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THE AMERICAN LEGIONBY-LAWSOFWARRINGTON POST #240ARTICLE INAMESection 1.The Post existing under these by-laws is to beknown as Warrington Post #240, Inc., The American Legion,Department of Florida.Section 2.The Objectives of this Post are as set forth inthe Post Constitution.ARTICLE IIMANAGEMENTSection 1.The government and management of the Postis entrusted to the Executive Committee which consists ofthirteen elected officers.Section 2.The Executive Committee shall be electedannually and shall take office in accordance with theDepartment of Florida Constitution.All elected officersshall be elected by ballot, the five Executive Committeemenby plurality and the other eight officers by majority.Election shall be by ballot except when there is but onecandidate for office, the election may be by voice.Section 3.Any vacancy existing in the ExecutiveCommittee, except by expiration of term, shall be filled by amajority vote of the members at the next general meetingfollowingthe announcementof the vacancy.TheCommander may appoint any member to temporally fill suchvacancy until elections are held.Section 4.Any Post Officer may be reprimanded,suspended or removed from office upon being found guiltyof charges based upon disloyalty to the American Legion,neglect of duties, dishonesty and/or conduct unbecoming amember or officer of the American Legion. (Refer to theDepartment of Florida Constitution, for procedures.)DEPARTMENT OF FLORIDAof the Executive Committeequorum of said committee.presentshall constituteaSection 2.The Chairperson of the Executive Committeeshall be the Post Commander and shall preside over allExecutive Committee meetings until expiration of office,resignation, or removal from office.Section 3.TheExecutiveCommitteehastheresponsibility for the operation, management, and control ofthe Post headquarters and other buildings and property usedby the Post. They shall prescribe the rules governing the useof such buildings and property, and may modify or revokesame. It shall have power to fix penalties for the violation ofsuch rules, and shall have power to enforce or remit same.Any person charged with violation of these rules shall havethe right to a hearing before the Executive Committee beforeany penalty shall be enforced.The Committee shall beresponsible for acquiring adequate Post insurance, to includebonding for all persons having custody of Post funds. Thefinal ruling voice of authority in all management affairspertaining to the post shall be the General Membership. Nomember, committee, or officer shall at any time over-rule themajority vote of the General Membership. All actions takenunder this section shall be reported at the next Generalmeeting.Section 4.In the absence of a Post directive, theExecutive Committee shall have the power to determine thepolicies of the Post and conduct Post business; with respectto matters that arise during the interval between regularmeetings, provided, no expenditures or liabilities areincurred exceeding the sum of five hundred dollars( 500.00).Any actions taken under this section shall bereported at the next General meeting.Section 5.No elected officer will be allowed to hold anypaid position in the operation or management of the Lounge.ARTICLE IIIPOST EXECUTIVE COMMITTEEARTICLE IVDUTIES OF ELECTED OFFICERSSection 1.The Post Executive Committee shall meet fororganization and such other business as may come before itat the call of the Post Commander within ten (10) days afterthe installation of the new officers. Thereafter, the PostExecutive Committee shall meet at least once every monthon the 4th Tuesday of the Month at 6:30PM and as often asthe Post Commander may deem necessary. The Commandershall call a special meeting of the Executive Committee uponthe joint written request of three (3) or more members of saidCommittee for that matter for which the request was issued.A majority of the current elected officers that are membersSection 1.Duties of Post Commander: It shall be theduty of the Post Commander to preside at all meetings of thePost and to have general supervision over the business andaffairs of the Post. He/she shall approve all orders directingthe disbursement of funds and shall make an annual reportcovering the business of the Post for the year and makerecommendations for the ensuing year which shall be read atthe annual meeting at the time of, and immediatelyfollowing, the installation of officers for the ensuing year,and a copy thereof forwarded to the Department Adjutant.He/she may call special meetings of the Post at such times asApproved at General Membership Meeting 4-11-2017

THE AMERICAN LEGIONBY-LAWSOFWARRINGTON POST #240office and, when relieved from such office, shall deliver suchrecords to his/her successor.He/She may deem advisable. He/she shall enforce all rulesand regulations of the Post.He/she shall appoint allcommittees except those covered by these by-laws. ThePost Commander along with the Post Adjutant shall signall written contracts, obligations and instruments of thePost and its management.He/she shall perform all othersuch duties as properly may be required of him/her by theExecutive Committee.He/she shall assist the FinanceOfficer in the preparation of an annual budget for theoperation of the Post which will be presented at the firstmeeting after installation.Section 7.Duties of the Post Chaplain: The PostChaplain shall be charged with the spiritual welfare of thePost members and will offer divine, but nonsectarian,services in the event of dedications, funerals, publicfunctions, etc., and adhere to such ceremonial rituals as arerecommended by the National or Department Headquartersfrom time to time.Section 8.Duties of the Sergeant at Arms: The Sergeantat Arms shall preserve order at all meetings, shall ascertain ifall members present have a valid membership card andintroduce to the Post Commander the visiting members,guests, and Post dignitaries to the meetings, and shallperform such other duties as may be assigned to himlher bythe Post Commander.Section 2.Duties of the First Vice Commander: Theprimary duty of the First Vice Commander is membership.It is hislher responsibility to check the accuracy of allmembership applications and transfers.The First ViceCommander should build up the membership of the Post.He/she is responsible to see that new members and transfersare indoctrinated.The First Vice Commander should befamiliar with the ceremonies for regular meetings as he/shewill be taking over the responsibility of Post Commander inhis/her absence.He/she shall be chairperson of theMembership and Publicity (PR) Committees.Section 9.Duties of the Executive Committeemen: TheHouse Committee shall be comprised of the five (5)Executive Committeemen.The Chairman of the HouseCommittee shall be elected by its five members. The HouseCommittee is responsible to the Executive Committee formaintaining qualified personnel in the positions of PostJanitorial, Maintenance, and Yard/Grounds work. They arefurther charged with hiring a qualified Lounge Manager,who must be a Post member in good standing. They alsooversee the post kitchen operations. They will ensure allpersonnel carry out their assigned duties in accordance withPost policy/directives, job descriptions and local healthguidelines. They shall also provide assistance to the LoungeManager on an as needed basis. They will report gencies) to the Executive Committee before a finalapproval is made.Section 3.Duties of the Second Vice Commander: TheSecond Vice Commander shall assume and discharge theduties of the Post Commander in the absence or disability ofthe Post Commander and the First Vice Commander. He/sheshall be responsible for the Post's inside activities and shallbe chairperson of the Entertainment Committee.Section 4.Duties of the Third Vice Commander: TheThird Vice Commander shall assume and discharge theduties of the Post Commander in the absence or disability ofthe Post Commander, First Vice Commander, and SecondVice Commander. He/she shall be responsible for the Post'soutside activities and recreation.ARTICLE VDELEGATESSection 5.Duties of the Post Finance Officer: TheFinance Officer shall be in charge of all finances, see that allmoney is safely deposited in a bank or banks, and reportmonthly the condition of the Post finances.All checksdisbursing Post funds must be countersigned by two (2)designated / approved Post members.He/she shall beresponsible for the collection of all moneys due to the Post.He/she shall keep proper vouchers of all sums disbursed andkeep regular accounts in accordance with Post OperationsManual, Chart of Accounts. He/she shall be chairperson ofthe Finance Committee.Section 1.Delegates to the Department convention andMid- Winter Conference shall be appointed by the PostCommander at a regular meeting to be held not more thanfifty (50) days nor less than ten (10) days prior to theDepartment Convention.Delegates will be ratified byGeneral Membership.Section 2.The Post Commander shall be an automaticdelegate to all Conventions, Conferences, and meetings.Other delegates to District Constitutional Conference andother District, Area, Department or National functions shallbe appointed by the Post Commander at a regular meetingprior to such function. Delegates will be ratified by GeneralSection 6.Duties of the Post Historian: The PostHistorian shall compile and keep a record covering importantactivities of the Post during each year of his/her term of2Approved at General Membership Meeting 4-11-2017"DEPARTMENT OF FLORIDA

THE AMERICAN LEGIONBY-LAWSOFWARRINGTON POST #240DEPARTMENT OF FLORIDAMembership.Section 4.Duties of the Post Judge Advocate: He/sheshall be the interpreter of the Constitution and Bylaws of thePost, and may at any time be called upon by the PostCommander and other officers and members of the Post torule on the legality of their actions in so far as they affect thegood of the American Legion. He/she shall supplyprofessional advice in the conduct of Post business or toprocure proper counsel. He/she is the guardian ofconstitutional form of Post government. He/she shall be thechairperson of the Auditing and Bylaws Committees.Section 3.The delegates appointed to attend suchfunctions shall have their registration fees paid for by thePost.Section 4.To be eligible for travel expenses as adelegate, a member must be approved by the ExecutiveCommittee and ratified by the General Membership.Section 5.All paid delegates will receive 30.00 per dayfood allowances.Delegates will be required to providereceipts for fuel, lodging and tolls, and a written report oftheir activities, submitted within 30 days of their return or,reimburse the Post for all monies received in its entirety.Section 5.The Membership Committee shall have chargeof all matters pertaining to membership of the Post includingthe procuring of new members, reinstatements,andeligibility of members. The First Vice Commander shall bechairperson of this committee.ARTICLE VIAPPOINTMENTSSection 6.The EntertainmentCommittee shall havecharge of all matters pertaining to the promotion of Postfunctions and arrangements for social affairs. The SecondVice Commander shall be chairperson of this committee.Section 1.The Post Commander, immediately upontaking office each year, shall appoint the following officersand standing committees as deemed necessary (withconfirmation of the General Membership): Adjutant, ServiceOfficer, Judge Advocate,Membership,Entertainment,Finance, Auditing, Scholarship, Publicity, Americanism,Athletic, Sons of the American Legion Liaison , Childrenand Youth, Security, Blood, Bylaws, Bingo, Legion RidersChapter 240 Liaison, and Disaster Preparedness.TheCommander may appoint special committees to handle anymatters as they arise. The standing committees shall consistof a chairperson and two (2) or more members thereof asshall be designated by the Post Commander.Thechairperson may select and appoint members to serve onhis/her committee with approval of the Post Commander.The Post Commander shall appoint also those chairpersonsas otherwise provided for in these by-laws.Section 7.The Finance Committee shall be charged withthe administration of the financial policy. They shall assistin the preparation of the Annual Budget recommendations,and have supervisionof receiving,' disbursing,andaccounting of all Post funds. The Finance Officer shall bechairperson of this committee.Section 8.The Auditing Committee shall be charged withan audit of the Post financial accounts and Lounge accountsat least annually before the election of new officers, or morefrequently as the need arises. It is highly desirable that atleast one member of this committee be a qualifiedaccountant. The Judge Advocate shall be chairperson of thiscommittee.Section 2.Duties of the Post Adjutant: The Post Adjutantshall perform all duties prescribed in the Adjutant's Manualand such other duties as directed by the Post Commander.He/She shall review, revise and maintain a current list ofPost Standard Operating Procedures.Section 9.The Scholarship Committee -shall have chargeof all matters \ pertaining to the awarding of financialassistance to deserving high school graduates seeking tofurther their education. Persons recommended for receivingfinancial assistance are subject to approval by the GeneralMembership.Section 3.Duties of the Post Service Officer: The PostService Officer shall give aid and assistance to veterans ofall wars, their spouses, and dependents, as may be requestedof himlher and which lie within his/her power to perform.He/she shall represent the Post in all matters pertaining toassistanceto veterans, their spouses, dependentsorsurvivors. He/she shall be authorized to correspond in thename of the Post with Departments of Federal, State, andCounty Governments and any and all other persons whensuch correspondence shall be necessary.Section 10.The Publicity Committee shall be charged withthe promotion of public support of the Legion's programs bythe establishment of proper contact with the AmericanLegion Magazine, Department, and National Legion News,service and by local publicity of the Post programs andactivities. The First Vice Commander shall be the chairmanof this committee.3Approved at General Membership Meeting 4-11-2017

THE AMERICAN LEGIONBY-LAWSOFWARRINGTON POST #240Section 11.The Americanism Committee shall be chargedwith the inspiration of patriotic and good citizenship throughpatriotic observances; patriotic and civic instruction inschools;Americanizationof aliens;informationonanti-American propaganda; youth activities such as Boy'sState, Scouts, oratorical contest; school awards and medals;flag etiquette; and other similar community service.Section 19. Disaster Preparedness Committee will meet 72hours before any major Hurricane or Tropical Storm toreview the Disaster Preparedness Guidelines and makerecommendations to the Executive Committee on protectingthe Post Home and employees.Section 20.All committee chairpersons shall submit theirannual budget recommendations to operate their committeesin writing to the Finance Committee as soon as possible afterreceiving their appointment or election as committeechairpersons and may spend no more than 250 withoutapproval of the Executive CommitteeSection 12.The Athletic Committee shall be charged withthe promotion of physical development and clean sports bythe organization of Post athletic teams, recreation, etc., andby cooperation and support in the general recreational andathletic programs of the community.ARTICLE VIIRESOLUTIONSSection 13.The Sons of the American Legion Committeeshall have jurisdiction over the operation of this Post'sSquadron of the Sons of the American Legion.Section 1.All resolutions of State or National scopepresented to the Post by a member or reported to the Post bya committee shall merely embody the opinion of the Post onthe subject and copy of same shall be forwarded to theDepartment Headquarters for its approval before anypublicity is given or action other than mere passage by thePost is taken.Section 14.The Children and Youth Committee shall becharged with aid and service to children of veterans,cooperating with agencies in the community, laboring for thebetterment of child conditions, and in coordinating servicesand agencies in the community for the above purposes. Toact as intermediary for the needy child of a veteran inobtaining the fulfillment of the Legion's pledge that "Nochild of a war veteran shall be in need of the necessities oflife," and "A square deal for every child".ARTICLE VIIIGENERAL MEETINGSSection the Post6:30 p.m.,transactedbrought upSection IS.The Security Committee shall work with andcoordinate Legion efforts with the local Civil DefenseCouncil on matters pertaining to national, civilian, and homedefenses. It shall assist the Armed Forces of the UnitedStates in recruiting efforts and in every way be active incommunity activities for the defense of the nation and thesecurity of the American Home.Section 3.Upon written request of fifteen (15) Postmembers, the Post Commander or the Executive Committeewill call a special meeting of the Post at any time.Section 4.Fifteen (15) Post members present at a regularor special meeting of the Post shall constitute a quorum.Section 17.The Bylaws Committee shall review thebylaws annually and recommend necessary changes to theGeneral Membership for consideration and/or approval. TheJudge Advocate shall be chairperson of this committee.ARTICLE IXNOTICESSection 18.The Bingo Committee shall consist of theBingo Chairman and Bingo callers. The appointed BingoChairperson and committee members will follow to the letterof the law the conduct of the games. The Bingo Chairmanshall be responsible for accurate record keeping and usingmodern accounting methods.Section 1.Every member shall furnish the Post Adjutantwith his/her address for mailing purposes.Section 2.4Meeting 4-11-2017The general meetings of the Post shall be heldHome on the second Tuesday of each month atexcept on legal holidays, at which may besuch American Legion business as may befor action.Section 2.The Post Commander, or a majority of theExecutive Committee, shall have the power to call a specialmeeting of the Post at any time.Section 16.The Blood Committee shall work closely withthe local area blood bank and the Post to ensure that anadequate supply of blood is on hand for the community.He/she will keep records of all blood donors and submit anannual report to the Post.Approved at General MembershipDEPARTMENT OF FLORIDANotice of elections of Post Officers shall be

THE AMERICAN least thirtyBY-LAWSOFWARRINGTON POST #240present at a regular meeting.days prior to the date of theARTICLE XIIRULES OF ORDERARTICLE XPOST REVENUESection 1.Post.Section 1.The Post shall use and follow the AmericanLegion Post Officers Guide in conducting its meetings,initiation of members and other ceremonies prescribedtherein. The Post Officers Guide shall be read by each officerof the Post in order to get a clear understanding of the dutiesof his/her office.There shall be no associate members of theSection 2.In regard to delinquent members reference ismade to the Post Officers Guide.Section 3.There shall be no gambling nor gamingdevices on Post property except as authorized by FloridaState and Escambia County Statutes.ARTiCLEXIllHONORARY LIFE MEMBERSHIPSection 1.The citation of an individual Legionnaire tohonorary life membership in the Post is a testimonial bythose who know him/her best, and that he/she bas served theAmerican Legion well.ARTICLE XIPOST FUNDSSection 1.All Post Officers handling Post funds shall bebonded by an accredited Bonding Agency.The GeneralFund shall be composed of dues and such other sources ofrevenue as the Post may receive that is not specificallyearmarked for another fund.Section 2.Honorary life membershipshall not beconferred on any member unl

Apr 11, 2017 · THE AMERICAN LEGION WARRINGTON POST #240 ARTICLE I NAME Section 1. The Post existing under these by-laws isto be known as Warrington Post #240, Inc., The American Legion, Department ofFlorida. Section 2. The Objectives of this Post are as set forth in the Post Constitution. ARTICLE II MANAGE

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Le genou de Lucy. Odile Jacob. 1999. Coppens Y. Pré-textes. L’homme préhistorique en morceaux. Eds Odile Jacob. 2011. Costentin J., Delaveau P. Café, thé, chocolat, les bons effets sur le cerveau et pour le corps. Editions Odile Jacob. 2010. 3 Crawford M., Marsh D. The driving force : food in human evolution and the future.

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