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Unit 1QSE Pre-IntermediateQuick Smart Test 1NameClass12AVocabularyAMatch the words with the sentencethat best describes the sport.a)b)c)d)e)surfingskydivingBMX bikinginline skatingbungee jumping T/F 3 To do this sport, you have to likedanger and ride very fast. 4 To do this sport, you have to useshoes with wheels.Read the following interview withErika, a surfer, then answer True (T) orFalse (F) for the questions below. 2 To do this sport, you have to likethe sea.ReadingI first started surfing seriously when I was 10.Does that seem young? Not where I’m from.Everyone lives near the beach so it was easyto learn how to surf. I loved the ocean and theadrenalin rush I got every time I caught awave. I surfed every day after school until Iwas 17. Then I entered a national surfingcontest and won! I knew that surfing wasmore than just fun for me. It was a way of life.I feel more alive when I surf. And what’s evenbetter – lots of girls like me are professionalsurfers now.1 To do this sport, you have to jumpout of an aeroplane.Date5 To do this sport, you have to like tohang in the air.BComplete the sentences with the bestword or phrase.a)b)c)d)e)cut or bruisebroken legsprained wristsprained kneecracked rib1 When you have a , it hurts when youbreathe.2 When you have a , you can’t move1 Erika was too young when shestarted to surf. 2 Erika surfed every day afterschool. 3 She loved the adrenalin rush ofcatching a wave. 4 Erika didn’t surf every day untilshe was 17. 5 Erika won a surfing competition. 6 For Erika surfing is just fun. 7 Not many girls like to surf. your hand easily.3 When you have a , you can’t walk.2 Reading: my score is . . out of 74 When you have a , it’s difficult to walk.5 When you have a , you have to weara bandage.1 Vocabulary: my score is . . out of 10162 Brookemead Associates Ltd, 2006BROOKEMEAD ENGLISH LANGUAGE TEACHING

Unit 1QSE Pre-IntermediateQuick Smart Test 1NameClass34ALanguagePut the following sentences in thecorrect order 1-5.a) After that, I went out everyday andpractised on my skateboard.b) I got a skateboard for my birthdaytwo years ago.c) First I went straight to the shop tobuy knee pads and a helmet.ADatePronunciationWhich words contain a sound which isunlike the others?ABC1 player1 swimming1 wrist2 baseball2 biking2 ice3 started3 cycling3 fight4 dangerous4 diving4 eyed) That was the beginning of myinterest in the best sport in the world.e) Even today, two years later, my4 Pronunciation: my score is . . out of 3parents can’t believe how much Ilove it.BChoose the right form of the verb toQuick Smart Test 1:my total score is . . . . out of 30complete the sentences.a) thoughtb) gotc) learntd) plannede) was1The two men to jump out of theplane at exactly 12:05.2I so much when I went to ski classlast year.3Yesterday he very nervous beforethe race started.4As a professional skydiver, he extremely fit.5She BMX biking was the best sportin the world.3 Language: my score is . . out of 10BROOKEMEAD ENGLISH LANGUAGE TEACHING Brookemead Associates Ltd, 2006163

Unit 2QSE Pre-IntermediateName1Quick Smart Test 2ClassDatea) festivals andVocabularyb) DJ mixingcarnivalsAComplete the sentences with thecorrect verb.a) wearb) celebratec) maked) watche) have1 Vocabulary: my score is . . out of 151 Some people use controversial floats to a protest.2 The music and dancing make it fun to the parade.3 Many people like to amazingcostumes at carnivals.4 The idea behind most festivals is to a good time.5 Many countries some kind of festivalevery year.BAnswer True (T) or False (F) to the2AReadingComplete the dialogue with one of thephrases below.a) tracksb) mix togetherc) musical instrumentd) clubse) fastest growing music marketfollowing questions.1 A float is part of a carnival parade.2 All floats require sponsorship.3 When something is controversial,people usually have a lot to sayabout it.4 Slaves are people who aren’t free.5 Dancing is not allowed at mostfestivals.CPut these words into the correctcategories.1 costumes2 decks3 floats Interviewer: Is it easy to find jobs as a DJ?DJ:No. DJ mixing is the 1 now. Youhave to be really good at it to getwork.Interviewer: Do you have to play a 2 to begood at mixing?DJ:No, but it helps. You understandthe music better.Interviewer: How do you know which tracks 3 well?DJ:Practice. Sometimes very different 4 sound really good together.Interviewer: What’s the best part about your job?DJ:That I only work at night at myfavourite 5 !4 dancers5 turntables164 Brookemead Associates Ltd, 20062 Reading: my score is . . out of 5BROOKEMEAD ENGLISH LANGUAGE TEACHING

Unit 2QSE Pre-IntermediateQuick Smart Test 2NameClass34ALanguageChoose the best word to complete thesentences.1Club members work on their floatsfor the Carnival every year.a) hardb) passionatec) corruptlyd) usually2DJ mixing is growing in the musicmarket today.a) slowb) oftenc) fastd) sometimes35PronunciationWhere is the stress in each of thesewords? Put them into the correctcategory.(a) mixer(b) support(c) celebration(d) politicians(e) corrupt(f) traditions(g) music(h) carnival(i) decorations( j) costume1 Stress on 1st syllable2 Stress on 2nd syllableTo be a performer at a carnival, youhave to dance a) perfectlyb) hardlyc) alwaysd) unlikely4ADate3 Stress on 3rd syllablePeople support their schools atCarnival.4 Pronunciation: my score is . . out of 5a) usuallyb) likelyc) slowlyd) passionatelyQuick Smart Test 2:my total score is . . . . out of 30Music, costumes and dancing arealmost a part of all festivals.a) alwaysb) neverc) not usuallyd) really3 Language: my score is . . out of 5BROOKEMEAD ENGLISH LANGUAGE TEACHING Brookemead Associates Ltd, 2006165

Unit 3QSE Pre-IntermediateQuick Smart Test 3NameClass12AVocabularyMatch the words with the sentencethat best describes the job.ADateReadingRead the following text, then answerTrue (T) or False (F) for the questionsbelow.a) accountantsb) gardeners / garden specialistsMy name is Ron and I am a sales manager at ac) managerslarge toy company. I have to attend a lot ofd) ski instructorsmeetings. Sometimes I have to organise theme) computer programmersmyself. This takes some planning. First I tell1 love the outdoors and cold weather.everyone where the meeting is and also the2 look at a screen and write software.time. It’s very important to make this clear.3 know a lot about plants.Then I prepare an agenda. It’s easier to stay on4 attend a lot of meetings.topic if you’ve got an agenda. Sometimes I use5 work with numbers.flip charts and somebody always takes theminutes so we all remember what weBComplete the sentences with thediscussed. The time together is important. Itcorrect phrase.makes us feel more like a team.a) you’re a techie b) work with people c) have a good salary d) see other countries e) work with numbers 1If you want to ., then a job as afreelance reporter is good for you.2If you like to . more than people,then a job as a financial analyst is rightfor you.3If you want to . but little free time,consider a job as a managing director.4 If you think ., then a job as acomputer programmer is best for you.5 If you love to ., consider a job as asales manager.T/F1 Ron has to attend a lot ofmeetings. 2 Ron never has to organise themeetings himself. 3 It’s important to state the timeand place of the meeting. 4 An agenda makes it easier to stayon topic. 5 One person should take theminutes. 6 Time together as a team is notimportant. 2 Reading: my score is . . out of 61 Vocabulary: my score is . . out of 10166 Brookemead Associates Ltd, 2006BROOKEMEAD ENGLISH LANGUAGE TEACHING

Unit 3QSE Pre-IntermediateName3Quick Smart Test 3Class1LanguageDateThe places in the world are oftenthe to live in.AChoose the best comparative to2complete the sentences.The job I ever had also had the pay.3a) happierSome people have the in jobs thatdon’t pay very much.b) more important4c) less stressfulThe companies don’t always havethe exciting jobs.d) more securee) healthierf ) riskier3 Language: my score is . . out of 11g) more creative1Some people feel that it is to havefree time than a lot of money.2If you are working too hard, you needto get a job.3456A lifestyle includes exercise, good4APronunciationWhich words have the sh sound? Markthem.food and more time outside. a) specialistMany people are if they spend less b) expressiontime in their car. c) techieSometimes a job is a less exciting d) job satisfactionone. e) businessPeople with lots of ideas do better in jobs.7A job sometimes means more4 Pronunciation: my score is . . out of 3money but is often less secure.Quick Smart Test 3:BNow choose the best superlative(s) tomy total score is . . . . out of 30complete the sentences.a) largestb) most beautifulc) most fund) most expensivee) bestf ) hardestg) mostBROOKEMEAD ENGLISH LANGUAGE TEACHING Brookemead Associates Ltd, 2006167

Unit 4QSE Pre-IntermediateNameClass12AVocabularyComplete the sentences with the bestword.a) game showsb) the newsc) documentariesd) soap operase) talk shows1 are so boring. Who wants to see thesame people on the same show all thetime?2 I don’t like to watch The world is sodepressing these days.3 There are some interesting in theafternoons. I like the presenter whoinvites all of the celebrities.4 are so fun to watch. I can alwaysanswer all of the questions.5 Sometimes I like to watch ,especially if they are about strangeanimals in different parts of the world.BADateReadingRead the following interview, thenanswer True (T) or False (F) for thequestions below.Interviewer: What made you decide to haveplastic surgery?Sherry:I wasn’t happy with my looks.I really wanted to look likeMadonna.Interviewer: Was it painful to have thesurgery?Sherry:Yes, it was. But I wanted to looklike her so badly.Interviewer: And do you think you look likeMadonna now?Sherry:My face does but my body stillneeds some work.Interviewer: Are you going to get that donethen too?Sherry:I have to save up some moremoney first!Match the words with their definitions.a)b)c)d)e)viewersa producera seriescontestantsa critic1 answer questions on game shows.2 watch the shows on TV.3 writes comments about aprogramme or film.4 makes a programme or film.5 is a group of programmes on TV.1 Vocabulary: my score is . . out of 10168Quick Smart Test 4 Brookemead Associates Ltd, 2006T/F1 Sherry wasn’t happy with herlooks. 2 Plastic surgery wasn’t painfulfor her. 3 Sherry only wanted her face tolook like Madonna’s. 4 It’s expensive to have plasticsurgery. 5 Sherry wants to have surgery onher body too. 2 Reading: my score is . . out of 5BROOKEMEAD ENGLISH LANGUAGE TEACHING

Unit 4QSE Pre-IntermediateQuick Smart Test 4NameClass34ALanguageComplete the sentences with the bestword or phrase.ADatePronunciationHow many syllables does each wordhave? Put them in the appropriate box.a) do youa) celebrityb) fantasyb) are you goingc) fictionald) visualc) aree) newsf) criticd) going tog) documentaryh) programmee) are youi ) prizej ) series1 What your plans this evening?2 to see a film?1 One syllable3 What . going to do tomorrowmorning?4 have plans for this weekend?5 I’m not . do anything special.B2 Two syllablesComplete the sentences with thegerund or the infinitive.3 Three syllables1 sports all day is not my idea of fun.a) to watchb) watching2 I’m interested in .film.4 More than three syllablesa) to studyb) studying3 What are you going .on TV this week?a) to watchb) watching4 I’m good at .the questions on game4 Pronunciation: my score is . . out of 5shows.a) to answerb) answering5 She’s going .a film on Saturday night.Quick Smart Test 4:my total score is . . . . out of 30a) to seeb) seeing3 Language: my score is . . out of 10BROOKEMEAD ENGLISH LANGUAGE TEACHING Brookemead Associates Ltd, 2006169

Unit 5QSE Pre-IntermediateQuick Smart Test 5NameClass12AVocabularyComplete the table with the words below.ADateReadingRead the following text about Adrienne,a shopaholic, then answer True (T) ora) handbag (US: purse)b) store cardc) backpacksd) magazinese) clothesf) cashg) camerash) credit cardi ) chequej ) wallet (US: billfold)False (F) for the questions below.1 What you can use to buy things2 What you can use to hold your moneyI spent too much money again today. The newclothes at my favourite shop were so beautiful.And since I have their store card, there was noreason not to buy. The sales assistant showedme so many lovely new things. I went in to buyjust one thing but left with two bags of clothes!I can’t use my credit card anymore becauseI’ve spent too much already. I need helpbecause I just don’t know how to stop.Shopping makes me so happy but I can’t paymy bills.Adrienne,Shopaholic3 What things you can buy with moneyT/F1 Adrienne hasn’t spent too muchBComplete the sentences with the bestmoney on clothes. 2 A store card makes it easier toword.spend money.a) sales assistantb) refundc) receiptd) sale 3 The sales assistant showede) customerAdrienne some beautiful clothes. 4 Adrienne wanted to buy a lot of1 If you buy something you don’t like, goback to the shop and get a 2 I don’t like to pay for anything full price.I always look for a 3 Ask the if you need some help.4 I’m a regular at that shop.5 You can’t get a refund without a 1 Vocabulary: my score is . . out of 10170 Brookemead Associates Ltd, 2006clothes that day. 5 Adrienne can’t spend any moremoney on her credit card. 6 Adrienne goes shopping becauseit makes her happy. 2 Reading: my score is . . out of 6BROOKEMEAD ENGLISH LANGUAGE TEACHING

Unit 5QSE Pre-IntermediateQuick Smart Test 5NameClass34ALanguageComplete the sentences with the bestADatePronunciationDo these words have a hard ‘c’ or asoft ‘c’? Put the words in the correctadverbial of quantity.box.a) at allb) a lotc) very muchd) not muche) a little1 He doesn’t have good taste Look ata) customerb) servicec) credit cardd) accounte) cancelf ) cell phone (US)g) receipth) complaint1 hard ‘c’2 soft ‘c’that suit!2 Talk to the sales assistant. They know about fashion.3 I don’t like that shop It has almostno selection.4 I know you’re nervous about it but evenmy mum uses online shopping andlikes it.5 That shop is open , only at theweekends.4 Pronunciation: my score is . . out of 4B Match the first column with the secondQuick Smart Test 5:to make sentences.my total score is . . . . out of 301 I’m afraid thisitem a) to speak tothe manager.2 I’d like b) about that.3 Here’s myc) doesn’t work.4 I’m not happy d) for your help.5 Thank you e) receipt.3 Language: my score is . . out of 10BROOKEMEAD ENGLISH LANGUAGE TEACHING Brookemead Associates Ltd, 2006171

Unit 6QSE Pre-IntermediateQuick Smart Test 6NameClass12AVocabularyComplete the table with the words below.ADateReadingRead the interview with a meat-eater(Sara) and a vegetarian (Erik), thena) orangesb) milkanswer True (T) or False (F) for thec) lettuced) salmonquestions below.e) lambf ) chickeng) tomatoesh) applesi ) cheesej ) tunaSara:Erik:1 fruit2 vegetablesSara:3 fish4 meatErik:5 dairyproduceSara:Erik:BComplete the sentences with the bestTell me the truth. Why don’t youlike meat?It’s not a question of whether Ilike it or not. I don’t eat meatbecause I think it’s better for theenvironment and for my health.OK. I understand how it’s betterfor the environment. But yourhealth? How do you get enoughprotein?It’s easy. I just eat a lot of nuts,beans and dairy produce to get theprotein I need.But wouldn’t it be easier to justeat a steak?Perhaps easier but not healthier.Vegetarian food is actually muchbetter for you.word.a) nutrientsb) methanec) leatherd) a vegetariane) global warming1 is a person who doesn’t eat meat.2 Her new handbag is made of 3 Plants, animals and people grow whenthey get 4 is happening faster than we think.5 is a gas that contributes to globalwarming.1 Vocabulary: my score is . . out of 10172 Brookemead Associates Ltd, 2006T/F1 Erik doesn’t eat meat becausehe doesn’t like it. 2 Sara doesn’t understand howbeing a vegetarian helps theenvironment. 3 Sara wants to know how avegetarian gets enough protein. 4 Nuts and beans don’t have a lotof protein in them. 5 Erik feels better when he doesn’teat steak. 2 Reading: my score is . . out of 5BROOKEMEAD ENGLISH LANGUAGE TEACHING

Unit 6QSE Pre-IntermediateName3AQuick Smart Test 6ClassDate4 The smallest partLanguaged) and you canof the foodget the rightComplete the sentences with the bestpyramid is the fats,nutrients.connecting word. You can use someoils and sweets words more than once.5 Eat differenta) ande) becausefoods he’s ab) butvegetarian.c) because1 Vegetarians don’t eat meat or fish 3 Language: my score is . . out of 10vegans don’t eat any animal products atall.2 A vegetarian diet is healthy it canreduce illness and disease.4Pronunciation3 It takes 900 litres of water to produceone kilo of wheat it takes 100,000litres to produce one kilo of meat.4 Many people become vegetarians it is better for their health.5 People in poor countries are hungryand thirsty we waste water and foodon livestock.AWhere is the stress in each of thesewords? Put them into the correctcategory.(a) healthy(c) contribute(e) overweight(g) chicken(i ) vitamins(b) delicious(d) vegetarian(f) unhealthy(h) condition(j) dessertB Match the first column with the secondto make sentences.1 He doesn’t eatmeat 2 She can’t eatcheese 1 Stress on 1st syllablea) because youneed them all.b) but mostpeople eat too2 Stress on 2nd syllable3 Stress on 3rd syllablemuch from thisgroup.3 You can’t replacefoods in one groupc) but she can4 Pronunciation: my score is . . out of 5drink milk.for foods inQuick Smart Test 6:another group my total score is . . . . out of 30BROOKEMEAD ENGLISH LANGUAGE TEACHING Brookemead Associates Ltd, 2006173

Unit 7QSE Pre-IntermediateQuick Smart Test 7NameClass12AVocabularyMatch the first column with the secondADateReadingRead about Fiona’s experience with aweb diary, then answer True (T) orto make sentences.False (F) for the questions below.1 I feel scared a) when I finishall of my work.2 I feel relieved b) when myfriends aren’taround.3 I feel relaxed c) when I entera dark house.4 I feel angry d) whensomeone is meanto me.5 I feel lonely e) when I’m onholiday.6 I feel proud f ) when I dowell on an exam.BI started writing my own web diary eightmonths ago when my boyfriend and I had ourlast fight. I thought it was a good way to talkabout my feelings. I wanted to see what otherpeople thought about my experience. At first, Ididn’t hear from many people and often fromjust the same people. But then I started goingout and dating again a couple of months agoand more people got interested. Suddenly I gotcomments from all kinds of people. In the lastmonth, I’ve received hundreds of commentsabout my new experiences. Someone’s evensuggested that I get my own TV programme.What a good idea! I never thought of mydating life as that interesting but everyonesays it is.T/FMatch the words with their definitions.1 Fiona started her web diary aftera) postingb) an editorc) a bloggerd) access1 This person can help you with yourmistakes.2 People with computers have this.3 Putting your details on a website.4 This person writes about his / her lifeonline.she and her boyfriend had theirlast fight. 2 Only the same people wanted totalk to her about her feelings. 3 She heard from a lot of peoplein the beginning. 4 When she started dating, shegot more comments. 5 She has received thousands ofcomments. 6 She has never thought about1 Vocabulary: my score is . . out of 10174 Brookemead Associates Ltd, 2006having her own TV programme. BROOKEMEAD ENGLISH LANGUAGE TEACHING

Unit 7QSE Pre-IntermediateNa

Unit 3 QSE Pre-Intermediate Quick Smart Test 3 1 Vocabulary A Match the words with the sentence that best describes the job. a) accountants b) gardeners / garden specialists c) managers d) ski instructors e) computer programmers 1 .

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