre, faregenteThis is the key for the front door of myhouse.The company makes cars.There are too many people in this room.7podcastn╦łp╔ĺdk╔Ĺ╦ÉstPodcastpodcastpodcastI listen to English podcasts on my MP3player.Page rixlirela lecturedemandepi├Ęce / asituazioneCan you tell me the price of this book,please?I can read Russian, but I can't speak it.My favourite hobby is reading.Can I make a request?This is the room I work in.We are in a very difficult t, pronnnvvnspi╦Ék├░╔¬s╦îti╦É FernseherLektionbenutzenansehen, sehenSchreiben regarder├ęcrire / ecritureparlarequesto, aTVlezioneusareguardare, vederescrittoGeorge can speak five languages: English,Spanish, Portuguese, French and Italian.This coffee's cold.WhatÔÇÖs on TV tonight?The coursebook is divided into six units.Can I use your phone, please?He loves to watch films.I couldn't read the writing on the envelope.Pearson Schweiz AG

Speakout Elementary - Wordlist English / German / French / ItalianPart ofspeechPronunciationGermanFrenchItalianExample ellightmeetmoosenieceshopsmalltalkpronounnnadj, ö╦ÉkdichCaf├ęM├╝nzeschnelllustigHotelleicht/mit leichtem Gep├Ąckkennen lernenElchNichteLadenkleinsprechente, toi-m├¬mecaf├ępi├Ęce de monnaievitedr├┤leh├┤tell├ęgerfaire la connaissance de├ęlanni├Ęcemagasinpetitparlerte stessocaff├Ę, barmonetavelocebuffo, divertentealbergo, re, fare conversazioneDo you make yourself dinner every night?My mum works in a caf├ę.He put a 50p coin into the drinks machine.He loves fast cars.My teacher tells us funny jokes.Debbie works in a hotel in Brighton.I'm travelling light today ÔÇô just the one bag.He likes to meet new people.Can you see that moose over there?He's going to visit his niece in America.This town has good clothes shops.I have got a small dog called Fluffy.Can I talk to you t╦łtr├Žv╔Ölw╔ĺntw╔¬├░, paesegrammaticasalutonaturaIn Paris, there are tourists from all over theworld.I use my car to travel to work.What do you want for your birthday?Can I come with you?I think Paris is the best city in the world.How many countries are there in Europe?He loves to study English grammar!Saying 'hello' is an English greeting.Storms remind us of the power of nature.Page Headword88888vocabularyairporthealth ╦łhel╬Ş tezentrumB├╝roFotovocabulairea├ęroportcentre bulatorioufficiofoto, fotografiaOur teacher wants us to improve ourvocabulary.We live near Sydney airport.The health centre is in the town centre.The manager's office is on the second floor.Look at this photo of my terlieusouspostosottoI like this place a lot ÔÇô they have really goodfood.The dog is under the table.Pearson Schweiz AG

Speakout Elementary - Wordlist English / German / French / ItalianPart ofspeechPronunciationGermanFrenchItalianExample Sentence88canclassroommodal verbnk╔Ön, k├Žn╦łkl╔Ĺ╦És-r╩Őm, -ru╦Émk├ÂnnenKlassenzimmerpouvoirsalle de classepotereclassePete can speak Spanish.There are six students in the enArztAbendsehr gut, feinFreundgutcuisinerdocteursoirtr├Ęs bien, finamiboncucinaredottoreseraeccellenteamicobuonoDo you want me to cook an omelette foryou?My mum's a doctor.We usually eat at 7 in the evening.We sell fine food from around the world.This is my friend, Bella.Italian food is really a Rica is a great place to visit onholiday.Hello, can I help you?I need help to complete this exercise.Hi! How are you?I don't understand.Match the questions to the answers.Page ╔¬d╩ĺ╔Önt╦łn╔ö╔¬z

Speakout Elementary - Wordlist English / German / French / Italian Page Headword Part of speech Pronunciation German French Italian Example Sentence 6 page n pe╔¬d╩ĺ Seite page pagina I tore a page out of my notebook. 6 so conj s╔Ö╩Ő also donc perci├▓, quindi I have got a headache, so I can't go to the party.