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ENESSPRO 5.2, PRO 5.2 E, PRO 7.5, PRO 7.5 EGenerator Owner's ManualIMPORTANT:Read all safety precautions and instructions carefully beforeoperating equipment.Ensure engine is stopped and level before performing anymaintenance or service.Record product information to reference when ordering parts or obtaining warranty coverage.SpecificationSerial NumberPurchase Date37 590 01 Rev.

Safety PrecautionsDANGER:A hazard that will result in death, serious injury, or substantial property damage.WARNING: A hazard that could result in death, serious injury, or substantial property damage.CAUTION: A hazard that could result in minor personal injury or property damage.NOTE: is used to notify people of important installation, operation, or maintenance information.Read this manual carefully before operating this machine. This manual should stay with thismachine if it is sold.WARNINGExplosive Fuelcan cause firesand severeburns.Do not fill fueltank whileengine is hot orrunning.Gasoline is extremelyflammable and its vaporscan explode if ignited.Never refuel while smokingor in vicinity of an openflame. Store gasoline onlyin approved containers, inwell ventilated, unoccupiedbuildings, away from sparksor flames. Spilled fuelcould ignite if it comes incontact with hot parts orsparks from ignition. Neveruse gasoline as a cleaningagent.WARNINGRotating Partscan causesevere injury.Stay away whilegenerator is inoperation.Keep hands, feet, hair,and clothing away from allmoving parts to preventinjury. Never operategenerator with covers,shrouds, or guardsremoved.CAUTIONElectrical Shockcan cause injury.Do not touchwires whilegenerator isrunning.Never operate generator inrain or snow.Never touch generatorwith wet hands or electricalshock may occur.WARNINGAccidentalStarts can causesevere injury ordeath.Disconnect andground sparkplug lead(s)before servicing.Before working ongenerator or equipment,disable engine as follows:1) Disconnect spark pluglead(s). 2) Disconnectnegative (–) battery cablefrom battery.Do not allow children tooperate generator.WARNINGHot Parts cancause severeburns.Do not touchgenerator whileoperating or justafter stopping.Never operate generatorwith heat shields or guardsremoved. Do not modifygenerator.Place generator in a placewhere pedestrians orchildren are not likely totouch generator.Be sure to carry generatoronly by its carrying handles.CAUTIONHazardousVoltage.Backfeed toutility systemcan causepropertydamage, severeinjury, or death.Never plug a portablegenerator directly into abuilding outlet.If generator is used forstandby power, have acertified, licensed electricianinstall an automatictransfer switch to preventinadvertent interconnectionof standby and normalsources of supply.California Proposition 65 WarningEngine exhaust from this product contains chemicals knownto State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or otherreproductive harm.2KohlerPower.com37 590 01 Rev. B

ENImportant Labels on GeneratorDANGERUsing a generator indoors CAN KILL YOU IN MINUTES.Generator exhaust contains carbon monoxide.This is a poison you cannot see or smell.NEVER use inside a homeor garage, EVEN IF doorsand windows are open.Only use OUTSIDE and faraway from windows, door,and vents.Avoid other generator hazards.READ MANUAL BEFORE USE.WARNINGADVERTENCIAƔ Hot parts can cause severe burns.Ɣ Do not touch generator while operating or just after stopping.Ɣ Carbon monoxide can cause severe nausea, fainting or death.Ɣ Avoid inhaling exhaust fumes.Ɣ Las piezas calientes pueden causar quemaduras graves.Ɣ No toque el generador durante el funcionamiento o inmediatamente despuésde pararse.Ɣ La explosión del carburante puede provocar incendios y quemaduras graves.Ɣ No llene el tanque de combustible mientras el generador esté caliente ofuncionando.Ɣ El monóxido de carbono puede provocar náuseas, mareos o la muerte.Ɣ Evite inhalar los humos del escape.Ɣ Electrical shock can cause injury.Ɣ Do not touch wires while generator is running.Ɣ Do not connect generator to a building's electrical system unless usingan isolation (transfer) switch installed by a certified, licensed electrician.Ɣ Las descargas eléctricas pueden provocar lesiones.Ɣ No toque los cables con el generador en funcionamient.Ɣ No conecte el generador al sistema eléctrico de un edificio a menos que useun aislamiento (transferencia) interruptor instalado por un electricistacertificado y certificado.Ɣ Explosive Fuel can cause fires and severe burns.Ɣ Do not fill fuel tank while generator is hot or running.37 590 01 Rev. BKohlerPower.com3

ABEEEEEFVUIJCAEDGGHWTACYADKZAA ABNMOSLXQPRACircuit BreakerBMaintenanceMinderC240/120V/30AElectrical SocketD120V/30AElectrical SocketECircuit ProtectorF12V DCReceptacle3GGFCI ReceptacleHGround TerminalIAuto Idle3JOn/Off/StartSwitchKFuel Tank CapLFuel LevelIndicatorMOil Drain PlugNOil Fill Plug/DipstickOStarter Battery3PChoke LeverQSpark PlugRCarbon CanisterSStarter HandleTScrewUAir Cleaner CoverVFoam ElementWBaseXFuel ValveYChange Oil LightZReplace SparkPlug LightAAReplace AirCleaner LightABLow OilIndicator LightACResetADFuel Filter2AE Voltage Selector1PRO 5.2 and PRO 5.2 E only. 2California only. 3Electric start models only.4KohlerPower.com137 590 01 Rev. B

1. Turn main AC circuit breaker (A) OFF.Pre-Start Checklist1. Ensure generator is at least 3.3 ft. (1 m) frombuilding or other equipment and not coveredwith any material.3. Turn Fuel (X) ON.2. Refer to all warning labels prior to starting.4. Turn engine to ON (J) and pull rope (or pushstart button (J) for electric start).3. Check oil level using oil fill cap (N). Add oil iflow. Do not overfill.5. Turn choke lever (P) OFF after engine iswarm.4. Check fuel level indicator (L). Add fuel if low.Stop refueling when indicator reaches F (full)level. Check fuel system components andlines for leaks. Never refuel while unit isrunning.If engine does not start, repeat operation untilengine starts by gradually opening choke.5. Test GFCI receptacle (G).6. Check that air cleaner components and all airinlets are unobstructed, equipment covers,and guards are in place and securelyfastened.7. Ensure electrical devices (load) are notconnected to generator.EN2. Turn Auto Idle (I) OFF (if equipped).Cold Weather Starting1. Use proper oil for temperature expected.2. Disengage all possible external loads.3. Use fresh winter grade fuel. Winter gradefuel has higher volatility to improve starting.OperationCAUTIONStartingHazardous Voltage.Backfeed to utility system cancause property damage, severeinjury, or death.Never plug a portable generator directly intoa building outlet.If generator is used for standby power,have a certified, licensed electrician installan automatic transfer switch to preventinadvertent interconnection of standby andnormal sources of supply.When running speed of generating set hasstabilized (approximately 3 minutes):WARNINGRotating Parts can cause severeinjury.Stay away while engine is inoperation.Keep hands, feet, hair, and clothing awayfrom all moving parts to prevent injury. Neveroperate engine with covers, shrouds, orguards removed.NOTE: Auto Idle (I) switch must be in OFFposition when using electric devicesthat require a large starting current,such as a compressor or a submersiblepump. Auto Idle (I) controls enginespeed according to connected load.Results are better fuel consumptionand less noise.1. Check that circuit protectors (E) are pushedin. Press if necessary.2. Connect appliances to electrical sockets (C,D & G) of generator.3. Maintenance Minder (B) shows number ofhours that generator has worked.Angle of OperationDo not operate this engine exceeding maximumangle of operation; see specification table.Engine damage could result from insufficientlubrication.NOTE: Choke is not required to start a warmengine. Push choke lever (P) in tooriginal position.37 590 01 Rev. BKohlerPower.com5

Cable SelectionGeneratorSocket Typemm2AWGmm2AWG32 AAWG16 Amm2RecommendedCable CrossSection10 A4Lengthof51 toCable 100 m 10Used101 to150 m1 101069107710725371653520 to50 mThis cable length is maximum permittedlength, and must not be exceeded.1Installation method cables on racewayor non-drilled tablet/Permitted drop involtage 5%/Multi-core conductors/Cabletype PVC 70 C (e.g. H07RNF)/Ambienttemperature 86 F (30 C).ON/OFF/START SwitchON/OFF/START switch (J) controls ignitionsystem.ON Position:Ignition circuit is switched on. Engine can bestarted.OFF Position:Ignition circuit is switched off. Engine will notrun.START Position:Pressing and holding switch in STARTposition will start engine with electric start (ifequipped).6Auto IdleWhen Auto Idle (I) switch is in ON position,Auto Idle (I) controls engine speed accordingto connected load. Results are better fuelconsumption and less noise.When Auto Idle (I) switch is in OFF position,engine runs at rated rpm (3,600 rpm)regardless of whether there is a load connectedor not.Stopping1. Disconnect plugs from electrical sockets (C,D, F & G) to let engine run under no load for1 or 2 minutes.2. Set ON/OFF/START switch (J) to OFFposition: generator stops.3. Close fuel valve (X).High Altitude OperationThis generator may require a high altitudecarburetor kit to ensure correct engineoperation at altitudes above 4000 ft. (1219meters). To obtain high altitude kit informationor to find a Kohler portable dealer go or call 1-800-544-2444.This generator should be operated in its originalconfiguration below 4000 ft. (1219 meters) asdamage may occur if high altitude carburetorkit is installed and operated below 4000 ft.(1219 meters).Engine SpeedNOTE: Do not tamper with governor setting toincrease maximum engine speed.Overspeed is hazardous and will voidwarranty.KohlerPower.com37 590 01 Rev. B

ENMaintenance InstructionsWARNINGBefore working on engine or equipment, disableengine as follows: 1) Disconnect spark pluglead(s). 2) Disconnect negative (–) battery cablefrom battery.Accidental Starts can causesevere injury or death.Disconnect and ground sparkplug lead(s) before servicing.Safety is an obligation of owner. Periodic inspection, adjustment and lubrication will keep yourgenerator in safest and most efficient condition possible. Most important points of generatorinspection, adjustment, and lubrication are explained on following pages.Maintenance ScheduleAfter first 5 Hours Change oil.Every 25 Hours or Annually Check starter battery (O).Every 100 Hours or Annually1 Clean low-profile air cleaner element (V). Change oil. Clean cooling areas. Replace spark plug (Q) and set gap.Every 200 Hours2 Check and adjust valve clearance when engine is cold.Every 300 Hours Replace low-profile air cleaner element (V). Check fuel filter (AD) and clean or replace if needed.1Perform these procedures more frequently under severe, dusty, dirty conditions.2Have a Kohler portable dealer perform this service.Oil RecommendationsWe recommend use of Kohler oils for bestperformance. Other high-quality detergentoils (including synthetic) of API (AmericanPetroleum Institute) service class SJ or higherare acceptable. Select viscosity based on airtemperature at time of operation as shown intable below.SAE 30 C -30-2020-103204050108060201003040Check Oil LevelNOTE: To prevent extensive engine wear ordamage, never run engine with oil levelbelow or above operating rangeindicator on dipstick (N).Ensure engine is cool. Clean oil fill/dipstick (N)areas of any debris.1. Remove oil fill/dipstick (N); wipe oil off.37 590 01 Rev. B4. Reinstall oil fill/dipstick (N) and tightensecurely.When change oil light (Y) goes on, press reset(AC) and follow maintenance instructions.Change oil while engine is warm.5W-3003. If oil is low, add oil up to point of overflowingfiller neck.Change Oil10W-30 F -202. Remove oil fill/dipstick (N); check oil level.Level should be at top of indicator on dipstick(N).1. Clean area around oil fill cap/dipstick (N) andoil drain plug (M).2. Remove oil drain plug (M) and oil fill cap/dipstick (N). Drain oil completely.3. Reinstall oil drain plug (M). Torque to13 ft. lb. (17.6 N·m).4. Fill crankcase with new oil, up to point ofoverflowing filler neck.5. Reinstall oil fill cap/dipstick (N) and tightensecurely.6. Dispose of used oil in accordance with localordinances.KohlerPower.com7

Oil Sentry (if equipped)Fuel LevelThis switch is designed to prevent enginefrom starting in a low oil or no oil condition. OilSentry may not shut down a running enginebefore damage occurs.WARNINGExplosive Fuel can cause firesand severe burns.Fuel RecommendationsDo not fill fuel tank whilegenerator is hot or running.WARNINGExplosive Fuel can cause firesand severe burns.Do not fill fuel tank while engine ishot or running.Gasoline is extremely flammable and itsvapors can explode if ignited. Never refuelwhile smoking or in vicinity of an open flame.Store gasoline only in approved containers,in well ventilated, unoccupied buildings, awayfrom sparks or flames. Spilled fuel couldignite if it comes in contact with hot parts orsparks from ignition. Never use gasoline as acleaning agent.NOTE: E15, E20 and E85 are NOT approvedand should NOT be used; effects ofold, stale or contaminated fuel are notwarrantable.Fuel must meet these requirements:Gasoline is extremely flammable andits vapors can explode if ignited. Storegasoline only in approved containers, inwell ventilated, unoccupied buildings, awayfrom sparks or flames. Spilled fuel couldignite if it comes in contact with hot parts orsparks from ignition. Never use gasoline as acleaning agent.Visually check level of fuel. If necessary, fill up.1. Unscrew fuel tank cap (K).2. Fill tank until fuel gauge shows F, usingfunnel and taking care not to spill any fuel.3. Screw down fuel tank cap (K) tightly.Fuel LineLow permeation fuel line must be installed oncarbureted Kohler Co. engines to maintain EPAand CARB regulatory compliance.Fuel Filter Clean, fresh, unleaded gasoline. Octane rating of 86(R M)/2 or higher.1. Open fuel tank cap (K). Research Octane Number (RON) 91 octaneminimum.2. Remove fuel filter (AD) from tank neck. Gasoline up to 10% ethyl alcohol, 90%unleaded is acceptable. Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether (MTBE) andunleaded gasoline blend (max 15% MTBE byvolume) are approved. Do not add oil to gasoline.3. Clean fuel filter (AD) with a non-flammablesolvent or solvent with a high flash point. Dryit fully. Replace as necessary.4. Reinstall fuel filter (AD).5. Reinstall fuel tank cap (K).Sediment Bowl Do not overfill fuel tank. Do not use gasoline older than 30 days.1. Close fuel valve (X) and remove coverscrews and nuts.2. Remove cover.3. Remove sediment bowl.4. Clean sediment bowl with a non-flammablesolvent or solvent with a high flash point. Dryit fully.5. Check sediment bowl cover and gasket.Replace them if they are damaged.6. Reinstall sediment bowl.7. Open tank fuel valve (X).8. Wipe off any trace of fuel with a clean clothand check for any leakage.8KohlerPower.com37 590 01 Rev. B

Spark PlugsENAir CoolingCAUTIONWARNINGElectrical Shock can cause injury.Hot Parts can cause severeburns.Do not touch wires whilegenerator is running.Never operate generator in rain or snow.Never touch generator with wet hands orelectrical shock may occur.When replace spark plug light (Z) goes on,press reset (AC) and follow maintenanceinstructions.Clean out spark plug recess. Remove sparkplug (Q) and replace.1. Check gap using wire feeler gauge. Adjustgap, see specification table for adjustment.2. Install spark plug (Q) into cylinder head.3. Torque spark plug (Q) to 20 ft. lb. (27 N·m).Do not touch generator whileoperating or just after stopping.Never operate generator with heat shields orguards removed. Do not modify generator.Place generator in a place where pedestriansor children are not likely to touch generator.Be sure to carry generator only by itscarrying handles.Proper cooling is essential. To prevent overheating, ensure air cooling inlet and outletareas are clean and unobstructed. Avoidspraying water at wiring harness or anyelectrical components. Refer to MaintenanceSchedule.Ground TerminalAir CleanerNOTE: Operating engine with loose ordamaged air cleaner componentscould cause premature wear andfailure. Replace all bent or damagedcomponents.When replace air cleaner light (AA) goes on,press reset (AC) and follow maintenanceinstructions.1. Remove screw (T) and air cleaner cover (U).2. Remove foam element (V) from air cleanerbase (W).3. Wash foam element (V) in warm water withdetergent. Rinse and allow to air dry.4. Lightly oil foam element (V) with new engineoil; squeeze out excess oil.5. Reinstall foam element (V) into air cleanerbase (W).6. Reinstall cover and secure with screw (T).Breather TubeGround terminal (H) connects earth line forprevention of electric shock. When electricdevice is grounded, be sure to groundgenerator also.Connect generator to ground: Attach a 6 AWG(10 mm2) copper wire to generator’s groundconnection and to a galvanized steel groundingrod (not provided) driven 3.3 ft. (1 m) intoground.Connecting Alternating Current (AC)NOTE: Ensure all electric devices includinglines and plug connection are in goodcondition before connection togenerator.NOTE: Ensure total load is within generatorrated output.NOTE: Ensure receptacle load current is withinreceptacle rated current.1. Start engine.2. Plug into AC receptacle (C, D or G).Ensure both ends of breather tube are properlyconnected.3. Turn on any electric devices.AC Rated PowerAC rated power is maximum amount of powergenerator can support.AC Surge PowerAC surge power is additional power generatormomentarily produces to aid in starting ofelectrical devices requiring power abovegenerator's rated power requirements.37 590 01 Rev. BKohlerPower.com9

GFCI ReceptacleCAUTIONElectrical Shock can cause injury.Do not touch wires whilegenerator is running.Circuit protectors (E) and circuit breaker (A) willstop power to protected receptacles (C, D, F orG) when an overload of a connected electricaldevice is detected or AC output voltage rises toprotect generator and any connected electricdevices.When overload occurs and power generationstops, proceed as follows:Never operate generator in rain or snow.1. Turn off any connected electric devices andstop generator.Never touch generator with wet hands orelectrical shock may occur.2. Reduce total wattage of connected electricdevices within application range.To reduce chance of electrical shock:1. Do not attempt to operate equipment ifground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) RESETbutton (M) pops out repeatedly during use.2. Remember that only receptacles labeledGFCI have ground fault circuit interrupterprotection.Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) stopspower to protected receptacles (G) if a groundfault (electrical leak) is detected. If RESETbutton pops out, equipment plugged intoreceptacle (G) may be faulty. If this happens,check equipment carefully. If equipmentappears to be in good condition, press RESETbutton firmly until a click is heard. This willrestore power. If RESET button pops out again,unplug equipment immediately. Contact aKohler portable dealer before attempting to useit again.3. Check for blockages in cooling air inlet andoutlet areas and around control unit. If anyblockages are found, remove them.4. After checking, restart generator.Voltage Selector (if equipped)When voltage selector (AE) switch is in120V/240V position, 120V is supplied to allelectrical sockets (C, D & G) and 240V issupplied to 240/120V/30A electrical socket (C).When voltage selector (AE) switch is in 120Vposition, only 120V is supplied to electricalsockets (D & G).Ensure to turn main circuit breaker (A) toOFF position before using voltage selector(AE) switch to avoid accidentally damaginggenerator because of any connected load thatmay be drawing power from unit.Voltage Selector Receptacle PowerGFCI Receptacle Test1. Start engine.2. Press TEST button, if functioning properlyRESET button should pop out, stoppingpower to outlet.3. If GFCI operatio

PRO 5.2, PRO 5.2 E, PRO 7.5, PRO 7.5 E Generator Owner's Manual . 37 590 01 Rev. B 3 EN Important Labels on Generator WARNING Hot parts can cause severe burns. Do not touch generator while operating or just after stopping. . such as a compressor

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