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Careers With Geography And Earth Science

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Careers with Geography andEarth ScienceSian LovelessGeographical AssociationFuture Geographers Conference16 April 2014

Talk outlineAim : Illustrate the diversity of careers a geography (or earth sciences) educationcan unlockTypes ofGeographydegrees andcareersMybackgroundSummaryResourcesCase studiesillustrating arange ofcareers

BScEnvironmentalEarth Science(Year in NorthAmerica)A levels :GeographyChemistryBiology(Geology)PhD EarthScienceInternship inSciencePolicy“Geoscience Researcher”VITO, BelgiumGeothermal Energy“Thermal energy generated and stored in the earth” Sustainable Carbon neutral Use it anywhere!Promote the harnessing of this energy for heat andelectricity through research and development.

“Geography” degrees Relationships between societies and the Earth. Human Geography Development Studies Physical Geography International StudiesEarth ScienceGeography.develop knowledgethrough SolidfieldworkEarth, its watersandand the atmosphere overother geologicalforms timescales.of hands Geophysics Geologyon learning. Geoscience The Earth, its waters and atmosphere and humanprocesses. Also monitoring and management ofenvironmental changes. Ecology Meteorology and OceanographyEnvironmental Science

Employability“Geography graduates have a long track record in gaining employment across a number ofdifferent professions and organisations.” (Heacademy.co.uk)Data from HESA’s Destinations of Leavers 16 SCIENCE from Higher Education survey 2011/12

Types of jobsData from HESA’s Destinations ofLeavers 16 SCIENCE from HigherEducation survey 2011/12I know people doing the following 3 years from graduation .VolcanologistSedimentologistSeismologistAid workerFlood risk managementEnvironmental monitorRecycling OfficerHydrogeologistSocial scientistTeacherForcesGeologistGIS specialistGlaciologistClimate changeTourism consultantOceanographerEnergy consultantWaste advisorPark rangerGeochemistEnvironmental consultantMud loggerGeophysicistMeteorologistEcologistCycling round the world

“Geography isn’t an obviously vocational subject like law or medicine, whichmeans it can be a little scary for geography students to decide what to do whenthey graduate.”Education highly tailored toparticular jobs/ “vocational”Geology /GeophysicsEarth sciences /Meteorology /Environmental SciencesBroader education applicableto a range of jobsGeography /Development studies

Case studiesDisclaimer Not truly representative (a biased sample of interesting jobs) Not a random selection (my friends)

Nicola : International aid policy advisorOther culturesIntern with the UN, New YorkTravelInternationalDevelopment Studies(with overseasexperience)Work experience atNGO CARE, ZambiaMasters degree in Violence,Conflict and DevelopmentChars Livelihood programme,BangladeshHuge range of classoptionsUK Aid Policy Network,(“should have chosenWestminsterstatistics and studied alanguage!”)Policy Advisor oninternational aideffectiveness.“Manage international “Lobbies” (influences)development projects. Tothe government onplay a small part in reducinghow they spendpoverty”.international aidmoney.

Becky : Volcanologist“I'm a hugevolcano dork”“ I realise you could actually studyvolcanoes for a living”GeologyVolunteer at a VolcanoObservatoryMasters degreein volcanologyPhD research involcanologyVolcanology Lecturerand ResearcherPADI Divemaster

Zoe : Flood and coastal risk management“I made some really goodcontacts through my postgraduate research”EnvironmentalScience with ayear in Sweden“learnt a little abouta huge number ofenvironmentaltopics”Masters degreein 'Local Policyand Practice inFlood RiskManagement'Flood Resilience Team,Environment Agency Communicates flood risk andplanning to communities, localauthorities and other professionalorganisations.Knowledge transfer partnership between Universities andpolicy makers

James : Ammunition technical OfficerFairly common in the Army more"outdoors / active" degree thatappeals to adventurous peopleGeographyArmy Officer Logistics(Tours in Iraq andAfghanistan)Territorial Army, wellknown opticians and anadventure centre“Army uses systems for mappingand battle planning that havesimilar principles to GIS ”.Geographical Information SystemsAmmunition TechnicalOfficer (incl. bombdisposal)MajorSecond career ?

Virginia : HydrogeologistNaturalSciences(specialisingin GeologicalSciences)“transferableskills generalistrather than aspecialist.usefulfor researchmanagement orscience policy. ”Water consultant, in Walesand India. Water infrastructure Environmental valuationof water resources.PhD Researcher in WaterResources Management“you cannot easily experiment with earth systemprocesses become more creative in trying to tackleproblems at the same time as learning a range of skills.”“lots of jobs in environmental management”

Jon : Environmental monitoringassistantEnvironmentalSciences with ayear in Canada Temporary contracts,mix of geography and not(supermarket). 3 month researchexpedition in Greenland 6 months unemployedFurtherstudy.research inplanning/ AquaticEcology.Environmental MonitoringAssistant, Environment Agency. Collecting water andecological samples, habitatsurveys, analysing invertebratesamples. Emergency response Flooding Fish rescues

Famous “geographers”Prince WilliamMichael JordanMother TheresaCharles DarwinTheresa MayMatthew PinsentGeneral Pinochet

Summary Wide range of “Geography” degrees, lookaround to see which suits you best Geography specific skills are well respectedand transferable to a wide range of jobs There is no set career path though somedegrees are more vocational than others You can make your career whatever youwant!www.hecsu.ac.uk/current projects what do graduates ospects.ac.uk/options environmental works/explore-your-options/planning-your-future

Careers with Geography and Earth Science . Talk outline Aim : Illustrate the diversity of careers a geography (or earth sciences) education . (Geology) Geothermal Energy “Thermal energy generated and stored in the earth” Sustainable Carbon neutral Use it anywhere! . university